Pheasant Symbolism, Pheasant Meaning, Pheasant Totem, Pheasant Dream, and Messages
Today will be a day of knowing when to express your opinions and when to lay low and let others do the talking.

Pheasant Meaning and Messages

In this case, Pheasant symbolism is letting you know that your libido and vitality are at a peak right now. This spirit animal indicates that by using color to your advantage and allowing others to see your confidence, you can attract what you want. In effect, the Pheasant meaning is advising you to go ahead and strut your stuff! Don’t be afraid to draw attention to yourself!

On the other hand, Pheasant symbolism could be reminding you that you have as yet untapped creative passions that are burning deep within you. These passions are calling for exploration. Also, like the Hummingbird and Jewel Beetle, anything that you start right now that feeds those passions will be endlessly productive for you.

Moreover, Pheasant symbolism is prompting you to do a little bit of self-evaluation. Make sure that you are enjoying the pleasures of life and the beauty that surrounds you. Thus you should also take the time to discover new erotic experiences and practice good fellowship. Happiness is right there for you to embrace. All these beautiful things surround you right now and are there for your enjoyment. But only if you believe yourself worthy of enjoying your success.

Pheasant Totem, Spirit Animal

People with Pheasant totem have a great deal of ability to attract love and creativity in their life. They prefer open spaces so that they can roam freely. These folks are also open to new experiences, making new friends, and meeting new people. They love the variety in everything that surrounds them.

Furthermore, people with the Pheasant totem, like the Angelfish, love to flaunt bright, flashy colors. However, they also know when to lay low and camouflage themselves in their surroundings. Thus, color is essential to them, and they often use it to reflect their moods.

Pheasant Dream Interpretation

When you have a Pheasant dream, it can symbolize motherhood and the nurturing of yourself. Alternatively, this type of vision can also signify that your goals are coming to fruition, especially if you have focused and worked hard at them of late. In other words, seeing this bird in your vision is a clear symbol of abundance and productivity.

A Pheasant dream can also be an omen of good fellowship among your peers.

31 thoughts on “Pheasant”

  1. This morning I saw two male pheasants on my way to my sister’s house. It has been about a year since the last time I saw one. I think they are beautiful and enjoy every time I see one. Then this afternoon, I saw one pheasant again, except it ran into me and I accidentally killed it. If I wouldn’t have tried to slow down perhaps it would have ended up behind me and I would have missed it. I am sad and feel awful.

  2. I saw a pheassnt twice in two weeks at the same road. I asked for a sign last night about a man in my life, if his was the one ? to show me a sign, and this morning it came again❤️

  3. Hello,
    I had a very unusual encounter with a male pheasant today straight after I had ​done 3 days of a Grief ritual of the Dagara Tradition in the UK. We have been told we might get attracted others with their grief when we leave, and we need to stay bounderied as we are in open state and resources ourselves by a river.
    I spent a lot of time in the countryside. I do encounter pheasants mostly on roads when driving. Sometimes in private woodland. I always thought they were timid animals despite not being very bright.

    It is the beginning of October, just after New Moon. I have step away from a public footpath on an open field (there was no fence, just opened field).
    I have walked alongside a stream on the open field for up to 1 minute until I encountered a male pheasant who was slowly but surely trying to get to me or standing in my way where ever I have moved. When I was going in the direction of the female pheasants, he stopped chasing me. Or at least that was my impression, but I very soon turned to go back to the path & away from the female pheasants, and he started chasing again, almost like trying to keep me on the field. I was pretty scared and tried to show dominance to scared him away. I had a black&white bag to keep waving at him when nothing else helped. I had no red clothes on me. He got more and more cheeky to try to get to me. In the end, I ran away behind the nearest gate, hoping that would keep me safe. He slipped under the gate, still chasing me and blocking my way of direction if I he got ahead of me, or I stopped. In the end, I got to a quiet dead-end road, and he stopped chasing me there. I was pretty scared of getting injured by him. But maybe he didn’t want to attack by staying there & had some medicine for me? Could anyone help me to unpack this?

    1. I saw a white pheasant cross my path whilst traveling to work in my van.
      Any ideas of what this means spiritually.?

  4. Hi about 2 weeks ago I had a male pheasant first come onto the deck and tapped on the window and was looking, I took phone and managed to get a picture of it, then 3 days later a peacock turn up and did exactly the same as the pheasant, I have neva in my life have this happen to me in 1 wk, I have a picture of both these birds on my phone outside my place. Must say before the pheasant & peacock come, me and partner had a huge argument is that a sign of something just asking

  5. I was having lunch outside work when crash and out in the driveway was a large pheasant was twitching in it’s death throes. Pretty sad… I was one of three witnesses. It had flown full force into the canopy over our doorway.
    The other two who had witnessed it weree just as amazed and confounded as I was.
    I have never seen them here before my whole life.
    Unsure as to any meaning but it was bizarre such a beautiful bird dying so suddenly and for no apparent reason.

  6. I’ve had couple of Experiences with pheasant making it’s self known to me, I had my son give me a pheasant feather when we was out exploring we never find pheasant feathers and that evening my neighbor called me over not knowing about the feather and my reading up on the feather said to me ‘ you wouldn’t believe this bleddy pheasant on the motorway on the way home held up all the traffic walking casually across the road holding up all the traffic even had a little skip in his jump as if ha I can and I will lol then today I live in populated area I looked off my balcony and there in the car park was a pheasant in my whole life I’ve never seen a pheasant in my area so that was a nice synchronicity which reminds me of the connection with spirit ❤️

  7. Honestly I never have bought into this like the animals having a predetermined meaning. While my animal guide/spirit animal is indeed a pheasant not much of this applies to me and I see it more as the spirit animal will teach me lessons not bring me good fortune or predetermined fortunes. Some of the most life changing revelations I’ve had were because my spirit animal taught me them and not just because I read about it on some website.

    1. Tyler,
      I find that your actual personal spirit animal is a whole ‘nother level. I feel that these references are handy to check when a certain animal reveals itself and/or stands out to you in particular in the sleeping or waking realms…for instance, I am here to read the pheasant spirit animal description because I had to stop while driving for a pheasant twice in two days very recently. The description astutely describes my current circumstances. I did the same with other various animals, and always with accurate results. That’s just my testimony, but there it is. My personal spirit animal(s) embody my underlying traits, perhaps, but they don’t always apply to my current life situation or constantly lend me their gifts and abilities. I hope that makes sense.

  8. As I was working, cleaning houses, I looked out the window to see 6 female pheasants appear right in the backyard of the condos we were working on. I felt so excited like it must be a sign! I told my cleaning partner to look, but she didn’t care as much as I did. I even tried to take a photo of them but my phone wasn’t easy enough to find and they left as soon as I found it. I also yearn for more time to devote to my creativity…I miss drawing & ive been sick leaving me unable to sing. I rarely have time because of my son & the fact he’s a three-nager who is with me always & he has some behavioral issues and special needs that leave me unable to devote any time to things…I’ve just been all work no enjoyment in the pleasures of life & to make it all harder, I haven’t been sexually communicating with myself and very rarely with my boyfriend..I would say this message makes a lot of sense. I don’t know why I saw six of them?

  9. Ooooooomg this resonates with me so much! I’d never seen a pheasant before today and I stopped the car in the middle of the street to take a picture. I came home and hunted down the image to find out what it was. It was so beautiful.. and this message is right on point.

  10. I am going to end my relationship because it feels stale and was JUST thinking about it.. even feeling guilty about wanting to end things with such a kind person. THEN I saw the Pheasant. I felt so affirmed.

    1. Awww, never feel guilty for following your heart lovely xx Your feelings are your map to self <3 🙂

  11. Michelle Greenwood

    I went out to the Sales and on a long stretch of road was a male pheasant then few yards another then another all the way for at least a mile and a half, plus collecting feathers.

  12. A pheasant crossed a 3 lane motorway in front of me, I kept glancing in my rear view mirror, asking into the universe that it didn’t get hit. Feathers ruffled wildly as cars rushed past it on both sides. It dashed in front of a truck but made it to the side!!! I felt jubilant that it made it across safely in spite of the huge danger. Quite amazing.

  13. Lived here for 6 years and never saw a pheasant. Now one has moved into the bushes in my yard and it was seen in front of my garage today. My dog wants to chase it but I keep her on a leash so the pheasant will stay.

  14. I dreamt of a pair of phesant hens (one female, one male). They had big eyes, almost caricaturized.. And, they look uncolorful like the hens (or females) of this species; but my impression was that they were old. I let them in the house because it was a stormy, rany night. But in the morning, I found they had already left. They left their blanket in the chair. Any ideas?

    1. My first thought is about balance.. i.e .. the male and female showing the balance of spirit.. yin and yang etc… and how we require balance in both to feel happy and free, and independent etc…

      The storm is a messenger of.. strife of destruction.. but of cleansing.. that in all storms, we will find ourselves cleansed of old emotion and old stale environments…

      the birds leaving the house and leaving the blanket feels like a message about leaving your comfort zone for new life… so that you can show your truest colours – your truest self…
      you mentioned that they looked colourless… which is often a symbol of where we are not expressing our inner beauty… hiding or editing parts of ourself etc.. hope this helps! xxx

    1. What are your favorite wild animals? What wild animals do you see? What wild animals do you dream about? Answers to these questions are all clues to your possible animal medicine.

  15. Today I drove into the graveyard where my father and grandmother are buried. I stopped my car and from a distance I saw a cock phesant was standing near their graves. Then whilst watching me it walked up the hill and across both of their graves, out of the hundreds of graves their it went to theirs. I had conflict with my father before he died but loved my grandmother

  16. Today on my drive home I saw a female pheasant pecking at dirt on the side of the road. I’ve never seen a live pheasant, but I immediately knew what she was. I felt very rewarded for seeing her. cool

  17. Yufi Ayita Kiya Justice

    ❓ I am a witch who is mildly sociable and i am a favoritism. I am a transsexual. i am very open-minded and I am extremely spiritual. I am always looking for an adventure as I am a traveler and would prefer to be known as a Coven Witch type. I am a follower when it comes to learning but I am the leader when it comes to my spirit, and I am extremely submissive. I am not very violent at all. My element is fire and I am devoted to magick. What is my spirit animal totem?

    1. Amazing. I was driving along and on the side of the road I saw a male and a female pheasant! This is a first for me! Very excited. This was 2 days ago, on February 24.

  18. I dreamed of sitting on a huge blue pheasant with my aunt who passed away. We were flying over an artificial lake that had greenish water. My aunt was controlling the pheasant. She was also saying something to me. I also saw 2 fishes in the lake.

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