Orchid Mantis

Orchid Mantis Symbolism
Discover your gifts and abilities and then use them to get the things you want in life.
-Orchid Mantis

Meaning and Messages

In this case, Orchid Mantis symbolism brings you the message of love. When this spirit animal appears before you, it asks you to be kind, selfless, and compassionate to everyone, including those out there who are in need. Furthermore, like Praying Mantis, Orchid Mantis meaning teaches you to carry yourself with confidence and dignity. In other words, it says that you must take pride in who you are and get rid of all feelings of incompetence and inferiority.

This species of Mantis hunts prey by disguising itself as an Orchid (attractive flower). Thus like the Glow Worm, sighting this insect might be warning you to be on your guard as someone in your inner circle isn’t who you think they are. This critter can wait for its prey for hours. Hence its presence in your life could be asking you to cultivate patience. Alternatively, the Orchid Mantis symbolism conveys a fertile and productive phase of your life.

Totem, Spirit Animal

Like the Clouded Leopard and Bird of Paradise, people with the Orchid Mantis totem are solitary. They dislike the idea of spending time with other folks. Also, these individuals seldom talk unless it’s necessary. While others are out socializing and having fun, folks with this spirit animal totem are usually indoors reading, getting creative, or working on personal projects. They are hardworking and persistent folks who will not rest until they achieve their goals.

People under the influence of the Orchid Mantis totem have a deep connection to nature. They love gardening and planting flowers. They also enjoy watching the sunrise and set. Additionally, these folks know how to blend with their surroundings. They are highly intuitive and quickly pick up on the emotions of others. On the downside, they can be extremely cunning and deceptive. Therefore, one has to be incredibly careful when dealing with them.

Dream Interpretation

When you have an Orchid Mantis dream, it could be letting you know that your words and actions are hurting those around you. Moreover, it could also portray someone in your life who is toxic. Finally, this insect appearing in your sleep might also be a message for you to stop overworking yourself.

To dream of this spirit animal lying in wait for prey tells you not to give up without a fight. If you envision this creature feeding on another Orchid Mantis, it warns that someone is jealous of you and looks to harm you. If you approach this insect and it doesn’t hop or fly away, it says that you must stop allowing fear to control your life.

Occasionally, if this species of Mantis is black in your vision, it’s time to back off and regroup. You are entering a new phase in your life, and this creature is letting you know that the best course of action is no action. Allow things to unfold as they will.

When this insect presents itself as a vivid orange orchid in your dream, the Orchid Mantis meaning conveys that your creativity has paid off. Something in your life will pay dividends tenfold.

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  1. I had a dream one night with this specific Mantis landing on my nose. It just gave me the sense…everything will be alright and change was coming. For awhile I’d be been struggling with so much pain. Then…a month and a half later, I got a message from my, now current, partner. It’s been four and a half years now we’ve been together.

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