Meadowlark Symbolism
Know that you have the power and magic to create the life you want.

Meadowlark Meaning and Messages

In this case, Meadowlark symbolism wants you to know that you are not alone. When it feels like everyone has deserted you, this spirit animal flies into your life with a message that says – the divine walks with you. Encountering this creature is also a sign that your troubles will soon be over. Additionally, like the Canary, Meadowlark meaning teaches you to listen and trust your intuition. 

Moreover, sighting a Meadowlark could signify that you’re giving your time and energy to the wrong things. Thus this power animal prompts you to focus more on your goals. If this little bird has materialized in your life, like the Condor, it says that you must pay attention to the recurring dreams and nighttime visions you’ve been having. Alternatively, Meadowlark symbolism tells you to choose your friends wisely. Appearance isn’t always reality. Not everyone who laughs with you and sings your praises has your best interest at heart.

Furthermore, this spirit animal showing up on your radar teaches you to accept who you are. Therefore, it says that you must stop trying to be like someone else. The Meadowlark also represents the need for you to connect yourself to mother earth.

Meadowlark Totem, Spirit Animal

Those with the Meadowlark totem are the merriest folks you will come across. Also, like the Aardvark, they are aggressively independent. These fellows are clever, hardworking, determined, and goal-oriented. In addition to that, they are trustworthy.

Individuals who walk with this creature are keenly observant. They take notice of everything happening around them. They may also be clairvoyant. Moreover, folks with the Meadowlark totem love to help those in need. Some of the most famous philanthropists have this bird as their spirit animal. People with this totem have to be careful not to burn themselves out trying to solve everyone’s problem.

Meadowlark Dream Interpretation

When you have a Meadowlark dream, it indicates that you are a positive influence on others. You are the person everyone loves being around. This bird coming to you in your sleep is also a sign that you have a bright future. In other words, it foretells that you will actualize your goals. Alternatively, envisioning a Meadowlark can represent the need for you to be more creative.

If the Meadowlark lands in front of you, it warns that you shouldn’t trust people blindly. A dream where you hear this creature singing says that you will receive an incredible gift from someone. A wounded or dead Meadowlark symbolizes sadness and pain.

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