Balance in life is when you play just as much as you work and vice versa.

Canary Meaning and Messages

In general, Canary symbolism represents happiness, positivity, playfulness, and hope. If you get a visitation from this little bird when you are in some crises, it tells you that the storm will soon pass. You are also likely to encounter the Canary when your life is out of balance. Therefore, this spirit animal asks you to create time for both the things you enjoy doing and what you have to do.

Additionally, Canary’s meaning urges you to release yourself from the pain and sorrow of the past and to start building the future you desire. When this spirit animal flies into your life, it also says that you should forgive all those who have wronged you. Moreover, like the Firefly, Canary symbolizes light, and so it inspires you to lighten the path for others who can’t find their way through life.

Furthermore, like the Mockingbird, Canary symbolism encourages you to utilize the power of your voice. If this chatty bird regularly visits you, it is a sign that you could change countless lives in the world by speaking up. Alternatively, the Canary teaches you to be vigilant and to listen to your instincts.

Canary Totem, Spirit Animal

Individuals who have the Canary totem are joyful, lively, fun, and optimistic. Like the Bluebird, these fellows are the jolliest folks you will ever know. Their face is always smiling, and they know how to lift others’ moods. Additionally, these people are free-spirited. Commitment in a relationship is hard for these individuals as they dislike it when someone tries to hold them down.

People with this spirit animal are compassionate. Helping those in need is what they love doing. They will even make sacrifices for others. Family and friends are important to the life of someone with the Canary totem. Moreover, like the Pheasant, these individuals are gregarious and enjoy getting to meet new people.

Also, those with this power animal are talkative. These folks excel at jobs that allow them to communicate with other people. You’ll find them working as public speakers, radio jockeys, teachers, voice-over artists, marketing executives, etc. On the downside, those who have the Canary totem aren’t the most courageous folks.

Canary Dream Interpretation

In this case, when you have a Canary dream, it tells you to loosen up a bit and have some fun. A vision where you see this bird could also indicate that someone wants to trap you. Thus this spirit animal asks you to be on high alert.

If you hear a Canary singing in the dream, it encourages you to go out there and make more friends.  It also tells you to be honest in your affairs with others. Envisioning this bird flying says that you should liberate yourself from all negative thoughts and emotions. On the other hand, if you see this creature in a cage, it means that you will lose something of value.

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  1. These yellow birds follow me everyday in my daily walks of 4 + miles
    Sometimes they will land in front of me in pairs or in 3 or 5 at a time as if they are my guardians looking into my eyes.
    Sometimes I May count as many as 11 or 13 in a flock watching me or flying across just in front of me, as if I was apart of their family from a previous life time. I have no doubt that they are communicating with me as two or three will always look into my eyes. I have counted as many as 48 of them in a day and an average of 22 on certain days.

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