Komodo Dragon

Komodo Dragon Symbolism, Komodo Dragon Meaning, Komodo Dragon Totem, Komodo Dragon Dream, and Messages
Leave the unhealthy situation and walk away. There will be new doors opening as a result.
-Komodo Dragon

Meaning and Messages

In this case, Komodo Dragon symbolism is heralding in a time of new adventures and journeys that are physical and spiritual. These new experiences will help you direct your creative forces for the future. Therefore, like the Painted Turtle spirit animal, Komodo Dragon’s meaning is letting you know that any seed you sow now will reap great rewards in the future. Komodo Dragon’s meaning also insists that you must take the time to go inward and be clear with your intentions and goals. Thus Komodo Dragon’s symbolism also reminds you that these changes will be long-lasting.  In other words, decide on which direction you wish to go and then take action.

Komodo Dragon Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Komodo Dragon Totem have solid survival instincts and can function on very little. Like the Tick, they know how to make quick decisions for quick action. Folks with this spirit animal totem will rarely miss an opportunity of any kind. Thus they always keep their focus and finish their projects and goals. These people also have a great deal of self-confidence in almost everything they do. Furthermore, they are fiercely passionate about life and are not afraid to go it alone if they have to.

Dream Interpretation

When you have a Komodo Dragon dream, like the Cheetah, it means that you need to be more flexible in your thinking and decision-making. You may also need to take advantage of the opportunities currently presented to you. Your agility and stealth will help you get what you want. In other words, go for it!

Alternatively, a Komodo Dragon dream could symbolize genuine fear. Moreover, this fear is manifesting negative results in your attempts to reach your goals. You will need to dig into rooting out the source and deal with it.

Occasionally this large reptile will appear in your vision to point out that you are overlooking an opportunity that is now before you. In other words, you are dismissing something as irrelevant when it can be everything you have been seeking.

Komodo Dragon – One of the Ten Animals Promoting Change in Your Life

29 thoughts on “Komodo Dragon”

  1. I had a dream of this komodo lizard. At first the head and neck looks like a black anaconda. But then as it slowly reach to me it looks like the lizard kinda looks like a mini godzilla too. In the dream the lizard was trying to to search something to feed I guess and I was scared that it might eat me. I had cats in my dream too but they were just staring at the lizard and me. The lizard eventually got to me and then I tried to catch it with a big blanket but didn’t do much. Once it got to me I realised it was a tamed lizard. He likes it when I pet him although he did scartched my legs a bit. Then I lock it on a balcony and trying to get someone to pick it up.

    Was there a meaning to all this dream or was it just a random dream?

    1. EspionageCookie

      Perhaps a komodo dragon with the tail of the snake represents a combination of the komodo dragon’s focus on adventurous goals, with the snake’s emphasis on following mystery and passion.

      Honestly, a big lizard and a snake gives me “Kundalini awakening,” vibes, which is represented in Hindu mythology as a snake like movement of energy across your spine. Think, the strength of a dragon, and the cunning intelligence of a snake. Basically another word for “Spiritual awakening.” You can look up online these terms if you’re curious.

      Overall, this often means a stronger level of intuition and inner guidance in your life.

    2. I had a dream of a sick Komodo dragon and was warned to be careful going near it- it tried to get me but I was able to get away with no issues. What could this mean?

  2. I dream that 2 black Komodo dragons were spitting white stuff thru their mouths n that one of them was going to bite somebody else but my pet dog was there n wen he saw he couldn’t get wat he was going at first he turn around n grab my dog by the neck n took him n ate him then the scene change I was walking thru the side of a lake n there’s was a tree n from far away I saw something black it look ugly at first but as we got closer to the tree i saw that this to heads n they were the same black Komodo dragons spitting again this white stuff out of their mouths n they didn’t reach me so I started to get some rocks big rocks to throw at then if they had any intentions come forward after me n they did they run fast n one of them was trying to bite me so no grab one of the rocks n I thow it at him n he felt of the side into the lake then the second one came at me to n grab a second rock n threw at him m the first one came at from the water n try to bite me but it couldn’t so I finally the another rock at both them n I woke up from the dream

  3. I dont think i have ever even seen a komodo Drago before.yet in my dream I knew exactly what it was and when I checked google images it waa pretty on point with what came to me in my dream.except in my dream these dragons were bright red and black and had extremely long tails…I’m talking about 15 foot tails. And i went to a swamp type place with my dad when we found a whooe bunch of them sun bathing. I was walking through the water looking at them in amazed when one started to come after me.I thought it was going to bite me but it seemed as if it were just trying to frighten me, and then I went back into the water.we are just chilling with them.such a weird dream

    1. I was watching a gigantic black komodo dragon underwater being slurped up, tail first by a gigantic sea turtle so the komodo dragon was freaking out but it looked like the turtle was saving me by eating the dragon. I was amazed and was watching it underwater at the lake I live in walking distance from I thought “wow this is awesome” and then all I remember from the rest of the dream was seeing a cheetah pacing back and forth in an area I wanted to go, my siblings were standing next to it, petting it and walking by with no problem saying “it’s ok, come on” but I was still too scared and just couldn’t

  4. I had dream of being by a lake and seeing this dragon come towards me I tried to run away from it. I ended up in my step dads van locking the doors. But some how it was there inside the van. I just sat in the back watching as it came up to me and climbed up my are to sit on my right shoulder and sit there contently.

  5. The komoo dragon in my dreams wasapet that started chadi g and biting me. Had to fight it off my legs. Found a guy to take it & he called it zrate ghost dragon.

  6. I dreamt i was sitting somewhere outside and al these komodo dragons where there chasing each other to eat. They did not attack me, because i was save with the guy that was sitting next to me. I think he was their boss.
    As we sat there, a man was attacked and swallowed bij 1 dragon. The sound of the guy screaming was so bad, i could not handle it. I was scared and wanted to leave from there. So the boss (guy) walked with me inside where a couple moment later all the dragons came in and took out their dragon uniforms. They look liked asian robot people and walked like nothing happend. I have no idea what this means.

  7. I dreamt of a komodo dragon trying to break into my room via the window. I somehow try to close the sliding window but the komodo dragon slide it open again. In the end, the landlord help to chase it away I think. I couldn’t see it since I was freaking out and hiding in the living room while trying to hide the fact from my mum that was phoning me that time. Not thanks to my landlord in the dream though because he is the one that accidentally direct the komodo interest to my room instead of the tree out there. That komodo was climbing a tree when the landlord try to chase it away.
    The funny thing is the whole house looks like mine (the furniture and arrangement and design) except that my room is not facing a field and I live in 20th floor of a condominium, not ground floor of a house.

  8. I dreamt of a mini kodomo dragon in my bathroom in the middle of night when i stepped in to wash my hands. I was always fearful of flying insects in that toilet so shut my windows daily. I tried killing it with soap but not avail and turned red coming towards me.

    Next it reaches the door and became a slug, i continued spraying soapy liquid with my hands as it moves really fast and i have no more soapy weapon w me.

    The slug managed to get towards me in between the door, like swerve between the sides. I screamed as i was holding the door close but slug trying to get out and i screamed for family help to kill it but nothing done.

    Next it became a coloured worm and i tried killing it with stationery avail nearby me, as it touches the worm, it disappear and i was frantic.

    What does it mean?

    1. I had a dream about a komodo dragon with a harness and leash. At first I was scared of it. Until a dog picked it up. Then I was very concerned about it’s well being. But when I saved it from the dog, he was very friendly and had a personality like a dog. I went to house to house searching for it owner. So many of friendly people took the time to help. But in the end of the dream I ended up at a guy’s house. That said he loved reptiles and would continue searching for the owners. But the living conditions at his house were not up to standards. It was depressing looking. And the Komodo lizard got so small it could fit it my hand. Then right when I made the decision up in my head, I might take him home. I woke up.

  9. These animals are such a random animals to think of but yet I had a dream which I can’t fully remember all I do remember is there was definetly kimodo dragons and the next day I was scrolling through videos on Facebook and one of a kimodo dragon came up has to be some kind of sign right?

  10. I had a dream last night that a komono dragon was on my back and was fearful it was gonna bite me and the only thing that happened was I could feel it’s tongue hitting the back of my neck, I was never able to shake him off…. never had a stranger dream.

    1. Dude but that’s such a great thing! You are gonna partner up with a dragonian person who is gonna lend you their instincts. They can smell an opportunity a mile away. Don’t worry you aren’t lunch…. But you better share with your Dragon! 😁😁😁😁😁

  11. I had a dream that I was walking with friends and family and along my path were many kimodo dragons. They were posted along each side of the pathway as I walked but I couldn’t help but feel scared that they would bite. They looked so big and dangerous and one of the children that I was with went to pet one and it opened its mouth and hissed so I immediately grabbed the child’s hand and moved it away from the dragon’s mouth and it seemed to have calmed down. The other people in the dream found it unusual that there were so many dragons so it was actually quite cool, although somewhat scary because they were so big, to see not just one but at least 8-10 of them just standing there watching us all walk by.

    Whatever could this dream mean?

  12. I dreamt I was in a house and I had a full size adult komodo dragon as a pet that apparently I had raised as a youngster. It wasn’t caged up but allowed to roam the house at will. Out in the yard under the house was a big snake about 7-10 ft long. I also saw alot of small animals cats,kittens baby chicks that were roaming around the yard,one of the young adult cats runs into the house and the komodo cones out from under the bed and with one bite the cat was eaten, he sees another kitten that came into the house and he charges to go eat it too and I stop him with a knee to his shoulder areally and say “No!” Which made him stop in his tracks and he goes back under the bed.
    I go outside and I sit on a boulder that gives me a great view of the huge snake under the house, cats are around the snake but the snake doesn’t harm them, the snake comes out and comes toward me and gets right up to my foot but I make a motion with my foot like to shoo it away and it just leaves,it didn’t seem to be afraid of me nor did it attempt to bite me. I never felt fear of the snake either.what could this dream mean

    1. That’s a pretty cool dream ,,lol
      Now I could tell you all about the Komodo dragons and meaning etc but same for the snake this is not about that .. This is about control over things in your life that you have , it’s more confirmation of your authority to take care of the lesser things in life that can easily get taken advantage of aka kittens , etc .. The snake also represents in this dream that again you have control but in its case you have already conquered this issue and your being shown that it was done one time you can do it again ,, also be on the lookout. For a reoccurring problem in your life .. Handling it the same way you already have will only have it return again later .. Otherwise that’s about it ,, like I said look up Komodo dragons and snakes and compare their personality to yours and you can get that other info that I didn’t mention but I wish I had dreams like this ..lol

  13. I dreamed that I was in a house with other people, don’t remember who they were, but they felt like family, some were children. A very large white komodo dragon busted into the house and ran after me as I ran from it. I was afraid to let it catch up to me for fear that it would devour me, looking back, I am not sure that was it’s intent at all, but it was focused on me, I even heard it ask in a female voice to one of the children if they were ok. I think I missed the message here, I don’t know what to make of it.

  14. Sri Amen Murugen Trimurti'tridev

    The information you all have shared was helpful. It all showed me who I am and my cause. DrAgon people are suppose to be protectors and balancers between realms. Only God can tame or kill use. No Angel or Demon can kill us but out of affectionate love, can a human tame us from our destructive nature. We have many positive features as we also have our own issues such as the Chinese zodiac truths about us and then the unity of American Anicent Indians zodiac truths too make understanding each Chinese Zodiac better understandable. Blessings of truth, life, guidance, wisdom, and enlightenment unto all who read. 😉

  15. I had a terrible dream last night. In my parents house, I saw a lady green dragon snake or green comodo or a green dragon like feature. It was hard to describe. The body was similar to a snake, but it looked like a dragon with more than four white tiny slimy hands. It also has two tounges. When someone (I forgot who is it) took the dragon out from the aquarium, I was shocked that there was a male dragon hugging her with four more dragons which are their babies. They were already 6 in the aquarium. We decided to just take the babies and leave them in the grasses. My cousin helped me because I was too scared to hold them. I told her not to release them near the greenhouse because I saw a small brown cat sitting and infront of the dead cat and furs. There was also a white cat sitting and harmless. I remember I was protecting one of the dragons because it was being chased by a white dog, but the dragon in my dream vanished and turned into a lady bug. I can’t remember what happened next, but I was scared, but protective with the baby dragons in my dream and suddenly it vanished then I remember I was protecting a lady bug too. Can you pls give me the interpretation of my dream. Thank you 🙂

    1. Sri Amen Murugen Trimurti'tridev

      This may sound crazy. But you protected me. I am a land DrAgon and what you revealed is literally The answers of My last mission. So many things yet I wanna give you but as the Avatar of refuge I say thank you. The sea DrAgon is my grandmother. Typhon and his consort from Greek mythology can answer a little bit of the two dragons left behind. Hindism laxmi visnhu and pancha tattava are the seven fold dragons and lampstand of God leading to the thorneroom of Godhead where you will receive the call home as a child or angel of God our Holy Mother and Father with you as a holy one between them like Christ. Hope you get something out of this. I did. 😛

  16. I had a dream where I was somehow walking back to my home and as soon when I entered my house and I turned back to close the door. All of sudden, I froze as I saw a big dark silhouette of a shimmy-skinned reptile. And, I continued to stare at it until it slowly came in the light -and then I finally could see its face and it was Komodo Dragon staring back in my eyes. I eyeballed around its body and saw that its scales were ‘metallic’ rainbow colored!!! I was speechless by its nature beauty. It is like those neon poisonous dart frogs. When it breathes, the scales glows. Its eyes were so dark, telepathical, heightened awareness…it was telling me something I couldnt decipher. And then I experienced this emotion that I never had one before …it was overwhelming for me as I felt a deep fascination which had aroused me as I wanted to make a connection AND at the same I also I felt this run-for-your-life fear because I know I was about to be devoured. I was torn in between thoughts and feelings….but somehow Komodo Dragon remained there still in frozen body position but its dark eyes locked in with my eyes.. Not one of us moved at all until I felt a crack down in my throat started to rip out a scream but I woke up suddenly.,..and my body was shaking as I was breathing rapidly but I calmed fast. TBH It was one of unforgettable dream of most amazingly beautiful encounter yet it was really dark as a blackhole and body-vanishing mysterious. I had a hard time trying to find best interpretations of my dream because it was lucid and….something I still could remember in details. I mean…I saw things in my dream that I never saw in my real life.. how is that possible? oy vey mystery!

  17. I dreamt of walking to my home and several fat snakes were rolling in the grass. As I opened my front door, the fat snakes started hopping up and down. The komodo dragon appear and now they all were jumping up and down, like happy puppies, wanting to come in. I was speaking to them all, while smiling, to calm down and I’ll let them in. Then I woke up. I was smiling but very puzzle about my dream. I usually don’t remember my dreams.

    1. Melissa Villa Frakes

      U Have No Fear as u shldnt, u have the Ability to Mk Peace with Others n mk Danger Ur Pet 😉

  18. So I had a dream I was in a room and these lizards kept coming in. It was two big lizards and a little one . They would go underneath the crack of the door so I tried blocking it with a blanket so they wouldn’t enter and it didn’t work . And then this Komodo dragon popped outta nowhere from the room and it was coming towards me so I removed the blanket and started going towards the door and the Komodo dragon went on top of the bed which was up against a wall by the door and I started saying things to it and it go upset and I closed the door . I heated up the oven it was a huge oven . And I got these Tongs and went back into the room and grabbed the Komodo dragon from the tail and shoved him in the oven and cooked him . I locked the oven door so he wouldn’t Try to get out . He cooked and someone else came a bad guy and he opened the oven and the Komodo was dead and the guy got upset but I took off from the house . And then I woke up . It was a weird dream .

  19. I just had a very strange dream. I decided to hold a long and tall wood framed bed at my house for this guy. I was doing things around it and all of a sudden it fell over, busted open, and out came a Komodo Dragon. It tried to attack me, so I grabbed a shotgun and shot it multiple times in the head, until I was out of ammo, and it did not die it continued to try to attack me. I ran inside to get help and my father shot it dead, it died. Then another Komodo Dragon appeared and tried to attack, so I grabbed the gun and unloaded on it again and again it did not die until my father killed it. I went to check on the first one, poked at it a few times to make sure it was dead and it came back to life so I ran to get help again. By the end of the dream my father was walking it around on a leash and it was being kind and gentle toward him no problems at all. Any idea as to what this could mean?

    Disclaimer- I am VERY kind to animals and would never attack one unless my life or the life of those around me were in danger.

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