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Kingfisher Meaning and Messages

In this case, Kingfisher symbolism lets you know to reach for the depths. This spirit animal encourages you to overcome your fear of the unknown and plunge into something new. Another vital message this flamboyant bird communicates is that you should listen to your visions and dreams. Maybe a particular dream keeps recurring in your life; this spirit animal tells you to examine it closely for a hidden message.

Also, like the Springbok, this spirit animal reminds you to pay careful attention to what is happening around you. Alternatively, Kingfisher symbolism conveys that wealth and abundance are coming your way. For folks going through some financial crisis, this spirit animal tells you to hang on as your status is about to change. Furthermore, individuals facing turbulent times can rejoice in seeing this animal, as it symbolizes peace.

Additionally, Kingfisher’s meaning urges you to create a balanced life. You might have a lot of work-related stuff competing for your valuable attention and no time for the essential people in your life. The Kingfisher coming to you encourages you to take action now to regain your sense of control. This will bring the needed balance to all areas of your life.

Kingfisher Totem

People with Kingfisher totem are bold in their actions. They are some of the most fearless individuals you will ever come across. Like the Mongoose, people with this spirit animal know to show courage in the face of fear.

Also, like folks under the Emu totem, they are risk-takers. You will find them embarking on projects and adventures that most people would avoid. For this reason, they tend to live more exciting and colorful lives than others.

Moreover, individuals who have this spirit animal as their totem make incredible parents. They are super protective of their kids and willing to sacrifice everything so their children have the best life.

On the downside, folks with the Kingfisher totem are sometimes reckless. Their lack of fear of anything drives them to engage in overly risky and impulsive behaviors. Furthermore, Kingfisher totem people can get too possessive over their loved ones and belongings.

Kingfisher Dream Interpretation

When you have a Kingfisher dream, it is a message that your life has either lost or is losing its balance. A vision of such urges you to relax, create balance, and regain total control of your life.

A dream where you see the Kingfisher is also a sign contrary to your beliefs about yourself. You deserve love and have lots of affection to give back to others. If you dreamt of a Kingfisher diving deep into the sea to catch fish, it is a sign that you need to double your efforts to get what you seek. And if you saw a flock of Kingfishers flying close to the water’s surface, it means that you will prosper in your endeavors

6 thoughts on “Kingfisher”

  1. I dreamed first of a large moth type butterfly which had the colours of a kingfisher but it was kind of caught and so I reached out to free it and when I did it suddenly was no longer a moth but a kingfisher. I thought it might be afraid of me but it actually came closer and snuggled up to me. Which was really cute. What does that mean?

  2. Thank you for this interpretation, it really helps me understand that I have “lost my balance” and in need of courage to pay close close attention. In meditation I was trying to get in touch with deep seated emotions and inner turmoil. Spontaneously I envisioned sinking to the bottom of a lotus pond, it was beautiful from above but terrifying from below. I was caught in the slimy mud, entangled in weeds, as I felt the trapped and drowning sensations I knew I had to surrender and resist the urge to escape. I had to take courage (even if death was the outcome). Like an arrow, a kingfisher appeared, piercing the water and pulling me up by my right shoulder and a second kingfisher helped pull my left shoulder. If was a profound unexpected vision, my rescuers were two small beautiful birds. I have never felt any connection to kingfishers before but am now in awe and wonder of their special guidance.

  3. This is fascinating to me, as I journeyed for a power animal to help me on my journey home and was given the owl. When I was looking up the symbolism of the owl, a kingfisher smacked in to my window and seemed to be trying to get in. He was fine and flew off but the moment shocked me!
    I’d love to know what you gleaned from the combination of these two birds in your work.

    Warm wishes


  4. Thank you for this. I was working with a client and she was given an Owl as a spirit animal. As I lay in bed giving gratitude for my work and reflecting on her Owl a beautiful Kingfisher came into my awareness and hovered in front of my eyes! I resonate with everything you have written here. Thank you! Tina Slade Light Soul Spirit x

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