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Know that you can move through this difficult terrain and go where others cannot. Have faith and trust your path.

Goat Meaning and Messages

In most cases, Goat symbolism is letting you know that this is a time to begin new climbs and new endeavors. You must also plan your course and take your time. In other words, look closely at what is ahead so that you can be surefooted along your path. Similar to the Rat, Mountain Goat meaning is also be letting you know that it is time to stretch yourself. Therefore, this spirit animal insists that you reach for new and higher goals.

Alternatively, Goat symbolism can be letting you know that you have to trust your ability to land on your feet. Having faith in yourself and your skills is a potent tool that is available to you at all times. Like the Seagull, you must move forward one step at a time.

The most compelling Goat meaning message is that the ‘sky is the limit.’  In other words, allow yourself to reach for lofty goals. The only one stopping you is yourself. Therefore you should believe in your power and move forward with your life.

Occasionally, Goat symbolism will be a reminder of your inflated ego. In other words, make sure that you are not overcompensating for an underlying sense of worthlessness. Moreover, spend time working on your self-esteem issues. Remember that you are a child of the universe, and as such, you are a part of the divine paradox.

Goat Totem, Spirit Animal

Similar to the Tiger, people with Goat totem are always persistent in achieving whatever goal they wish to pursue. Folks with this totem are industrious and have a strong work ethic. Furthermore, they are fearless when it comes to difficult obstacles in their path to success. People with this spirit animal as their totem often have a lofty spiritual ambition and enjoy exploring new heights within themselves. Thus, they also have a keen insight, are spiritually inspired, and a broad perspective on things.

Occasionally people with this power animal can be intensely stubborn, especially when it comes to schemes for generating wealth, prestige, and power. They believe that they have the answer to everything. These people are also adventurous and love to explore new territory. Folks with Goat totem always have a backup plan. They will also have the resources to get to where they want. People with this spirit animal totem will seek to provide this type of support for others.

Goat Dream Interpretation

When you dream of Goats wandering around a farm, like a Buffalo, it is a symbol of abundance and wealth. Also, it denotes cautious dealings and a steady increase of wealth. If a Billy Goat butts you, beware that some are seeking your downfall. If a young woman dreams that she drinks this mammals milk, it symbolizes that she will marry money and will not be disappointed.

Alternatively, your Goat dream can also be a warning. Thus, do not turn your back on a potentially volatile situation with regards to your family relationships. If the animal is black in your dream, it symbolizes the death of one of your goals, only to be replaced by something far better. When you see a kid in your Goat dream, it signifies a new adventure that will take you to new heights in your career.

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  1. My family moved into a half double home and in our bathroom, the door has three shapes and sizes that look like goats. Also, the floor in the bathroom has a shape of a goat too! At the same time I been drawing goats for a clothing line or for a business I would like to start with my wife, but the images from the bathroom door inspired that. Another example (just happened) recently I had bought my daughter two of them Kinder Joy eggs (it’s candy with a toy as well), she let me pick one and said I could have it. The crazy thing was I ate it lol, but the toy that was in it was a goat (mind blowing)!

  2. I dreamed on Monday morning that a black goat’s kid I’ve moved from my home and its mother in an an attempt to reach it jumped from my third bfloor.and died in my arm.

  3. I found a rock with that has the shape of a goat in the entire middle of it. I then noticed that the whole rock itself is shaped like half of a real goats heart. Any idea what this rock means?

  4. Bernice a Lozano

    I didnt dream it. My grandma called me during my sleep this morning to tell me to put the letter in the mailbox. So I’m walking outside towards the mailbox when one of my neighbors goats run up to the fence while bleating. I think well that is weird. As I’m walking back all the goats run up to the fence and just stare at me, I stopped for a moment and not one of them moved they all just stood there, staring at me. What does that mean?

    1. It means your grandma was right there next to you while you walked. She wanted to walk with you AND have you go look up the symbolism of goats because it 24th to something going on in your life at the moment. On a simpler n explanation, Ozcams razor says the goat that ran up you bleating and all the other goats were part of your ancestral lineage and they were just observing you.

  5. I saw a goat in my dream. He had big feet and they both purple. Days go by and I was sitting. I look outside in big city and see a goat it had big feet and they were light purple and blue. I went up to the goat and a car ran over it. When I started crying the goat was there any more. What happened? None else saw it.

  6. I lastnight had a dream that I watched a Baby Goat be Born in the Centre of a Very Violent Surrounding. There was A war or physical violence going on and a goat gave birth to a baby in the middle of it all.

    Very different and unusual but love the spiritual meanings surrounding a Goat in dreams.

  7. I dreamed of goat flying in the sky , then it landed near me and attacked with its horns , the animal was strong enough to push me down off me feet and kept pushing me while i was holding to its horns, few seconds later i broke one of its horns to make painfull enough to stop attack me , the goat stopped pushing me and became calm ,walked away.goat was black.pls reply on email what this dream means.thnx.

  8. I dream I came out of mobile trailer there were rams goat I was afraid at first then there herd of goats come to me lead to big white goat I instantly feel want comfort sooth pet the white goat she feel happy and loved and this woman come try milking her like finally because this white goat wont give milk. Later she milking four babies goats I ask for them return she say I can return two .. I had to fought her and killed her for her own greed and stealing save four baby goats this gentle man come say take them, I took them happy and safe . Later I dream of past neighbor this boy I had feelings for . This woman come to me we sit apart and she telepathic me we communicate and ask for open plan of hand with rock on It and connection deeper beyond and it like electric current looking for someone something strong clinking found . Open eyes and she and I acknowledged and it done . Then knock door into tap my feet it says strong deep oldest African saying it is time to go and wake up. I woke up feeling strange .

  9. I dreamt at night when I saw a goat, thinking it was a dog, I Ran but it wasn’t chasing me.. I now fell on the ground and began rolling till I fell into a deep pit.. please what does it mean???

  10. So I had a dream I was following two girls who were aesthetically different than me. I’m more girly wear a lot of colors mostly pink and these two girls were more “goth”ish all black had black hair. Anyways I followed them into this tree house almost and she had two french bulldogs one was white and one was black and then she had a black goat with two big horns. I told her the black goat was cool and she told me “be careful” I never even saw what these two girls looked like it was like a movie screen where there head was cut off but you knew they had a head all I could see was her long hair and black clothes. Anyways I’m standing in a corner and the black goat comes up to me and is very friendly but scares me a little and nudges me to pet him and I do and I petted him for a long time with no problems and then went on to pet the french bull dogs. Can someone explain this to me? I saw a movie with the exact goat in it but that was almost 3 weeks ago.

  11. Last night I had a reddish brown goat, his /her eyes were closed, and I tried to eat that goat fully, I did not see any part that I ate, but dream was my friend’s mother serve me that full brown goat for eat.

    I am alwaya pleased to be visited by Goat, Kaia’tákerahs. This is from the new deck given to me by my friend Erin. When I was young, my Grandmother, my Tóta’s Goat, whose name was William, (despite the fact that she was a nanny Goat), but was known by everybody as just Goat, followed me everywhere on the Reserve. So people would call me Goat. I have always had a special place in my heart for Kaia’tákerahs, for Goat. Kaia’tákerahs is an animal of the Earth, of Katsi’tsáhere. She is the most grounded of animals and speaks to us of our own need to be grounded to be connected to Katsi’tsáhere, to the planet, to Onhwéntsia. All true medicine is connected to Katsi’tsáhere, and to Onhwéntsia. Goat, Kaia’tákerahs, is almost impossible to restrain. She is fearless and curious and will go places that other animals would never think to go. We lose too much of that Goat freedom as we progress through life. We become less and less curious and more afraid. Kaia’tákerahs reminds us of the great energy that comes when we open ourselves up to curiosity and become less controlled by our fears. Goat too is a master of balance. She can balance on things and in places that seem impossible. There is no impossible for Kaia’tákerahs, and it is in looking beyond what seems possible that we find out greatest balance. Goat never does not make me smile and she fills my heart with joy. And I am always pleased when Goat, when Kaia’tákerahs, chooses to make an appearance in my life.

  13. Last night I had a dream; all our family members were busy with preparing for a party at our home. My sister came to our place to help with cooking, when she comes she brought the mother goat with 2 small goats which she raises at her house. She says “I can’t leave them at my place alone till I finish cooking, so let them be here until I finish, I’ll take them with me when I go home”. So, we let the mother goat and two little ones to be at our back yard. Little later when I went to check them, I saw one little goat has already gone through the fence and leads to a slaughter house near by & other one is trying to escape through the fence. I tried to catch the escaping one but I couldn’t. I ran to home and tell every body to come and catch them, but when we all return both little goats have been vanished. All our neighbours say that both little goats have been catches by the butcher of the slaughter house. Every body gave up the hope to find them, but I’m standing near the fence thinking to enter in to the slaughter house to find them. I felt so sad which words wouldn’t enough to describe that saddens.
    Plz can u explain the meaning of this

    1. I am a goat too. I was have feelings for animals no matter what animal is. When that person took the goat you feelings sad. If I was you i will go to his house and tell him can I have my goat back please. If wouldn’t give it to you give him money for the goat and that is it that I would. Be confident on you don’t give on your goats. 🐐

  14. About five years ago I was in a pretty dark place. I had a dream about a very small and sickly all white female goat. Through out the dream I was trying desperately to save her. It was a dream really stuck with me. Over the course of five years I developed a strange obsession with goats, that wasn’t because of the dream. Now I fallen into another dark place and had another dream with her in it. I was overwhelmed with the need to help her, i even woke up crying. Does this this mean anything?

    1. The dream is a representation of yourself in both dreams. You struggling to find your footing or land on your feet. Perhaps you don’t trust that you will, like you have no control in your waking life. I feel that you need spiritual assistance on your path, judging by both dreams. If you can find someone to assist in grounding you, this will be very beneficial. There is something deeper going on which you cannot seem to get hold of and ground within. Be gentle with yourself through this process, taking it one day at at time.

  15. Hi my friend had a dream about a goat with stand with it feet with keys yellow keys in the middle. What does it mean.

  16. I have dreamed a three little goats (the two is a mix of white and brown, the other one is pure white) following me. The white one keep on calling my attention. Suddenly when I rejected, the white kid looked sad and I saw a crystal ball in it’s head. I continue walking through where my steps take me. And then I heard a voice saying they need a help, a group of cows with white and brown colors wants to take those little goats from their parents and eat them. So I decided to take m steps back and talked to those cows, they listen well and start to march away from these goats. When I face them they look so happy, the kids turn into a cute little baby’s and the whitish brown goats turn into a mother whose holding their babies. This white little goat turn into an adorable cute little baby who keep on smiling at me. They thank me on a Chinese language “hao hao” (i don’t even know why I know it’s a mandarin language tho). I smiled back and continue walking where my steps take me while holding an umbrella. I woke up and saw that it’s already 12nn. I already have 2 hr nap.

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