Flea Symbolism
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Flea Meaning and Messages

In this case, Flea symbolism represents physical, emotional, and other vampirism. In other words, this spirit animal indicates that we may be obtaining energy from others, especially those closest to us, even without realizing it. Such vampirism is an indication of unhealthy reliance on others. Also, others might prey upon our energy since we give away too much of it. Flea meaning indicates a dependent vampire who can steal from the people they love the most. 

The Flea symbolism entails a call for darkness and can signify people afraid of the light. If this spirit animal enters your life, it may be time to seek refuge and take stock of your situation. Like a Roadrunner, you are extremely sensitive to your surroundings, and too many environmental stimuli may overwhelm you. Quiet and dark places facilitate restoration. 

Alternatively, the Flea means blood wisdom. The domain includes blood, ancestry, energy, knowledge, and wisdom. Connecting with this spirit animal might help you understand your blood secrets, memories, and how to connect to your ancestors.

Flea Totem, Spirit Animal

People with a Flea totem are mutually dependent or tend to be in codependent relationships their entire lives. Although they might be abusive, they are usually just people who rely on the energy of other individuals and animals to survive. Therefore, their most important life lesson is learning how to give and take so their spouse or friends can survive emotionally and spiritually in long-term relationships. 

Flea totem people can quickly get away from any situation. It means they might never have to face some of the less desirable aspects of their actions. Typically, it is unusual for someone to acknowledge having this spirit animal medicine. It is a powerful remedy for directing energy.

Flea Dream Interpretation

Having a Flea dream indicates minor flaws in your life that are beginning to manifest themselves negatively. Such small and pernicious impacts might only appear as minor annoyances and discomforts at first. However, the Flea presence is a caution that they will multiply and become more severe. 

Flea dreams may also represent hidden malice in people around you. It can mess up your life generally or, at the very least, make it too uncomfortable gradually. If you get rid of the Fleas in this dream, like the Musk Ox, you’ll be able to overcome your difficulties.

Alternatively, the Flea symbolism in your vision could represent your present irritation about someone or something. For example, it may mean that a person close to you is sucking the life out of you. You might not notice this even though they tend to annoy you. 

When the Flea bites you in your dream, then it means someone is attempting to annoy you. Like a Tick, the person in question intentionally intends to provoke you for your reaction. Alternatively, it could be that they like spreading false information about you to anyone who responds. Hence, it would be paramount if you were cautious of the newcomers in your life and those you trust.  Alternatively, the Flea meaning could imply that wealth and prosperity are coming your way. Those periods of constant worry about money will end, and great times in which you have enough will come. However, this is neither a reward nor a windfall. Hence, you must keep on working hard and even take risks if necessary.

3 thoughts on “Flea”

  1. All I can say at this moment is WOW…thank you universe, ancestors.guardian angels etc…again Wow. I was scared to look up the meaning but this is exactly what I needed to hear.

  2. I was in deep internal meditation. Crying asking my passed loved ones and ancestors to give me great clarity of what i need to do. I felt a prick on my hand. A flea hand bitten me. I tried to squish it twice and then it jumped away to where i could not find it. Which lead me here. And all of this is exactly what’s tumultuously occurring in my life, from a human flea. And I’m trying to understand how to handle him. Esp in legal court this week. A covert narc that has turned my world upside down and inside out. Thank you so very much for the clarity.

    1. Hi Nyssa Thank you for sharing your story as it resonates greatly with me and provides further insight. I recently have had to deal with a former partner, very full on covert narc who after three years of no contact actually managed to destroy all my possessions. I’ve taken the lessons from it and actually have been able to rise above it as I have done a lot of work in these past two years recovering from the trauma of it. I’m not a victim in any circumstance and am thankful to know that I still actually have compassion….directing this mostly at myself. Never thought how about the flea entering my life as a spirit guide would make sense but after reading this and a couple of other interpretations….your story capping it off it makes sense and brings deeper clarity. I wish you so well and so much love on your healing path, Nyssa.

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