Fall 5 times, stand up 6.

Eland Meaning and Messages

In this case, the main focus of the Eland symbolism is perseverance. You may be experiencing hardship in your life. Like Ferret, it is essential to remember that everything you need is within you. You hold power. Eland symbolism could also come to you when you are looking for spiritual guidance. This spirit animal is acknowledging to you that the universe hears this wish. You can get in touch with your mystical side such as meditation, listening to your gut feelings, and being aware of the signs around you. In other words, this animal’s meaning suggests that you stay true to your higher self.

Alternatively, the Eland meaning may recognize that you are at war with something in your life. This turmoil could be in the form of a relationship or your work life. Thus, this mammal reminds you not to get stuck looking at the situation through your eyes. Your bull-headedness may be preventing you from a resolution.

Eland Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Eland totem are usually the silent type. Although they do not speak to fill the air, their words carry weight and impact those around them. Folks with this totem have a mesmerizing elegance that draws people to them. They will often find that others open up to them. Friends, family, and strangers will come to them with their problems, seeking this spirit animal’s wisdom and calm approach to life. Like the Mole, individuals with this creature’s essence are hard-working and strive for excellence.

The central theme for an Eland totem person is respect. Others have respect for them. These folks feel the need to hold a position of power in their work lives. But on the other hand, they have a good sense of humor and like to look at the brighter side.

Eland Dream Interpretation

When you have an Eland dream, it symbolizes personal transformation. This change may be something you have been hoping for or something that the universe believes you need. In other words, you may find challenges coming your way shortly, but do not fear these. The changes are coming to you for a reason. Embrace them.

If you dream about a solitary Eland watching you, it signifies that you need to be courageous. In other words, you have been feeling scared and weak of late. However, facing these fears will shift the energy. Thus, good things are near. Rewards will come to those who persevere.

In some cases, the Eland meaning reminds you not to take life so seriously. Lighten up! You are only on this magical earth for a fleeting moment. It is your job to make the most of your time here. Spend less time overthinking things and more time doing. Life is a beautiful thing.

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