Eurasian Cuckoo Symbolism
Be careful of what and who you make the source of your happiness.

Cuckoo Meaning and Messages

In this case, like the Pangolin, Cuckoo symbolism reminds you that your voice and the words you speak are so powerful they can bring about change in your life and the world at large. Thus this spirit animal asks you to ensure that the words you say to yourself and others are positive. Additionally, encountering this bird means that you should reach out to a loved relative or friend you haven’t heard from in a while.

The female Cuckoo has a weird behavior of laying her eggs in the nest of other birds. The Cuckoo’s egg is incubated and taken care of by another mother bird, who fails to realize that one of the eggs in the nest isn’t hers. Therefore, the Cuckoo meaning is a message for you to stop passing the buck. In other words, when this bird flies into your life, it says that you should start taking responsibility for your life and actions.

Furthermore, Cuckoo symbolism reminds you to be a good listener. This bird also represents the need for you to be a more flexible and adaptable individual.

The Cuckoo is closely related to the Roadrunner.

Cuckoo Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Cuckoo totem are playful and fun to be around. These individuals are staunch believers of happiness and would go to any length to protect their joy. They are also lovers of freedom and move around a lot. Moreover, they are gifted with a powerful and beautiful voice and make excellent orators and singers. Plus, they talk an awful lot.

Like the Ibis, folks who have this spirit animal are knowledgeable and have remarkable instincts. To add to that, they are experts at digging for creative solutions. They are also adaptable people and can cope with any situation they find themselves in.

On the downside, Cuckoo totem people can be lazy, irresponsible, and fraudulent. They also love to take advantage of others. So you must be extra careful when dealing with these folks.

Cuckoo Dream Interpretation

When you have a Cuckoo dream, it is a sign that someone who offended you will realize their mistake and come apologizing to you. Alternatively, this bird appearing in your nighttime vision could be reminding you of the danger of masking your emotions or keeping them bottled up. Thus the Cuckoo urges you to express your feelings healthily. Sighting this creature can sometimes indicate that you will lose something of value.

If you catch a Cuckoo in the dream, it means that you will soon actualize one of your biggest goals in life. Envisioning this bird sitting on eggs signifies that you’re placing your trust in the wrong people. If you see a dead Cuckoo, it says that you will find a solution to a long-standing problem.

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