Crane Symbolism
No act of kindness is ever wasted.

Crane Meaning and Messages

In this case, Crane symbolism is telling you to seek wisdom and knowledge above all things. In other words, when you encounter this spirit animal, it is a message to read more books, attend seminars and retreats, or to increase your spirituality. This power animal is also likely to appear to you when there’s a need to share the lessons life has taught you.

Additionally, the Crane meaning urges you to hear others out. If you hold a managerial position in an organization, this spirit animal encourages you to ask your employees’ opinions on certain work-related matters. In a relationship, the Crane advises you to listen more to your significant other. 

Moreover, the Crane symbolism is letting you know the importance of endurance. When you are going through some challenging situation, this spirit animal shows up to tell you not to give up. Like the Wildebeest, it also prompts you to chase your dreams and remain focused on your goals.

Cranes are also symbols of longevity and good fortune. If this spirit animal regularly visits you, it could be a sign that you will live a long and prosperous life. Furthermore, Crane meaning teaches about the protection of your loved ones and balance in life.

Crane Totem, Spirit Animal

The Crane totem symbolizes good luck and fortune. People with this spirit animal are more likely to excel where others fail. These folks only have to put in little work, make smart moves, and success comes to them naturally.

Like the Goldfinch totem, those with this power animal are very cheerful fellows. They know how to lift the spirits of others with their kind words. Also, these individuals are selfless and down to earth.

Moreover, people with the Crane totem are experts at balancing both work and family life very well. They excel in their careers and are excellent parents to their children. On the other hand, folks with this power animal are incredibly secretive and distrustful, which is usually a problem for their loved ones.

Crane Dream Interpretation

When you have a Crane dream, it is a sign that happiness and good fortune are coming your way. Furthermore, If you are experiencing some difficulty, a Crane dream tells you to believe that everything will work out fine for you eventually.

A vision where you see a flying Crane symbolizes opportunity. This sort of opening happens once in a lifetime, and when it does, you should take advantage of it.

If you see a flock of Cranes flying in formation, it tells you to work well with others or move to a new location. Furthermore, a dead Crane dream assures you that anyone who seeks to bring you down will be defeated.