No matter how unpleasant your past is, know that you can always renew yourself.

Cicada Meaning and Messages

In general, Cicada symbolism is a message for you to work on self-development. In other words, when this insect comes into your awareness, it prompts you to overcome bad habits and acquire skills that can help you thrive in today’s world. Alternatively, the Cicada meaning could be letting you know that it’s perfectly okay to disappear for brief moments, especially if you’re working on something important and don’t want distractions. Similar to the Iguana, this spirit animal also lets you know that there’s so much you can gain when you spend time alone with your thoughts.

Additionally, Cicada symbolism could be a sign that you’re too guarded and secretive. Hence this power animal showing up on your radar says that you should learn to trust other people. Also, like the Capuchin Monkey, Cicadas are very loud and noisy. Thus their presence in your life is a message for you to express yourself uniquely and creatively. It is also a message for you to communicate better with the people in your life.

Furthermore, the Cicada meaning is reminding you to trust divine timing. Simply put, this spirit animal says that you must learn to wait for your time and not try to push for things to happen in your life. To add to that, the Cicada is a symbol of change and rebirth

Cicada Totem, Spirit Animal

Those with the Cicada totem are very vocal and talkative. Plus, these individuals are great at expressing their emotions. They love to listen to loud music and may have a talent for singing. Like the Owl, people with this spirit animal are highly observant and can perfectly read people. So don’t even try lying to them about anything.

They are hardworking and resilient. Also, these fellows are fond of going underground or disappearing for a while when life gets chaotic. Individuals with this power animal are happiest during the summer. Additionally, they are extroverted and like to be part of a community.

Cicada Dream Interpretation

When you have a Cicada dream, it portends that you’ll experience some challenges in the coming days. This spirit animal desires you to know that to solve these problems: you will need to seek the help of others. Moreover, if this insect appears in your nighttime vision, it could be asking you to stop following the multitude.

If you dream of Cicadas emerging from their underground nests, it says that your time to shine has come. In other words, the message here is that your days of struggles are over. If you hear the song of Cicadas, it means that you’ll soon receive good news from a loved one.

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