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Appreciate the wonder of the unique gifts that EVERY being inhabiting this planet has. Find your humility in the sight of all things greater than yourself and balance this with the magnificence of who you are.

Celebrating Our 100th Animal!!!

If Chimpanzee has come across your path;

Chimpanzee is here to remind you that your language and communications skills are important right now. Trying to browbeat your opponents with knowledge and intelligence is not the way to go. Allow yourself to share anecdotes and feelings so that they can have a deeper understanding of where you are coming from. A gentle and subtle nudge in the right direction will often lead others into self discovery on their own terms. Simply telling them will usually mean that they won’t hear you.

Alternatively this Great Ape may be letting you know that it is time for you to set some boundaries. Perhaps others have been using you a little bit too much of late.

If Chimpanzee is your Animal Totem;

You are “Walking Wisdom” and have a great deal of intelligence and knowledge. You are the wise adviser and mentor to many of your peers and are always manifesting and transmitting your insights, awareness and observations of the human condition. You are amiable, innocent, curious and gentle. You are also very committed and successful in your relationships. Occasionally you function as a benevolent trickster and teacher to those around you. You have a powerful connection with all things Divine and use your intuition constantly.

If Chimpanzee has come into your dreams;

To see a Chimpanzee in your dream suggests that you are not seeing things clearly. What you thought was true is actually quite the opposite – perhaps you are over thinking an issue. Alternatively to see a family or group of Chimpanzees indicates that your family issues are now resolving and that it is time to return to peace and harmony within the family group.

Additional Meanings of Chimpanzee;

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3 Responses to Chimpanzee

  • I was at a workshop and in a past life guided meditation. I found myself in the body of a chimpanzee! I felt the expansive consciousness of the chimp, especially as I saw two white men approach with rifles. I could clearly see and know their fear and narrow sightedness. I was surprised to find myself in that body. I was in a jungle also. The descriptions of chimpanzee describe me. I try not to beat people over the head with information, but with anecdotes to help lead them to the information. Being white and talking to white people about how easy it is to be white in the world was not easy this week. So, it was a little touchy and I was surprised to find myself in this animal especially since these types of animals have been used as racist slurs. I shared it with the group and the woman leading it told me to write it down. I often check up on animal totems and I’m happy that this one makes sense for me and this specific topic.

  • Hi, I was wondering what some Raven related instances mean: 1) a Crow was sitting on a fence, with its mouth frozen open, 2 feet in front of my vehicle when I went to get in my car, and I noticed a 2nd Crow on the grass close by preening its left wing.. then 2) a couple of days later there were NO crows around anywhere.. and I usually see them every day in my travels and 3) this was actually something I saw a few weeks ago, but it did puzzle me.. it was the cutest thing ever.. I saw one Raven walking thru a pedestrian walk, between the lines, just like a person would.. I was amazed..

  • this is extremely helpful, so far i love this site.
    i am curious how you determine your personal totem, and also what is your opinion on seeing an apparition of two chimpanzees with glowing red eyes? not in a dream, or in the forest, i had an experience many years ago witnessing two chimp-like apparitions like shadow people shrouded in a dark smokey fog, one sitting by my brothers feet as he slept, and another nose to nose with him. i yelled out a loud and agressive “HEY!” and their heads snapped in my direction, then as soon as we made eye contact they vanished. i have been looking for explanations or similar experiences for years.
    Also, before this you could slap my brother in the face when he slept, and he would sleep right through it, now you need only say his name and he wakes.

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