Cheetah Symbolism

Sometimes you have to extend your self and take a little bit of risk in order to reach your goals.

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If Cheetah has crossed your path;

Cheetah is reminding you that things are moving with great speed for you right now. Keep yourself focused on your direction and on your goal in order to find the most direct way of achieving your dreams. Occasionally you will have to focus on all aspects of a plan and be a little more flexible in the revisions in order to attain your goal. Be clear with your intention and what it is you are trying to create. Be aware of spreading yourself a bit too thin in trying to accomplish too much or having to many goals at the same time.

If Cheetah is your Animal Totem;

You have a great capacity for empathy and know exactly how to respond to the hurt, pain and suffering of others. You are fearless in the art of tough love and will tell it exactly as it is but have a way of saying these things so that the “punch” is removed from the delivery. You also respond quickly and instantly to all opportunities as well as dangers in your life. You have a tendency to be solitary and are very choosy as to who you trust and bond with.

If Cheetah has come to your Dream;

To see a Cheetah chasing you in your dream suggests that you may need to get up out of that chair and get moving.Be more active in pursuit of your goals. It could also be letting your know that you cannot outrun your current problems or situation. You will not be able to escape them and will have to take some sort of action.

It could also symbolize that something is missing in your life – or that you somehow feel that you are missing the mark as far as your purpose in life goes.

Alternatively a Cheetah may appear in your dream when you are trying to move on in life and something keeps bringing you back to the the same dilemma

Additional Associations for Cheetah:


  • In my dream last night, I was walking beside a friendly cheetah that could talk. I had a mission, to save it or at least hide it from evil people. I wasn’t scared of it, nor it of me. We were like companions. What could it mean?

  • I had a dream and very confused as to what it means it was filled with crazy situations for one Im originally from el paso but live in a different state at the time but all of this took place in el paso as far as i seen in my dream anytime i walked through the canals I could see cheetahs all over but a man with a rifle would shoot them he would protect ppl walking on the canals by one cheetah went past the canals and the man was having trouble reloading the gun so I got bit on the hand twice after that it just changed to a different dream.

  • I just had a dreM being beated by a black hungry cheetha while i was travelling in a cage cable car in the air.

    The hungry black cheetha keep jumping n wana to eat me! He beated my hand n my feet.. minor sketches and bleeding.. then we flea away..

    Its odd for me to dream of wild animal ;(

  • I just woke up from a dream about a cheetah. My mom and I were driving on a dirt road and saw a cheetah cub lying in the road. We went by it and i opened my door and called to it. It paid me no attention. It moved in front of us again and my mom ran over it. It was fine, but it began to chase us and meow for help. I opened my door and it jumped in. We took it to our house, where apparently we kep a lot of animals. We put it in a cage to monitor it. Somehow there was a small whale in the bottom of the cage and it swallowed the cheetah. Some neighbors yelled for us to help. I went out to grab the whale and i pushed the cheetah back out. Unfortunately, the cheetah suffocated. What does this mean?

  • It’s telling me what it means if I had a dream about the cheetah attacking me but I wanna know what it means about it trying to attack my child and I’m fighting it to save her.

  • I had a dream that I was down stairs in the middle of the night and I saw a cheetah up stair on the railing and my sister was with me and when I saw that first I called animal control then I got a broom then I ran to my moms room and the cheetah followed me so I stared hitting it with a broom and then shut the door as hard as I could
    P. S this is a dream

  • I once had a dream of a cheetah being adopted into a wolf pack and the son of the alpha male bacame friends with her. Eventually they grew up and then alpha male died. they were both made the leader of the pack the wolfs name was Taya and the wolf pack name the cheetah Sia. Then the word flashed through mind Sataya which is what the leaders where called(and no it is not a ship name😒) .what does this mean?

  • Hi! I know I’ve commented on another animal page before, but I just recently that my spirit animal is one of the big cats. So far, it has been narrowed down to Tiger and Cheetah. Anyway, is it possible to have a Chinese zodiac animal (Tiger) as your spirit animal if you have a different Chinese Zodiac (mine is Dragon). Also, how would I go about finding out if my spirit animal is a Cheetah or Tiger? I’m very drawn to both, but more so to the tiger because it loves water. But I keep going back to the whole “Chinese zodiac thing” I mentioned before.

    • Hi again! I actually just woke up from a dream with two cheetahs in it! Do you think it’s my spirit animal trying to contact me? I’ve also heard a lot about cheetahs on the TV in the last couple of days…

  • Hello I had a dream about cheetahs as well. Many many of them were running very fast front of me and I was watching them with fascination. They didn’t chase me or anything but then all of a sudden my friend from junior high ( I don’t get to see or talk with her any more) in the dream and I have a bite of cheetah meat – I don’t exactly remember but maybe we she offered the meat not sure though- but before I swallow the meat I spit out because I am vegetarian and in the dream I also say as disgusted ” I cannot eat this I am vegetarian” . It’s just an interesting dream because I also saw it when I fasting for detox for my soul and body for 2 days. Thank you!

    • Burcu, the cheetahs are out hunting for prey, for food. They are moving fast. You try some cheetah meat, the prize of the hunt, and spit it out. You are being asked to swallow some idea or value that is repulsive to you. Be true to yourself.

  • Hello. I had a dream that i I had a pet cheetah and a pet dog or something. They were domesticated and was apart of the family. My house was one of pale green walls. I was busy taking my kids places going and coming frequently. My house was full of people when I suddenly noticed my cheetah and other pet were dying. I had not fed them or something and they were gasping for air. I noticed and began to feed the cheetah Irish sea moss and water. I woke up before I found out if it could recover. What do you feel a dying cheetah means?

  • When my son was 3yrs old he used to have an imaginary friend. He used to say a cheetah followed him around and talked to him. I don’t know where he got this from because he hadn’t seen one on tv or he wasn’t at school yet. It was very strange.

    • Children are very sensitive ,, even more so around the ages they are going through hormonal changes ,, but he could have very well have been seeing that cheetah ,, try not to automatically assume that it’s imaginary ,, I have seen this happen and the seriously important messages the child was getting was not received ,, caused a lot of problems in their lives , it’s very hard for and scary for parents to think this way I know I was in the same position ,, I was lucky enough to be in a point in my life where my gifts were manifesting themselves and my sons visitors turned out to be trying to talk to me ,, it’s hard one but try to listen. With open mind if this happens again ,,

  • I dream of a cheetah and a dog trying to bite me,thier teeth are in my both hands and waiting to bite deeper when cheetah’s master came and stop the cheetah from biting

  • I dreamt that I was in a Savannah scenery, it looked so African, wild and incredible. I was waiting, thinking: a cheetah may appear now. But then, a fox appeared, and right after that, a cheetah jumped on the fox’s back, and was trying to bite the fox’s neck. But then it turned out that they were only playing, for the next thing I saw was the fox lying on the ground beside the cheetah, and there was another cheetah as well lying on the ground beside them. I passed them by and walked away those animals were looking at me but were completely harmless, and I climbed a rough, stoney Hill. I went up and up until I got , it seemed, onto the top, and there was a man I had actually encountered a while ago, maybe a year ago, a Poor man. He was in tears, and looked like he was waiting for me.
    What does it mean?

  • Fascinating viewpoints. This is my story…

    I backpacked Africa and when I was there, I was attacked by a Cheetah but it turned out she was just playing (hurt like heck and I was bloody but she started purring) and in another part I had a number butterflies land on me – there were a dozen other people around but they only landed on me.

    What could this suggest?

  • Is it possible to have multiple spirit animals or have them change? Recently I have been having various emotional dreams of cheetahs and I can’t tell if I somehow changed spirit animals, it was once a Fox but the last time I had a dream of a Fox was about a year ago and it was runing away. What does this mean?

    • i recently found out that Native Americans believe that you can have up to 9 different animal guides/ totems. mine has been a cheetah since i was young. and i just realized that the butterfly is also one of them. GOODLUCK!

  • I saw a competition where someone pet chetha killed the daunger pet dogs. Then when i was going to his home he was sitting and resting in ladders as soon as i enters the gate he attack on me i escape on 2nd door as i do close 2nd doors, i saw he is growling on me an his master. I woke up.
    What does it mean. Please help

    • You are running from your purpose. The cheetah is coming after you because you are doing something or associating with someone who is pulling you away from where you should be going in the human experience. Once you realize your potential you will become focused fast and ruthless towards your goals in life

  • I had a dream last night that I was trapped in a cave with several other people, and a bunch of lions were guarding it. When we got out a cheetah started to chase us but then it ran away. ❗ 😮

  • I don’t remember the exact time or date when it happened, but I always wanted to know what it meant. I was unsure where to look it up as this was not a dream. Let me be clear, was NOT a dream. Hopefully you can tell me the meaning behind it.

    Awhile ago, I fell asleep in the living room(In my favorite chair) and I woke up early morning. As soon as I opened my eyes and looked to my right, I saw a Cheetah sitting on it’s hind legs just staring at me. It’s full body and head. It scared the crap out me, but I guess anything that you see unexpectingly when you wake up would do that. I remember freaking out and then closing my eyes hoping that it was a dream, but I knew it wasn’t. No lights were on and the television was off. The only thing that was emitting light was the digital clock sitting on the tv stand. When I opened them again, the Cheetah was gone. This has never happened to me before and has not happened since. I have nothing, but 3 feet of open space between the chair and the wall. So nothing could cause any sort of matrixing. I hope you can give me the meaning behind this.

    • If you this actually happened, then you spirit animal is most likely the cheetah. The old myth is if a cheetah crosses your path (which most likely won’t happen unless you live in the Savannah) or if you have a dream about it, then it is your spirit animal. If you do not choose to believe the old myth, then look at the charecteristics of the cheetah. Do they match any of yours?

    • I can’t tell you the exact meaning but hallucinations happen from drug exposure, stress, lack of sleep, ECT. I’m guessing some spirit was sending you a message. And cheetahs are a good sign. And around this time if you have any life plans starting its telling you to move forward. Someone is on your side.

  • I dreamed that I was outside of what looked like a prison yard. A Cheetah had somehow gotten in the yard and some people where trying to capture him. They let in a live goat, I wanted to rescue the goat but it was being devoured by the cheetah. While the Cheetah was eating, these people ( one of them I recognized as a co worker ) ties up another goat to a chair to be eaten also. I rushed into the yard, untied the goat and ran further in the yard to a small room kneeling down to hide from the people, who were now angry with me. I saw the goat that I just rescued running towards me, I thought it was going to butt me, but he gently put his head in my chest and I hugged it as I watched the people try to capture the cheetah. Next thing I know it is night time and I am in the yard looking for the Cheetah, I find him hiding in a large box. I push the box across the yard to the gate, I opened the gate and set the Cheetah free. Do I need some sort of therapy? LOL

    • Your dream is telling you that you are in the right state of mind and people are trying to stop you. Goats can represent evil.

      • I almost had the exact same dream but not quite i saw a cheetah chasing a goat but i went inside a building a gym i think an the chettah went inside chasing the goat, as i tried hiding in a corner the chettah saw me an gently approached me as he got close to me i shaked not knowing what the cheetah would do as its mouth opened iwoke up

  • Hey , earlier today i had a dream of a cheetah in my house. I was completely sure of it because i seen it, but i was to scared to follow it. In the dream i fell asleep and noticed a head between my legs and i felt it and i knew it was a cheetah my body froze and i tried to wake up from the sleep i was in, in the dream but it was impossible. The second time i seen the cheetah it was in the house but it never hurt me or my nephews, and my nephews we’re running around it just stared at me and disappeared. At this point i woke up. What does this mean? I Would like to know asap !

    This Is All VERY CONFUSING ! 😕

    • It means your running from your dreams. Although its scary to follow your highest potentials, your instincts are telling you it wont hurt.

  • I was sleeping walking… Walked into my room mates room which woke him… I sat on his floor. He was telling me to get up and go to bed .. Knowing of course that i sleep walk…. At one point he stood over me and and told me to get up and get in my bed… My response was appearantly to scream loudly 4 times…. I was still fast asleep through this. He said that i then stood up and went to leave his room, but turned around and looked him dead in the eye and declared “I am not a leopard. I am a cheetah” …. Wonder what i was dreaming of at the time. I have no recollection of this incident.

  • :mrgreen: This morning I prepared myelf for deep meditation. I used 4 candles for the 4 directions, I lit some incense called the 4 elements and I placed crystals on each chakra and focused on my breathing and getting releaxed.

    I seen a cheetah and a tiger and then a domestic cat. This website is super helpful and the message this gives me is astonishing!!! thank you so much!


  • I had a dream that me and several friends were walking through a forest trying to get to a specific destination. We came to a cliff and saw we were very close. One friend said it would be easier to just jump from the cliff and swim while the rest thought it would be safer to walk around (even though it would take longer). So we all started walking but the one friend ran and jumped off the cliff (barely missing a rock) and began to swim. We all noticed a cheetah by her and tried yelling and screaming to get her attention so she could protect herself. When we couldn’t, I jumped and the rest followed. The cheetah turned its attention on us and began attacking. We fought back and were close to killing it when guilt overwhelmed me. I was scared to let it go but also couldn’t keep hurting it. What the heck does this mean?

    • The dark side of the force, according to Yoda, is the quicker and easier way…the jumping off of the cliff is a representation of that which seems to be quicker and easier but in reality…it leads to constant inner struggle just to stay alive.

  • I had a dream last night of three cheetahs just outside my house and they had very clear intentions to hurt me and my family. It was strange because my dad just drove off in a car after hearing they were there and then so did me and my mom. We left everything behind, including my brother, sister, pets, and all our belongings. We came back quickly though, and the cheetahs were still there prowling and we remained inside. Then I woke up. I would really like to know what this means, and would appreciate it if you replied asap. Thank You! 🙂

  • Had a dream last night a cheetah was in my house. Never harmed me. Just acted like a domestic cat. But, I do remember that I had a feeling that it could turn on me and my kids. When my kids were running around the house, it would kind of go towards them, never hurt them, but I remember feeling in my dream that it could. What does dreaming of this cheetah mean?

    • Cheetah in your house around your beloved family, you put it there to protect them. You have respect not only for the Cheetah’s speed, but for what appears to be the noble bearing of the animal, it is a loner, and hunts only when it needs to eat. The Cheetah perhaps also symbolizes your projection of YOU, wanting to be that noble, spirit filled animal who is a protector and provider, and also to be respected for your character.

  • The Cheetah has been my spirit guide since I was a little girl. I’ve always felt a deep connection, and even have dreams of being a cheetah mother and hunting for her cubs. I always knew that it held a special meaning, but I always look to the cheetah for guidance in a situation that seems out of my control.

  • I came from a Souix tribe and my spirit animal is a cheetah not because it chased me. At a very young age I wished to grow up like most children do and I did at a very young age all things happend so fast and the cheetah has been there for me and the things that discribe a cat and cheetah describe me exept he is in the form of a cheetah. He comes to me when I need him. Btw I’m going through hard times.

  • Soñé con una chita grande bonita brillante y como flechas en la cabeza v algo así… Me miraba al lado de un león un poco viejo… Supe intuitiva mente q era mi tótem …. Pero quería saber q significa…. Muchas gracias….

  • Firstly I was chased by cheetah for few min n than I killed cheetah by stabbing. literally I could see chethas intestine popping out n than it died. What do u mean by this… IT was really weird dream I had ever…reply me asap ❓

    • I believe it means you will conquor all your problems/situations you are going throughbeing tired of running from it. Thats just my knowledge. 💡

  • I had a dream last night about a cheetah it lasted a mintue or two , it was playing with me i was laughing it was weird because i was sorta hugging it at some point and i was thinking should i be afraid because i gained consciousness in a dream but i kept playing with him and he meant no harm , it was amazing

  • Hello!
    I recently had a daydream/vision of a cheetah running with a butterfly in the African savanna. Later on in the dream a Hummingbird flew with the cheetah and the butterfly and they came up to me and bowed at me in respect.I bowed back at them.

    It was a wonderful sight! I have meditated before on the intent of finding my spirit guide, and I saw a cheetah. The Cheetah told me he was my spirit guide. I regret it now, but I didn’t do anything to see the cheetah again.

    The reason why I didn’t try and see him again is that I was confused that the Butterfly could’ve been my spirit guide. I see the beautiful insect everywhere when I’m awake. I receive boxes with butterflies on it, see paintings of them, I see them everywhere. I was even called ‘the butterfly whisperer’ when I was younger because I had a butterflies land on me and they seemed to refuse to get off.

    The other day I was meditating and I woke up in a forest. Then a small, female hummingbird came up and landed on my finger and told me it was my spirit guide.

    Since I had this vision of all three of the running together I’m awfully baffled. I was just wondering if you could shed some light on this?

    • Hello Mel: You can have more than one spirit guide. I would study all three and discover as much information about them as possible. The good and the shadow aspects and try and incorporate their teaching into your everyday life. All three are amazing Totems.

    • You have 3 guides and you can pull them out one at any time. keep meditating and visualize the one you resonate with most, that it be the Butterfly, Cheetah, or Hummingbird and when it comes ask the Name of that guide. Once you get that name embrace and embody it it. It will become YOU. and do this for the other TWO also. Always have discernment of spirits. here is how you do that. Meditation, The Lords prayer Our Father prayer, detach religion and dogma 🙁 from the prayer and then Ask the spirits to revile their name and Purpose to Serve you in your Journey.

      • OK so my dreem was that it was dark out, and I mean pitch black exept for a few street lights. I was at my friends house when we had to leave. Then she got on a motorcycle and started to drive away… As she got further the street light started to go out one by one. So all the sudden, I bolted for her running so fast my feet were burning, but I was yelling, ( spirit of the orca) though I was on land and running faster than ever,and orcas live in the sea. Also my favorite animal has been an orca for a long time, I’ve always loved cheetahs since I was 3… When I caut my friend I woke up and said YES! because I was so excited to dreem about my totem.. Yet I have no idea what my dreem ment. So what does this mean PLEAS REPLY! 🙂

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