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Keep hammering away at your current project. Success is at hand!

If Woodpecker has come knocking…

It is time to really pay attention because opportunity is has come knocking along with it. It is signaling you that great changes are happening in your life and it is up to you to seize the moment. Whether it is the renewal of an old project, the finishing of a new project or simply a serendipitous meeting with someone in your life. Whatever way you perceive it know that the door is wide open for you right now and that success is your for the asking.

Woodpecker as your Totem…

You have the power of rhythm in your blood. You are tuned to the heartbeat of the Earth and the cycles that rule it. You have the ability to shake up the awareness of others as well as the ability to grab every ones attention with the simplest of words. You understand the power of your words and use them sparingly and precisely to get your point across. You are often the first to draw everyone’s attention to something that needs attending to.

Woodpecker has entered your dreams

When woodpecker comes knocking in your dreams it is asking you to pay attention in your waking life. There may be something you have overlooked and it is trying to bring it back into your focus. Diligence is key here.

Additional Meanings of Woodpecker:

  • Rhythm
  • Fertility
  • Listen more clearly to subtle energies, there is a message that only our intuition can interpret
  • Earth’s heartbeat
  • Look at projects in unique and creative ways to bring new life to a project
  • Increase of mental/physical activities
  • Beat of life
  • Progress
  • Fly Back to our roots
  • Signaling
  • Protection
  • Nurture our ideas in the womb of our core passions
  • Initiation
  • Determination
  • Shelter our wisdom from predatory threat
  • Communication
  • Opportunity
  • Use our heads (intellect) to think up innovative solutions to overcome barriers
  • Communicate our ideas in more creative non-traditional ways
  • Listening
  • Stop and consider the opportunities available to us at this time
  • Prophesy
  • Attention

For more information on Woodpecker….


Please have a close look at the Quotation Box at the top of the page before you make a comment or ask a question. There are at least five different messages that can appear in the box and more often that not your personal guides will see to it that the message is appropriate to what your visiting Woodpecker was trying to convey to you. We try to answer as many comments as possible – but please be sure you have not already had your answer or that the answer is not in the first paragraph. If your Woodpecker is dead – consider that the message is in it’s shadow form – in other words exactly opposite to what the message is saying and that you are somehow not accomplishing what it is asking for.

22 Responses to Woodpecker

  • Earlier today I was in the woods doing some prayers and callings spirits then I got scared with some noise I heard there. But it stopped, when I stopped chanting.

    When walking back, I heard the noise again and very loud, like someone drumming. Really loud, but stopped again after seconds.

    After some minutes I look above to follow the same noise and then I see the wonderful woodpecker.

    So so nice.

  • Today is 03/19/2015 and for the past 2-3 days I have been visited by the sounds of a woodpecker consistently pecking away on a tree in the back of my home. I’m not sure what the meaning is of this, but I took to googling it to try and see if there is a message in all of this. I think it is and I’m not even sure if woodpeckers have any spiritual significance or meaning, but I sure would like to know.

  • A striped woodpecker landed from behind on my left shoulder from behind while I was taking out the garbage. Not a dream. But everything has felt dreamy today

  • Hello, I had a dream last night that I was in a vibrant, healthy forest, with the main colour being green. There was aload of what looked like some sort of kingfisher cross with woodpeckers flying around at high speed, they were all black and white apart from one. The dream began with me walking into this amazing forest area where woodpeckers were pecking the trees, and then they all seen me and started to fly around at high speed, and one bird in particular was trying to get my attention, it was a beautiful vibrant green with bright blue eyes, and red feathers on its head. I was watching it with awe and then suddenly time stopped, and the bird just died mid flight. I reached out and picked up the bird from the air, and just looked down at its lifeless body in my hands, and the dream ended.

    What could this mean? According to the native american zodiac my animal is a woodpecker…

  • Well, I heard this woodpecker knocking/pecking on the roof of my home. I then heard the woodpecker inside the house in the attic knocking /pecking. I thought I might need to call someone out here to retrieve the woodpecker, but, the next day there was no longer any sign of the woodpecker. What could that mean?

    • For me. I have turned to the narrow path recently in ALL that do. I have been given many confirmations that our God is pleased in my actions. Today, as I offered to God my life as sacrifice. I then heard a screach that I thought was a Hawk, I was led immediately to find the source. It was a woodpecker, persistence of my thought and path were my message. Outward and distinctly professing of my faith was my course.
      Be very thankful that your ears are open, it is a call to duty. Your purpose is coming into focus and you hold an important role. Your creator is trying to drag you by the arm. In my opinion, it signifies you are very special and influential to those around you and a door is opening. Trust your instinct it’s obvious the helper is with you

  • I live in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia and have at least one pair of pileated woodpeckers around my home. In the middle of my driveway, by the road, today I found (what I believe was a young, as it was small) pileated woodpecker dead (I think it might have been hit by a car or truck) and it broke my heart. I was obviously meant to find him/her or another would have so there is significance directed to me. How do I interpret the meaning of this?

  • HI there, I keep hearing and seeing a large woodpecker in my backyard in my trees. I will hear his loud almost piercing call from inside my house. And when I go outside, its almost like he is trying to communicate to me as he looks at me when I am outside. What is the meaning here ?

  • I had a double whammy today. First, saw 2 roadrunners having something of a conflict with each other. Then later in the day, two woodpeckers flew down to the street in front of me, appearing to be in conflict with each other. I can look up the individual meanings of the birds involved, but does it matter what they were doing–does the “conflict” with each other have significance?

  • Had a dream about a giraffe behind my child hood home in the woods stampeding. As it emerged from the brush and ran across my yard I noticed it had a pileated woodpecker on it’s back, riding. Disappeared around the house into the front yard, as I went to the front window to see where it went, the giraffe was gone, but the woodpecker was just standing there looking at me. Then it flew and started pecking on a friend of mines head who mysteriously appeared.

  • Just seen this big ole woodpecker on the power pole coming home with my son today. He was quite big and kept pecking at the pole and move around it. Just wasn’t expecting to see that in the middle of prairie country where there are no trees! :razz:

  • I just returned home from Reiki Master Training. I went outside with my dogs. Immediately I saw a colorful bird on the ground at the same time one of my dogs did. He scooped it up into his mouth. I saw the bird spread its wings and felt its fear. I broke it up and sent my dogs inside. I grabbed the leather gloves I had put into my purse days earlier (not knowing what I would need them for). I went outside and the bird was very close to death. I immediately started sending it Reiki and was guided to put it into my hands. It was still very warm. It made one last movement of its tail feathers when it heard the dog across the street bark and it died in my hands. I held it for awhile, thanking it for its life and its beauty. But then, I didn’t know what to do. So, I called my teacher and my friend with knowledge on animal medicine. Neither of them answered. I felt helpless on what to do. So, I sat and asked God what to do. My guides told me it was a gift. So, I asked what I was supposed to do with it. They told me to go outside and send the bird Reiki. I went outside and crows flew across the sky, one cawing, signaling a new beginning and change.
    While giving Reiki, I was told I was to cut off the wing that was healthy. That was my gift. So, I mustered the courage and cut it off with some hedge trimmers I found in the garage. I thanked the bird and the spirit of the woodpecker for its gift and for its life. I was told I needed to bury it in a field near my house. So, I took its body to the location and placed it in the hole I dug. I placed all the Reiki symbols over its body and covered it with dirt. With my hands over its resting place, I thanked the animal spirit, Mother/Father God for this beautiful gift. I felt so much better after this was done and admired the beautiful wing when I returned home.
    It will take its place in a fan for smudging when the time is right and when the right person is able to craft it for me. It may even be myself. I don’t know yet. Just yesterday I asked Spirit to bring a fan for smudging into my life and today I have been gifted a beautiful centerpiece for this fan. I am so grateful. The bird was a male Northern Flicker from the woodpecker family.

  • I saw 2 downey wood peckers when I was sitting at a park what does that symbolize

    • Hello Danielle: Pay attention to the quotation box at the top of the page when you return to Woodpecker. The message will be specific for you. The number 2 is about having faith and courage and knowing your prayers are manifesting even though you cannot see them yet.

  • Just had a young downy woodpecker knock at my window. Then he (or she) was pecking at my window air conditioner. The funny thing was that he kept polking his head up and looking at me. He was remarkably sweet and cute. I do not know excatly what he signified. But I got a bit nervous for him pecking away at my air conditioner for so long. It lasted about 4 to 5 minutes. It was a very sweet visit :grin:

    • Hello Patti: Pay attention to the quotation box at the top of the page when you return to Woodpecker. The message will be specific for you.

  • I saw a dead red headed woodpecker on the ground when I was leaving work today. I wonder what is the significance of that?

    • Hello Cynthia: It means that you have missed an opportunity. There will be another one – pay close attention to the signs and follow through.

  • I was jogging through the forest early this morning and I heard the knocking sound high in the trees above. I stopped in my tracks and looked up and spied a large pileated woodpecker. I watched for a moment then saw a smaller one. I am not sure if they were a pair as I don’t know how the females differ from the males in appearance. They played and chased each other around the tree. I watched in awe.

  • I was outside by my driveway, 17 days ago, on July 29, many birds were all around…they seemed to be saying that something good was about to happen. Then a large red-headed woodpecker flew right over my left shoulder. I’m pretty sure it was the pileated woodpecker. It was so large, so close. Beautiful day.

    • There are woodpeckers everywhere I shift my awareness to! If I don’t see them I hear them. What power they have to get through an obstacle to nourish themselves!

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