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Okay - something stinks! Have a closer look at what is surrounding you right now and discern who is being truthful and who is deliberately misleading you with false facts.

If Skunk has walked across your path;

You are being presented with the perfect opportunity to become more confident in your interactions with others. Know that you are able to meet life’s challenges with a calm and peaceful heart and that you have the respect you require to get to where you wish to be. Walking your talk is the only way to set the example for others and to respect yourself and your own belief’s.

Alternatively Skunk may be letting you know that you do have the courage and will power to raise a stink to right a wrong. Justice needs to prevail at this time. Jut remember that Skunk does not need to spray to be powerful – his reputation precedes him. Just stand your ground calmly and with confidence.

If Skunk is your Animal Totem;

You are the ultimate pacifist, always preferring to avoid conflict and turmoil. You walk a very fine line between being a people “pleaser”and balancing your own self respect and always maintain a “do no harm” attitude. You know how to be assertive without ego. You know how to attract others and are very charismatic. You have a good understanding of energy and how to use energy flows to get what you want. You also understand the use of aromatherapy.

If Skunk has come into your Dream;

To dream of a Skunk could be an indication that you have been driving people away or turning them off in some way. It could also mean that you are suppressing your anger and are on the verge of exploding. You are not expressing your true feelings even though you do not agree with a decision.

Alternatively to smell a Skunk in your dream is a symbol of fear. Someone in your waking life may be threatened by you. Alternatively the dream may indicate that it is time to confront your repressed anger.

Additional Associations for Skunk…

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