Skunk Symbolism

Tread lightly and do no harm. Approach the problem from a passive direction and everything will simply come together.

If Skunk has walked across your path

Skunk is presenting you with the perfect opportunity to become more confident in your interactions with others. Know that you are able to meet life’s challenges with a calm and peaceful heart and that you have the respect you require to get to where you wish to be. Walking your talk is the only way to set the example for others and to respect yourself and your own belief’s.

Alternatively this animal may be letting you know that you do have the courage and will power to raise a stink to right a wrong. Justice needs to prevail at this time. Jut remember that this creature does not need to spray to be powerful – his reputation precedes him. Just stand your ground calmly and with confidence.

If Skunk is your Animal Totem

You are the ultimate pacifist, always preferring to avoid conflict and turmoil. You walk a very fine line between being a people “pleaser”and balancing your own self respect and always maintain a “do no harm” attitude. You know how to be assertive without ego. You know how to attract others and are very charismatic. You have a good understanding of energy and how to use energy flows to get what you want. You also understand the use of aromatherapy.

If Skunk has come into your Dream

To dream of this creature could be an indication that you have been driving people away or turning them off in some way. It could also mean that you are suppressing your anger and are on the verge of exploding. You are not expressing your true feelings even though you do not agree with a decision.

Alternatively to smell a Skunk in your dream is a symbol of fear. Someone in your waking life may be threatened by you. Alternatively the dream may indicate that it is time to confront your repressed anger.

Additional Associations for Skunk:


  • Wow its a very amazing topic as we know that when the road that animals are crossing is smooth then this can point out that other people will assist them to at the path to good fortune.

  • My story of the skunk. First of all I’m Cherokee Indian. I lost my fiance 5 weeks ago who loved that I was Cherokee and then my Dad one week ago today. So with this said. I drove up to my mail box Wednesday night and my son put his window 2 get the mail and when he went to put the window up it kept going up and down automatically and then as we drove down the driveway we spotted a skunk. Then Thursday evening the same exact thing happen. Window and skunk. I never had a problem with my window. I was like omg what are they trying to tell me. Mind you Wednesday was a viewing form my Dad and Thursday was the funeral. My dad was not Indian, but like I said my fiance loved I was. I’m still confused what one or the other or both were trying to tell me. Any ideas?

    • Here is what I think:
      First – I don’t think it matters if your father was Indian; I believe we are all connected, no matter where we are coming from, and that biological or geographic “heritage” is just a surface-thing. Wherever our “mind” (or soul or spirit – however you like to call it) is going when it leaves the body we might have the chance to communicate with those whom we left behind, but like a Butterfly probably cannot speak directly to a caterpillar so caterpillar understands we have to use symbols.
      Second – I think you were probably very sad, maybe you still are. I think they wanted to tell you that it is okay to show your emotions the way they are. Of course you probably felt you have to be strong for your son, because this is what mothers do (and that is alright!), but I think there is nothing wrong with letting your child know that you as a parent feel sadness and grief as well.
      Sometimes people also feel “guilty” if they are laughing or enjoying good food in nice company after they just lost a beloved person. I also don’t think there is harm in that – as long as those feelings are true, and are not forcefully channeled because one wants to avoid the grief. A skunk is a (relatively) small, but self-confident animal. Maybe your father and your fiance wanted to tell you: “We are not here anymore to protect you – but you know what? Don’t feel lost – you can do it on your own. Be honest in what you are and follow your path steadily. Take your time. It is your path.”

  • My totem is a skunk. I have known this since I was 5. I am now almost 65. I hate violence by doing everything to avoid it and the turmoil that surrounds it. I have self respect with a tiny ego. I seldom lose my temper with most people afraid of me because I can contain my anger. And, lastly, but not leastly, I stand up to those who insist on bad behavior, e.g., those that park in red zones or handicap parking that do not belong.

  • I turned to spiritual way because thats where i thought i would find answers about life and i have been experiencing spiritual things one of them happened recently after i was really feeling down because of problems at work which were unbearable.
    I was sleeping and was pulled out of bed and i was held tight and told we love,i was shaking and i looked directly at my rooms doors side because i thought oh my daughter can hear thats not good dont want to scare her but the door waa closed and there was light on around it,than it continued it was a female voice you will be ok and i looked at the window because my curtin is transparent and so three faces which were made of light and i was scared and jumped in bed than i felt a snake behind my back and a snake being an animal which i was always scared of i started even shaking mire and the snake said dont be scared am here to heal you and after some seconds it was gone.
    Remember it was not a dream.

    • Wow, snakes symbolize the kundalini. The divine faces you saw were most likely your angels and guides. No fear, embrace this.

  • In September my dog got sprayed by a skunk in my yard twice within a week. Last night I almost hit a skunk with my car….thankfully I found this site and the information I read fits perfectly where I am at in my life….I was wondering why I was having this skunk Karma!!!

    • Hi Michelle, I’ve been seeing skunks everywhere too… And they have also been coming to me in meditation! I know I am worried about a few things right now… definitely related to my root chakra. I have been getting a lot of messages to let go of controlling the outcome and to let things manifest naturally for the best possible outcome. The messages I found here lined up with what I have been uncovering in my meditations. I think skunk is helping nurture us and give us the confidence to leave things in the past and focus on our life purpose and soul mission. Best wishes!

  • I accidentally ran over a skunk today, it has to be a sign! The symbolism matches perfectly with how I’ve been feeling the last couple weeks.

  • 👿 a skunk ran in front of my car. I’m taking it it as a sign and the symbolism matches perfect with how I’ve been feeling

  • 😎 Skunk is my power ally and protects my left side which is my female side. My reputation has always proceeded me. Unfortunately this has not always worked in my favor. Although I had always known about the powerful abilities I have to attract or repel and the way my body language can speak to others on a intuitive level, I never understood how I was able to do this until I discovered Skunk Medicine. What’s interesting is that I had always disliked the scent of Skunk but ever since I found my powerful ally, I really LOVE the scent of Skunk. Some how it just seems so nostalgic to me now. Carmine

  • I had a dream that a skunk was following me I was running from it when I stopped running it said I wasn’t going to spray you I said why didn’t you tell me then I woke up

  • When I arrived at my boyfriend’s house last night, there was a skunk nosing around by the door and I had to wait for it to move along. I dig skunks and I have a ceramic skunk in my kitchen window that was my grandmother’s. A few hours later, my car was broken into, the passenger window smashed, and my empty lunch box was stolen. I found this the next morning, and while it’s a hassle, it’s just “stuff”.

  • One night I dreamt of a skunk then woke up smelling a skunk. I asked my husband and kids but no one else smelled a skunk. Then on the way to work there was a dead skunk on a neighbourhood road which was a little out of place. Reading this, it totally makes sense. Skunk had a message for me. Thank you!

  • Years ago I waited for my unknown totem to come to me in a dream. It did; it was a skunk. A short time later a skunk crossed my path on my way to the mailbox. It was very close to me and just ambled on its way. I knew my totem was definitely skunk. Now years later at age 69 I decided to let my natural hair color grow out. I discovered I have a white stripe of hair from one side of my temple and around the back of my head to the other temple. Now I LOOK like a skunk. Bizarre!

  • A neighbor dog killed a skunk right in front of my house, somehow I felt it was an omen, but can’t find any info. Poor skunky, poor dog.

  • I was driving home on a different route from work and on this strange way home, I seen one skunk standing on the road, I slowed down, and went by it. Then a few hundred feet on this curvy road, rolled up on another one, and I thought, wow that’s cool, and neither one smelled, they were just doing their thing. Paying no mind to me.

  • My dog walked around the back of my Hse and was barking.. By the time my daughter got back there a skunk had already sprayed.. We’ve never had this issue. I just started a new job and now I need to take emergency time off as my house and dig still smells.. What could this mean? Thank you, Kristy

  • I had a dream I was hugging a skunk for quite some time. I said to the skunk that I really need that. The dream felt so real. I felt loved and protected. Does this having any meaning to my life at present. I’m really not sure? Many thanks ?

  • 😉 I am grateful to have found your site: I appreciate the depth and accuracy of information! This is one of my new resources, thank you!!

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