Salamander Symbolism

Keep a cool head today - diplomacy during confrontation is your best course of action.

If Salamander has crept across your path;

Salamander is asking you if your are using your time wisely. It is important to make the best use of your time and to balance the opportunities that are available to us. Know that you have the ability to make the adjustments necessary in order to seize the moment.

Alternatively the appearance of this amphibian heralds transformation. It also announces assistance with this change from a source somewhere outside of ourselves. This could be either through an unexpected person or unique resource. This assistance is temporary and will only stay as long as needed.

Occasionally when this animal appears to you the message is about the need for detoxification. There is something in your life that is poisoning your system that should be addressed. Purification is necessary on all levels.

If Salamander is your Animal Totem;

You have a very close connection with the environment and often tend to be somewhat of an activist in that regard. You recognize the need for stewardship in all things “Gia” and often speak out against mismanagement of our resources. You are will to take action where action is needed in order to protect the environment.

You are always willing to help others transform their lives into something more balanced and promising.

If Salamander has come into your Dream;

To see this creature in your dream symbolizes your ability to survive through shame, misfortune, and/or embarrassment. You will persevere through some sort of adversity. Alternatively, the dream could be emphasizing your ability to resist temptations.


  • This website is so great. But I too wonder about the significance of the color of the animal; reason being I had dreamt of finding a RAINBOW-colored salamander under a rock.
    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

    • Maybe you are being encouraged to allow yourself to transform (salamander) and to come out of the closet (under a rock) as a member of LGBT (Rainbow)

      • What has Hannah’s comment got to do with the LGBT Jason? That disgusting orgonisation promoting the rainbow banner of the LGBT quoting ‘Love is Gender and Age Blind! Shared by a man called Kyle McDorman and he states on his post that he is honestly happy that the LGBT Foundation is finally speaking out for pedosexual right!! What?! Are you suggesting Hannah is a member of the LGBT because she put rainbow in capitals? Is that a code? I was guided here synchronistically to see these comments, by Salamander in my dream time, maybe to speak out that this darkness is being exposed to the light, we will triumph over this sickness, let that be known, with all the power in our compassionate hearts…

    • Rainbows are symbolic of mercy…The rock is symbolic of Christ. You have a gift of showing people mercy and standing for justice for those you have been judged or are being given great injustices. You have a gift of mercy in the area of social justice that overcomes destructive behaviors. Maybe t is time for you to take up a cause for a community, yes like the LGBT who has had great injustices against them by those who call themselves Christians? Or maybe it’s another cause you already have a foot in and you need to step fully into…?

    • That is very auspicious ! I can tell that without even looking up rainbow and salamander in a dream dictionary. It seems to me your happiness was hiding from you and you found it and uncovered it. The salamander is not just any spirit animal, it’s been among the magical and most used by tribal healers and brings about change and strong purification , more potent than the frog for instance because it is more active and less lunar and passive like the toad. Perhaps the idea is to come out from under that rock and out of hiding, something that would really relate to me right now

    • About 6 months the word Salamander entered my mind, I didn’t know what that was so I paid no attention to it, yesterday the same word came to me twice I am beginning to wonder if it is my power animal or what significance it is to me, any thoughts?

  • Does the color of the salamander mean anything? Mine had a green face and red tail. I’ve never seen a spirit animal before today.

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