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Are you focusing too much on other people’s negativity? Time to detach and move on.

If Raccoon has come across your path:

You are possibly being asked to let go of a situation, person, belief or habit. Conversely it could also mean that you should accept the gifts being offered to you right now by the universe.

Raccoon can also be reminding you to leave no stone unturned in your quest for resolution with the current problem you are facing. Take the time to look at the whole picture – the seen and the unseen to find a solution.

If Raccoon is your Animal Totem:

You tend to be both shy and charismatic and once you get to know people around you, you are a very sociable person. You have an insatiable curiosity which can occasionally blind you to the dangers of exploring what you are interested in and you thrive on new experiences and new activities. You are an excellent problem solver and have a great deal of ingenuity in solving puzzles and mysteries. You are calm and serene under pressure and often calculating in your response to chaos. You are very tactile and tend to use your sense of touch before all other senses.

If Raccoon has come into your Dream:

To see a raccoon in your dream can signify deceit and thievery. You are most likely not being completely honest in some situation. The dream could also suggest that you are hiding something. You are keeping a secret.

Alternatively, to dream of a raccoon could be a representation of an aspect of your personality and that it is responding with unsavory behavior. Your self awareness is letting you know that you are being dishonest with yourself.

Additional Associations for Raccoon…

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4 Responses to Raccoon

  • Me and a friend was driving and she hit the raccon. A couple of days before that we swerved around abother racoon. The time she hit it the raccon was croosing the street, saw or car turned back to go back to the otherside, but there was are car coming from that direction. I guess it got confused and then turned back to our direction. She hit it and we heard a hit; it broke her light on the bottom of the bumper, but i’m not sure it died. What does this mean ? If I hit it or it died?

  • I had lost my fiance to a drug overdose. He was a very troubled person. It was devastating to me. This was about 7 yrs ago.
    In his last year, we bought an up north recreational property. It was a dream of mine, which he helped me obtain. After he died, Id go up there and wear my rings and cry and cry.
    On the 3rd anniversary of his death, I was walking, and my vision clouded up like rolling fog. The fog parted slightly in the middle, and this snarling, growling raccoon came racing at me. I stood in fear, screaming on the road, opened my eyes, and everything was normal. A message was left with me, “Stop crying over me, Im not worth it.”
    What was the significance of the raccoon? It was an unreal experience, I’ll never forget how terrified I was.
    —Barb Andrews

    • Hello, if I may attempt to answer your question of “why the raccoon” in your….we’ll call it a waking vision.

      —- They often symbolize the masks we wear, as such, the roles we accept and play. Perhaps this raccoon was utilized to represent to you that you needed (perhaps still need) to put down the mask of “grieving lover” and adopt the new mask of whatever it is you want to do with your life or whagrt is you wanted before he died, that you put on hold in your grief.

      It was angry because your grief over the past is preventing the present and limiting the future. Grief can rob our lives of any true living. Whatever part of the Universe spoke to you in that Raccoon knew all too well this fact and wanted it get it across to you. Live your life and be grateful for the time you did get.

      I hope you’re doing alright. These are just my assumptions. Take care and be gentle with yourself, Love. This place is hard sometimes.
      You’re doing just fine.

  • I awoke last night to my neighbors making a frantic ruckus outside; initially I am disinterested and a bit worried. Southern California is a sometimes dangerous place. So I decide to stay inside and not take the chance. But then my mother comes storming up the stairs to inform me.

    I’m told that two large raccoons have cornered a baby raccoon, and are attempting to kill it. The atmosphere was electric with the sounds of distressed neighbors. But still I decide to stay in bed. Raccoons are scary. Past experiences have led me to fear this animal. But again I’m approached by both my mother and my sister. Being that I’m the young man of the house, my roll is clear.

    I initially grab a weapon… But as I aproched the scene, blowgun in hand, i could see that the situation called for a more tactful aproche. As I I stood dart loaded, lining up the shot. The cornered raccoon looks to me. We make eye contact; it was clear that violence was not an effective answer. I wondered the house for ages, thinking of a better way to resolve the spectical. As my neighbors start to work them selfs into a panic again; muse strikes and I go to the fridge.

    Enlightened, I grabbed some old kfc, and a few eggs. i proceeded outside, and positioned myself behind a hedge so as not to be seen (mind you I’m throwing eggs and chicken at my next door neighbors apartment, as they are all standing there) .

    first toss lands with divine precision. One of the two aggressors backs down. The second piece is not as enticing. I resort to eggs. After the third egg was tossed…

    That was my moment of realization. All of “this” had happened for a reason. I was guided to that moment in time. Overcome by bliss I go back upstairs. Like a golden puzzle piece. Thanks for reading my enlightenment. My mind is now flooded with curiosity and understanding ^__^ that was a night I will never forget.

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