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If Monkey has come visiting you:

Monkeys are amazing creatures swinging our way with messages of intelligence, intensity and involvement. Perhaps you have forgotten that playfulness and entertainment are good for the soul. These animals have a strong capacity for for compassion, understanding and bonding. These are all part of our human social make up as well and they serve to remind us that our journey on this planet is not a solitary one. When it comes to solving problems this creature knows how to use their own ingenuity and resourcefulness to solve problems.

If Monkey is your Animal Totem:

If this animal is your totem, you’ve got a penchant for practical jokes and good-hearted trickery. Be wise and choose the objects of your tricks carefully. There’s a time and place for good humor and this holds true for the recipient of our jocularity as well. When this animal is egging you on to pull a good prank (especially if this creature is your guide, it will absolutely encourage shenanigans), make sure your humor is well-intended, and the brunt of your joke will take your meaning as it’s intended.

If Monkey has come to your dreams:

It could mean that you are being deceived by flattery in some way. Perhaps you are fooling yourself into thinking that everything is right with the world when in fact things are completely the opposite. If this animal bites you know that something you have said or done is coming back to bite you. Be prepared to un-ruffle feathers. Monkey in dreams also remind us that we have a sense of community and that this part of our soul needs to be fulfilled.

Additional Associations for Monkey:

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3 Responses to Monkey

  • I want to know what it means to dream about a small blue spider that looked like a monkey there where a few of them on the wall of a house at night time and they all started to jump toward me and I got scared and woke up

  • I had a reiki session and she saw monkeys playing around me while I was relaxed on the bed …does anyone have an idea the meaning of this …as I would love to understand the meaning behind there presence

    • What does it mean to you, could be that those were the guides drawn to you. Or that it’s your animal spirit. I once associated a lions tail pluming out of a customer. It was surreal.

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