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You have the ability to consciously tap into intuition and higher knowledge. Allow yourself to use this trait to move forward right now.

If Lizard has come passing through your life:

Lizard is letting you know that it isΒ time to take do an internal audit. Are you being ruled by your ego or are you coming from your heart? Be aware – simply because the ego is the master of deception and you will often have to peel back many layers to get at the truth – and to discover what your heart is really telling you. Take the time to really focus on your personal dreams.

Alternatively, this reptile is letting you know that you have become so caught up with the day to day drudgery of your life that you have forgotten to dream! Take time out and start imagining a new reality for yourself . It is the only way to break out of the place you currently find yourself in. All new things are born in your dreams.

If Lizard is your Animal Totem:

When this reptileΒ is one of your personal Animal Totems you have the power to regenerate that which is lost. You are prone to repeating some cycles simply because your energy loves re create your emotional attachments in some way. You are extremely good at facing your fears and moving between realities and “otherworlds”.

If Lizard crawls through your dream time:

It is reminding you that you have hidden gifts and that it is your responsibility to use these gifts for your own well being. We have an innate ability to recognize danger and can remove ourselves from harm’s when the situation calls for it.

Additional Associations with Lizard…

  • Detachment from ego
  • Power to regenerate that which is lost
  • Facing fear
  • Controlling Dreams
  • Moving in the other world
  • Adaptation
  • Variation
  • Introversion
  • Quickness
  • Shrewdness
  • Going with the flow
  • Dream time
  • Spontaneity
  • Reflexive

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69 Responses to Lizard

  • I had a dream that a huge lizard was on my grass when i went outside it turned into a woman she said she was starving and wanted some vedgeatables so i went on the house and got 4 large peeled carrots and 2 peeled onions she took them and walked off into the woods. I wonder what this means, i have also started painting again.

  • Hi, For sometimes now, i have being seeing lizards, i even saw one in my shoes. I am really trying to understanding what it means.


  • On Easter sunday, while leaving my moms apt we saw three iguanas in the middle of the road, they would not move. My husband, my son and i were all in the car. This is the second time this has happened to me. Not sure what its supposed to mean.

  • I dreamt of two thin black iguana like lizards with green on them. I was at a party in the dream and someone gave me one of the lizards and I let it go and it ran away and I tried to catch it but everytime it was in my hands it turn stiff or rubbery and wrigled out or I let it go in disgust. Eventually I chased it to the sea and when it jumped in the water it turned into a white bird that was drowning and when it jumped out it was a lizard again. I dont think I caught it. Then I realised the water was flowing at a 45 degree angle and it was a flood and oposite there was a charity advertisement on a sign saying help we need water with athe picture of a crying kid. Any insight to what it may mean would be greatly appreciated…

  • My name is Vinny, I am an African Immigrant living in Ecuador. I got to this website whilst searching for the meaning of an iguana crossing your part after finding one in my compoud! How it got to my own side of the apartment I have no idea. I was watching Netflix and heard noises outside my window. It was a huge green Iguanna moving around and even came to my door cos I could here it scratching my door. Things have been very difficult lately…today is April 14th my dad passed away 32 years ago… and I am 32 years old! So I am just tring to find an answer why there is an Iguana trying to come inside my apartment! Yesterday I cried like i always do every year when I remember my late dad I never knew! Things have been pretty tight and even to feed have been difficult! I have only three plaintains to survive on till monday and I have got just 12 cents to my name which I named the 12 tribes of Isreal and i have put that in my wallet, promised myself I am not gonna spend that… would serve as a reminder in future to cherish what I have when I am back on track financially! Peace!

  • I was just dreaming that I saw my boyfriend his friend in the kitchen warming up some food and France and french fries why me and my sister was in the living room room and I look at the wall and seen a lizard Crawling a small lizard or iguana I tried to catch it me and my sister I hear
    Yelled for my boyfriend to help then i woke up

    • Couple typo frying French fries
      I yelled for my boyfriend to help

      • Dream J own a large lizard, but not really sure how it came by, think through a purchase, it looks harmless but I was afraid of it and was looking to give it away….woke up.

  • Hi,
    Last night I saw lizard in my dream. I am planning my pregnancy. I wish i would have a boy this time. I already have a daughter. In the dream I saw I am in labor. Then I saw my baby is born. I saw I wanted to have good food after delivery for my health. But then I saw a lizard with long tail laying on my kitchen counter and my phone is sitting beside it. The lizard was really calm. Just staring in opposite direction. It had black dots on body. I took my phone and started I would not have food from this dirty kitchen. Then I woke up. What this dream means?


  • Hello,
    My name is Joshua William Pakoa,I am a Lay Pastor in a Local Church!

    This is now been happening to me almost two years now were everywhere I go a small Lizard would pop up from no were across my path,be it either on the ground,on a tree branch or on the wall in the house or floor.

    Am not in good stage of health lately,my prayers am asking the LORD to heal my health as well as help me understand why I kept seeing these small lizards,I mean every day I would come across minium 2 if anything but only small ones.

    • Hi Joshua, look at the underlying spiritual or emotional cause of your health issue. Does it have anything to do with what you look to control in your life? Imagine what its like to feel better.

      • Tracee, is there any way I could contact you? I would really appreciate an outsider’s perspective on something going on in my life and for some reason I felt really drawn to you. WIlling to compensate you with money. I had a dream years ago I was alone in a desert wearing a white robe and I swallowed a lizard whole. Since then, my life has gotten interesting. would love to go more into detail with you. thank you 😳 you can contact me at laite1996@gmail.com

  • I had a dream of a lot of lizards they were small ,but long in length they had two thin lines of color , an orange and i want to say yellow the other small lizard maybe a green but not much of it i could see more of the one i first mentioned. in my dream im in my home i see my mother my father a cousin and my significant other. my mother would tell me that my father had said that them lizards weren’t good either that they were poisonous or it meant like a bad omen i remember going into one of my rooms and they were jumping on me and i would knock them off went to my cousin to help me kill them but he didn’t seem interested so then my other half she was with me but i was scared they would bite her and she could get sick so i would tell her to leave the room but as she was trying to help me i remember her saying they are biting me , i dont recall them ever biting me but i do remember seeing a whole lot not in just one place but as if they were in the air , when i first told them that there were a lot of lizards its like they didn’t believe me almost as if they couldn’t see them they were thinking i was seeing stuff until finally i kept telling them to look they were right there finally they did what does this mean ? Thank you

    • Had almost the same dream. In my parents home, living room were 2 thsn became a lot of them.
      I tried to tell my friend about them and to warn.
      A few babies rnterec the befroom and hide behind the closet. Was afraid.

      Asked about the dream. Said that someone with bad doul will try to hurt me nit will not hurt me because the lizards did not attack me.

  • I have not been dreaming about lizards but they keep hanging around my door I’ve had three of them in my house and just about 30 minutes ago I went to open my door and one fell and hit my arm I don’t know what’s going on what does it mean?

  • Hello,
    I am seeing lizard daily in real life in night, whether I want to see or not I am seeing by one way or another and things are not going good for me, what should do, what is meaning of these ?

  • I saw 2 lizard in my dream 1st both were lying dead but after some time they started running very fast on reach on my body nd one disappear lizard on my body was not attacking me it was doing one thing again 2 it opens its mouth nd close it nd both the lizard was not having tail

  • I totally hate lizards

  • when a lizard crosses you and hit your leg.
    secondly, a water you are going to use to bath tmyour baby a lizard jump into and jump out. not dream but real life.

  • I was sleeping and felt something crawling on me and it was a geeco I sawed if off of me and have not seen it anymore do that mean anything πŸ˜• 😯

  • I am afraid of lizards, iguanas, etc. My son had a pet iguana. I woke up facing it directly in my face. I was terrified! Thought I killed it. LOL! Now that I’m reading Animal Speak, it helps me to understand my personal animal totems. In the beginning of reading my book, I had another lizard experience (confirmation). I sat on my porch with my front door opened waiting for my son to come out. I was so relaxed and a lizard came up the stairs. Usually I would run it away. Each move it made it stops as if asking permission to go inside. I was so relaxed and also understood there may be some goodies (spiders) inside that I genuinely didn’t mind. The lizard’s last stop prior to going in, he twisted his neck as if asking “you sure?”. LOL! Then he went on in. This lizard showed itself for about 3-4 days.

  • im so scared of lizards since childhood and wenever its in my room i cant study..i make sure it goes out..by the time it goes out by me scaring it..i wud hv wasted whole of my time..wat shud i do to get rid of this fear.. πŸ™ πŸ™

  • I saw two lizard fighting and saw one lizards tail got cut

    • 😯 I had a dream last night that I was in an old time school and I was telling people that I’m an music artist. Which I really am and lizards started walking up sitting down and talking. And they were talking about me. When I ignored them they started attacking me. So I ran and before I could dream anything else before I woke up I picked up a baby lizard( in my dream) and started petting it and everything went back to normal.

  • What would coming across a lizard that’s been bit by a poisons snake but the snake didn’t eat it just left it to die

  • Guys please asssist im not felling well feel these days but ive been seing lizards crawling on my bedroom wall does that mean anything about my current heslth situation

    • πŸ’‘ Hello, I was doing some research for myself and from what I read multiple lizards in a home is good luck. And they clean house of insects. I hope you are feeling better.

    • I would say quite the opposite. Lizards are a symbol of renewal. I wish you the best!

  • πŸ™„ Guys I’m going thru a rough patch in my life right now and I keep on seeing lizards on my wall they can be plus mins 3 does this mean anythning about about my current situation since im not well

    • It maybe that your health problems are because our ego is pulling us away from our dreams or our true purpose. I have been caught up in this as well. I haven’t slept well this last week. I always sleep well. Now I’m asking myself what is my dream. I need to meditate to battle my ego.

  • I had a lizard in my car I’m going through a divorce which my husband served me 365 miles I bravely came too file Petition on my own.
    What is the meaning of this all

  • For the past few months, we have had a small anole lizard rehabbing in our yard/house (regenerating its tail). It runs away from everyone else, or is very weary at the very least. But with me, it behaves normally, no fear. I mean I am close enough where I can see if its heart is beating fast and its not. It is totally calm. I greet it and it just looks up at me, as if we are communicating with each other without words. At least that’s how it feels to me. It’s like it understands that I mean it no harm.

    I have even had instances where I was sitting in our yard and when I look around, I’ve got company. They get really close to me. I mean like right there by my leg, or foot and they just allow me to observe them, to be apart of their area. It’s amazing. I’ve even gotten the nickname “the lizard lady”. They are okay with me and I am in love with them. All I can say is that I am immensely thankful for this love and appreciation that I have always had. This world can be so hard but my lizard, my animal friends, always recenter me.

  • I was going through so much hurt and I walked outside and a small lizard came to me he was very injured bleeding eyes and a huge gouge in his back he walked right up to me and allowed me to comfort him. I was very sad and pet him after a minute or so he ran away. Very interesting Im sure it means something.

    • The lizard is still here in my yard he lets me see him about once a week he has healed but you can still see the scars. So neat im sure it has a meaning.

  • Today morning at 4clk i have seen lizard in my dream .In dream i was slpng and talking with my friends ,after 2min i have seen lzrd on the uppar wall it was vry closer to me and the lzrd was roaming dr ,he try to bit my leg two time i was doing some thing so that he go away its was not .after a sec it become like a stone whn try to remove it its fall on my body and i woke up that time .i woke up at 5.30

  • I’ve had a lizard on my ceiling in my bedroom for like 2 weeks on end and it never left or hid anyway it was plain in the open. Is there a further meaning to it being there?

    I went on to sleep over at a relative’s place on holiday for 3 days or so and upon returning home the lizard had disappeared. Is there a meaning for this or is it just coincidental?

  • I see lizards everytime i visit my cousin’s place… in his bathroom… and when i try to show my cousin it disappears… his bathroom is secured with nets and there is no way it can enter or exit the bathroom, we believe. I am not fond of lizardly sightings and neither am i paranoid about them…
    This has happened to me thrice… and i have torn the bathroom down not to find the lizard each time….

  • Is there any specific message when dealing with iguanas in your dreams? I just had my second one recently.

  • I fear lizards.. One of my biggest fears actually. And recently I became aware of how the lizard is my spirit animal.. Where does the fear come from? And what can it be about?

  • Everytime when I go outside to think,relax, or maybe just cry. For some reason I see a lizard or lizards pop up out of no where just lookin at me. As if they trying to tell me something. Or sometimes they crawl around and stop for a moment and then leave. Its weird but for reason I just feel like they trying to tell me something but idk what it is.. Its been happening for months now.

    • Don’t know but something like this is happening with me too but not like when I am crying or upset. It’s like I am seeing lizards almost everyday every time, on the icons at auto, in my dreams, some times coming crawling towards me, sometime just checking me out. Don’t know worried, it had been almost 2 months I am finding lizards in my house surrounded me. Don’t know what to do.

  • Blood here. Blood there. Blood everywhere. It was years ago, maybe 5, when I dreamt of coming inside our house at night and see my family all dead. I was in the bedroom in my dream when I heard something. I hid at the bedside near the wall. It was a bit dark but light was coming through from outside the open bedroom door. There I saw a Gecko Lizard holding a bloodied knife. Then it went near me. Then, I woke up, my face all wet from tears. Since then, I was afraid of Geckoes. Whenever I hear one say “tukoo-tuckoo” near our home (rural area), I sshh and shoo it away, surprisingly it stops. Recently, I always see one with greenish color and orange spots whenever I go outside to pee in our comfort room (since its detached from our house) at night. I get panicky, so I run outside. Well, forget peeing. It’s creepy.

  • Today at work I was sitting down at my desk and felt something weird as I put on my headphones to make calls. For some reason I felt something was not right and the pulled something out of my hair that I thought was a rubber band….but it was a lizard!!! – lol πŸ’‘

  • Hello, my name is Kevin.
    here t in the short. . my girlfriend broke up with me…it was a joit to,because we always talked we communicated.
    so after everything. I still love her I wish we can get back together but that’s when I started seeing the lizard or lizards.
    so here’s my question. What does this lizard mean.? I mean I did ask to university now give me a second chance with her. so maybe a little insight.

  • ❓ if a picture was tookof me n my mom, n in my hair theres a bowtie. On one side it shows somebody being beat up n carried to a car. On the other side it shows 3 lizards near my neck. I had a brther that got beat to death, but they made it look like a car wreck. If u could please help me understand the meaning of this?

  • I like the idea of the shrewd lizard who can move between otherworlds easily. I think channeling the lizard can help us cut through some layers of rhe human thought pattern that are not necessary and get in the way.

    • ❓ hi my name is sherry. I had a brother that got killed march5th of1994, they put it down as a traffic fatalaty. He really was beat to death put n the back of his on car n they staged a wreck.This march2014 me n my mom took a picturen in the picture.n thepicture n my hair theres a bowtie on oneside it shows people n it looks like somebody getting beat then carried to a car. On the other side theres 3 lizards near ny neck on the other side of the bowtie.maybe u can help me understand the meaning of the lizards.

      • I am sorry to hear of your loss and trauma that you and your family have been going through. We try and make sense of these terrible events. Often in difficult times we tune into the spiritual world to connect to something other than the day to day reality. In this world we can dream the dream of the lizard. Here we can see that there is a world beyond the physical. It is here too that between the worlds of other consciousness our departed loved ones spirit still lives on. Sometimes people come into this world for a short time to be part of our lives to show us the true way. The message of the lizards is for the family together to connect with their spirituality, here you will
        Find not only comfort but a connection to other realities that will make your life’s and others a better one.
        With much love to you all.

  • I dreamt of a 3 lizard who were biting the sole of jy feet. Then one if the three lizards with a color blue white abd red entered thru the wounds, entered me and clim thru inside my bidy.. What does this mean?

  • i have been meditating or journeying for about 2 years now but in the past 6 months i have been seeing lizards, first was a komono dragon, and i could find information on him, but then i saw a black lizard with yellow spots, again i went in search of info and found general info on lizards. but yesterday i saw a horned lizard. i am wondering should i accept the information on all of these as one or is there specific knowledge to each type of lizard? i am not able to find much on the horned lizard and find my self seeking the answer perhaps it is just not time to understand his meaning but if you have any thing that coould halp me on the diferent species of lizards i would really apreciate it. thank you in advance!

    • Restlessness info most like is general but its up to you to decipher its meaning in a more personal way, how it connects to you. Tips, look up color symbolism, lizard totem, use intuitive guidance, ex: the horned lizard would probably relate to protecting, connect each lizard general and personal traits to your own life!

  • πŸ™„ 😳 I Will never say never!!!!!

  • In the last two weeks ive seen three small brown lizards. The first one allowed me to pick him up and he softly crawled around to the top of my hand and just sat there. I talked to him and tryed to share him with my fellow hiker but he stayed right with me. The other two I saw today but neither let me get too close before they scurried away.
    Is there any symbolince in my expierence? I never seem to remember my night dreams but tend to daydream alot about a new change in my life. I have also started painting again.

  • For the second time in after just one year, while walking through a park, I hear a thump on the ground, from something just fallen from a tree. The 1st time it was a lizard who had just hunted a butterfly which was still in his mouth. It took me about 10 seconds to finally be able to focus through its camouflage patter as it laid still in front of me. It was a loud thump so I was looking for a fallen branch or a big seed pod, until finally I was able to see it. Amazing.
    I was able to get a sequence of amazing shots with my phone, capturing its amazing cammo pattern. As I physically moved the phone closer to get better detail , the lizard relaxed its jaws and the butterfly escaped. I felt bad for messing up its lunch.
    This last time, there was no prey involved, however, I was able to immediately associate the thump on the ground with a fallen Lizard. Sure enough it lay still in front of me, it only took me 2 seconds to spot it, and lucky for me as I had the phone with me, I was able to get another sequence of amazing shots. This sequence however, goes from the browns and grays you’d see from the bark of a tree, to know the greens, grays and oranges from surrounding grasses and weeds.

    The reason I visited this pate is because though the years I notice that I am becoming aware of things which is driving me to read about what is shamanism , then I I decided to put the two together and here I am … the circumstances that surrounded my life the 1st time are similar to the ones I am going though now, which makes me wonder about this whole experience.

  • Hi there. On sunday I had a red belly black snake 3/4 the way up my stairs (I live in a highset house). Yesterday (monday) a frll neck lizard returned I hadn’t seen it for about a week. Today (tuesday) I had a huntsman spider dangling from my ceiling in front of my face. Any ideas plz xx

    • Hello Nic: I suggest that the all of those animals are trans-formational and that you must take the time to focus on your creativity and allow it to lead the way forward for you on all levels. Focus on your dreams, be creative in reaching your goals, and transform your current situation by using focused intention.

  • I had a dream with a frilled neck lizard it looked like it was coming through a wall of clouds and light and as it got closer to my face it opened it’s mouth and stuck out tht little skin flap on its neck it all happened quite quick but I remember a lot of colour. Can u plz tell me if it means anything

    • Hello Cakes: To see this lizard in your dreams signify that you have hidden gifts relating to happiness, creativity, health and keeping things simple. It is your responsibility to use these gifts for your own well being.

    • I do know that when a lizard stretches the skin on it’s neck that it is a male lizard. establishing it’s dominant role with other lizards in a territory dispute.

  • I recently saw an albino lizard for two days. Can you tell me the significance of it? thanks

    • Hello Anita: When you next come to this page – pay attention to the quotation box at the top of the page. It will have a message specific to you. The Albino aspect of your Lizard has emphasis on the spiritual nature of the message you will receive. Know that the message is highlighted and very important to you.

      • I saw the albino lizard again tonight. I am trying to understand the meaning you provided. Thanks

        • I kept seeing one on certain nights. It came aroud last year too. It’s on my door waiting for me. I think it meaning something spiritualbut not sure what.

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