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It is time to use objective detachment from your situation. Only then can you see it for what it truly is.

If Lizard has come passing through your life:

It’s time to take do an internal audit. Are you being ruled by your ego or are you coming from your heart? Be aware – simply because the ego is the master of deception and you will often have to peel back many layers to get at the truth – and to discover what your heart is really telling you. Take the time to really focus on your personal dreams.

If Lizard is your Animal Totem:

When Lizard is one of your personal Animal Totems you have the power to regenerate that which is lost. You are prone to repeating some cycles simply because your energy loves re create your emotional attachments in some way. You are extremely good at facing your fears and moving between realities and “otherworlds”.

If Lizard crawls through your dream time:

It is reminding you that you have hidden gifts and that it is your responsibility to use these gifts for your own well being. We have an innate ability to recognize danger and can remove ourselves from harm’s when the situation calls for it.

Additional Associations with Lizard…

  • Detachment from ego
  • Power to regenerate that which is lost
  • Facing fear
  • Controlling Dreams
  • Moving in the other world
  • Adaptation
  • Variation
  • Introversion
  • Quickness
  • Shrewdness
  • Going with the flow
  • Dream time
  • Spontaneity
  • Reflexive

For additional information about Lizard:

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32 Responses to Lizard

  • I was going through so much hurt and I walked outside and a small lizard came to me he was very injured bleeding eyes and a huge gouge in his back he walked right up to me and allowed me to comfort him. I was very sad and pet him after a minute or so he ran away. Very interesting Im sure it means something.

  • Today morning at 4clk i have seen lizard in my dream .In dream i was slpng and talking with my friends ,after 2min i have seen lzrd on the uppar wall it was vry closer to me and the lzrd was roaming dr ,he try to bit my leg two time i was doing some thing so that he go away its was not .after a sec it become like a stone whn try to remove it its fall on my body and i woke up that time .i woke up at 5.30

  • I’ve had a lizard on my ceiling in my bedroom for like 2 weeks on end and it never left or hid anyway it was plain in the open. Is there a further meaning to it being there?

    I went on to sleep over at a relative’s place on holiday for 3 days or so and upon returning home the lizard had disappeared. Is there a meaning for this or is it just coincidental?

  • I see lizards everytime i visit my cousin’s place… in his bathroom… and when i try to show my cousin it disappears… his bathroom is secured with nets and there is no way it can enter or exit the bathroom, we believe. I am not fond of lizardly sightings and neither am i paranoid about them…
    This has happened to me thrice… and i have torn the bathroom down not to find the lizard each time….

  • Is there any specific message when dealing with iguanas in your dreams? I just had my second one recently.

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