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Sometimes it's just better to back off and go to ground. No need to involve yourself in the drama surrounding you right now.

If Marmot, Woodchuck, Groundhog has come burrowing into your life;

You are being asked to explore altered states of consciousness deeper. The answers are within you – however you just have not dug deep enough to find the root of it. Groundhog can also be letting you know that you need to pay attention to your metabolism. Be aware of how your diet influences your natural bodies cycles and to make dietary adjustments to balance the workings of your body.

Alternatively Groundhog can be giving you fair warning that you have overstepped someone boundaries or someone is overstepping yours. Best is to resolve the situation with respect and from the heart.

If Marmot, Woodchuck, Groundhog is your Animal Totem;

You are likely good at burrowing deep into a subject and enjoy studying and learning. You are good at making your boundaries clear as well as respecting other peoples boundaries. You like to work hard as long as you can see a good lazy rewarding vacation coming to you. You treasure your down time just as much as you treasure your workload. You are generally laid back but certainly recognize danger or invasion of space instantly and vocalize your displeasure almost instantly. You also have a tendency to stock up on your stores for the “winter”

If Marmot, Woodchuck, Groundhog has visited you in your Dreams;

To dream of seeing a marmot, denotes that sly enemies are approaching you in the shape of fair women. For a young woman to dream of a marmot, foretells that temptation will beset her in the future.

To see a groundhog in your dream represents subconscious material that is coming to the surface. You are ready to confront some news.

Additional Associations with Marmot, Woodchuck, Groundhog…

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12 Responses to Groundhog

  • I am spending time with my mother in law during palliative care. Her room has been very hot and stifiling. I opened the blinds…..right outside her window is a groundhog. We have been here a week. First sign of wildlife. Very strange. Feel it’s a message for me…..

  • Well I have a weird landlord that has been in my apartment….which I knew all along. I was in meditation and the word woodchuck came to mind…not willing to dismiss it I decided to look it up.
    Coincidently, my landlord’s name is CHUCK. Lol. If that is by chance. Anywho, I’m definitely taking this as a sign.

  • I had a dream about a beautiful indoor swimming pool, very clean, clear water in it. But also numerous groundhogs were around it and swimming in this pool. I was interested and happy to see this. The pool was surrounded by a healthy vegetation like an indoor terrarium. I thought it was beautiful. Across the pool I think I spot an alligator, I have to look a few times then I realize it is not an alligator just they way some golden plants formed to somewhat appear in the share of an alligator.

  • I run a large commercial facility that I also live at….large boulders that naturally attract these animals….long story short. I had 2 “teenagers” as I will call them. Very young this year and one was eating all my planters and totally UNAFRAID OF ME. We had a go around …me yelling at it…it chewing a flower 2 ft away from me looking at me..unimpressed. LOL Sooooooooo then..

    2 days later, I had left the hallway door open to the outside, had done some work outside, went back in through the hall and into my open office door. There is a large counter around my desk. I was answering an email and all of a sudden I hear this “Sniff Sniff”….I froze and slowly looked down to my left and THERE WAS THE WOODCHUCK SNIFFING MY FOOT! I yelled at it to leave, it ran out! I looke at my surveilance cameras and he’d been in here for SIX MINUTES!! Since that day, none of my flower pots, nor planters were eaten again. This is THE weirdest experience I have ever had. This wild young animal had to walk into a building, down a hall, through another door and AROUND my desk! What could this mean, other than we are both nuts! 🙂

  • I had a dream of a groundhog, he kept following me. He also would get on my back as if it was piggy back riding. The next morning I woke up and went outside. I looked to my left and standing there was a groundhog. Does anyone know what this might mean?

    • I’m responding because I had a similar dream. I had a dream groundhogs kept getting in my house. There were 10 at one point, and one kept wanting to be picked up. Weird how we both had a similar one.

  • I discovered a dead Groundhog/Woodchuck in my neighbor’s yard today. Apparently, it had been eating her flowers for the past couple of months.. She had tried to catch it a few times, but it would always get away by scurrying away underneath a wooden fence. I suspect that it was probably poisoned, but I’ll never know for sure. Could’ve been old age.

  • Yesterday when I was sitting outside a groundhog was like on a mission coming to me when I looking at him/her. He was close for a while then ran away. What does this mean?

  • Had the worst end to 2015 and bleak, terrible start to 2016.. shocking death, personal attacks, injustice, money downfall (thankfully just scraping by due to the love of close family)… still in court “battle” with monstrous people involved who are unjustly influencing outcome on personal and monetary things.. really testing my ability to not commit murder.
    And through this, seeing groundhogs… have a couple living under my house this year. Any ideas? Thanks.

  • I looked out my kitchen window and saw two small birds mating. Then, I happened to look out a window at the front of my house and a male groundhog was trying to mate with a female. I am a Medium getting ready to go back to work but I doubt my abilities after several years of not working. The Groundhogs have taken up residence on my property. I do not have a garden. I am clairaudient but have never really gone into a trance. Any insight you can give me would be appreciated.

  • I found a perfectly intact ground hog , dead in the garden….What does this mean?

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