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It's now time to separate yourself from the crowd and follow an independent direction. This time your own path is the easiest and best route for you.

If Goat has climbed onto your path;

It is letting you know that this is a time to begin new climbs and new endeavors. Take your time and plan your course. Look closely at what is ahead so that you can be surefooted along your course. This animal can also be letting you know that perhaps its time to stretch and reach for new heights. Are your goals high enough? Do you deserve more?

Alternatively this creature can be letting you know that you have to trust your own ability to land on your feet. Having faith in yourself and your own abilities is a very powerful tool that is available to you at all times. Move forward one step at a time.

If Goat is your Animal Totem;

You are persistent in achieving whatever goal you wish to pursue. You are industrious and have a strong work ethic. You are fearless when it comes to difficult obstacles on your path to success. People with this animal as their personal totem often have a lofty spiritual ambition and enjoy exploring new heights within themselves.

If Goat has climbed into your Dream;

To dream of goats wandering around a farm, is a symbol of abundance and wealth. To see them otherwise, denotes cautious dealings and a steady increase of wealth. If a billy goat butts you, beware that there are those that are seeking your downfall. If a young woman dreams that she drinks goat’s milk it is believed that she will marry money and will not be disappointed.

Additional Associations for Goat…

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23 Responses to Goat

  • I saw a white goat in my dream. He was inside my house. I was in the kitchen that time and I got scared because I’m afraid of goats. Then he followed me so I ran inside my toilet and locked it. But he just broke the lower part of the toilet door and trying to enter. Then I thrown waters on him. I was so shocked when he glared at me. I wanna know what that means. Please somebody tell me.

    • Face your fears! They will continue to chase you until you can stand up to them and transmute the negative energy associated with them into positive energy. Peace and Love for you today!

  • While on a hike last week, 2.5 miles away from any road or private land, I saw a goat. I was visiting a place in the woods I find very spiritual, an old cascade with a huge beech tree at the top. I have visited there many times just this year to meditate and commune with nature. This time while walking about 40 yards behind the beech at the top, while trying to speak to the spirits, I felt eyes on me. I looked to my right, and only 10 paces away I locked eyes with a black goat with no horns lying on the ground. it was a farm goat, boer I believe, definitely not wild since my area does not have any native goat species. we stared at eachother for a few minutes, and i finally decided to try and see if the goat needed help, (sick, wounded, or parasite infected etc.) but the goat stood up and kept the same distance between us as i approached. i noticed it was a male when it stopped and stared at me another moment. After that, i tried to steer him towards the group i brought hiking with me, (to avoid being looked at like i was crazy by allowing someone else to see him) but he trotted over a ridge and out of site before anyone could see him 😛 the only thing i remember asking the spirits, was “who am i speaking to?” and “would you walk with me?” i know it all sounds crazy, but its true, and i have nobody who believes in animism and spirits like i do to tell these stories to.

    • I have similar stories….A dragonfly taught me these are your experiences and yours alone, to seek to share them to legitimize them actually takes away from the experience. You must appreciate them for the gift they are and not worry about others. I’m not explaining this the best. Haha.

      Anyways, I know where you are coming from and how you feel. Perhaps we could share stories.

  • I had a dream that goat head has cuted and goats blood is in my mouth ….plz Tel me what signs it

  • Had a dream a pleasant goat had a apple in its mouth and left it at my feet..but good vibes with the goat..can anyone here please give me insight on what that mean!?!?..thank you!

    • A friendship (Apple) that will help you be your better self (new heights / goat) maybe…just an idea. Anyway, beautiful and special dream to have 🙂

  • 😐 my friend saw a flock of white and black goats and one of the black goat was wounded on it back. He lost his father 2 days ago. A very next day he saw this dream . His relatives are saying that his father died because of some negative power like black magic or something. Please help me to interpret this dream.

  • I dreamt last night that I was in a room and the door opened and a lovely white goat came bursting through the door with a dog and I recognized the goat like a long lost friend. I was so overjoyed to see it, I held out my arms and it was so excited to see me that it rushed over, jumped in my arms and we both fell to the floor in a giant embrace, with it snuggling it’s muzzle up under my chin. It was heaven. I have no fixation with goats in real life. I’m not around farm life or anything. I woke up and couldn’t understand why I loved this white goat so much! Hehehe… Thanks for your insights. I found them very helpful!

    • i had the same dream, little white kid goat coming into my house and nuzzling into me and cuddling me and following me everywhere and would not leave my side. The dream went into a reoccuring dream with old friends and the goat was in that too, what does it mean?

  • I haven’t been dreaming of goats I don’t believe but I am having daily visions. The most powerful was just the head of a black goat with horns pointing outward and a third eye in the middle of its forehead. Then I saw a horizontal line (–) with a (V) on top of it. I have my own thoughts as to what it might mean but would like others thoughts. The feeling I had when the goat came to me was something I haven’t felt. Not fear not calmness but something in between…maybe nervous curiosity

  • I stopped at a random farm 2 days ago to see this gorgeous llama at a fence. The owners came out and greeted me and then just handed me a week old baby goat to hold, and I held it for over an hour. I know they saw my love for animals but this goat nuzzled its nose directly into my nostrils and breathed with me. A most calming effect as I breathed its breaths and it mine…an hour later I’m “meeting” the donkey who does this exact same thing – it placed its entire nostril over my nose and we breathed in rhythm for about two minutes – twice! Magic happened to me. I don’t know what it all means yet but I know it’s good!!

  • Thank you for the insight on the mountain goat/sheep. I am geting the message from several different areas it is time for me to move on.

  • I always reference to this site to all encounters of the animal world. All explainations have seemed pretty on point.
    I had a dream last night, nothing of significance but was just trying to find some explanation.
    In my dream I was watching my young niece at my sisters house. As children love to play chasing games, she ran right by me… laughing with the biggest smile on her face. Right behinde her was a baby goat chasing her. Being very playful. As it got closer to me it stopped in its tracks and stood there staring at me. Not at any point did I feel threatened or felt danger for my neice. I then woke up.
    Just trying to find some insight.

  • I enjoy reading your page about totem animals. I just wanted to say that I think you might be misinformed when you interpret goats in dreams or most animals for that manner. Dreams can’t be viewed the same as totems- dreams are symbols of our subconscious mind- I’ve been interested in dream interpretations for a long time now and I found a book that I believe to be quite accurate in what dreams are communicating to us through our subconscious. Animals represent habits- and can show us our habitual ways of thinking or our physical habits- which makes sense considering animals respond to the world instinctually. The way the type of animal is perceived by the dreamer in their waking life has a lot to do with why they are in the dream. If we adore goats in general but one is butting us in the dream- well their behavior in the dream represents how we are dealing with that habit that we have an affinity for but could be that it is possibly unproductive or harmful to us- are we in control of that habit or is it out of control and harming us. And drinking goats milk– not about marrying or money- in a dream food is knowledge- ie food for thought- goats milk is a healthy nourishing substance- so she is receiving healthy useful information- if we were sitting on facebook all day- and looking up celebrities on the internet- you could probably guess that your dream of eating a buffet of junkfood and rancid food has something to do with that.


    There is also a dreamers hotline done by the school of metaphysics- and they also do dream interpretaions on the radio sometimes which is pretty useful to listen to.

  • A couple of months ago I dreamed I was living on a farm on quite a large property. Lots of cats were coming in and I kept shoo-ing them away and then this little goat came unto the property and I had all begun to shoo it away when I saw it was not a cat but a little goat and I opened my arms and said ‘oh no not you, you can come you can come’. It was the cutest little goat I’ve ever seen…. Last night I had a reading done and she said goat was very prominent so that’s why I remembered my dream 🙂

  • Hello I had a bad dream about a goat last night . Unlike the other comment, it wasn’t comforting me. I was at a friends house and a party was going on. There a couple of people in the living room and I opened the door to see two goats. The billy goat butted me and was trying to do it again and I was screaming at it. Then out of of no where my dog miko (shitzu) came to help scare the goat off. The goat also butted him and hurt him really bad. It was painful to see my dog get hurt. I felt really mad at the goat. I read on here that if goat butts you it a dream, people are seeking my downfall… but who ? Does my dog trying to save me signify anything? Any information about goat dreams will be appreciated.

  • Love this! Goats are some of the most admirable animals I know. <3 🙂

  • I had this most vivid & intense dream last night. I was in my old bedroom at my parents’ house when suddenly a wave of different types of insects began entering the room. I was marveling at the sight & started to get fearful. I turned to my right & their was 2 young goats & an adult goat laying on the floor of the room. Their presence soothed me. One of the young goats brushed against me & I petted the adult goat.

    • What a wonderful visit from a spirit animal. There you are in a place that clearly is your childhood complete with all the little things that still BUG you when you you realize you aren’t alone. Sure footed, sturdy goat was there all along to comfort you. Like a guardian angel, I wonder what difficult terrain in your life’s journey they helped you through. Reminds me of a famous book about Hinds in High Places. Celebrate your ability to traverse the rocky, isolated moments in your life with mountain goat like precise instincts. 🙂

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