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Its time to strike out on your own and relinquish your over dependency on others

If Cat has crossed your path:

Domestic felines are all about communication and their messages almost always have to do with your ability to communicate with those around you or with the spirit and astral realms. The mystery of the cat and it’s secretive ways has always been intriguing. Many believe that these slinky creatures are in constant communication with spirit world and are the bridge between the realm of the unseen and the seen. Most certainly when the cat comes into your life – someone or something is trying to tell you something. Listen carefully! Trust your intuition.

Alternatively this feline can also be letting you know that you have the power and magic to create anything you want out of your life right now. All you need to do is believe in yourself and trust that you have all the tools and skills necessary to accomplish what you desire in life. Don’t hesitate! The time to focus on your dreams is NOW!

If Cat is your Totem Animal:

People with Cat as their totem are always extremely psychic and creative people. Often they are independent, unpredictable and more often than not highly astute in all situations. There is always a sense of mystery that surrounds them. They are also highly selective in choosing their friends and will rarely cave to peer pressure. They choose their own way in life but have to be careful not to become too reclusive.

If Cat has come slinking through your dreams:

To see a cat in your dreams is to highlight your own feminine sexuality, independent spirit, creativity and power. Take note of what the cat is doing and perhaps find ways to emulate what it is trying to show you about yourself. Fearing the cat is in essence the fear of your own power.

Additional Associations for Cat:

For more information about this fine domestic feline check these websites:

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32 Responses to Cat

  • Can someone please help? I saw a black cat with a bird in his mouth. One in the morning before work then one on my way home from work. Could it be just survival and he was hungry or more symbolism to it? Twice in one day with a bird in his mouth seems like more to me. Please provide insights. Thank you

  • I am not really fond of cats but for some reason one cat took a liking to me. :roll: He seems to know exactly when I would come home from work and he would stroll up and starts to rub up against my legs. It’s weird but I think I can hear him telepathically what he is thinking. I never fed him so that that is not what he is after. He just shows up when I am usually sad or lonely and stay for alittle bit then leaves. Most cats won’t let you hold them for long but he allows me to hold him like a baby and he would purr and knead my skin. 😆 After I feel better he goes on his merry ways. I haven’t seen the cat in a few months since the owner moved. The other day I was thinking that I missed him. And tonight at midnight he showed up at my door. He has traveled a great distance to see me. 😀

  • ❓ Today I was driving in to get my car serviced (routine maintenance) and on the way there a black cat crossed the road, left to right. Now I’m not superstitious in the least and my concern was for the cat — it’s the week before halloween and I know that can be a bad time for black cats.

    I went and had breakfast (too big and fatty, quite frankly) and about an hour and a half later, drove the 7 miles back home — we live in a rural area — and two more cats crossed my path. One orange, and I think the other was grey. All left to right.

    What do you think they’re trying to tell me? I’m highly allergic to cats by the way, but I don’t dislike them. Is it just that its a cold sunny morning and they are out and about looking for mice and such? What’s with all the kittehs? I haven’t seen a cat in almost a year and three in one day.. hmmm.

    • Hello Carol: Cats are all about communication. Your left side is your emotional or creative side. Your right side is you action or “doing” side. You obviously need to tell someone how you feel about something and be honest about it.

  • Hello! I had a weird dream tonight. in my dream the world was attacked by an big monster. In my dream I was cat (people in my dream called me cat too) and with this ability I was able to survive the attack while most places and building where destroyed. Is the Cat my animal totem? I’m confused because I’ve always felt a deep connection with Tigers and when I look back I see that the Tiger was many times in my childhood and so I thought that the Tiger was my lifelong animal totem (the attributes of the Tiger fits my character very well too). I’m confused now and hope for a reply :)

  • I dreamt that my husbands sister in law posted us a tiered package when we opened it up there were various things but about the middle layer a fluffy cat came out (it may be worth noting I prefer shorthaired cats I don’t know) I was worried it would get on with our own cat & was a tad annoyed she hadn’t asked us first – the cats got on though & then we started noticing kittens of the same colour and type of the cat (sort of browny orange) then we got a couple of black & white kittens & they were all romping over the house. then I woke up but still felt that twinge of annoyance we should’ve been asked but quite liked the cats.

  • Being a vivid dreamer is both my blessing and my curse. When it’s good, it’s really good, when its bad its terrifying and sometimes i’m just laying on my pillow staring at my ceiling feeling confused. Last night i had a 3 part dreaming session.

    Part 1: I was working at a department store and a man was stealing my actual real life clothes.

    Part 2: I had posted several adds to find my younger siblings who were adopted when i was younger.. This is something I have honestly thought about doing for quite some time, but knowing that most of my brothers and sisters are still under age has prevented me. Well, that and the nagging thoughts that perhaps they are better off in their new life with better families. ANYWAY, in my dream the oldest of my younger siblings responded to my add and we were reunited.

    Part 3: It was night time and I was alone. I looked and looked and no one was there. I sat on a park bench, feeling oh soo lost and alone when a beautiful black cat with wizened golden eyes approached me. Those eyes seemed to look into my soul. Then she hopped right onto my lap. Her purr comforted me as I pet her silky black fur untill I awoke this morning.

    It’s a funny coincidence that in my youth my friends used to call me cat woman. But the sad thing is that im very very alergic to cats. Can someone’s spirit animal be something that they are alergic to in the wordly plane?

    • Of course your spirit animal can be one you’re allergic to. It’s a guidance for you. You need to translate the messages the animal symbolises.

  • I had this strange dream i was walking to the kitchen i looked outside in my back yard before i let my dog go outside. Well before i did i saw a cat with a broken paw an. The cat look like its been ran over i went to the kitchen to get a small can of can cat food i opened it went outside to place it for the cat too eat so i could capture an rescue and take care of it But as soon as i opened the sliding door it was raining the cat disappear but you could still hear it meowing an as soon as i closed the door an step back the cat had appeared from no where again.. an just starred at me an then began to eat then one of my old cats that ran off havent seen in years popped up what exactly does this mean ..

  • Good evening dear Silken Raven.
    Last night, when i was dreaming, i saw a Tortoise shell cat it was quite big in the forest, forest was from my childhood i was watching it from the window i assume at first, and the view closened to it’s really bif eyes, the face was bit strange looking maby or so i remember. after i watched it eyes for a bit it came playing fully to come closer and it jumped on to a top of sliced tree, then the view changed and i asked my granny that does she see her, and she replied that no she is at sleep so how she can see it? what you get out of this?

    Thank you alot. i watched some dream mood earlier but i would love to hear your opinions on this :)

  • I Was Dreaming of a Purple cat that come unto me… In that dreams it seems like the cat know me and never leave me… That beautiful always on my side and never leave me once…

  • I felt a vibe outside my door. I opened my door I see a cat on my porch. I said come in. She came in ran threw my house a played on my bed. I gave her food water, she drank little water and stayed.in my room. She came to sit next to me on my couch. I played in my bed. I charged my phone because it’s dieing. Every time this cat came within 1 foot my poo phone would stop Charing. The cat keep rubbing her face on my phone hard. So I played my phone on my bed and she played on my phone. So now me and cat are laying in my bed about to go to sleep. I just opened my front door and the cat heard people walking down the stairs, and the cat ran under my bed. So earlier opened the front door to see if she wanted to leave. And the cat walk out the door about 3 feet and came back in my house. She’s laying on my leg as we sleep tonight. Why did she come to me. Why is she so comfortable.

  • Our beloved Kitty passed 3 nights before and her sister was in a trance at the top of the stairs couldn’t get her attention as she stared down stairs.. not even shaking the treat bottle would stop her gaze.. I know in my heart she was communicating with her passed sister it was beautiful.. though it freaked me out at first, it was a treasure..

  • 😕 My spirit kitty died 18 years ago. I know it’s my beloved cat that was my boyfriend’s. When we broke up I poured all my love into him. He was my link to my boyfriend’s spirit. My heart shattered after our breakup. My cat came to me at first after my husband died suddenly in a car accident. Then when someone I knew died he would come. Every time he came it was just before falling asleep. He followed his same routine. Plop with jump on the bottom of the bed. I could fee him walk on the bed with his 4 paws. Then recently he out of the blue he started visiting when I was awakening. I was well aware of him and had some sleep paralysis. But more like I was scared and excited @ the same time. The only time I was feeling the visit was too much is the morning he nuzzled his head into my hand and. I wanted to look but I felt my heart pounding. He continues to visit in clusters of awakening. I tell him thank you in my thoughts. I believe he is happy to have found me and is here to give me pure purr! Love And Hope.

  • I’ve always been creeped out by cats. I always say cats have a mind of their own, they think for themselves and that gives me chills. Unlike a dog you can never fully train a cat or get them to do exactly what you want of them. We had this cat named Kovoo when I was a small child and at that time I was deathly afraid of all animals. But this cat was extra creepy. Almost acted as if he were a human trapped in an animal’s body. Very defiant, extremely mean and aggressive. From this point onward cats never have been an animal I like, it just seems like they gravitate toward me. Maybe I’m just paranoid but my roommate’s cat will sit in the doorway and just watch me. Anytime I go somewhere in the house he follows me and keeps a distance away. It gives me the bageebees.. It’s like a mix of annoyance, and that fear factor. What could this possibly mean?

  • Sooo many years ago i had this dream that i was on my grandmother house i was on the back yard then there was this cat rubbing against my legs in kinda was running away from it not by fear but sorta like annoyed and then the cat started making circles around my legs and then i turned into the cat …i always wanted to know what the dream had to say to me…

  • i dreamt being in an isolated island surrounded with sea, we were locked up and on the next building i hear voices, screaming and it seemed they were being tortured and as i looked around it felt like i was one of the prisoners there and probably will be tortured next while wandering around, the guards went somewhere and the two big cats appeared they are colored black and white, the white one remained at the gate it looked like it’s guarding it while the black one came to me, i thought it will going to hurt so me i crossed my arms to protect myself but i was surprised it carried me and i was being thrown at the sea, i don’t know if it wanted to help me, let me escape, after i was being thrown at the sea i woke up. what does it mean?

  • I dream about cats all the time, but this recent dream I had was magical. I was living in an old shack, out in the country. A few cats approached me. The cats could speak. “Hello, Sophie. My name is Fluffy.” one of the cats said. This cat was muscular, and looked like he was sort of the leader of all the cats. “Wanna go hunting?” He suddenly asked. I bobbed my head up and down, in awe. The cats lead me to a beautiful forest, with tall trees, and a waterfall running into a riverbank. I crouched down, and watched. The cats were quiet, and patient. I hear a muffled sound coming from the bushes. One of the cats pounced, like a bolt of lightning, escaping with a bird. As I looked around, all of the cats started catching various types of prey. Birds, mice voles, fish. It seemed like these friendly cats were basically showing me their way of life. Cats leaned over, and groomed each other’s fur, obviously possesing a strong bond. And finally, all the cats turned to look at me, practically telling me to follow them. They lead me to a dome-shaped building that looked abandoned. We walked inside. It was extremely dusty, and I started coughing like crazy. “Do you know what this is?” Fluffy muttered, as if it was some sort of secret. “The humans built a science museum here, and destroyed our home.” He looked at me with sad eyes. “I- I’m so sorry!” I stuttered. He looked at me again, but this time with a spark of hope. “There are two types of humans. Cruel, and kind. You are very kind to us. It’s not your fault. Besides, we found a new home.” All of the cats looked at me with friendly, kind eyes. And then I woke up.

  • I had this black cat called fear any way one night I dreamed fear came in throw the door I
    picked him up and gave him a hug and I noted his tale was around his neak
    and so I grabed it and his tale came off his tale was in my hands but to my surprise fear was ok
    I felt as throw he was giving me his tail and their where no bad feeling in the dream But I did feel as throw something happened to him
    Not sure Y MY cat Fear was giving me his tail

  • Lately I have been trying to do some soul-searching, and the best window into myself I can get is through my dreams. I’m too troubled in my waking life to be able to do it then.

    Bear with me, as these are connected and I would very much like some help.

    I had a dream about a stone tower that rose from the sea as part of a ritual. I was in an underwater house, staring at the tower and trying to figure out what it was all about. I found out that the window I was looking through was blocked by a screen that showed a fake tower, and I could see the real one from another window.

    The dream immediately after this one had a black cat in it who seemed to be a friend, or my spirit guide. At the beginning it weaved between my feet while I was at a huge party, one that gave me a bad feeling….sick, maybe. It left before me. I went out into a dark, swampy area filled with torches and shabby buildings with moving contraptions all made of wood. The feeling was rather good, like I was exploring and making some kind of progress. The black cat appeared again, ran to me and waited for me to pick it up. I carried it a while after that, until we came to a shabby wooden wheel, with carrying baskets like a ferris wheel. it gave access to three places, a high wooden deck, a black door, and a stone tower with a huge hole in it.

    I noticed the tower was dripping wet, and had the same greenish tint as the tower that rose from the sea. The cat asked me to place it in one of the baskets on the wheel. I watched it, and it got off inside the stone tower. It turned, sat, and stared at me from inside.

    I know I’m being told something, and I have a feeling I know what it is…but I am still confused. If anyone can give their perspective on all this, I would very much appreciate it.

    • The first dream you had shows that you are in a deeply emotional state. And you have deceived yourself into believing that you are rising above it, emerging from it…. then you realize it is a deception and look the other way for the real answer. It is still out of your reach, but you can see it is possible.
      The second dream you had depicts maybe some social anxiety, you are uncomfortable at the party, but the cat has befriended you… showing you you have the option to leave this place, it is within your power to change the situation. Being explorative, and curious are cat traits and as you follow the cat outside, you are feeling different, better, now you are exploring yourself, seeing what you may have neglected lately that you actually like about yourself. When the cat requests to be carried, it may be showing you that you can still move forward on your journey while carrying / caring for others. The basket wheel and the three levels: you can carry on to the old deck level — maybe a level where you are comfortable, you have been here before, you have spent a lot of time here, the black door — the unknown, what is behind that door is a new start, but you are closing out the old ways, the stone tower that has risen from the water — you are acknowledging your struggles, and working through your emotions, to a place where you can be strong and protected, it has history, but it still stands tall. The cat shows that you intuitively know this is where your goal should be and you have the power to achieve this goal.
      Do not put yourself in uncomfortable situations to please others. Let yourself be you, it seems like you haven’t been yourself for a while, everything is “rusty”, “broken down”. Take the time to explore your emotions, understand and accept them, you will find, you like you. Know that you have the power to change your life for the better.
      Of course these are my thoughts only and I do not have your full account of all the emotions you felt at each part… or how you feel about my interpretation. I hope this helps!

    • I believe the dreams may be in the struggle to know good from evil. We desire to chose God and turn from that which tempts us away from God’s light. Being underwater is a feeling of powerlessness, immersion and lack of control of your surroundings. Feelings of confusion, what is real and what’s not and the inability to see clearly. You see a tower rise to the heavens, out of the water and wonder if this is where you should go, is it good, is it real? The window with the fake tower, or illusion, adds to either the definite validation that the other tower is real, but also in all the confusion. is it safe? The water is the world with all the varied info trying to influence you this way and that with illusions and lies, drowning you in the fake reality it creates. The tower is a way out of the illusion, clarity, rising above the chaos and seeing clearly what is real. The false window is a symbol reminding you of false profits, illusions and pretend answers and allies that are not real, and will only trick you…not help you.
      The party shows a real world situation where your surrounded by lies and people who do not care about you or what is best for you (pretty much every day life for everyone on Earth) and another parallel to the water. The cat led you a path away from the lies and danger into a safe space on the outside. What could be seen as scary ( unknown woods) was actually safe. This is telling you to trust your instincts and not be afraid of the unknown. You are safe and will be protected. The water wheel showed you that the water, or turmoil that is life’s challenges and troubles, can be transformed and made non threatening when viewed a different way. In making it smaller, manageable, it can actually be a tool or asset of use for you. Meaning that yes there are evils everywhere and you are surrounded by things and people trying to drown you, but if use your power and break down the overwhelming challenge into something you can manage, you won’t be controlled and overtaken by the whole.
      The three choices are the deck- what appears to be a safe bet. It is familiar and you can see it, touch it, you know it is real. A black hole which is the negative space that is easy to fall into if you are not aware and actively choosing not to, and the tower. The tower is unknown and a little intimidating, but it has risen above the water, it is still wet which confirms to you it is the same one you saw earlier and is the path of good/ safety/ rise above the confusion of the world/ closer to Gog/ light and truth. The cat is affirming this for you by guiding you, showing you the correct path and waiting for you to join. It is spirit’s way of letting you know they are always with you either being held or walking along side or watching, they love you and they are there to guide you. You have a choice to fall into the dark, live among the confusion and influence, or rise above it and see clearly. I believe it is about having faith, walking your path and believing in yourself and trusting in God’s love.

      • Wow Jenner, I don’t know who’s dream you are interpeting but it’s universal and such a message from Holy Spirit, or simply spirit. I kept being drawn to read your post and now I see why. Thank You Jennifer
        I was drawn to this site to read about dreams with kittens. In reading many of the dreams, I believe many of the kitty’s our ourselves, versions of us, blocking us or guiding, getting our attention however it can. Animals are guides from God, not to be feared in your “waking” life. I get a lot of guidance through animals thats how Im reminded of consistent Holy Love. Love IS.

  • I keep having dreams with kittens in them. In one it was a black and white single kitten that I picked up because it was cold. In another there are a bunch of ginger and white kittens playing around, that my friend and Aunt pet, and talk about keeping instead of giving away. I know I have also seen kittens in other dreams as well, but never full grown cats. What could that be about?

  • There is a stray cat that comes to my house everyday. I have been feeding this cat for over a year but it has never let me actually touch it. The way it looks at me though is as if it knows me. I can’t figure out how or what she means though.

  • I dreamed of not one cat but 4, and they were kittens being born and needing help. I have a cat also, of the tabby and white variety. It’s the first time and animal has come to me in dreams. I’m wondering about the significance of the 4 kittens. Blessed Be xx

  • During meditation I saw a cat walk up to me. It was just the one cat (surrounded by darkness) slowly walking towards me.. Any idea what it could mean?

  • I dreamt of sick white (or light colored at least) cats, (whose fur was dropping in different patches of their body), and they were everywhere inside my old home, where I grew up.. meowing at me and staring from under tables asunder sofas under beds…. I could only see their shiny eyes staring at me from the dark hiding spot. I took them outside one by one by holding them from the neck where mom cats hold their kittens from.. Only to find out that at first they kept going back inside… and hiding at the same spots and stared meowing at me. In the end they were all out and I woke up. Weird dream.
    I always dream of cats one way or another, this is the very first time I dream of sick cats.. weird!
    What does it mean???

    • Hello Yiota: Cats are all about communication and I believe this dream is letting you know that you are not being true to yourself with your communications to others. Are you agreeing to things that do not sit well with you? Are you pretending to be something that you are not? Be yourself and speak your own truth from your own heart.

  • When one of my favorite Cats Twix died I had a dream of Cat Heaven which was a big beautiful meadow full of Cats I started running around on all fours with them. It seems frequently in my dreams I’m running on all fours or flying like a bird…Guess some part of me really wants to be an Animal

  • Why do I see a cat’s face in crystals? This doesn’t happen just once in a while…most of my crystals have it, and sometimes, I see it when I look at pics of crystals….surely, this is an omen or something right?

    • Hello Violet: Cats are all about communication on all levels. Perhaps you are meant to expand some of the knowledge available about the vibrational levels of crystals and share that wisdom.

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