African Tigerfish

African Tigerfish Symbolism
A genuine smile attracts people and good things to you.
-African Tigerfish

African Tigerfish Meaning and Messages

In general, like the Honey Badger and Wolverine, African Tigerfish symbolism inspires you to fight for the things that are important to you. In other words, this spirit animal teaches that you should never give up on your goals, dreams, or the relationship you have with someone you love. Alternatively, African Tigerfish meaning could be asking you to overcome the habit of criticizing people.

Furthermore, African Tigerfish symbolism urges you to be nice and friendly. Everyone has a way they react to unpleasant situations. Some folks lose their joy and yell at others at the slightest provocation. But this marine creature asks you to wear a smile always. Never stop being sweet to people, even on your worst days. Also, an encounter with this spirit animal says that you should stop letting people push you around.

Additionally, when this marine creature swims into your life, it can represent the need for you to be a decisive individual. It also prompts you to recognize the opportunities all around you and to seize them quickly. The African Tigerfish can attack and catch birds in flight. Thus it symbolizes stepping out of your comfort zone and taking a leap of faith.

African Tigerfish Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the African Tigerfish totem are ambitious. These individuals aren’t afraid to take risks to get what they want. To add to that, they are hardworking, dedicated, and passionate. While they may not be great communicators, you can always count on them to get a task assigned to them done. There is integrity behind their words. So, if they make a promise to you, you can rest assured they will keep it.

Similar to the Hamster, folks with this spirit animal lead solitary lives. They spend much time away from others and may not have a close-knit relationship with family members. Also, they are robust and energetic. These fellows are fierce fighters and can persevere through any adversity. On the downside, they have a short temper and can be very aggressive.

African Tigerfish Dream Interpretation

When you have an African Tigerfish dream, it is a message for you to end the conflict you have with someone. Furthermore, this marine creature coming to you in your sleep tells you to break free from every self-limiting belief. Sighting this spirit animal in your nighttime vision could also be prompting you to love and accept people for who they are.

If you envision a school of African Tigerfish, it says that you have a greater chance of finding success when you collaborate with others. It also asks you to be more trustful of people. A dream where an African Tigerfish bites you signifies that someone close to you will hurt you. It further says that you must forgive this person and not hold grudges against them.

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