Spirit Animal Totem Generator

This page works similar to our Spirit Animal Totem Messages but works as a Spirit Animal Totem Generator. It is a straightforward way to discover the animal spirit that resides within you most predominantly at this time. At the time of creating this page, there are at least 64 different animals from all over the world. Now there are over 160 animals on this website!

Each Animal is specific with its messages as a totem that crosses your path. Pay attention to the words on the generated page in the “Animal Totem, Spirit Animal” section of the page. It will give you clues as to the kind of energy that is manifesting within you. Also, have a good look at the quotation box that comes with every page. Each animal has several different messages that you need to pay attention too as part of your spiritual growth in working with this animal.

Steps for Finding Your Spirit Animal Totem:

  1. Ground yourself by imagining the growth of tree roots from the bottom of your feet to the center core of the earth. You can also bring the colors of the chakras or rainbow through your body one color at a time starting with the root chakra or color red. Focus on bringing each color through your crown and right through your body and into the earth. Follow your instincts with grounding yourself because you may find a different method works better for you on any given day.
  2. Once grounded focus on the bringing out the spirit animal totem within you.
  3. Express your gratitude for the help and guidance the Spirit Animal Totems energy brings to you every waking day. Thank them for being a part of you.
  4. Click on the link below and see which animal appears for you. Occasionally you will be introduced to a new animal who’s energy is newly emerging within you.
  5. Above all — Have fun with this and enjoy!

Generate My Spirit Animal Totem Please!