Secretary Bird

Successful folks have one thing in common: they are willing to risk everything to accomplish their goals and dreams.
-Secretary Bird

Meaning and Messages

In general, Secretary Bird symbolism teaches you to stand your ground. In other words, the appearance of this spirit animal says that you must learn to confront your fears. It also teaches you to stand up straight and express yourself when it matters. Alternatively, Secretary Bird meaning signifies that you aren’t feeding your mind with good thoughts and positive energy. Hence it warns you to stop spending your day binging on negativity and fretting about things in your life that you can’t change.

Furthermore, like the Dingo, Secretary Bird symbolism asks you to strengthen family bonds. You can do so by making time for your loved ones, interacting with them, and showing appreciation for even the little things they do for you. Additionally, this spirit animal could be saying that you should learn to work well with others.

The Secretary Bird meaning is likely to materialize into your life when you are about to make an important life decision. And when it does, it urges you to think things through and ask yourself if the decision you’re about to make is one based on fear or if it’s in alignment with who you are – your passions, goals, priorities, and values. Also, this majestic creature is a symbol of pride. Thus when it shows up on your radar, it is a message for you to build and maintain high self-esteem.

Secretary Bird Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Secretary Bird totem may have a robust stature, one that is likely to intimidate those around them. However, they are hardworking, dedicated, determined, and goal-oriented. They are also fearless and don’t mind taking risks. These traits, amongst other things, help them find success in life. Additionally, these individuals are well-grounded and never allow the opinion of others to dictate their actions.

Family comes first to folks who are under the influence of this spirit animal. They never lose sight of home. They are also very loyal to the few friends they have. On the downside, like the Guinea Fowl, they can be arrogant and controlling.

Dream Interpretation

When you have a Secretary Bird dream, it is a sign that you need to develop a “thick skin.” In other words, it says that you shouldn’t allow people’s negative comments to get to you. Alternatively, a Secretary Bird dream could be letting you know that there’s a need for you to protect your happiness and energy.

If you envision a Secretary Bird feeding on a snake, it says that you have the power to overcome the challenges you are facing. It could also be asking you to rid yourself of toxic emotions. To see this large bird running tells you to chase your dreams. On the other hand, if the bird in your nighttime vision is flying, it teaches that you should be willing to do things differently to get a different result.

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