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Stay alert and aware. The signs you are seeking are very clear at this moment.

Hawk Meaning and Messages

If a hawk totem has flown into your life, you must pay attention. You are about to receive a message from Spirit. Thus, you will need to take the time to interpret and integrate this message into your daily life. To help you interpret your hawk meaning, you must take into consideration that this bird holds the key to a higher consciousness. Therefore, it will try to bring these things into your circle of awareness and knowledge. When hawk symbolism presents itself, know that enlightenment is imminent.

Also, hawk symbolism often represents the ability to see meaning in ordinary experiences if you choose to become more observant.

In other words, many of the messages this bird brings to you are about freeing yourself from thoughts and beliefs that are limiting your ability to soar above your life and gaining a higher perspective. In the long run, it is this ability to rise high above to catch a glimpse of the bigger picture that will allow you to survive and flourish.

Hawk Totem, Spirit Animal

With this bird as your animal totem, optimism is one of your strongest virtues. After all, you love to share your visions of a better and brighter future with those around you. For the most part, you tend always to be ahead of everyone else. It is not easy seeing what other people are not ready for.

On the other hand, it is often difficult for you to share your insights with others because the other person does not necessarily want to hear what you have to say. Learning to give your messages subtly is a must because becoming too forceful will cause a retreat.

Hawk Dream Interpretation

To see one of these birds of prey in your dream denotes that suspicions are lurking around you and your activities. Therefore, you need to proceed with caution. The vision could also mean that you need to keep a close watch on someone or some situation. Someone close to you may be trying to pull a fast one.

Alternatively, the hawk dream symbolizes insight. The key is to sense the subtle meaning carried by the winds and spirit of change. If the bird is white, your message is coming from your spirit guides and helpers. Listen carefully and trust your intuition.

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  1. I’m not really into this sort of thing but felt to random,me and my partner are having troubles and she asked for space I’m struggling with the waiting , so felt like driving thought it would help didn’t know where I was going but then I decided to go to a beach which was one of the first places we went camping , it helped was quiet remembering good times. on my way out an older couple waved me down which I only just caught a glimpse of and wondered did they just wave or need me to stop, I went back and they asked if I could help this hawk that was stuck upside down on a tree with fishing line was a long way up and I was nervous but it stared at me scared , I managed to free it and it flew not to far and looked back at me almost in gratitude then flew off . Just feels like it was extremely low chance for me to happen to be there not sure what to make of it was a strange feeling tho.

  2. I was visiting my sisters. We were laughing and talking with my nieces also. Al of a sudden a hawk swooped down on a branch above us. He sat there looking at us for approximately 5 minutes as of it was apart of the conversation an flew away. It was so spiritual to me I felt it’s resent heavily. Amazing

  3. I also went back the next day to grab a feather, angry with myself for being too distraught to remove him for respectful burial.
    Not one bit was left.
    I feel I did wrong.💔
    And I had always wanted a hawk feather.

  4. Last week I saw an injured animal in the bushes ahead of me off the side of the road.
    As I was passing I made eye contact with this magnificent hawk.
    As I pulled over to help, looking in my rear view-he darted into the road and was hit by oncoming traffic.
    My heart broke. I still stopped to help….not one other car did…😒 But it was a horrible scene.
    I cried all the way home and have thought of not much since.💔
    I have been on a long spiritual journey and have been aware of the messages a hawk brings as a guide….but this was almost too much to grasp for me.

    1. I’m sorry ,that’s so sad. Had a thing yesterday where a pugeonhawk caught a pigeon and both landed on ground ,thegawk looked at me and flew away but dropped the pigeon.as I ran over in the snow to see the pigeon ,it was alive and I tried to pick it up and put it it in a tree ,it looked at me as if to say ” thx bud ,u did a good thing” and flew away!! What does that mean.i still felt good.

  5. This Morning Arrived Like a Screeching Hawk
    Michael White Feather Romero
    10 September 2021

    Transitions are as musical as liquidity – whether water giggles with an infant’s joy, or angrily bubbles over – some despairing emotions seem to swirl as morosely as a draining whirlpool.

    To be alive is to feel those undulating resonances, similar to a swelling wave; nor not unlike falling with some descending dissonance of liquidity, which seems to stressfully curl-up, before crashing down.

    However, refreshing wellsprings welcome quest’s quenching for renewal; and the bubbles of babbling brooks resemble chuckling; while outbursts of laughter’s guffaws erupt like geysers!

    Even exhilaration resembles mighty waterfalls; leaping with defiant confidence; as if coming to face some infantile fear of falling; designed to loosen inhibitions; dissolving dread within spirited liberation.

    Tearful rainfall’s diversity may gently sprinkle; splashing with some sniffling sounds, when rhythmically
    splattering; or, torrents may trumpet from some thunderous, tempestuous cloudbursts, as well.

    Throughout lifetime’s conundrums, the journey of soul’s pilgrimage suggests some experiences of watery buoyancy; resembling swimming, skiing or surfing; or, even the feeling of laborious sweat!

    At other times, ephemeral melancholy forms pearls of dew, like memorial’s lingering nostalgia; destined to evaporate into phantoms of the past; who’ve long abandoned the burden of luggage.

    Eventually, tender moisture finds its way to softly seep through surface barriers; refilling depths of secluded caverns; coming to rest in peace, like the ashen relics of sacred urns.


    Foggy spirits, of soulful transformations, dissipate into an ephemeral realm; seeming to pass through some languid veil of uncertain metamorphosis, behind what cloaks invisibility.

    That which enlivens corporeal vessels seems destined to soar, far beyond the vengeance of gravity; enraptured with a raptor’s wings; even ascending beyond visionary prophecies.

    Glowing starlight seems to petition angelic guidance; directing all prodigals’ return to every heart’s source of origin, somewhere on the other side of struggling travails.

    Spiritual aspirations, quite innocently, dream of emotion’s poetic portal; disguised beyond the celestial rainbow of a dancing aurora’s heartfelt adieu, preparing to launch toward heaven’s gate.


    When all is said and done, to experience some modicum of purposeful existence, any soul of diligent persistence – or of soulfully receptive surrender – will seek the sacrifice of service to others.

    The sacred capacity for humble nobility is inspired by affectionate generosity; capable of responding; in order to selflessly help alleviate as much suffering, as is possible.

    Whether blessed with longevity, or cursed with aborted hopes, some grace, which inspires heroic courage, is the gift of enlightened compassion’s most generous empathy.

    None seem to be exempt from paying the ultimate price, in exchange for the opportunity to travel life’s timeline; delineated from birth to death; seemingly destined for sacred transcendence!


  6. Our house sits on top of a bluff, with a sloped field below our back yard. We have a red-tailed hawk who loves to perch on our fence to scan the field below us (I’ve named him Henry, after the little hawk in the old Foghorn Leghorn cartoons). Last night, Henry sat there for about half an hour. I never see him land anywhere else nearby, except for in distant trees below. A couple of weeks ago, he and his mate were serenading us.
    The past year has been tumultuous for me beyond the pandemic: I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2020, and had chemo and double mast surgery, and am still receiving treatments. After reading the info on this site, I like to think that Henry is here to watch over me in my cancer journey, which has been difficult both physically and emotionally. I half wonder if Henry was sent by my deceased father, who died from hypothermia when he got lost in the mountains of Washington state.

    1. Joy,
      Last night I had a long prayer to God about giving me the courage to state my truths and my philosophies about mankind’s wonderful future. He answered my prayer within hours and I fell asleep with a smile on my face. I live in an apartment in Woodland Hills, CA and each morning I open my bedroom blinds to catch a glimpse of the bright blue sky above the fifth floor across the way. Today was cloudy and as I looked out a chicken hawk caught my eye as it was landing on a neighbors railing. I watched it for a few minutes until it flew away, wondering what it meant for my neighbor. When I opened by sliders however his energy was clearly meant for me as dove feathers littered my balcony. His attention was on my apartment not my neighbors. This fact led me to this site. Know that my prayers are with you for a progressive recovery.

    2. Ginger Johnson-Gibbons

      Hawk is Creator’s phone line to Heaven. Hawks linger near to carry our prayers up. Enlightenment is eminent. You are on a Spiritual journey because you’re a spirit. One cycle has to end before another can start—but doesn’t mean death. Look at everything around you. Butterfly, dragonfly, ant, beetle and spider are talking to you too. Soon you will see Turtle the sign of healing. Be mantis-patience and acceptance are the keys 🙏🏼 A’ho

  7. On January 6th 2021, several of us were preparing to sing to a dear friend and teacher who is approaching death. Circling overhead as we sang were both red tailed and sharp shinned hawks. Both are seen as “good luck” and peace. May they ease our dear friends transition.

    1. For probably the past 6 months I am seeing hawks very frequently when I leave the house. Start off always being a Red-Tail but of late has been Cooper’s. Then last night I dreamed of looking up and seeing 23 White Hawks. I just remember being in awe…they were amazing to watch. I felt protected, like I was being watched over in the dream…now to figure out what the dream interpretation would be.

  8. My peaceful backyard paradise filled with wild animals recently became the target of a large silver hawk (or hawks). It would swoop down on my animals and I’d rush over and chase it away, yelling at it up in the trees. I was most concerned about my bunny who I’d been caring for since she was tiny. I have read about how seeing the hawk represents all these positive spiritual meanings, but I feel only the immediate, maternal, defensive response to keep them from killing my beloved animals. I have crows here who help chase them away. Will chasing them have any effect one way or the other since the hawk is interested only in hunting prey?

    1. I think the context is important. Protecting your small animals from a hawk is not an unusual situation. Of course the hawk should be chased. If you see a hawk in an unusual context, other than the mundane food chain, you may want to wonder about it.

  9. Today, I saw an animal on the ground and walked up to it. I was just 5-6 feet from standing next to a broad-wing hawk. It never once looked at me, was startled by me at all. It was looking at the ground, in the grass, for about 30 seconds. Just standing there, it only moved it’s position about 45 degrees so it’s left side was facing me, but after I walked around it to see it’s side, then it’s back and started to walk away a bit. So when it turned it’s left side toward me, I turned and showed it my right side. It stayed there for about 10 more seconds before flying up to a tree branch. It remained in the tree branch for about 60 seconds, which is when I memorized it’s colors and feather patters. I walked to the front of the tree and memorized it chest colors. It was then that the hawk flew to another tree branch, higher up. The neatest thing is, it was the ground, it let me walk up to be near it, and at that moment standing in unison with it, all I could do is wonder what the Divine was telling me, because I knew this encounter was special! Thank you for this article.

  10. I pulled into my driveway today and saw a beautiful raptor perched on an angel statue that sits on my driveway wall. My husband and I sat in the car and just stared. It didn’t move so we took pictures. Then we pulled out and and came back later, and it was gone.

    The raptor was positioned between bushes so it could easily hunt birds. But I was struck by the symbolism of the raptor perched on the angel’s head. It seemed like a sign.

  11. I had a wicked dream. I was under a deck and a hawk was sitting next to me and a bald eagle swooped down and took the hawk but the hawks talons were attached to my hand so it was a tug of war. The eagle got the hawk loose. Flew onto a roof and started eating the hawk. I woke up to a very painful hand

  12. I dreamed of a hawk swooping down and catching a fox that was witnessed by me and two of my children. While hoovering before moving, I noticed the fox looking in our direction, as if asking for help, but I didn’t move. The hawk landed not far from us in tall grass and began eating the fox which let out a single scream. My dreamed ended and I started dreaming of something else.

  13. I noticed a Hawk flying it wasnr close but not far either. It turned and flew over me. No later than 60 seconds a tiny pine cone shell hit the top of my head perfectly in the centet i mean center of my skullcap. The cone was no bigger than an average walnut. It felt like my pineal gland would have been struck by by this little shell. No pain involved. Any idea if any of a possible message or meaning from this experience?

    1. Yes! You are being divinely guided. Trust your awareness. This experience holds the resonance of the crown chakra opening and expanding. Be willing to soar above all limiting beliefs. You have all you need to conquer your goals!

  14. I see red tailed hawks a lot. Today I had three at same time. Then another. I also had a dream about an injuries or sick brownish colored cardinal assuming for was a female and the male stood back and just watched her. Please help thanks

  15. I have always seen hawks throughout my life and many times, like finding out I was pregnant with my now 8 year old son, I have seen them before what I now know to be significant events in my life. Lately, I have been going through the biggest transition in my life and it has been far from easy. About a week ago, I finally broke down and couldn’t stop crying and pure emotion was pouring out of me (basically I tried to numb myself for 17+ years on and off to avoid pain, emotion and sitting with self). I cried out to my Higher Power/Powers and said something along the lines that if I was saved soo many times in the past I must be here fo a reason and I have faith that there is one because as human I don’t have all the answers and there are things we will never completely understand in this life. However, I may be ok with that but I feel so alone in the universe, so scared, and with soo much sadness inside. So while I have been strong and kept going I wanted a sign- something that said I was not alone and things will all work for the best and happiness and peace will come. This was on a Monday and on Friday, (after a therapy appointment where I was again angry and sad/on the side of hopeless I guess is the best way to explain), I went outside and was about to enter the building again when on the steps of the main entrance to the building (in a urban city area and on a Main Street) I look up and a Hawk is on the steps looking right at me! So I just was like, “hey buddy” and as I approached he/she took off. Now with everything going on in my life I smiled and said, “Thank You” while looking upward toward the clear sky. I got my sign and I don’t know if this matters but about a half hour prior I was given a lapis stone by someone who knew what I have been going through. All that being said, I googled this and came across this website and journaled not only this experience but what was written above on symbolism, meaning and messages. It makes a lot of sense what I read but I was wondering for a long tome what my spirit animal was. I can’t say for sure if I have dreamt about Hawks but I don’t know if my past experiences and this awesome encounter with one would represent the Hawk trying to reveal itself as my totem/spirit animal and in turn revealing other things…

  16. Let me start by saying that I see hawks perched or soaring almost daily! I dreamed that I saw a hawk perched on a pole as I was getting out of my car. My daughter seen the hawk to and climbed up a pole opposite of the hawk (facing the hawk). As if the hawk was showing my Daughter what he was seeing;, my daughter swooped down from the pole and killed/ ate a squirrel.

    1. Been seeing a hawk almost every time I am working or passing by ppl who seem mischievous to me once I went to a resort with my wife and this same hawk hit the window several times to get my attention and kept making noises .is there meaning for this .

  17. I recently went through a very tough breakup that has really been eating at me. I can’t seem to get by the other person and I have been going back and forth between blaming myself and my ex. I’ve felt every emotion from anger, guilt, regret to sadness. I learned a lot about my self from this relationship and I have become a better person through this relationship. I have made a career jump got my finances in order but I can’t seem to look past the failed relationship. Recently on the way to work I saw a red tailed hawk swoop down directly over my car when I was going 70 mph on the highway. The Hawk timed it perfectly to go directly over my car crossing the highway from the shoulder to the median. I’m thinking this is a message to stop and look at the whole picture and refocus my energy on new things. I am probably missing opportunities that are right in front of me because I am focused on the wrong things.

    1. Yes that’s absolutely correct… You’re pretty smart! You have it right about learning from the relationship… She came into your life to teach you something… You must learn from it so your next relationship won’t be affected.

    2. Omg! Your story is so similar to mine. My boyfriend and I have been on again off again for a while and twice in a couple of weeks, (I’ll say 3 weeks) while driving I’ve encountered a hawk swoop down close to my car. The first was a couple of weeks ago. While driving, the hawk swooped down very close to my bonnet and then flew up and over my car. The second was 2 days ago. While driving, I saw a hawk swoop down almost at the level of a car’s hood, but not as close as the first time. It stopped mid air and seemed like it was struggling. Just a couple meters ahead, then it flew over my car and watching it from my rear view mirror, I could see it still suspend mid air, struggling. I wonder what this means

    3. Does anyone know the spiritual meaning of seeing an injured hawk? There was one in my back yard and I see hawk alot and see them as my animal spirit guide but have never come across an injured one. I’m wondering what the meaning is spiritually. Yes I did try to save and and take tons rehabilitation center, I went back and he was gone… we searched for an hour.

  18. If anyone could please help me with any insight on my dream with a hawk as the main focus I’d greatly appreciate it! It’s been on my mind for some time now.

    A couple weeks ago, I had a dream that I was back in high school, and it was a large high school, and we were just let out for lunch. However there was a hawk flying throughout the school (which had significantly high ceilings) and the hawk would swoop down at us students with its talons as we were all running to the cafeteria.
    At one point, I specifically remember ducking under a table to hide from it where then a female student crouched down and reached for me to pull me out as she was yelling “Get out! Look! Roses! The hawk likes roses! The roses attracts the hawk!” And I looked over next to the table I was under and there was a plot of roses next to the table. So I ran out from under the table and continued running as the hawk kept flying down after and chasing us students.
    That was the moment that I woke up. It was a rather confusing dream and almost borderline nightmarish. If anyone had any insight, I’d love the help!

    1. The rose blooms from the inside out, it signifies the life death cycle, and when looking from the top kinda reminds me of a maze. The fact that you are seeking meaning from it shows your on the right track. Look inside yourself and listen to your gut. The more you listen and beleive the inner voice the more it will speak to you. If you don’t listen it will tear you up in the grinder of grounded reality. Think of the big picture. Don’t be afraid of it, instead embrace it. Become the hawk, integrate with it

  19. This morning while sitting outside watching my two toddlers play on our back deck , a hawk swooped down to the same level of our roof. I was surprised but not very shocked considering I had seen them do this once before in our front yard ( terrifies me that first time). What happened next though completely blew me away. It landed on a wooden post 15-20 yards from us and perched there, wings open wide for 15 minutes. I was able to capture a video of him staring at us and slowly twisting his body/wings side to side. He was stunning and terrifying. He then closed his wings and stretch out his neck so far that I was questing if he was actually a hawk (he was). He stayed there another 10 minutes that’s way before flying away.
    When he flew away I was bummed; he was so cool to watch! I Told me boys that I wanted him to come back. I buried my face in my phone reading about hawks to the three of us and when I looked up again HE WAS BACK!

  20. This past Sunday, August 4th 2019 I was sitting on my back porch looking down at my phone. I noticed something out of the corner of my eye and looked up to see a hawk standing on the back of one of the lawn chairs about 4 feet away from me just glaring at me. I immediately got up and told my husband to come see him. He stayed on that chair for at least 30 minutes as I sat across from him and talked to him. It was a scary but awesome experience that I will never, ever forget. I even got a picture of him from about 1 foot away! He always kept his eyes focused on me while I was there with him yet, he never felt threatened otherwise he would have flown off or perhaps attacked me. I’m thankful for this experience of a lifetime for sure!

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