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Hawk Meaning and Messages

If a hawk totem has flown into your life, you must pay attention. You are about to receive a message from Spirit. Thus, you will need to take the time to interpret and integrate this message into your daily life. To help you interpret your hawk meaning, you must take into consideration that this bird holds the key to a higher consciousness. Therefore, it will try to bring these things into your circle of awareness and knowledge. When hawk symbolism presents itself, know that enlightenment is imminent.

Also, hawk symbolism often represents the ability to see meaning in ordinary experiences if you choose to become more observant.

In other words, many of the messages this bird brings to you are about freeing yourself from thoughts and beliefs that are limiting your ability to soar above your life and gaining a higher perspective. In the long run, it is this ability to rise high above to catch a glimpse of the bigger picture that will allow you to survive and flourish.

Hawk Totem, Spirit Animal

With this bird as your animal totem, optimism is one of your strongest virtues. After all, you love to share your visions of a better and brighter future with those around you. For the most part, you tend always to be ahead of everyone else. It is not easy seeing what other people are not ready for.

On the other hand, it is often difficult for you to share your insights with others because the other person does not necessarily want to hear what you have to say. Learning to give your messages subtly is a must because becoming too forceful will cause a retreat.

Hawk Dream Interpretation

To see one of these birds of prey in your dream denotes that suspicions are lurking around you and your activities. Therefore, you need to proceed with caution. The vision could also mean that you need to keep a close watch on someone or some situation. Someone close to you may be trying to pull a fast one.

Alternatively, the hawk dream symbolizes insight. The key is to sense the subtle meaning carried by the winds and spirit of change. If the bird is white, your message is coming from your spirit guides and helpers. Listen carefully and trust your intuition.

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  1. I was walking by myself in a park and the path took me under about 20 feet of trees. While I was walking under them, 3 different hawks from 3 different tress flew away about 5 seconds apart from each other. They were all so big and I never experienced anything like it before

  2. A friend and neighbor (her and I both females) were outside of my house having a conversation. Suddenly, out of nowhere a hawk came swooping down and dropped a dead bunny on the ground right in between us. It was so bizarre and precise. Was this a gift? a message? What was this message?

    1. I don’t know wat to make of this but the last couple of days there was a hawk outside of my home in the pine tree next to my room well yesterday I had interacted with it by whistling and I could even swear that it followed me to the park which is only like a few houses down the street seeing how it flew over there and landed on one of the park lights and so so when I went back to my home and was walking up the driveway, I noticed my neighbor standing on the side of his house and asked me if I had seen the hawk I replied yes he should be somewhere up there on the tree and he says no dude he’s right there on the hood of the car that was parked in my driveway so I move closer I see it up close and personal in the hawk jumps onto the ceiling of the car, and from there just on top of the carport in Stays there for a while before I went to sleep last night I went out there to see if it was still there and there he was literally on my roof directly on top of my room where I sleep at now I this morning I go to work and I’m at work I am also spotted two other hawks I haven’t seen them for a few days but they got to see him clear as day across from the building I work in so today when I get home, I looked up but didn’t see the hawk anymore so I’m go inside my home and because I’m tired take a little nap well when I wake up a few hours later, I immediately go outside and start whistling like I was the day before to the hawk but then as i start to look up towards the last place I seen him which was on the roof. My mother comes out and tells me you see him. He’s up there on the tree and they reply. No I don’t. She goes. Yes he’s all the way to the top. I tell her I don’t see it, but then I see something on top of my roof and there he is dead literally on my roof over the spot, where my room is it at I feel this overwhelming grief and sadness upon seeing this and begin to cry uncontrollably and I’m 36 years old, so I really don’t cry over anything but this just gets me confused and sad. I don’t know what this means and I feel bad that this bird has died when just the day before he had brought happiness to my world and which of lately has really seen that I share this with a heavy heart I wanna go burry it don’t know if it’s the right thing to do don’t really care I’m gonna do it anyways mom told me to just throw it in the trash before it stinks can’t do that I’m gonna bury it I feel like he’s deserves that

  3. I’m not really into this sort of thing but felt to random,me and my partner are having troubles and she asked for space I’m struggling with the waiting , so felt like driving thought it would help didn’t know where I was going but then I decided to go to a beach which was one of the first places we went camping , it helped was quiet remembering good times. on my way out an older couple waved me down which I only just caught a glimpse of and wondered did they just wave or need me to stop, I went back and they asked if I could help this hawk that was stuck upside down on a tree with fishing line was a long way up and I was nervous but it stared at me scared , I managed to free it and it flew not to far and looked back at me almost in gratitude then flew off . Just feels like it was extremely low chance for me to happen to be there not sure what to make of it was a strange feeling tho.

    1. I also had an epiphany with Hawk and 2 Crows. Watching the two crows swooping down on Hawk. Hawk happens to be one of my totem animals. So I looked it up and to my surprise I was truly living in the moment. Yes I am optimistic about most but the crow medicine showed me how to keep my house clean figuratively.. Both birds brings about change..
      Just beautiful

  4. I was visiting my sisters. We were laughing and talking with my nieces also. Al of a sudden a hawk swooped down on a branch above us. He sat there looking at us for approximately 5 minutes as of it was apart of the conversation an flew away. It was so spiritual to me I felt it’s resent heavily. Amazing

  5. I also went back the next day to grab a feather, angry with myself for being too distraught to remove him for respectful burial.
    Not one bit was left.
    I feel I did wrong.💔
    And I had always wanted a hawk feather.

    1. I had a hawk sitting on my fence and I looked from inside the house through sliding glass door. It looked at me for a few seconds and flew off. I live in ca in heavily trafficked area. Then today two days later my dog brought into the house a Hawk feather. Am I supposed to do something. I think this has meaning to it!

    2. “When the student is ready the teacher will appear. When the student is truly ready the teacher will disappear.” This two-part quote most likely derives from the Upanishads and illustrates that the subconscious is the link to our higher consciousness. The hawk symbolizes our higher self and has always been present. Therefore, although no trace of the hawk was left, it was replaced with something else. The wisdom of knowing that the teacher is within us and has been there all along.

  6. Last week I saw an injured animal in the bushes ahead of me off the side of the road.
    As I was passing I made eye contact with this magnificent hawk.
    As I pulled over to help, looking in my rear view-he darted into the road and was hit by oncoming traffic.
    My heart broke. I still stopped to help….not one other car did…😒 But it was a horrible scene.
    I cried all the way home and have thought of not much since.💔
    I have been on a long spiritual journey and have been aware of the messages a hawk brings as a guide….but this was almost too much to grasp for me.

    1. I’m sorry ,that’s so sad. Had a thing yesterday where a pugeonhawk caught a pigeon and both landed on ground ,thegawk looked at me and flew away but dropped the pigeon.as I ran over in the snow to see the pigeon ,it was alive and I tried to pick it up and put it it in a tree ,it looked at me as if to say ” thx bud ,u did a good thing” and flew away!! What does that mean.i still felt good.

  7. This Morning Arrived Like a Screeching Hawk
    Michael White Feather Romero
    10 September 2021

    Transitions are as musical as liquidity – whether water giggles with an infant’s joy, or angrily bubbles over – some despairing emotions seem to swirl as morosely as a draining whirlpool.

    To be alive is to feel those undulating resonances, similar to a swelling wave; nor not unlike falling with some descending dissonance of liquidity, which seems to stressfully curl-up, before crashing down.

    However, refreshing wellsprings welcome quest’s quenching for renewal; and the bubbles of babbling brooks resemble chuckling; while outbursts of laughter’s guffaws erupt like geysers!

    Even exhilaration resembles mighty waterfalls; leaping with defiant confidence; as if coming to face some infantile fear of falling; designed to loosen inhibitions; dissolving dread within spirited liberation.

    Tearful rainfall’s diversity may gently sprinkle; splashing with some sniffling sounds, when rhythmically
    splattering; or, torrents may trumpet from some thunderous, tempestuous cloudbursts, as well.

    Throughout lifetime’s conundrums, the journey of soul’s pilgrimage suggests some experiences of watery buoyancy; resembling swimming, skiing or surfing; or, even the feeling of laborious sweat!

    At other times, ephemeral melancholy forms pearls of dew, like memorial’s lingering nostalgia; destined to evaporate into phantoms of the past; who’ve long abandoned the burden of luggage.

    Eventually, tender moisture finds its way to softly seep through surface barriers; refilling depths of secluded caverns; coming to rest in peace, like the ashen relics of sacred urns.


    Foggy spirits, of soulful transformations, dissipate into an ephemeral realm; seeming to pass through some languid veil of uncertain metamorphosis, behind what cloaks invisibility.

    That which enlivens corporeal vessels seems destined to soar, far beyond the vengeance of gravity; enraptured with a raptor’s wings; even ascending beyond visionary prophecies.

    Glowing starlight seems to petition angelic guidance; directing all prodigals’ return to every heart’s source of origin, somewhere on the other side of struggling travails.

    Spiritual aspirations, quite innocently, dream of emotion’s poetic portal; disguised beyond the celestial rainbow of a dancing aurora’s heartfelt adieu, preparing to launch toward heaven’s gate.


    When all is said and done, to experience some modicum of purposeful existence, any soul of diligent persistence – or of soulfully receptive surrender – will seek the sacrifice of service to others.

    The sacred capacity for humble nobility is inspired by affectionate generosity; capable of responding; in order to selflessly help alleviate as much suffering, as is possible.

    Whether blessed with longevity, or cursed with aborted hopes, some grace, which inspires heroic courage, is the gift of enlightened compassion’s most generous empathy.

    None seem to be exempt from paying the ultimate price, in exchange for the opportunity to travel life’s timeline; delineated from birth to death; seemingly destined for sacred transcendence!


  8. Our house sits on top of a bluff, with a sloped field below our back yard. We have a red-tailed hawk who loves to perch on our fence to scan the field below us (I’ve named him Henry, after the little hawk in the old Foghorn Leghorn cartoons). Last night, Henry sat there for about half an hour. I never see him land anywhere else nearby, except for in distant trees below. A couple of weeks ago, he and his mate were serenading us.
    The past year has been tumultuous for me beyond the pandemic: I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2020, and had chemo and double mast surgery, and am still receiving treatments. After reading the info on this site, I like to think that Henry is here to watch over me in my cancer journey, which has been difficult both physically and emotionally. I half wonder if Henry was sent by my deceased father, who died from hypothermia when he got lost in the mountains of Washington state.

    1. Deme Theoharis

      Last night I had a long prayer to God about giving me the courage to state my truths and my philosophies about mankind’s wonderful future. He answered my prayer within hours and I fell asleep with a smile on my face. I live in an apartment in Woodland Hills, CA and each morning I open my bedroom blinds to catch a glimpse of the bright blue sky above the fifth floor across the way. Today was cloudy and as I looked out a chicken hawk caught my eye as it was landing on a neighbors railing. I watched it for a few minutes until it flew away, wondering what it meant for my neighbor. When I opened by sliders however his energy was clearly meant for me as dove feathers littered my balcony. His attention was on my apartment not my neighbors. This fact led me to this site. Know that my prayers are with you for a progressive recovery.

    2. Ginger Johnson-Gibbons

      Hawk is Creator’s phone line to Heaven. Hawks linger near to carry our prayers up. Enlightenment is eminent. You are on a Spiritual journey because you’re a spirit. One cycle has to end before another can start—but doesn’t mean death. Look at everything around you. Butterfly, dragonfly, ant, beetle and spider are talking to you too. Soon you will see Turtle the sign of healing. Be mantis-patience and acceptance are the keys 🙏🏼 A’ho

  9. On January 6th 2021, several of us were preparing to sing to a dear friend and teacher who is approaching death. Circling overhead as we sang were both red tailed and sharp shinned hawks. Both are seen as “good luck” and peace. May they ease our dear friends transition.

    1. For probably the past 6 months I am seeing hawks very frequently when I leave the house. Start off always being a Red-Tail but of late has been Cooper’s. Then last night I dreamed of looking up and seeing 23 White Hawks. I just remember being in awe…they were amazing to watch. I felt protected, like I was being watched over in the dream…now to figure out what the dream interpretation would be.

  10. My peaceful backyard paradise filled with wild animals recently became the target of a large silver hawk (or hawks). It would swoop down on my animals and I’d rush over and chase it away, yelling at it up in the trees. I was most concerned about my bunny who I’d been caring for since she was tiny. I have read about how seeing the hawk represents all these positive spiritual meanings, but I feel only the immediate, maternal, defensive response to keep them from killing my beloved animals. I have crows here who help chase them away. Will chasing them have any effect one way or the other since the hawk is interested only in hunting prey?

    1. I think the context is important. Protecting your small animals from a hawk is not an unusual situation. Of course the hawk should be chased. If you see a hawk in an unusual context, other than the mundane food chain, you may want to wonder about it.

  11. Today, I saw an animal on the ground and walked up to it. I was just 5-6 feet from standing next to a broad-wing hawk. It never once looked at me, was startled by me at all. It was looking at the ground, in the grass, for about 30 seconds. Just standing there, it only moved it’s position about 45 degrees so it’s left side was facing me, but after I walked around it to see it’s side, then it’s back and started to walk away a bit. So when it turned it’s left side toward me, I turned and showed it my right side. It stayed there for about 10 more seconds before flying up to a tree branch. It remained in the tree branch for about 60 seconds, which is when I memorized it’s colors and feather patters. I walked to the front of the tree and memorized it chest colors. It was then that the hawk flew to another tree branch, higher up. The neatest thing is, it was the ground, it let me walk up to be near it, and at that moment standing in unison with it, all I could do is wonder what the Divine was telling me, because I knew this encounter was special! Thank you for this article.

  12. I pulled into my driveway today and saw a beautiful raptor perched on an angel statue that sits on my driveway wall. My husband and I sat in the car and just stared. It didn’t move so we took pictures. Then we pulled out and and came back later, and it was gone.

    The raptor was positioned between bushes so it could easily hunt birds. But I was struck by the symbolism of the raptor perched on the angel’s head. It seemed like a sign.

  13. I had a wicked dream. I was under a deck and a hawk was sitting next to me and a bald eagle swooped down and took the hawk but the hawks talons were attached to my hand so it was a tug of war. The eagle got the hawk loose. Flew onto a roof and started eating the hawk. I woke up to a very painful hand

  14. I dreamed of a hawk swooping down and catching a fox that was witnessed by me and two of my children. While hoovering before moving, I noticed the fox looking in our direction, as if asking for help, but I didn’t move. The hawk landed not far from us in tall grass and began eating the fox which let out a single scream. My dreamed ended and I started dreaming of something else.

  15. I noticed a Hawk flying it wasnr close but not far either. It turned and flew over me. No later than 60 seconds a tiny pine cone shell hit the top of my head perfectly in the centet i mean center of my skullcap. The cone was no bigger than an average walnut. It felt like my pineal gland would have been struck by by this little shell. No pain involved. Any idea if any of a possible message or meaning from this experience?

    1. Yes! You are being divinely guided. Trust your awareness. This experience holds the resonance of the crown chakra opening and expanding. Be willing to soar above all limiting beliefs. You have all you need to conquer your goals!

  16. I see red tailed hawks a lot. Today I had three at same time. Then another. I also had a dream about an injuries or sick brownish colored cardinal assuming for was a female and the male stood back and just watched her. Please help thanks

  17. I have always seen hawks throughout my life and many times, like finding out I was pregnant with my now 8 year old son, I have seen them before what I now know to be significant events in my life. Lately, I have been going through the biggest transition in my life and it has been far from easy. About a week ago, I finally broke down and couldn’t stop crying and pure emotion was pouring out of me (basically I tried to numb myself for 17+ years on and off to avoid pain, emotion and sitting with self). I cried out to my Higher Power/Powers and said something along the lines that if I was saved soo many times in the past I must be here fo a reason and I have faith that there is one because as human I don’t have all the answers and there are things we will never completely understand in this life. However, I may be ok with that but I feel so alone in the universe, so scared, and with soo much sadness inside. So while I have been strong and kept going I wanted a sign- something that said I was not alone and things will all work for the best and happiness and peace will come. This was on a Monday and on Friday, (after a therapy appointment where I was again angry and sad/on the side of hopeless I guess is the best way to explain), I went outside and was about to enter the building again when on the steps of the main entrance to the building (in a urban city area and on a Main Street) I look up and a Hawk is on the steps looking right at me! So I just was like, “hey buddy” and as I approached he/she took off. Now with everything going on in my life I smiled and said, “Thank You” while looking upward toward the clear sky. I got my sign and I don’t know if this matters but about a half hour prior I was given a lapis stone by someone who knew what I have been going through. All that being said, I googled this and came across this website and journaled not only this experience but what was written above on symbolism, meaning and messages. It makes a lot of sense what I read but I was wondering for a long tome what my spirit animal was. I can’t say for sure if I have dreamt about Hawks but I don’t know if my past experiences and this awesome encounter with one would represent the Hawk trying to reveal itself as my totem/spirit animal and in turn revealing other things…

  18. Let me start by saying that I see hawks perched or soaring almost daily! I dreamed that I saw a hawk perched on a pole as I was getting out of my car. My daughter seen the hawk to and climbed up a pole opposite of the hawk (facing the hawk). As if the hawk was showing my Daughter what he was seeing;, my daughter swooped down from the pole and killed/ ate a squirrel.

    1. Been seeing a hawk almost every time I am working or passing by ppl who seem mischievous to me once I went to a resort with my wife and this same hawk hit the window several times to get my attention and kept making noises .is there meaning for this .

  19. I recently went through a very tough breakup that has really been eating at me. I can’t seem to get by the other person and I have been going back and forth between blaming myself and my ex. I’ve felt every emotion from anger, guilt, regret to sadness. I learned a lot about my self from this relationship and I have become a better person through this relationship. I have made a career jump got my finances in order but I can’t seem to look past the failed relationship. Recently on the way to work I saw a red tailed hawk swoop down directly over my car when I was going 70 mph on the highway. The Hawk timed it perfectly to go directly over my car crossing the highway from the shoulder to the median. I’m thinking this is a message to stop and look at the whole picture and refocus my energy on new things. I am probably missing opportunities that are right in front of me because I am focused on the wrong things.

    1. Yes that’s absolutely correct… You’re pretty smart! You have it right about learning from the relationship… She came into your life to teach you something… You must learn from it so your next relationship won’t be affected.

    2. Omg! Your story is so similar to mine. My boyfriend and I have been on again off again for a while and twice in a couple of weeks, (I’ll say 3 weeks) while driving I’ve encountered a hawk swoop down close to my car. The first was a couple of weeks ago. While driving, the hawk swooped down very close to my bonnet and then flew up and over my car. The second was 2 days ago. While driving, I saw a hawk swoop down almost at the level of a car’s hood, but not as close as the first time. It stopped mid air and seemed like it was struggling. Just a couple meters ahead, then it flew over my car and watching it from my rear view mirror, I could see it still suspend mid air, struggling. I wonder what this means

    3. Does anyone know the spiritual meaning of seeing an injured hawk? There was one in my back yard and I see hawk alot and see them as my animal spirit guide but have never come across an injured one. I’m wondering what the meaning is spiritually. Yes I did try to save and and take tons rehabilitation center, I went back and he was gone… we searched for an hour.

  20. If anyone could please help me with any insight on my dream with a hawk as the main focus I’d greatly appreciate it! It’s been on my mind for some time now.

    A couple weeks ago, I had a dream that I was back in high school, and it was a large high school, and we were just let out for lunch. However there was a hawk flying throughout the school (which had significantly high ceilings) and the hawk would swoop down at us students with its talons as we were all running to the cafeteria.
    At one point, I specifically remember ducking under a table to hide from it where then a female student crouched down and reached for me to pull me out as she was yelling “Get out! Look! Roses! The hawk likes roses! The roses attracts the hawk!” And I looked over next to the table I was under and there was a plot of roses next to the table. So I ran out from under the table and continued running as the hawk kept flying down after and chasing us students.
    That was the moment that I woke up. It was a rather confusing dream and almost borderline nightmarish. If anyone had any insight, I’d love the help!

    1. The rose blooms from the inside out, it signifies the life death cycle, and when looking from the top kinda reminds me of a maze. The fact that you are seeking meaning from it shows your on the right track. Look inside yourself and listen to your gut. The more you listen and beleive the inner voice the more it will speak to you. If you don’t listen it will tear you up in the grinder of grounded reality. Think of the big picture. Don’t be afraid of it, instead embrace it. Become the hawk, integrate with it

  21. This morning while sitting outside watching my two toddlers play on our back deck , a hawk swooped down to the same level of our roof. I was surprised but not very shocked considering I had seen them do this once before in our front yard ( terrifies me that first time). What happened next though completely blew me away. It landed on a wooden post 15-20 yards from us and perched there, wings open wide for 15 minutes. I was able to capture a video of him staring at us and slowly twisting his body/wings side to side. He was stunning and terrifying. He then closed his wings and stretch out his neck so far that I was questing if he was actually a hawk (he was). He stayed there another 10 minutes that’s way before flying away.
    When he flew away I was bummed; he was so cool to watch! I Told me boys that I wanted him to come back. I buried my face in my phone reading about hawks to the three of us and when I looked up again HE WAS BACK!

  22. This past Sunday, August 4th 2019 I was sitting on my back porch looking down at my phone. I noticed something out of the corner of my eye and looked up to see a hawk standing on the back of one of the lawn chairs about 4 feet away from me just glaring at me. I immediately got up and told my husband to come see him. He stayed on that chair for at least 30 minutes as I sat across from him and talked to him. It was a scary but awesome experience that I will never, ever forget. I even got a picture of him from about 1 foot away! He always kept his eyes focused on me while I was there with him yet, he never felt threatened otherwise he would have flown off or perhaps attacked me. I’m thankful for this experience of a lifetime for sure!

  23. Hello. In the span of a week, at the same location, I’ve witnessed a hawk in flight with a snake in tow. Then and at about the same location, the hawk drops the snake. Twice doesn’t seem coincidental. Any thoughts? Very grateful. Sandra

    1. Hmm. This might signify feeling like you have a hold on an enemy, but the person may not actually be your enemy or you’re holding on to something that is no longer relevant.

  24. Oh, thank you SO much for coming to me hawk and being around me everyday with your baby in the tree by my home… To hear your sounds fills me with Strength and Honor ! God Bless you !

  25. Can anyone tell me what my dream meant last night? All I can remember is seeing an Eagle flying with a Hawk firmly in its talons, all the while an Owl was in the Hawks talons. Not much there but if you have any ideas please let me know….Many thanks.

    1. That’s a very significant dream. The eagle is visionary and able to rise above the mundane, normal life to see the big picture. The hawk is the messenger.. the urge to speak what you have seen or can see. The owl is that which sees in the darkest places. That can be through the use of intuition or in the darkest parts of one’s self. I think you may be being urged to speak out on things that you see from both sides of this coin.. the highest heights and the darkest depths. The important key here is that the eagle is carrying the others. That means to remember to let the light guide you through the darkness. I hope this helps.


  26. I came across this page as I’m trying to figure out if my experience today was just a coincidence or if it should be taken as a message. I was on my deck with my two kids when we all of a sudden heard a loud screech from behind us.i happened to look up and about 10 feet away there was a hawk and it was looking as if it was trying to either swoop or Hoover, we panicked and ran into the house but I can’t get the eyes out of my head. The strangest part of it all is that my two German shepherds who LOVE to chase every bird off the property we’re just laying below the deck totally unbothered. I went back outside afterwards and it was off in the distance just circling till it finally flew away.

  27. Last night during an snow storm I was sitting quietly and heard the sound of a hawk call about 5 times. It was not loud, sounded quiet but in the room. This was not a dream, I ran out of the room and asked my husband if he heard it, he didn’t. On one hand I’m worried about my sanity a little, haha, but on the other I wonder if it’s a sign. I’ve been looking up the meaning of hawks which led me here.

  28. I had a dream of a blue hawk/eagle/vulture hybrid coming at me to attack.. I dodged it and it broke a window and flew into the night. What could this mean? I read everything about the hawk eagle and vulture, but since its a hybrid and blue.. I need to know what it means.

    1. I have had many visits from golden eagles communicating with me to Recently many visits from sharp shinned hawks one left me it’s feather and one bumped off my windshield and I’ve seen two recently screeching and flying above me! I hear your messages loud and clear thank you 🙏

  29. Sonia Ellis Fail

    I have been working a job for 15 years and finally promoted to practice manager last year, I seem to work more,spend less time with family and less time doing things I used to do for fun.I woke up Monday,drug into work 5 minutes late and as walked up to the office back door…I looked down and saw a beautiful red tailed hawk feather in my path to the door and ppicked it up. What? I know it’s a sign..but….what?

    1. Does anyone know the spiritual meaning of seeing an injured hawk? There was one in my back yard and I see hawk alot and see them as my animal spirit guide but have never come across an injured one. I’m wondering what the meaning is spiritually. Yes I did try to save and and take tons rehabilitation center, I went back and he was gone… we searched for an hour.

  30. A little beauty landed right next to me on my deck. Hung around for a minute or so and then flew off. He/she was several gorgeous shades of brown and was totally unfazed when I picked up my phone to take pictures and video. I’ve never seen one so close before! What a beautiful moment.

  31. This morning I saw three swallow-tailed kites come down out of the sky and form a flying trifecta. lower circle, over my front yard. Wow! They seemed to drop down out of nowhere (probably high altitude)! I hope that I am in the right category under “Hawk”.

  32. Hi. I had a dream in which a red-tailed hawk showed up inside my bedroom and let me hold it. Then I noticed it had a third eye in its chest and was carrying a snake, which it later started dismembering until it was dead. What could it possibly mean?

    1. Kristen DeWitt

      This dream sounds like you’re higher consciousness, or third eye, is telling you to take care of an obstacle in your life and see it through to the end. To not start working on the obstacle and get distracted…

      There is a part of you/your life that needs to be put to rest!

  33. Last night there was a hawk sitting on one of our cars in the driveway. He stayed for a long time in that same place. It was pretty close to our front porch so I watched him from the front door. This was a good 10 minutes or so and as I went outside on the porch he flew off over my head very close. It was incredible to be that close to him and see how long he stayed.

    Several years ago, there was another hawk that was on my car in a parking garage in a downtown area. This was incredible to see given how busy the place was. On the drive home that night another hawk (or maybe same one) flew past my car. It was pretty incredible experience to have this happen in the same day. A few weeks later I had a major change in my career.

    Very curious if this latest hawk is trying to tell me something big is coming again.

  34. This is going to sound a little crazy, but in the Fall of 2015 I had an extremely vivid dream of a bird staring me down from her nest in a tall cypress tree and then flying down straight at me carrying two of her off-spring.

    I was terrified! She then left her babies in front of me to take care of and I felt incredibly blessed with great responsibly.

    When I say this dream was vivid, I mean, full color, I felt the wind, I felt the feathers of the baby birds. The markings were in such detail that the next day I looked “bird’s native to Florida” and was able to identify the bird as a Red Shouldered Hawk.

    Well anyway after the dream, I felt strongly that the dream was symbolic for receiving great responsibility within the next 12 months.

    That July I found out I was pregnant, the opposite of planned, I was on very effective birth control.

    I’ve been thinking lately about this past dream and wondering if it was prophetic of my life as a mother and what this means for me and my child.

  35. Not sure if anyone still looks on here. Or reads these comments. But, I’ve had a hawk following me for about 3yrs now. It’s always flying low, will swoop down right infront on my window while I’m driving. It’ll be sitting in a tree,
    Or a powerline as im driving by. Even on bridges I’m driving over, itll be just sitting there. Recently ive had alot of bad things start happening in my life, along with my marriage. As i was driving behind a truck the other day the hawk literally swooped down right infront of me smashed into the side of the taillight of the truck infront of me and fell into the road and died. I haven’t seen the hawk since. I’ve been feeling down, and depressed like things are getting worse with life. Not sure what it all means but I can’t figure out why after all these years did it just fly into the truck and die?!

    1. 10/10
      That’s heavy, Jennifer. I imagine it must have been a scary moment, but how did you feel while watching the Hawk swooped to its demise?

      It seems like that hawk, from reading the message above, was subtly sending you a message with its death. Processing witnessing the death of another being is a difficult task for some.

      Your comment makes me wonder what birds feel when they see humans commit suicide by jumping off buildings or into traffic. Maybe sad?


    2. I once had a sweet Native American lady ask me, “What was the first thought that came to your mind when you saw the hawk? That is the message.”
      I am a Christian and try to depend on prayer, God and Bible for answers, but I was witnessing hawks daily. God has helped me through many similar things as you.
      I don’t usually post on these things, but I hoped this help. I will say a prayer for you.
      Maybe something in your life needs to be put to death and become new?? Listen to Jesus and his wonderful creation and you will receive the answer.

    3. My Red Tail Hawk encounters have been constant over the past 15 years. It seems like wherever I am a Hawk crosses my path. I, find it odd that when I am feeling closest to the Lord, connected but still searching, the Hawk swoops down and almost hits my car or my motorcycle helmet. Immediately before I was ejected from my motorcycle by a couple of deer, a hawk almost flew into my windshield. I have studied the bible and sought pastoral insight regarding my connection with Hawks, but still don’t know the answer. Does scripture reference the Hawk? I continue to study and search for the Hawk’s significance in my Journey with Christ. There must be a correlation.

    4. Oh this hurts my heart for you. What a sad thing to witness. Maybe you gave the hawk a blessing by respectfully witnessing and mourning this moment. I have gone through periods in life when I felt like I kept seeing animals in distress or death, honestly I don’t believe it means anything bad for or about us, it is simply that we are good observers where others might not be paying attention. I’ll say a little prayer for you, and your marriage, this evening. Blessings sweet soul.

    5. So strange, or not, that I happened upon this post after noticing several (at least 4) hawks over the past week or two while driving to work. Hawks do see the “bigger picture” and I wonder if we are all seeing the “bigger picture” in these moments we’ve experienced? Perhaps God is reminding us that He has control and this “bigger picture” in His hands. Ecclesiastes 11:5. Also, check out Job 39:26-30.

    6. Jennifer Williams


      I’m so sorry you’ve dealt with great loss and heartache. As I read what you posted I sensed that the hawk was not there as a curse but to help guide you towards peace and forgiveness of yourself to move toward higher things for yourself. I sensed that within your life people may have been holding you back from reaching your highest potential. I truly believe the hawk dying in front of you was representative of letting the past go. Death to the past! I hope you are experiencing peace, tranquility and freedom!

    7. I believe you are not seeing things in your life that are right in front of you,begging for your Attention. Maybe your wife & if you have kids. It felt you were never going to change,even with the begging and pleading for over 3 years,you just wouldn’t pay attention no matter what so it just gave up,like most hurt.people,.
      Please give your marriage and family and yourself another chance.
      Prayer for you

    8. I can’t help but comment on your post because there are too many ironies here in this space at this time. My name is Jennifer too and it February 16, 2021, exactly 3 years after you wrote your comment. I too have had Hawk experiences over the past 3 years, flying low and calling out to me in all different kinds of locations! Sometimes when I am getting out of my car and walking into work. I too am experiencing a marriage that is not in a good place. I discovered my husband had been seeking attention and affection from others during our marriage which devastated me. After confronting him and enduring intense and very difficult conversations, he became a puddle and admitted he needed help because of childhood trauma he endured and never spoke of to anyone. He admitted he had mental health issues and needed to seek professional help because he had become terrified of the sad broken person he had become. He had no blame, defense or excuses for his behavior. He was broken and I had no idea how broken he was. It explained so much in our marriage. The very next day after leaving work, I had to go back because I left something in the office. When I pulled into the parking lot, I noticed something in one of the space. As I got closer and pulled into a space, I noticed with was a hawk sitting right there on the asphalt right beside me! It was beautiful and just stared at me and never moved even when I pulled in. It was a surreal moment to be so close and to lock eyes with the beautiful creature. It wasn’t until I went to grab my camera, it flew up and away to another part of the parking lot then eventually up on the fence and over. It was apparent to me that is was injured in some way. I KNEW spirit was sharing a message with me. I thought it may be a reflection of me and my broken heart but I believe now it is a message of how broken my husband is and needs spiritual healing. I don’t know what will happen, but I believe all that is unfolding is for the greater good and will bring both of us to our higher selves so that we can live our best authentic life whether that is together or apart. Sometimes we have to be badly broken to be broken open. XOXO, Jennifer

  36. “No word can fully describe what it represents.”

    Lao Tzu

    Once again I am visited by Hawk, Karhakonha. Hawk speaks of clear vision and perspective. It is possible to achieve what the Buddhists refer to as Omniscience. Not as a God like act, but as a being that sees the world clearly. This is not a matter of narrowing our vision, but of expanding, not of blocking out the world or putting on blinders, but seeing all that is there without judgement or classification. To see the world as it is, to see life as it is, requires only that we let go of our need to label and name, because those actions require that we narrow down the thing to something that fits into our words and definitions. Words and names are useful tools, but we are always in danger of mistaking them as something more than that, or that we become dependent on those tools and those tools alone. Karhakonha knows that things can have many names and that “No word can fully describe what it represents.” As Lao Tzu said. We can see the world beyond our names for it and we can see life beyond what we choose to see and what we choose to ignore. We can have the vision of Hawk. We can see life as it is, and live life as it is, with full vision and acceptance. We can soar if we are only willing to let go of the things and the perceptions that we are clinging to.

  37. Since I was a very small child I have always had a deep and very clear connection to domestic animals and wildlife of all kinds, but particularly to birds.

    There is something inside me that will inevitably say, “Hey, look left,” and there will always be an animal or bird that others were not seeing or that was watching me. One of my favorite moments was finding a spotted owl just that way while paddling Alaska’s Inside Passage, another was watching a Barred Owl fledgling walking (yes, walking!!!) over rough ground between the trees near my house. I have been lucky enough to have held hummingbirds and scarlet tanagers in my hands. This summer I rescued a Broad Tail hawk someone had hit in the road and got it to a rehabilitator in time to save it’s life. My grand daughters were with me when they were able to set it free. Just thinking about that nearly moves me to tears. Today while riding my bike a huge Red Tail swooped down in front of me and in no great distress glided along just ahead of me for about 100 yards.
    “See? It’s so easy,” he seemed to say, “Life can be so very easy… Don’t make anything hard.”

    My encounters with deer, foxes, bears, whales, sharks, seals, and notably, birds have always taken my breath away, brought me great joy and a kind of reverence. We are all so very blessed to have these small meetings with such amazing creatures. For me, the “meanings,” of seeing them up close are simply this: a great fortune that reminds me how blessed we all are to be alive and able to witness it.

    Best to all,

    1. Hi Dale
      I feel the same about all creatures
      But I too have held a hummingbirds.
      Much to my parents shock
      It is so refreshing to hear another human
      Speak the same Animal language that I do.

  38. This morning, on my way to work, I saw a red-tailed hawk alight onto a barbed-wire fence that separated Camp Mabry from Mopac. I was in awe when I saw it land and then wondered at how it landed on that barbed wire without injuring itself. It just saw there as I turned onto the entrance ramp. I’ve always believed that there are signs everywhere if we just take a moment to notice. And I believe that they all have meanings. I’d like to think that the hawk I saw this morning had a message for me. Either way, it was wonderful to see such a beautiful bird of prey.

  39. “Concentration is a narrowing of the mind.”
    Bruce Lee
    I have been visited often by Hawk, Karhakonha, this past year. Hawks often circle overhead in the area in which I live. There is never a time that I do not stop to look up in wonder at Karhakonha, Hawk. She represents focus and among the Kanien’keha:ka, she is also seen as a messenger from the heavens. Focus is very different than concentration. It need to be a distillation of the mind, a blocking out of what we see as distractions. In the Martial Arts we speak of focus as a kind of omniscience, the seeing of everything that is there, without judgement or decision as to one thing being more important than the other. The world is there, even if you attempt to pretend that it is not. Everything that is happening, is happening. Karhakonha sees all first and then decides what to act on. It is not easy to see as Hawk sees. But it is better to attempt to see as Karhakonha than to blind yourself to the universe as it is.

    1. Yes as your write, it is difficult to see as Hawk sees – because there is no pretense left. Hawk sees beyond what we like or how we might want to the world to be. However, Hawk also has the power to firstly, lift ourselves up to a greater vision of humanity and then lift people up and give strength to others. She/he needs to be most discerning in how she chooses to present her messages. Often she will try to persuade people and be too forceful. She must pay attention to where others minds are at and adjust how she says things to people so that they can hear the message. Sometimes, sadly one must walk away. Hawk is my personal totem, and I know him well. We have to be humble and not force things. In addition, Hawk must go it alone often. So embrace the beauty and power of hawk but watch out for allowing yourself to deliver anger rather than compassion. That will scare people and alienate them from what your vision is – I speak from having done that too much. Learn to listen more to her. Good luck.

    2. Well personally I have had the heart show up within the past 10 years of my life as far as the totem and well Alan is also one or both vultures it is a really heartbroken right now and I don’t know what to make of it and I need someone that has more insight I was not raised around any native heritage so what I have learned I have taught myself,So I came outside and I found a baby hawk landed by my shed under the catalpa tree!!! I have this sadness and fear because this obviously cannot be a good sign can anyone help enlighten me?!?!

  40. In the last two days I have seen a lot of hawks flying above where I am.
    Yesterday a group of 10 or 20 were circling, looking for lunch. When I asked them to come closer they flew farther away.
    Today a smaller group 5 or 6 circling, looking for lunch. When I asked one broke off from the group and flew closer.
    Is this significant?

  41. The past few days have been going over my sister’s house and there’s been this Gray Hawk I noticed his Hawk has tried to attack me several times every time I walk outside it tries to dive-bomb my head trying to find out what the meaning of this is anybody could shed some light on it maybe explain a little I’m very confused I just lost my brother on the 25th of last month and I don’t understand if it is a spirit why would the spirit be attacking me so if you could shed some light on the situation I would greatly appreciate it my name is Chris

    1. Chris, I am sorry to hear you lost your brother and my heart goes out to you. The gray hawk is a parent protecting its nest or young. Do not disturb hawk family.

  42. The Bearded Mystc

    I work from home. My desk in facing a large window, outside of which is a large lilac tree/bush. This just happened moments ago. I have the wooden slat blinds down, but tilted open to let light in. I paused for a moment, looked out the window and saw a large, brown crow. And then I realized it wasn’t a crow, it was a hawk!!! It was looking right in my direction for about 30-45 seconds (time sends to bend during these things) and then flew away. Came here to check out the meaning-so spot on. Thank you!! Much love.

  43. This is the first time I’ve ever encountered Hawk. I know that the Haudenosaunee, my Memaire’s people believe that Hawk is the bearer of an important spiritual message. I’ve felt like I’ve been at a crossroads now for a while and that I need to stop what I’ve been doing and listen. That I need to shut up all the noise in my brain and listen, really listen. That message was been resonating with me a lot lately. This feels like a very powerful totem for me right now.

    1. Jules, I am just starting to learn about spirit animal and other things. I am in Wisconsin and would love to be able to speak to and learn about animal spirit and guides and the other things I been looking into also. I have a friend an she does tarot and I been learning alot from her but I have always been drawn to native american side from as far back as I can remember, can you help me an maybe lead me on where to go? Thanks Dawn

  44. Kathleen Poirier

    I love hawks and always have. I often feel the message is to fly above and look at the big picture, not to be bogged down by the small stuff, the day to day stuff. Last week my daughter and I were driving down a road and approaching a dead rabbit that appeared to have just been hit. Crows were circling and hovering over the rabbit as I approched. Just as I reached the rabbit from the woods on left flew out a Red Tail Hawk just hovering above the road and reaching for the rabbit. I had no time to stop it happened so fast and just as I reached the rabbit, sadly the hawk flew right into my car. I stopped and turned around to check on the hawk and sadly it was dead. There were no wounds on the hawk and it lay beautiully on the road with its wings spread face down. I carefully picked him up and moved him out of the road as I didnt want him to be hit again. I have been looking for the meaning of this encounter all week as I know it holds one. It was a beautiful bird.

    1. Carolyn L Bueno

      So very sorry for such an abrupt and startling event. If you google “metaphysical meaning of the hawk” I believe you will find the meaning that resonates with you at this time. The Universe is definitely sending you a message and you are right to be seeking its meaning. Follow your inner being’s guidance and it will be revealed. NAMASTE


      Carolyn thank you so much for taking the time to respond to me I am grateful for what you have shared. I will research even more as I become more aware of what its meaning is for me. Thank you again for your kindness.

    3. Five days ago, in the early morning, I spotted a red-tail hawk in my yard. It was perched on a log and it let me get really close. It was injured and in shock. I gave it water and dug earthworms for it while calling animal rescue numbers. A lady who lives near me is trained in wild animal rescue and was contacted. She came by and took the hawk, gave it re-hydration stuff and pain meds. I was really hoping that bird would make it, but it did not. This is making me terribly sad and a little scared. Hawks have appeared to me for years when things were changing in my life, but I’ve never known one to die.

    4. Lite, there are tears in my eyes just reading your words. It is extraordinary that the hawk recognized you as a friend and trusted you to help. It recognized your goodness.

      Surprise overnight visitor: I remember waking up early one wintry morning, looking out my bedroom window in the dim light and saw a red-hawk fledgling comfortably nestled in bamboo leaves on the ground in the fence corner. It found a good safe place to spend the night. Its feathers were all puffed out. Very comfy with good camouflage. It looked like a pile of leaves.

  45. Hello,

    I’m inquiring about a dream I’ve had recently that really stuck with me. I was sleeping and a hawk flew into my mouth and was inside of me. It was a full sized hawk and I could feel it moving. I was worried and tried to get it out, but no one could help me. I tried going to the doctors to get surgery done (in the dream) and they couldn’t take it out either. I was worried it would destroy my insides with its claws or beak. The dream then switched to me skydiving and having a hawk flying along side me. I have had lots of dreams with different animals in it before, but for whatever reason this one stuck with me – maybe because it went inside of me? Any help on figuring this out would be awesome.


    1. Hawk inside you and then flying by you. it seems the hawk is associating itself with you.

      You also mention challenges, or the conflict of trying to get the hawk out of you.

      My guess is you need to expand your awareness (hawks symbolize expanded awareness) to deal with challenges in your life. …that you are a prime candidate to begin a Spiritual Journey to handle the difficulties you will be confronted with in life.

      Note, that there is no one potentially better to interpret your dreams than you, yourself.

      i hope this helps.

  46. My husband and I have been fighting a lot lately so today I came to my favorite park to meditate. As I sat down, three hawks flew out the tree I was sitting next to. Two of them flew away but one of them stood on the ground about 10 feet away from me and stared at me for a couple of minutes before flying away. What does this mean?

  47. The other day I was downtown standing by my car speaking with a new friend and a red tail hawk fell from the sky and hit the ground hard with a snake in its mouth. He was badly injured and we stayed with him until he breathed his last breathe. What does this mean?

  48. This morning I heard a thud that sounded weird so I got up, and didn’t notice anything unusual, A few minutes later I seen something hit the window and looked outside and there was a hawk on my front porch, This occurred at least 4 times this morning.

    1. Kevin, your hawk needs some clear sightedness. Hawks are territorial in Springtime. This hawk is attacking the fierce bird it sees in the window glass, its own reflection. Soap the window and that will break up the reflection. Remove the optical illusion. Step outside and examine your front windows for reflections of sky and trees. Another consideration is UV glass. Birds can see the ultra violet spectrum. They can see colors that we cannot.

    2. How odd, Kevin! Usually, a Zen master will say clean your mirror, clean your inner glass for enlightenment, I just gave you the opposite advice. I told you to soap the glass in order to remove the illusion of self, so the bird would not be distracted and see the open sky.

    3. Hey if this happened to you four times it is not a coincidence and I’m sure you know that and this is why you’re here. The message I take from this is has to do with the superstition that if a bird flies into your house, this is a bad omen. I bird flying into your window doesn’t seem any better but if you take it as a metaphor… you being the house, you have your windows shut and this is how you protect yourself from harm.

    4. Another example for Kevin… I know a woman who walked out of a building to find a red-tailed hawk repeatedly attacking the top of her car. Her car was parked under a tree. It doesn’t make much sense until you find out the car has a sunroof. The only bad luck she got was having to repair her sunroof from all the scratches from the bird’s talons. She says that she will never park under that tree again.

  49. I am amazed by my Hawk friend. I wish I could post pics and you would see why.
    NOT only do they seem to be for long above me every where I go but there is this one in particular that will walk Round my cront yard and perch upon my car while I swing on my front porch just 10 feet away. I’m honored to have such company And joyful nonverbal communication.
    I’ve been going thru some tough times and they’ve changed me. I know Hawk has a message for me but unsure what it is. How can I discern what it is?

  50. Ok so my partner and I have anywhere from 2-6 red tail hawks flying above ours and our neighbors property everyday several times a day always calling. Now I have lived here almost 10 yrs. never have I seen so many for this long always flying and calling. Now I recently made contact with my dads family and my dad passed 11/26/08. I never new my dad and have learned that my life was a lie. Now my dads favorite bird was an eagle. I have not ever been told what my animal totems are but I am most definitely sure that red tail hawks, wolves, horses, and orcas are in mine from what I’ve read about. I just want to know how do I find out what my message is from the hawks. Bi know it’s a message for both my partner and I and possibly my neighbor. They land close by and or fly a few feet in front of me while I’m driving. There have been a lot of struggles going on in my life. And I just find it odd that right after I made contact with my step mom and adopted sister they appear everyday several times a day raining, cold foggy doesnt matter. Just want to know what that possibly could mean and or how do I understand what they telling us.

    1. Hello, today I was driving home by myself as I live. When a hawk came straight out from the woods on my right side and flew at eye level looking at me. He flew with me for about a mile till I turned into my drive way.

      I have hawks living in my woods, they have sat in my fence and they will land in my drive way and look at me for about 10 minutes before they fly up into a tree as above me and watch my park and go inside.

      I have a feeling that they try to tell me something or warn me but I have no clue as to what.
      Can someone help?

    2. I have long had a deep association with hawk and after many attempts, hawk finally got my attention and helped me to find my way through to animal spiritualism, how to listen to mother nature and hear her messages. Many times I am confused and not sure but I have learned that the first feeling and thought I associate with hawk or any animal is a true part of their message. Hawk reminds us to have faith and to know that the spirits guide us in the direction we need to see or feel what we need to explore the next level. In this situation I believe hawk, which normaly travels alone, is letting you know that family is important, as well as community and that which You are learning about, the many new things about part of your family, it is only a part of you and not the whole you which involves all of your family, partner, friends and neighbors. Hawk is showing strength in numbers, and that you have a healthy and strong connection in this way. Also, I have noticed when something is weighing on my mind, mother nature always has a message and that the secret to hearing her message is to trust in your heart what you feel and hear when she answers and not to overthink it too much.
      Hope this was helpful 😆

  51. I swear I think hawks are my totem animal because no matter where I am I always manage to see one and they’re usually quite close to me too. The dream I had last night confirmed that. When a hawk isn’t threatening or scared of you but rather just stares at you in your dream you know it means something important.

    1. I drove to pick up my son in MO yestetday and then he and I drove back home. On the round trip I counted no less than 60 hawks. They were on the ground, in trees on my way West and the two of us counted 40 more in trees, on fence posts, in the air flying across the highway on our way back east- it was incredible! What could this mean?

  52. I keep having the most wonderful experiences with a hawk. The first time was a few months ago as I was standing at my kitchen counter~ I looked up and he was in the tree and right next to the open window looking in at me. He turned his head as if he were curious as he stared at me and then flew away after a minute. A short while later I was sleeping and it was early morning and I heard a sound- I thought it was a squirrel at first. I got up and looked down at my yard and he was on my patio perched on the chair. He was there for a few minutes then left. Fast forward to yesterday whenI was downstairs in another room and I heard what I again thought was a squirrel. It didn’t register at first and then I thought perhaps it was in distress. I came in to look out the window and there he was, staring in the window at me. I didn’t move because I didn’t want him to fly away. He stared at me for a minute then left. I got chills. It was as if he wanted to make certain I knew he was there.

  53. I see hawks quite often and some times in the strangest places…
    Just a few moments ago one was flying circles just in front of my house and fairly low, suddenly and out of no where there Was a second one and the continued to circle together. They slowly coutinued to circle and get further away and higher and flying into the clouds until they disappeared.

  54. Deborah Kent Clark

    A few days ago a Red Tailed Hawk landed on our roof and sat there for hours. I was obsessed with him. I took pictures and talked to him and wondered why he was there. I thought he may have been hurt. It had just been raining so maybe he was resting from the rain? We live in a very urban area in Los Angeles so it seemed unusual to have this visitor. He eventually flew to our guest house roof about 60 feet from where he’d been. Crows came and harassed him but he stayed steady on the roof. After 2 hours it was dark and I was on the phone with the Calabasas Wildlife Center asking what to do if he dies and falls onto our patio area. It seemed so strange that he was just hanging out at our house. The next morning he was gone from the guest house roof. I left for the day to have a mom/daughter day and when we returned my husband came in and said, “Your hawk was back. He was on the guest house roof then he flew to the other roof.” I was so happy he was okay and alive. My husband and I have been together for 28 years and the relationship isn’t great. However I was so happy that he had seen the hawk I’d been so obsessed with. Only today when my girlfriend, who is very spiritual, suggested he was a spirit animal and she suggested I look up hawk symbolism. I am going through a huge change in my life — working from home after many many years of owning my own business, getting up every morning, showering and putting on make up and going to an office. I still work but have so much more freedom to actually pursue the dreams I’ve had my entire life. I am a bit disoriented with things and time with this shift but the hawk came to tell me I have much to be thankful for and to continue pursuing my dreams.

    1. Deborah, you are facing the challenges and blessings that come with retirement. It is a major adjustment for marriage partners (spending more time together and role changes). If you are both drawn to wildlife and natural settings, these would be good activities to share. Your hawk friend eats frogs, lizards, squirrels, bird eggs (that’s why crows and blue jays hate red tailed hawks and will mob them). Consider taking a small trip to a wilderness area or zoo.

    2. Deborah, your hawk was not injured. He was grounded by the rain. Hawks soar on the high thermal currents in the air. He flew back and forth between the two roofs, then decided to be your guest despite being mobbed by crows that wanted him out of the neighborhood.

  55. I was driving the other day and i had a hawk come from the left side of my car swooped down and hit the side of my car, i turned around around to see if it was ok and it was gone…anyone know what this means?

    1. Actaully it was really dark out it was about 10pm eastern time…n this hawk was as white as can be!!!

  56. Hello! Thank you for this forum!
    I think 3 days ago, I felt the need to look up (perhaps I was drawn), and when I did, a beautiful hawk was right there staring at me (and all around, and then back at me). I felt they wanted to pass some sort of message to me, but I didn’t know how to interpret.
    Then today, on my walk, I had stirred up a rabbit (well, first I saw the hawk flapping and didn’t understand why), and then the hawk dove for the rabbit! Was amazing! I’m curious as to what it means to see a hawk diving for a rabbit! Is it the rabbit or the hawk that I am to pay attention to? On the same walk, two woodpeckers flew in front of me, and one red cardinal. I was also wearing many crystals (one over my third eye, ammonite), with the intention and hopes to draw in some spirit animals. They are a rare occurrence, being in the city. It must’ve worked!

  57. Hello, a few days ago I had a dream about dark colored birds flying over a yard and then dropping out of the sky. Now last night I had a dream where about 10 to 15 hawks were lined up in the sky sitting on some type of branch and started flying then fell out of the sky. I am currently six months pregnant and I am also in the process of moving. What can this dream mean? Are the two dreams the same but since I didn’t get it the first time it happened again with a bigger impact? Please help!

    1. Greetings!
      It could mean that you are trying to become free and independant because you are too depenant upon someone or something.
      Try to observe your situation more and come up with a plan that will free yourself. Observe quietly and carefully then make a plan and act on it.

  58. Melissa Carofano

    I am currently going through a bad breakup with the father of my child, who abandoned me and my 1 year old son with nothing to our names. He told me that he paid this months rent and that I at least have the rest of the month to figure out where we are going and what I am doing. Today my landlord came knocking on my door and told me that in 3 days he is filing for an eviction notice; apparently, with no knowledge of what was truly going on, eric had not paid this months rent at all. Angry that I did not receive any warning or heads up as to what was going on, even though my landlord lives directly behind me and was fully aware of my situation, I stated my case and asked for a little more time, considering this is the first I have heard about the rent not being paid. The last thing I texted my landlord was that even common courtesy would’ve been appreciated in how he chose to handle the situation, especially because I have always paid rent and all the bills on time, and I have gone above and beyond for him and his girlfriend whom he just had a child with. I gave them hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of baby clothes and essentials, not just hand me downs from my son either, I went out and bought them a ton of things, knowing that they didn’t have the support from their family to even receive a baby shower, I felt the need to step in and help in any way I could. Every single piece of clothing their child owns is from me, every picture that’s ever been posted on social media, every time I have seen their baby in person (which is quite often since we basically live in the same house with only a wall separating us) their child is in one of the hundreds of outfits I have given them. I have decorated the house for their welcome home, knowing what it’s like to be a first time mom, I have even babysat for them 6 hours at a time, just so his girlfriend could get out of the house while I was juggling my 1 year old, and their 1 month old. With all this said, he never responded to my texts, but for a second time I hear a knock on the door, thinking that he came by to talk in person, I opened the door. To my surprise and utter confusion, he was standing right in front of me with a beautiful hawk that was just resting on his arm. He then says to me “I just thought you would like to see this, I found him earlier and I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong with him, since he won’t fly” I stood there completely taken back. We were in the middle of arguing, and he is in the process of trying to evict me and my son. As I was in the middle of saying “so, he’s just been hanging out on …the hawk spread it’s huge majestic wings and took flight. We stood in front of each other and I was speechless. If that is not some type of sign, I don’t know what is. It was not normal, especially given the circumstances, for my landlord to come knocking on my door just to say hey check this out. I feel as if it were just the hawk itself who came knocking on my front door. Can anyone please explain to me what in the world just happened?? I am so stunned, I don’t know what to think. I’m also in a very difficult situation and any understanding or the smallest insight would be extremely beneficial to me. PLEASE HELP!!!

    1. 😛 Hello! I think I have some insight for you. You are facing a great challenge in your life right now. Standing up to it with strength, determination, and conviction will make you stronger, but you have to see the situation as an opportunity first. Your landlord may not want to evict you, but the circumstances of his life may be pushing him to do it. As such, he is in a tough position as well. You have been there for him and his family, but it’s possible he does not have the resources to be there for yours.

      If it was meant to be any other way, it would be. Perhaps this is your time to show yourself that you can rise above the adversity. The hawk often asks that we look at the bigger picture, rising above challenges to see how they actually have valuable lessons meant to equip us for the next phase of our journey. Facing the challenge without becoming angry at those you think should be helping you will lead to amazing growth and new a perspective on life. This new perspective will launch you into the next phase of your journey, and how you choose to respond to the current situation will dictate the tone of this next journey.

      If you notice, the Hawk took flight right as you were about to say something negative. That was a clear message not to burn bridges with your landlord. The way you respond to this situation is important to how it all plays out. Be kind, even if there is no immediate reward for the kindness. Who knows, perhaps this is a lesson for your landlord and you. Remember that, no matter what it feels like, every challenge that presents to us is born from seeds that we have sown. This is hard to hear sometimes, but it’s also important. Take a birds-eye view of your life and try to see the patterns that got you from there to here. Where could you have made different choices that would have yielded a better outcome?

      It is also worth noting that perhaps you should assess how much you give to others. Is it time to re-focus that energy onto your own life? Giving is wonderful, but it also becomes an escape (I have learned this from experience). Instead of working towards our own goals and dreams, we choose to hide in the immediate wants and needs of those around us. This allows us to feel good about giving in to fear, allowing it to hold us back from the next step in our lives while also enabling others to ignore their own lessons. Sometimes, help is not help for anyone involved. Its wonderful that you have such a big heart and helped your landlord’s family so much, but perhaps you were holding them back from learning lessons they needed from the struggle.

      Don’t worry. It’s so easy to do at times like this, but you are in the most wonderful stage of change. You’re at that beginning place where everything you thought you new about yourself and the world is being broken down. You then get to build a new world for yourself from what you choose to carry forward. You may not get what you want at this time, but you will always get what you need. Instead of looking at what you are lacking, look at the resources you do have. This will offer clues to you about how to proceed, and it will shift your mentality to one of gratitude. A grateful mind sees opportunities and solutions more readily than a worried mind that is focused on what’s not there. When life strips us of everything we thought we needed to live well, we often learn that living well is an internal spiritual state. This allows us to create a better balance in life as our values are brought into better alignment.

      I’m going through something similar right now. Took a leap and started my own business. It’s going south, but I know this is meant to redirect me and keep me from moving in a direction that would ultimately lead to an unfulfilling life. I’m behind on all of my bills and close to losing my car. This is not the first time I’ve been here, but it is the first time I’ve been able to meet it with grace and determination. When I look back, I can see how much the adversity of my life has strengthened me and helped me to rely on my own internal guidance over that of others or the outside world. I’m on the cusp of beginning the business I was always meant to run, but I have to choose the less-certain path in uncertain times to do this. This is not because God wants me to be worried, stressed, or anxious. It’s because He needs me to understand that, if I want it, I will go for it despite the odds seeming to be stacked against me. Basically, now that I’ve learned to trust myself, I have to put it into action by doing so even when my intuition is telling me something different than my logic. I’ve been learning about trusting myself/my spirit, and now that knowledge is being put to the test.

      Take heart. If you’re being sent tests like this, you’ve got something amazing to share with the world. You just have to learn to see yourself in a new way, and that is exactly the opportunity that is in front of you right now. You are not a victim, you are a strong warrior woman! You’ve got this. If you cannot afford an apartment right now, look around at local women’s shelters and see if you can stay in one for a while. This is nothing to be ashamed of, and it could in fact be something that brings you around others who have valuable lessons to teach you or learn from you.

    2. April P. I’m so impressed with your insight. You can tell you rely on God to deal with all that goes on in life. It’s very evident in your thoughts that you have peace in knowing that no matter what comes our way, God is always in control. We just need to look at what happens from a different perspective so we learn what direction God wants us to go. It’s not always easy, but it is always rewarding in the end. Thank you for taking the time to answer this woman’s question. I’m sure you’ve helped more than her with your insight.

  59. This morning a sharp shinned hawk hit my dining room window and died. I held him/her a while to be sure he was not in shock, but there was no heart beat.

    I have read much about this totem and this is the second time hawk has hit my window
    I am concerned about the death of these hawk. any insight is appreciated.

    Blessings, Luce

    1. Luce, there are many bird strikes against windows each year. The birds are confused and see reflections of trees, sky and other birds in the glass. Soap the window or put up a window screen and that will break up the reflection. Remove the optical illusion. Step outside and examine your windows for reflections of sky and trees. Another consideration is UV glass. Birds can see the ultra violet spectrum. They can see colors that we cannot.

  60. Back in 2010 I saw 20 hawks and 20 bussards fighting in the sky above me. The sky was filled with hawks and buzzards. One buzzard fly right in the front of me. I never seen anything like that before. I knew that the hawks was fighting for my family souls.

  61. I went to a sacred Indian ground to welcome winter Solstice when I arrived there were 2 Hawks soaring above the mound…When I reached the first landing a Hawk flew down to my right and hovered for about 30 seconds….I continued to the top…When I reached the top of the mound another Hawk flew down to my left and again hovered for around 30 seconds…I was absolutely delighted….I could feel the beautiful energy radiating through the mound…Thank you

  62. I dreamt that i was standing on the back porch oc my childhood home facing the backyard looking at ny Dad. He was holding his left arm straight out and looking foward at me. All of a sudden a hawk appeared above and landed on my Dads arm. I got the impression that the hawk was going to fly to me but I woke up.

  63. A week ago I got home and didn’t notice anything at first. But after walking from room to room in my apartment I noticed a hawk sitting on my balcony. It startled me at first and then I couldn’t stop staring at it. It was turned towards my windows sitting on the balcony railing. and looking inside. I don’t think it say me.
    I decided to make it some chicken nuggets so I made some, cooled them off and attempted giving him some. He let me get about 2 feet away from him before he got scared so I backed off but unfortunately he flew away.
    Then yesterday I was sitting in my office, and the hawk flew in for a couple seconds and sat down on the window sill. It looked at me and flew away. Made me sad again.
    I don’t know if this means it’s my spirit animal but from reading the description of a hawk totem I can related to many things.
    However I was never really attracted to hawks during my life, I always had a huge love for whales even though I’ve never seen one in real life and can also relate to that totem description. My father also has a hawk that constantly lands on his balcony in a different city and I remember I was always jealous about this.

  64. Hi – A hawk was sitting outside the front of my home today as a drove up. It is an auspicious day for me as I have just launched my second book, The Divine Keys. We noticed that the Hawk’s body was facing the street , while his head was facing the house. Is there any symbolism to this body language of the Hawk? Thank you! R

  65. The pussy cat, the sparrow hawk (young ) and the two magpies
    I bought two very old religious statues while on holiday, and on my return I felt full of the Spirit, I lit a candle in front of the two statues, one of Jesus and one of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and felt enlightened somehow. The very next day a black cat that comes to my house sometimes, plucked up the nerve to enter my kitchen. I gave it some milk and it went out and sat on my patio. I then went to the toilet and heard a cry/screech, so looked out the window, and to my amazement the cat was gone, but on the lawn was a beautiful sparrow hawk, which had a white fleck on the right of its neck, and a larger white patch on its left back side. The hawk was on top of a starling, and stood still, whilst looking around, and also looking at me looking at it. It then proceeded to devour the starling. I thought it very unusual for the sparrow hawk to stay put whilst being watched. I raced up stairs and got my camera and took numerous shoots of it eating the bird. Halfway through its meal, two magpies came and screeched, trying to make the sparrow hawk fly off its kill; but the magpies kept their distance, never getting nearer than a few yards, and stayed on the fence top at a safe distance. By this time half the starling had been devoured, and the sparrow hawk looked around in every direction, and then launched itself into the air, flew over the garden fence, and disappeared into the cover of some trees in neighbouring gardens. I then went out and took a picture of the carnage left on the lawn; feathers surrounded a few patches of orangey-red blood. I then wrote this and went back out to the lawn to find out what I’d thought had been a blackbird was indeed a starling, for the head and its long sharp opened beak leading up to its gold on black bespeckled head. Out of all the, what looked like grey feathers, I found two longer feathers, wing or tail feathers which at a closer inspection were a soft brown, getting darker until the edges were golden. I took the two feathers and blew upon them and with one anointed the damaged hands and nose of the Virgin Mary, and with the other anointed the more intact statue of the Lord Jesus Christ. I then placed the feathers behind a candle, but standing on their quill, with the brownish down, and the golden tip resting at the base of the statues. I then changed blackbird to starling, and finished this article. The Lord moves in strange ways, and sometime we move in even stranger ways than that; but I have to smile, life is so unpredictable. I telephoned my preacher friend to tell him the story before writing it up. We had a great catch up over the phone; that’s what its all about really, friendship through love and understanding, and the love of God, The Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Amen

    p.s. I left the starling’s head for the magpies, for they need sustenance also, as all living things do.

  66. Today my boyfriend was working on a roof. An a red tailed hawk came an sat on the chimney by him for like 2 hrs. Never moved. it was about 10 ft or so away. He took a few pics. But he never moved. He got done with the roof he went to move closer an his pry bar fell out an scared him away. Was wondering what this mean. He didn’t fly over he just sat there by him.

    1. Look at how sparrows move, they are all close and connected as one hive mind made of unique individual attributes that blend as one. the hawk acts the same way over greater distances from each other. They have a heightened spiritual senses and respects. They don’t just watch with their hawk eyeballs, they watch with their spirit all of the energy transfer ……. Using their brain to combine the information from both states of being for a interpretation of the world around them.

  67. I do not know much about animal totems. I found this site by googling hawk totems. The other day, as my husband and I were hitching our trailer full of brush, a hawk flew quickly over us. He completely missed it, but I saw it curve around our house, down to maybe 4 feet above our trailer and us and away. It was really fast, as it passed over us its wings were tucked in. I could barely make out the coloring. From searching photos online, I believe it to be a Red-Tailed hawk, one of the most common here in Iowa.

    The next day, I attended a psychic fair. An aura reader there told me she saw a hawk in my aura, and suggested I look up what hawks bring as totem animals. She also told me not to limit myself on what I can do. So here I am. After reading a few posts I am hoping someone will have a viewpoint I am not seeing at the moment. Thank you in advance if you choose to share with me.

    A little background: first off, the trailer full of brush was a ridiculously overdue “to do” item on our agenda. Recently my husband finally got in motion with his personal goal of going back to school. It seems to have given him a spark. For me, I am wrestling with major changes in my career and life path. I have worked at the same place for over 12 years, so I’m not just changing jobs, I feel like I’m breaking up with my second family. It is long overdue, but painful and nerve racking. I will miss seeing the people I care about there.

    1. I’m just sitting in my wooded backyard, with my laptop, preparing myself for the next stage of my life (losing old job, in pursuit of new job, with cancer and wonderful kids and husband). I’m pushing through anxiety which has crippled my career, where I’m at the point of choosing the fork in the road. I look-up and see a hawk in the distance soaring then diving. It was beautifully spiritual. For me, this hawk has come to guide me through this fear.

    2. I love your post! Good luxk with all. Hope things are going well. I am facing similar situation and came home to find a hawk aitting on fence in our backyard. He just stayed there a long time. Your post is encpuraging me to see that as you did. All the best to you and your family

  68. Hi there. It’s unlike me to post on a board such as this but I was wondering if anyone could provide some insight. Just this morning, I encountered a red-shouldered hawk (I reside in a suburban area of East Georgia). I was leaving my neighborhood for work this morning, and he flew gracefully in front of my car, flying in from the right and landing to my left on the corner of our neighbor’s house. I’ve always been fascinated by birds of prey so I stopped my car and took a photo. Looking at the photo now, there was a utility pole in front of the house the bird was perched on, labeled with the number 14. I’ve done some reading this morning and see that hawks tend to be associated with the number 14? Anyway, I’ve been going through a hard time myself. I experienced an early miscarriage last September – although it was early, it greatly affected me, as I had been trying to get pregnant for about a year. I am now pregnant again, 38 weeks along. This whole pregnancy I’ve been wracked with worry that I will lose this one too. It doesn’t help that I suffer from depression & anxiety as it is. I’ve contacted some psychics online who say they foresee this pregnancy being fine. I’ve prayed my heart out as well. I’ve also been seeing rainbows everywhere – not just in nature, but in photos and clothing and various places… I’ve taken to seeing the rainbows as meaning that this is my rainbow baby and everything will be fine. Seeing the hawk and the 14 this morning threw me off a bit though – I’m hoping it’s not a bad omen? Does anyone happen to have some insight into what they believe it could mean, if anything?

    1. Hello, Chelsea . Sorry to hear about your hard time. When hawks bring messages it’s important to see what it’s body language is telling you. In your case, it landing and sitting on the roof I think it is telling you to calm down and relax. Hawks and hawk people, despite being a predator totem, are very loving and protective, and this is reassuring. The number 14 makes me think of temperance, the 14th tarrot card meaning balance and patience. I think (and hope) your message is a good omen and that you should relax and take it one day at a time instead of constantly worrying. Leave the pain in the past and learn from it (maybe the timing wasn’t right) and go forward calmly with love and hope. I was drawn to your post, oddly enough by a hawk crying out in the sky this morning while thinking about someone I love with the same name as you that has been causing me some anxiety. Life can be strange and beautiful, even when we feel like we are in the dark, huh ? I’m gonna listen to my own advice and try to relax and take it one day at a time instead of freaking out. Best of luck to you and your family.

    2. Hi Chelsea, & Loot also. Would really love to please hear an update if possible. I hope that everything went well with the pregnancy Chelsea, and I hope that whatever you were praying for Loot ended up with a positive outcome. I have anxiety/panic issues and I’ve been incredibly anxious over the past month worrying about my significant other and my parents. Mostly out of irrational fear that something may happen to them. I had just seen a hawk (I’m pretty sure it was a hawk but I’m no expert) land on a tree outside my window, pause for a few moments and fly away. I instantly panicked actually because the other day I read one person mention that hawks are a bad omen of death and their brother took his life three days after seeing several hawks. But after searching online now and reading these posts I am still crying but praying so hard that this is a good omen, a similar omen that you two described as a message for me to calm down and think more rationally. I pray this is a good omen and that someone could maybe provide insight, and that you two might give an update. Thanks & Blessings to All

  69. Awoke this morning from a dream where a large hawk with a ceremonial bib (or ornimental decoration hanging around its neck) had landed on a table in the back yard where I was. As I’d noticed her, she jumped down from the table and passed by me within 8-10′ looking directly at me with mouth open.

    Which lands me here to this forum… I’m not trying to interpret the dream so much, but I wanted to see if I could find anything online about a hawk wearing an ornimental bib.

  70. I have a friend who is going through a really tough time right now, his daughter is depressed cutting her self and it keeps getting worse. This man is also my ex and I am head over heels madly in love with him.
    Anyway I’ve been trying to help him, listen when he wants to talk etc. But it’s not helping. So I decided that I would write down my own story for him, my own story of my own 14 year old self my story of attempted suicide and eating disorders and depression. Showing him someone truly gets it, and is not just offering crappy advise as they don’t know what’s going on. So I was sitting in my porch writing this letter today and there was a pair of Hawks dancing in the air above my house. Screeching and soaring the whole time I was writing this letter. When I finished they were gone.
    Now I’ve seen them everywhere this year, like literally hundreds of them this year. They didn’t come out until the daisies went away and the spiders and bats. And all those came out when he and I started sort of seeing each other again. I’m literally talking hundreds of all of the above. Like fields of daisies and lining the streets on my way to work, spiders like I’ve never seen before, and bats… The universe is telling me something and I am so lost as to what it is right now, it’s like a huge slap in the face and I’m supposed to be finding it, but I can’t figure it all out.

    Now you’re probably wondering why I call it dancing, and I always have called a birds soaring dancing. Anyway I went and saw a physic when I was younger like 20 years ago younger ? And she was a joke just like the ones you see at carnivals on tv, I honestly don’t remember much of that visit but as I was leaving the room she told me when Hawks dance in pairs I’ll find true love. I just shook it off until this summer, when we started seeing eachother again, and I’m not kidding you every time I talk to him or see him I see this pair of Hawks dancing in pairs.
    What does this mean? I’m lost and confused and really appreciate your help. deep down I think I know that he and I are right, that I need to fight harder, I think.
    As I sit here writing this that pair of Hawks is back screeching and dancing. Help please!

  71. Years ago whenever my fiancee and I would take a road trip I would see hawks a lot. If I saw a hawk I knew the trip would be great and uneventful. If I did not see a hawk it would be a hard trip or we might not get along. One day we even stopped to watch 3-5 hawks just flying overhead. Fast forward five years, my fiancee died. A couple of days after I went to my back patio and beside my house is this large oak tree. In the crock of the tree there sat a hawk. It sat there the whole time I was outside and as I sat there I just had this sense that it was there to comfort me. Just last week a very good friend past away and the next day there was a hawk up in another tree at the back of my yard. I live in town and have never seen any other hawks other than these two. With both of the people in my story above I was with them when they died. To watch the life go out of a person you love is a very hard thing to do . I believe the hawks where sent to tell me they made it to heaven and they are fine.
    Another bird story I have is about a wood pecker. After my fiancee died, I would ask him for a sign that he was there. Every night for a month I would ask him to knock to let me know he was with me. I never got the knock that I was looking for so I quit asking, feeling like a fool for believing in the afterlife. Feeling alone. A couple of days after I stopped asking I woke up on a Sunday and out on my patio in my big oak tree was a wood pecker just pecking away, even when I walked out of the house the bird didn’t fly away. He pecked at the tree for about four hours and I haven’t seen one since. I believe those were the knocks I was looking for and no longer feel alone, ever.

  72. Hawks have been a part of guarding and healing in my life for the past 10 years. I was speaking about this with my sister-in-law yesterday because her husband has cancer and, so far, things are not going well. I was thinking of this this morning as I got into my car after shopping and as I pulled away I saw a large shadow on the ground in front of my car and I knew it was a hawk. I stopped the car and got out to look and above and to the left of me were 10 hawks in a very tight circle going around. They moved off to the south east as I watched them..

    I have never seen 10 hawks together at one time but I respect their presence and appreciate their help. Their message will be made known in good time.

  73. Went to the park with the dog this morning, and after we had been at the oval for a while a huge flock of hawks started circling above it, like a vortex. They would land in large numbers while the others kept circling and then swap places so there were always hawks flying and always hawks on the ground. But it wasn’t just hawks, there were a lot of other birds too, non-raptors, galahs and plovers and they were all just mixed in happily, leaving each other alone, all across the oval. There was absolutely no one else, just me and my dog and there was a really peaceful feeling, with the birds flying every where all around us, flying low and flying high. Like a new start was coming but it was going to be peaceful, beautiful. Then someone arrived with some kids and dogs on the other side of the oval and disturbed it, so all the birds were flying up off the ground, but it still felt peaceful. And they were flying so close to us, like it felt we were a part of it, like they knew we weren’t a threat. And they settled back down really quickly too. A lot of the other birds left, but the huge flock of hawks were still there, settled mostly on the ground near where we were. There came a point when it felt like the moment was over, it was time to leave, and the hawks started to slowly leave and break off, but as I walked away with my dog a smaller flock of maybe 10 of them stayed with us circling pretty close right over my head until we got to the edge of the oval and left the park, before they dissipated and left themselves. Wow. The whole thing lasted for about an hour.
    I’ve noticed a LOT of hawks circling and flying around my area for the past few days, since the full moon on Thursday but that was definitely the most interesting and powerful encounter.
    Thanks for this article. It makes perfect sense. 🙂

  74. Sitting on my back porch and enjoying a cup of coffee. Am the only one awake at my house now. Deeply troubled about many things in my life. No, I’m not going into detail. Thinking things through and feeling are two important steps in healing. Then, I heard a hawk. It’s screaching sounded like “Wait! Where are you going? Come back!” The sound got closer and closer. Suddenly, they were above me…two of them…winging their way through the Georgia pines. Magnificent! Weaving their way through…knowing just when to fold in their wings and when to flap just so. Not a single leaf or needle was disturbed. Not one! How such large birds could move so gracefully and effortlessly through the seemingly unpenetrable is beyond me. A second later they were gone and the screeching contined into the distance…fading away. I’ll never know why one was chasing after the other. All I know is that they weren’t fighting, one was not chasing the other away. It was just trying to catch up. God…Great Spirit…Universal Force…Love…thank you for bringing them into my life. I still am concerned about the deeply troubling matters. But, you have reminded me that you are always there…always watching…always caring…always willing to show me a higher perspective and to ask, “Wait! Where are you going? Come back!”

    1. Hello, Bill… I, too, am experiencing some great crossroads. This summer, we have had a Cooper’s hawk nesting nearby. We have lived in our in-town home for 20 years, and have never seen Hawks here. Now there is a young hawk, too. Upon looking up the message, I can see where I have become much too concerned with my daily path than the bigger picture… a purpose God has for me as I prepare to blindly move to the coast of North Carolina where I feel I have been called for a greater purpose. This message to open up and let myself view daily happenings and preparation with greater perspective. Thank you for your comments!

  75. Sharmane Olshewski

    Another hawk experience of mine is I was driving my dad home from the hospital and a hawk flew right in front of my window had i been centimeters closer I would’ve hit him never seen one this up close wing span had to be 5-6 feet wide he was gorgeous

    1. Well today I am baffled … leaving the house today I found a dead Broad-Winged Hawk laying side of the road. I couldn’t just leave it there; so I picked it up with some gloves & put it in a box in the trunk to bury properly. I believe it was hit by a car as it seemed it had a broken neck. There were no other visual wounds or bleeding & it had to have happened within an hour or two of me finding it because it was very ‘fresh’ if you will … Okay so the day goes by- I do my errands, go to an appointment and head home about 5hrs later. I’m driving, almost home, and not two miles before I reached my road where I found the dead Hawk, another Hawk that looks just like the dead one- flew right across the road & over my windshield. I rarely ever see these beautiful birds up close. Yup- and so I am baffled. lol. To give you an idea about me; I am a very spiritual man. I honor Creator and Mother Earth. I’ve been studying Reiki, Pranic Healing, Crystal Healing & Tai Chi / Meditation for years, along with having a job most of my life that is in the outdoor sports recreation industry. And I’ve also been re-learning about my Native American background over the last few years. Okay- so I am a spiritual guy; you get it.. lol. However I am lost in this now- what am I to do with the Hawk.
      Seems like a message and or that someone is trying to tell me something; but I don’t know what it is and its bothering me quite a bit. And this isn’t really like me at all- to be frozen and not know what to do. Even coming to write about it online. Not me either…
      Now honestly- Part of me wants to keep some of the feathers but I don’t know if that is the right thing to do either. And just an FYI on that- All laws are being followed of course & this has nothing to do with the part of me wanting to keep some feathers but now knowing if its the right thing to do.

      Does anyone here have any thoughts as to “your” own interpretive on the events that I described with the two Hawks in my day today? One Dead. One Flying over me… I would be delighted and open to hearing from you all about this event. I could write on and on about the things happening in my life that are just so crazy and out of control. But I am not going to. The Hawk has great symbolism and many interpretations. But the way this played out today, along with the fact that I never see these birds up close- well it just feels like there is something more to it all.

      Thanks for your time and comments!
      Love & Light

    2. Hi Ian
      I’m in the same boat as you. A hawk landed in my yard yesterday and it was ill and died 20 minutes later. I have lived her for 23 years and this is my third time only to see a hawk. I overtoned to it as it transitioned, if it had flown 3 yards further I would never have known it was there…
      What to do …I’m having to make a decision re my house at the moment and I feel hawk spirit is here to guide me in this as it is a major decision..
      I have had a rook come live with me for two years and again I was making a decision that changed my life. I have had a Heron come live with me and a bearded dragon come live with me and they all left after a year which also coincided with a land ownership situation..
      That’s my two pence worth or interpretation as you mentioned…major decisions life altering changes
      Blessing to you fellow traveller


    4. Hi Ian,

      In my experience, hawks are messengers that something is about to happen, something important and to be alert. That the hawk you found was dead and then another one flew across your path – I would love to know if it’s from right to left or left to right, but you seem to say, right to left. I studied with a native medicine man for a while, and he thought me about these. Rigth to left, the answer is ‘yes’ to whatever question you had in mind – and we always have a question, right?

      My instinctive, immediate reply to your post was that this was the mate of the dead hawk come to thank you for taking care of his or her mate. And on a symbolic level further, that either a new mate is coming to you if you’re alone, or if in a relationship, something good is going to happen there.

      I don’t know about the feathers really, but please read above regarding the hawk flying right or left.

      I hope this helps!
      Before I leave, I have to tell you another hawk story.

      I had a neighbor who was unhappy, let’s say, causing a lot of problems for everyone around. Last summer, she told me she started seeing red tailed hawks all around, they came to her tree next to her house, they were sitting on a fence looking at here, etc. I actually saw some of their unusual behavior as well, and then she found an almost dead hawk by the roadside and brought it home, and then to me because she couldn’t call the Env. rescuers because the hawk was sitting on her arm. She was brave in that respect, they have huge talons.

      Long story short, after thinking what could be wrong, I brought it a bowl of water, and to my surprise, the hawk drank little by little while I held the bowl, stroked the hawk’s crown, and she was still sitting on my neighbor’s arm. And then what seemed miraculous: She started to stir, spreading her wings (for some reason, I’m convinced it was a ‘she’), and then just suddenly took off in flight! It was a magnificient hawk, and I will never forget touching a big hawk like that with huge talons,.

      I thought then something was definitely going to happen to my neighbor and possibly to me too, because the hawk was alerting her in a big way, and me too.

      A month or so ago, my neighbor’s house caught fire and burned down. Noone was hurt, and she had wanted to move so bad for a long time but could not sell her house, so it was a good thing for her ini the longer run – and also to me, since I had a shared well with her and she tried to bully me off it. I had to go without water in my house for over 2 weeks after the fire though, and she again fought me tooth and nail, although I had the legal right… But the end result for me was I have my water, and a peaceful next door property since she moved away and the house was torn down, she got the insurance money to start anew. So all in all, the hawks gave a message something was going to happen and to me alert – things did happen in a big way, causing trauma and heartache, but in the end things turned out much much better for me and also for my neighbor.

      I think I’ve rambled on a bit, but only trying to be helpful… Let me know what si happening in your life regarding the hawk.. if you want to , thanks, and blessingls

  76. Sharmane Olshewski

    So i have come to realize that no matter where I am if I look to the sky there’s always a hawk in my sight…I am very in tune with emotions and my visions but this hawk thing has me baffled any deeper insight? ??

  77. A few weeks ago I came across 3 hawks eating a deer carcass. It caught my attention because although we have hawks in the area, I have never seen more than 1 at a time. It struck me as very out of the ordinary and I have not been able to get it out of my mind.

  78. Okay so I had this dream the other night.
    I was walking down a dirt road when all of a sudden a black COUGAR came up from the hill..yes a black cougar.
    anyways that black cougar started circling me so I started clapping my hands and crying for help when all a sudden that black cougar jumped at me and in the middle of its jump it turned into a hawk and started attacking my belly? I woke up after that

  79. I was driving home from work with the front windows halfway down. As I was approaching a lake on the left, I saw 2 hawks chasing each other; like juveniles do. I paid no mind, assuming they know how to fly and will likely avoid my car. However, as I approached, the chaser turned upward and the one being chased flew perfectly in through the half open driver’s side and smacked the side of my head. It started flapping all over inside the car. Before I could get all the windows open, it had come to rest wedged between the windshield and dash in front of me. I stopped the car and stood in front of the car. It started moving toward the passenger side, but I motioned it toward the driver side. If it flew out the passenger side, it may have went into freeway traffic (I was on a frontage road near the freeway). Out it went and that was it. A couple scratches on my dash, nothing on me. No stray feathers, nothing. When it was in the windshield, it almost looked embarrassed. So… was this a once-in-a-millenium sort of thing or was this hawk really trying to tell me something? I’m normally not a superstitious or “meaning behind everything” kinda guy, not am I religious. I’m curious about it, though.

    1. I have encountered several occurrences with Hawks. I stood several feet from one that few onto the lower roof of my house. My wife came outside screaming at me to get inside because 100 plus Hawks were flying above our home. They were fairly low to the ground. You say, a hawk few into your car. I find that hard to believe. I do believe a bird flew into your car but a hawk, they are large. Wing span over 12FT. I have had a bird fly into my car as I drove along side a farm. He left powder marks where he hit inside. As for the meaning of a bird. The type of bird is important. However, birds are messengers that some encounter will occur. Doesn’t have to be a bad occurrence. It’s a heads up thing.

    2. Ryan, what a wonderful story! How very wonderful to have such a beautiful encounter!
      I grew up in New Mexico around Native Americans who taught me from a young age to listen to the messages of nature for they have a keen intuition!
      This has served me very well in my life!
      It was truly a message for you….I hope it has become CLEAR for you! Blessings to you!

    3. I’d say it has some meaning and it’s been trying to get your attention for a while. It had to hit you “up side the head” to wake you up!

  80. This morning before work, three Hawks were situated on top of my garage, and swooped over in front of me, as I walked to my car. Curiosity, I have a Rabbit in the house….I need not be worried that they will search for an open window or such should I? My thought also is, were they there, as protection to me….

  81. Catherine O'Connor

    Upon returning home this week and close to my birthday on June 23rd, I walked up to my front door and there sat a baby Coopers hawk on my door stoop, directly in front of my single door entrance to my house. I was unable to enter my house obviously unless I was to disturb him. He/She was lovely, about 5 in tall and looked at me closely as I literally squatted down and took immediate iPhone pictures of it. I stooped down to be less than 1 ft away from her. The baby hawk didn’t even flinch, nor did it move sideways or away. We sat there together for more than 7 minutes just watching each other. I looked around for it’s mother, but saw and heard nothing. My first impression was it was learning to fly, but then thought how did it get there from my behind my house in the wooded area all the around to of all places – my front door step? I admired it for the longest time and know there must be some special meaning since I’ve been deeply questioning my furture plans of late. Perhaps I need to take a leap of faith and move to go where I think I will be find personal happiness, or maybe I need to stay put and hold on tight to what little roots I have. Irregardless, I wish I could post the pic I took of the baby Coopers hawk, she sure was beautiful and I feel honored to have had her visit with me. She did fly off BTW, after I reached out my hand to her. Amazing.

  82. Yesterday I was driving fown a country road and when I went around a bend I saw this huge hawk in the road. Kind of off to the side but still in harms way. So I honked the horn and it didnt budge. No fear. Just stood there looking at me. So I pulled over and got out. I was kind of leary but I knew he had to be moved into a safer location asap. This bird had no fear. I walked right up to him and tried to shoo him away but he still didnt budge. So we stood there looking at each other for a bit not really sure what I was going to do next. By that time a guy in a van pulled up and we we talked about the situation. We were both dumbfounded. All of a sudden the hawk looked off into the distance like he was stalking something and ran a few steps and took off in flight. I dont know why but it feels like there is some significant meaning. The did not appear to be injured. Whsts even more wild is that I saw a coyote in broad daylight a few days earlier. It looked directly at me as well before it ran off. I would question my sanity but I had others with me at the time.

    1. WOW! Stephenie great encounter! there’s a lot of meaning there just for you! not by accident that your time of post was at 11:11
      Blessings to you!

  83. Last night I was driving on the highway and a hawk swooped down and hit the trunk of the car in front of me, then bounced onto the street below still flapping its wings. I had absolutely no way to stop in time as we were going 60mph on this highway and I ran over it. I feel absolutely terrible, but I know there was nothing I could physically do that wouldn’t cause a tremendous accident. I am just wondering if this all means something.

  84. Today a hawk paid a visit to my new place of residence and business,. kept screeching quiet loud and knocking with his beak on my glass door, for a good 2hrs, and brought a dead bird with him, kept stepping on the bird and screeching continuously. I’m bit lost… I never seen one that close and the city I live in dallas, TX you’ll hardly see one. If there is any answer to this you’re answers would be truly appreciated.

    1. For some reason, I am got the word ‘drugs’ from your story. Were you on drugs or maybe you need to do a psychedelic to get more information? Was the bird also a hawk? If it was a friend that was dead, perhaps it was blaming you. That would be a bad sign. Perhaps if you did the drugs, you would be able to communicate with the hawk spirit and figure out the issue so that it isn’t hanging around your space.

  85. Hi
    I have both hawks and crows both following me at my place.it is weird the harder i pray the more crows come and hawks circling.the place I’m living in is a negative vortex of sorts.the signs are there , fights heaviness, dis ease, cats, slugs.its a nightmarish place.i mean it’s a sick place.i really feel when I get out of there it feels good.
    I was trying to cleanse the place which is a battle itself with negative entities.tiring.there was this one day as I was cleansing.the next neighbourhood Is hawk dominant, but then It was like a crazy scene, there appeared 200+ or so crows circling rising in a circular fashion just 5 metres from my place.all iv learnt people are not what they seem even the best examples.i guessing I’m a threat to some people, systems and entities and feel like they constantly trying to sabotage, kill me, opress.im still alive.the more I fight back the weirder things happen . paraphernalia thrown, cats poisoned, etc etc etc etc,weird stuff.the more I try to meditate the harder they try to distract me
    There’s a world of dark stuff.on this journey so far.iv realised that your only friend is the creator.how I know this are the various animal sent to chill me out.
    People ain’t what they seem, family as well.
    Talk about weird dreams I’m living in things made of your weird dreams people’s.
    There’s a war going on for sure………………….
    What’s up with ibis.i get good vibes from ibis, than I do from the hawks and crows???????????????

    1. Julee Carpenter

      YOU need to chill OUT dude. You have got to Let GO of all the shit you just brought up because it is ridiculous. Life is way bigger and way more precious and loving and AMAZING than any of this nonsense. It’s very easy to get caught up in this stuff and it’s even easier to NOT be caught up. It’s much easier to not be caught up because you can just very simply DISMISS it ALL within a matter of AN INSTANT. Just remove it ALL from your thoughts. Now, YOU Listen to me okay? Everyone has bad stuff around them and good. You aren’t alone in some evil vortex. STOP looking at every aspect of life and seeing bad in it. You are attracting into your life what you are believing to be so. ANYTIME you see or feel or think or fear ANYTHING and you interpret it to be negative? I want You to IMMEDIATELY remove that negative view and replace it with a positive perspective. You got that? Also? After you read this? I want you to say out loud to yourself, “FROM THIS MOMENT ON, ALL FORMS OF NEGATIVE FEARFUL EVIL UGLY CRUELNESS WORRY OR DOOM FILLED TYPES OF THOUGHTS BELIEFS ENERGIES OR VIEWPOINTS ARE NO LONGER ALLOWED TO EXIST WITHIN ME OR TO TAKE UP ANY SPACE WITHIN ME OR MY BODY OR MY MIND MY HEART & MY LIFE. I ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT TOLERATE IT OR ACCEPT IT. EVERY NEGATIVE WORRY FILLED THOUGHT OR VIEWPOINT? YOU HAVE TO LEAVE RIGHT NOW. YOU ARE HEREBY DISMISSED AND YOU ARE NOT WELCOME TO RETURN. PERIOD.
      That is all you have to do. CHANGE YOU. Crows fly in huge flocks sometimes and they also do aerial formation tricks. So what! That’s what crows do. What business is it of yours to make it something negative and then afflict yourself with that negative energy? Seriously? Back off of crows dude and everything else. See YOURSELF and your life and the world around you for the GOOD and BEAUTY and HAPPINESS that everything be holds. All of these energies exist, happy & sad, positive & negative and good & evil. Everyone lives amongst all of this energy not just YOU. Do NOT acknowledge bad ok? Acknowledge GOOD. It’s THAT easy. If you choose to ignore this very simple and very powerful advice and continue in your negative reality than you are an idiot and that’s on you. That means you are doing this to yourself on purpose and you can’t be stopped or helped because you refuse to become enlightened or evolved.
      Also? Do NOT refer to yourself as a THREAT. Do NOT allow words such as sabotage threat kill ibis to leave your mouth ever again. You just need to STOP all this NONSENSE dude like YESTERDAY already. You got that? It’s done. It’s over. It’s played OUT. Look for the goodness in yourself and everything around you and THAT is what you will become. Ya dude there’s bad we get it, just don’t make it yours. If you do? Then bad is winning because it’s reached you so it must be spreading. Leave bad alone and let it sit with itself where it cannot emerge or expand. Tell everything negative to back OFF! Seriously, Don’t talk shit about crows for God’s sake I mean really? They’re crows so what! Who cares! Just because people have used them in movies books stories whatever as being evil? Does not mean it’s true ok? Hello! They are black so they look scary so people use them in scary stories to make their story more believable. Crows are God’s creatures and therefore they are beautiful innocent and loving just like every other creature. Don’t fall for the hype dude. Don’t get it twisted. It’s a big world out there so put on your big boy pants and strap in your seatbelt because it’s gonna be a HUGE and AWESOME RID. Stop talking SHIT and Go enjoy your LIFE! ????????❤️❤️

  86. My mom just had a red tail fly into a window. Unfortunately the bird did not make it. We don’t know how the glass did not break the impact was so strong. I am concerned because we are putting the house on the market tomorrow. Is this a bad sign?

    Thank you.

    1. When birds fly into a window they normally around sign of a passing of someone. They are a passing of something emotionally, mentally, or spiritual, by all accounts her selling her house is like a death, because she mostly like spend a great deal of time with the house.

  87. Just about half an hour ago, I saw a coyote out in the field across the street. I haven’t seen one in over 6 months and was able to get a little video of her before she started heading back to the woods. I put the camera away and watched her some more and noticed her stop at the edge of the field. Just then a huge white bird, a White Hawk (my first time seeing one,) flew right above her head and landed on a tree across the way. Coyote stayed an extra 10 seconds or so to look at the hawk before returning to the woods. Sadly, I wasn’t fast enough to get a picture/video of the hawk but WOW. Any ideas what these two combined mean? Thanks!

  88. I rarely remember my dreams. Last night I had a dream that a huge hawk flew into my arms trying to get away from another. It was as if it wanted me to take it into my arms and protect it from harm. Very bizarre. Looking for meaning.

    1. user123654851362m

      I had a similar dream, in which i ended up protecting a hawk. At the time I was with a wise advisor of mine, and she told me that it might symbolize me protecting a vision or idea (the hawk) from danger. I saw a baby hawk so she suggested there was a budding idea I was protecting, but you did not mention yours being a young hawk. I hope this helps

  89. A few days ago, close family from out of town came to visit, and we had a wonderful time. A day after they left, we found that a substantial amount of money was stolen. All evidence points to a significant other of one of the family members. I am 100% sure that it is this person, but everything is substantial. Even though family members are in shock, nothing has been resolved. Believe me, I am not one to accuse easily. Last night, I had the strangest dream. A hawk was in front of my view. At first it would swoop down to swallow small birds whole. Then, the prey was getting larger. It began attacking a fox. As it bothered me to watch this, even though I knew this was nature doing its thing, someone beside me who I can’t identify (they were more like a shadow), stopped me from intervening. When I looked closely, the fox became a regular sized, long furred dog who was frantically trying to get away. As I was held back by this person to let nature take its course, the hawk damaged the dog to where it was alive, but lying down fatally injured. I had broken away from this person to help the dog, but it was too late. It just stared at me. When I looked up, the hawk resumed swooping down on his prey, this time a baby fawn, who had no chance. Then, I woke up. This is the first time I ever dreamed of a hawk. Wow, as I re-read this, it’s starting to make sense as to who the dog and little fawn are, but is anyone out there that interprets well?

    1. I feel like you have either hurt two beautiful people or watched the two while they were being hurt….maybe just verbally? The hawk needs you to pay closers attention. Just my thoughts

    2. From reading about the recent incident in your family I interpret the dream as being a reflection of the situation described weighing heavily on your heart. The hawk represents awareness and enlightenment which is symbolic of your intuition and knowledge of who had taken the money and this truth represented by the hawk was attacking metaphorically those in your family who were reluctant or resistant of the truth and ultimately the hawk attacks the largest prey which represents the actual deceiver who committed the wrong doing. And this animal changed or shifted from one form to another as evil doers customarily do in an effort to manipulate or perspective and distance us from the truth so far that we may even protect the wrong doer out of pity. The compassionate component of the pure hearted wants to save even the wicked but the voice of righteousness which doesn’t have a face or a name like your shadow pulls us away so that evil wrongdoings can be reprimanded and dealt with according to the foolproof laws of nature as were set in motion since the beginning of time. Blessings.

  90. Recently ive had dreams were hawks are continuously appearing, ive also seemed to be becoming attached to more indian artifacts . I feel like im discovering a past life or discovering my spirit animal first. Its strange. Yet i feel like when i get close im not close enough to see what i must. Is there any advice u can share with me?

  91. i went to the woods today to meet some friends and when i met them i looked up through the trees and there were 3 beautiful hawks that were totally white underneath circling around me and i think that was just what i needed!

  92. In May of 2015 I was diagnosed with an extremely aggressive cancer. Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Without treatments I had only a matter of months to live. I immediately started very high chemotherapy treatments. It was horrible. At the end of August my partner and I became aware of a Red Tailed Hawk that would perch on our chimney and appeared unafraid. A few days later in early September and on a gut feeling I found her on an old dead tree across the road. I through some raw strips of steak from the previous nights dinner that I had saved for her. She immediately flew down and ate them. I came to understand through my research that she was a young Red Tailed Hawk that had been captured and trained for Falconry and therefor unafraid of humans. I also came to see that she was handicapped. She had no injuries but she had lost some very important flight feathers. Up until this day I have been feeding her when she comes to me though her visits have become increasingly less frequent. I named her Bella which means beautiful in 3 languages. Her genus is Buteo which sounds somewhat like beautiful. I thought it was a good fit. She disappears for periods of time, the longest being 3 weeks. I completed Chemotherapy in October and in November I was told that I am in complete remission and cancer free. I nurtured Bella all through this and I can’t help but believe that she did the same for me. She came to me when I needed her most and she helped to redirect my focus. She helped to give me strength and her well being was extremely important to me. Her feathers have grown back and she now flys freely and gracefully. She no longer needs me and is returning to the wild as she should. I am still healing but so thankful that I have survived this. I love springtime and it’s close at hand. Gardening, hiking, outdoor projects, kayaking ! I get to do all of those things !!!!! 😎
    Bella is flying freely now and so am I. She is my totem. I didn’t choose her. She chose me.

    1. That is an amazing relationship established. Im a bit jelous :mrgreen: i to just finished 8 months of chemo and a hysterectomy.
      I have always had bird medicine around me. Through my chemotherapy my dog became grounding, healing, warm and a true comfort through winter months. Now spring is here, my cancer out of the way, im gardening, cooki thinking ahead. Today i was driving to work and out of the right side a bird flew into my truck. I couldnt stop. My windshild wipper caught a feather and it was a red tail hawk. I have only rescued birds or mercy killed those suffering. I had an experience years ago hitting a dove flying in front of my car. I divorced my husband soon after.

    2. Mike this is really inspiring to hear of your heartfelt connection and gifted awareness of this blessed soul within the Hawk. Truely beautiful. Hawk started coming to me when i was on a journey south to a funeral of my dads best friend. Hawk was often sitting on dead trees or flying at significant points in when i was in conversation with my dad. Lately hawk has been coming again and i was pondering what the message of hawk is……life after death…. and recently i met a fellow after praying on the beach together acknowledging Creator and sending up a prayer the fella showed me that a hawk was in the clouds and the clouds certainly where making a hawk a very detailed one too. Very Beautiful. Now Hawk is telling me that their family are messengers from the spirit world from the ones that have passed on that our prayers are being heard and cared for.

    3. My experience with a red tailed hawk whose name became “Chisum” was the genesis of “Chisum’s Song” My experience with Mr. Chisum has much in common with your own. If you have a moment please go to my website at cmentch.com and give a read to the lyric under the song tab for “Chisum’s Song: The Amber Cradle of Forever’s Day”.

    4. Eat asparagus whenever you can. It was there for you. They always bring a message. Don’the know what it is, different for everyone I suppose.

  93. My spirit was awakened this morning, Sat 2/20/16 around 5ish. The Lord was giving me instructions regarding the storm on which I am going through. I followed through with the immediate ones and WILL follow through with the rest as they come. Lord I thank you for all your trials, tribulations and blessings. I bedded myself again, to wake up around 11am feeling fabulous. I let out Precious, my cat to notice a multitude of large birds soaring on a cloudy day. It was awesome. Then I googled it and read the following.

  94. I lived in the country. had a field out back. and a mt. behind that. a red tailed hawk live in a tree a little ways up the mt. she would come down around me and land. she had a baby and she watched the baby learn to fly, dive and twist around in the field. next year she had a nest amile from me. oneday I was in my house and I felt her outdoors. went out towards the field and talked to her, and she flew down to me and landed on a fench to my left. after that I would walk around and she would follow me. when my daughter came home that nite she said”mum there is a hawk flying back and forth in front of the window’s[they were big windows]. got to believe that she loved me. I sure enjoyed her.

  95. High I am trying to find out if the hawk is my animal totem. I have been seeing hawks since the spring now one flew out the tree as I was walking my dogs and it really cault my eye. So I followed the hawk and it flew out in front of me again. So I followed the hawk to where it perched in the tree again. The hawk let me walk right under neath him while he was perched in the tree which was only 5′ from me and looked right in to my eyes. It just felt spceail and did not no if anybody could help me with its meaning. I see them a lot since I have been paying attention. Just yesterday my son told me a hawk flew out of a tree and tried to grab a bird in are front yard. If anybody could please help me with some insight it would be highly appreciated thank you.

    1. I had an experience last March…my husband had died December 2014 and I was still going through trying times…one day in March I was having breathing episode while walking my dog (we h ave woods and open fields on our land) well a red shouldered hawk stArted screeching at me up in a tree. so I assumed I was too close to his nest…so I walked in a different direction. he followed us and perched in a nearby tree and screeched again. so now I am feeling a bit strange…We changed directions again and went into the woods, so he followed me again and perched on tree and screeched….so I stArted to go by our trailer and there are trees nearby and he flew right by me eye level looked me in the eye and perched on a tree…he stayed there until I went inside…I knew I would have visions of this hawk that night…and I woke up in the night and saw a vision first of my husband…then I saw the hawk flying high in the sky with other hawks…I still see the red shouldered hawk…and recently again he perched in the tree by me until I went inside my house…very amazing….

  96. I’ve seen three hawks over the weekend and I wonder what it meant because my spirit animal is a wolf and my animal totem is an owl.

  97. I have a pair of hawks that come back every spring to breed in my cottonwood tree. Last year the female and I came face to face when the juvenile came out of the nest. So awesome to see a hawk eye to eye. We were literally a foot apart. My back yard becomes their territory through the breeding and juvenile process. So awesome to hear their screeches first thing in the morning. Nothing more rewarding then to see these magnificent hawks on a daily basis. Sad to see them go when they migrate back to Argentina for the winter, then the red tails come back for the winter. Awesome. To witness such events of the nesting, breeding and the juveniles is such a rewarding experience. My true totem is a hawk, they came to me, and return every year.

  98. I have to start with my mom passing unexpectedly almost a yr ago. But a weeks ago i went to the parking garage at work for a break. I was leaning on the edge looking out and out of nowhere a huge white hawk flew towards me. It was so close we made eye contact! Yesterday at a family gathering, my sister, aunt and step dad were helping my grandfather out of the car..i looked up and s huge hawk was flying towards us, and behind it were 4 white birds. No seagulls..these were little white birds. It was crazy and i dont know what to think.

  99. I was asking for a sign driving in to work this morning. Not expecting it to be immediate, I was startled when a hawk flew out of nowhere and swooped in front of my car. This is in a city!! If that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is. Hawks are my absolute favorite!!

    1. Hey man the same thing happened to me. I thought the hawk died but not really sure. Driving through boston and the thing just dove right in front of me, i had to swerve to avoid hitting it. Not sure what to think

  100. last Sunday I was outside my house when I noticed something move out of the corner of my eye. I don’t even know how it got my attention but it did. It was a red tail hawk. It was hopping out from behind a bush that is up against the house next door. It stopped for a few seconds while looking at me then it took off flying toward the end of my house. I backed up to see it in the sky because I was close to the house. I never saw it above my house. I had found a tail feather about a year ago of the red tail hawk. I live in a city neighborhood with houses 150′ apart. I never could find where it went but know I saw it and it me.
    I had seen an eagle a couple weeks before flying over the house while being attacked by a large black bird. I live in Knoxville Tennessee and eagles are not very common in the skies above the city…..
    I definitely felt like the hawk was communicating with me but not sure how to read this…

  101. as i read this… There is a hawk sitting on a rock on my property staring at me through my window for the last 20 minutes.
    Yesterday it tried to fly into my house when opening the door.


    1. This morning a Hawk greeted me from the top of a telephone pole as I drove into the mountains. This is not unusual where I live -but a little later on the road, one flew down directly in front of the car (I wasn’t going very fast) and flew along my right side for over 1/4 of a mile.

      Later on my hike, I first found one small and then a large Hawk tail-feather. This has never happened in all my walks. I am searching- I sense I a
      m being something that is out of my realm of experience. Hence I don’t know “the” question…..Each question presented thus far has not been the “root” answer. This I feel…..

  102. Yesterday, I awoke to single hawk sitting in the very top of the tree outside my bedroom window. It was facing North East for the most part, calling for at least 4 hours. It took off in an Easterly direction and wasn’t seen again until this morning. Again on the same perch. The hawk didn’t stay as long this time. I live in the country and hawks are abundant here. However I find there may be a message I need to hear, as, even though I live in the country, I have never had hawks behave in such a manner. They will perch un the back woods away from the house or fly over, but never so close. Hawk is not my totem nor does he appear in my medicine wheel. Therefore I believe his message is one I must seek to hear.

  103. Kimberly Moore

    Hi, The hawk is my power animal and I understand it’s symbolism. I see hawks almost every day and I worry about how badly hawks are harassed by ravens while hunting. Today, a kestrel fell to the ground on the edge of the property. It was holding a snake and the head of the snake was torn off. Both the hawk and snake were dead. The hawk had not been shot, and it did not seem likely that it was bitten by the snake, so maybe the ravens managed to dive-bomb it to the ground. Or else it was electrocuted by the transformer wires. One of it’s eyes was whitish. It was so beautiful and strong and brave. I was in awe of it. I sat with the dead hawk while a family of kestrels called to it from the nearby pine tree. I developed a nauseous feeling in my stomach that lasted the rest of the day. My stomach feels a bit better now but I am feeling a loss…. I blessed the hawk and sent it onward to the heavens. Any thoughts that you could share with me about the meaning of this event?

  104. I’ve had a hawk following me around for the good part of 20 years it seems everywhere ive have went in my travels ive seen a hawk fowling me around is there any reason for this ?

  105. In my dream I was younger, with my now deceased father who was younger in the dream as well. We saw the hawk circling above so I put my finger out for it to perch on. It flew down in slow motion and I watched it’s huge talon wrap gently but not completely around my small finger. It never closed it’s wings so I never felt the full weight of the bird. It leaned it’s beak down to meet my nose and gave me a message that filled me with light and hope and peace. I was full of wonder and now scramble to remember the message. All I have is the feeling it left me with.

  106. It’s been a year or so since I’ve seen What I believe to be my spirit animal (Hawk) surrounding me. When I’m on the road or simply taking a walk even When I’m out I see a hawk almost everywhere I go. I’d say up to 70/80% of the time. I’m not distraught or annoyed by it but rather I feel comfort When I see one. Just last night I had a dream about one. At this time I was at home by myself (which i dont really like unless my dog is over visiting from my parents) while my bf was at his night shift job. I had somewhat of an eery and discomfort feeling I decided to just sleep it off and hopefully stay asleep until my bf got Home. I’m asleep and I have a dream of a hawk visiting me in my room. It lands on my arm and I hold out my arm so that it’ll fly away but When it did it would just come back and land on my arm again. I was a little scared of it but assured me I could trust It and that I wasn’t alone. I want to know if there is more to this dream or did I just have it because of the way I was feeling that night ..what do you guys think? 🙄

  107. Uuuhhh guys my spirit animal is a cougar and my friends animal is a hawk we work really good together, but recently i have been having dreams about them working together and then out of nowere comes a huge lion, and he attacks us i see us suffer and then my dream ends im not sure if the dream means we are in danger or not but i need help to figure it out, thanks 😕

  108. I would appreciate anyone’s input. I cannot remember for the most part, my entire dream, however, what seems to be standing out is that I am standing by a window and a hawk that is circling in the sky grabs my attention. As I began to look out of the window at the circling hawk, a large white bird with a splash of blue on it’s back flies inside of the window and lands right on the window ledge I’m leaning on and is staring at me. As I’m telling my mother, who is in the kitchen about the bird, she asks me if the bird flew in the house or close to the window. I then get her to come to the window and the bird is gone, but within that instant, it flies back into the house but on the inside window ledge. The splash of blue color on it’s back was strange but very beautiful to see on a pure white bird. My mother then instructs me to get it out because it means death but the bird looks at me as I tried to shoot it out the window and flies out on it’s own.
    Again, any input or opinions would greatly be appreciated. Thanx.

    1. Not sure What that dream really means but now that I remember my dream I had about a hawk was also white but with some brown Kind of like an eagle but assured that the face, size, and beak was of a hawk . Now I wonder What the color means

  109. I went to Sedona and stayed in angel valley with my girlfriend and 5 of our friends. it was our second day there and we were sitting in the center of a labyrinth, the sun was just starting to go down and we all noticed a black hawk like bird flying past us. As the bird flew by the tail started to grow longer and pointy, as if it were trailing behind, then it just disappeared! We all immediately turned to eachother in complete shock wondering if others had seen it, and all seven of us did. I know this sounds crazy, we all decided to be very selective with who we share this story, but I want to find someone who may have some idea as to what this was or means. Thank you,

  110. Hi my name is Avery and I would be very grateful for some imput. Recently, a bird (I think it was a hawk) swooped low and landed on our roof. It sat there and then flew away. No one else in my family saw it but me. Does that mean I’m getting a message from the hawk? 😕

    1. I disagree as well. A hawk landed on my roof for a month straight. I could get close enough to it so there was no mistaking what it was.

  111. I have always had a connection with Hawks but this morning I walked outside and when I sneezed 12 to 15 Hawks and several massive Vultures scattered like pigeons. I was surrounded and all their energy was focused on me because I was close the possum they were eating. I could feel an intense power.

    1. There were no hawks. They are not scavengers like vultures. Most likely, you saw only vultures… Maybe a couple crows too.

  112. Recently my mother passed away and this was very suddenly and unexpected, she was only 53 years old. Well yesterday a Hawk was sitting in front of my kitchen window so I decided to look up the meaning of Hawks and now what this may mean for me and if it has something to do with my Mom. I now realize I have been seeing a Hawk all the time while driving somewhere… especially when I visit her grave. Never have I ever seen one though in my yard until yesterday. Just wondering your insight on this. ❓ ❓

  113. Hi I’m Ken my wife is Emma we lost our son a year ago it was his birthday was February 16,he was going to be 39 years old,since he died we have been seeing and notesing hawks in our life,my wife and myself are Christians ,on February 15,2015 we went to the grave sight with boloons and we wrote on them little quotes,and we let them go,they flue off into the distance and I said to my wife and to of chucks close friends wouldn’t it be something if a hawk appeared and out of know where it appeared it was soaring right above it was close and it was beautiful and breath taking,it was spiritual and emotional it was with us for about 10 minutes and then flue off in the same direction as the balloons,all I can say is it was unbelievable!

  114. i been seeing a hawk on the side of road for a few days now what does that mean my daughter passed away on these day thank you

  115. I had a dream last night that a hawk was sitting in the curb downtown Houston ..as I walked by he screeched at me and then flew onto my back …he wanted a cigarette from my pack ..he took it and then flew back to the ground..he skipped off with it in his beak…It happens to be my birthday …and I quitt smoking 7 yrs ago on my birthday…when I was dreaming I dont think I thought it was my birthday…what does this mean 😆

  116. My dad and I were walking from the beach when a hawk flew over us as we watched in aww. One minute later it came back, swooping down right over our heads and unleashed a pile of see weed from it’s grasp in front of us then took off. Of course I had to do research because I felt that it was significant but either way, it definitely was a great start to our day.

  117. I had a dream where a giant hawk came and landed on a branch right next to me in the middle of another dream sequence. It had a black face, and then faded more into red-tailed hawk feathers. It had giant orange-red eyes and was communicating something telepathically to me. It was larger than a regular hawk, so I almost didn’t know what it was at first. Then this giant cloud of brown tipped doves came and chased it away. Any ideas what this could mean? 🙄

  118. This morning I was at dentist office!! The whole time there was a beautiful HAWK on the telephone line looking at me and around for 45 mins right thru the dentist office window and when i came out… I took photos from my cell phone and that hawk was still there til I got into my car that was right above me!! Wish I could post photos on this site!!

  119. This morning when I opened the blinds I saw a hawk perched on my fence. I went and woke up my wife and came back out and it was still sitting there. It then flew to other side of the yard and perched on that fence,. It then proceeded to perch itself on my son’s play set. A few moments later it flew right in front of our window perching itself on the frame of gazebo looking right at us less than 10 ft away. It eventually flew away but I am sure there was some kind of message for me but I don’t know how to interrupt it. Mind you this is a subdivision with over 300 homes so it is a rare sight to say the least. About a year ago when my brother and his wife were leaving to go back to MI (I’m in TN) a deer ran right behind their car, again really odd to see a deer running through a subdivision. Never saw one since. Any ideas what this all means?

  120. Saandra Steinfelt

    …today the last day of 2014, life goes on & on & on to a Happy New Year 2015. …Warriors know that the powers that guide men’s lives lead all living creatures to their deaths; the death of any given being has the capacity to be a gift for something or someone else… -JOURNEY TO IXTLAN-The Lessons of Don Juan-Carlos Castaneda-

  121. When my beloved buddy and companion cat died (i had to put him down due to age related neurological disorders) I was both devastated and relieved. Several weeks later i had an extremely vivid dream (first one in months)where i was walking thru a mossy forest and I saw my cat sitting on a moss coverd rock. He purred LOUDLY and then transformed into a hawk and flew off. The dream ended there.

    Since then i have CONSTANTLY seen hawks (Coopers and red tailed) everywhere i go.

    I like to think that my little fur buddy transformed into a hawk spirit after his passing, and that everytime i see ahawk , its him looking out for me.



    1. That was definitely a visit from your cat, connecting with you in the dream state. Your cat is watching over you and influences you with the spirit of Hawk. What an amazing gift, and a powerful friend in spirit you have, a majestic being.

  122. I just had a dream that I almost died giving birth to my son but a hawk saved my life. He was helping me breathe. What in the world must that mean?? 😯

  123. This morning at dawn I was driving just passed a farm field and crossroad when I watched a hawk swoop down and catch its prey then disappearing behind a soil mound. I wanted to know if there was anything significant when sp[otting a hunt in action from one of your totem animals. The Hawk is my Solar Totem and Owl my Shadow Totem. Any thoughts? Thanks 🙂

  124. My husband and children saw a sad sight regarding a hawk. It was carrying away a kitten (they could do nothing about it). He feels this might have some symbolism to it? Does anyone know what that might be?

  125. I have no idea what this may mean but in the last year in a half I have seen a hawk land right by me 3 times. Ive seen them here and there not thinking anything of it. the first time I actually noticed it was almost two years ago I was stopping at a light and the hawk was already perched on the wire to the right of my car. I thought man I wish I had my camera that would have be a cool shot. the second time it happened was in august this year I went to drive under a light post and watched it land right on the light post I was driving under so I just stopped and we had eye contact. then it happened again yesterday. now this is the closest I have seen and had happen in just a few months apart. again I came to a stop sign and saw the hawk maybe 10 feet away. as I turned I slowed down to see him walking on the ground. as I was watching the hawk just lifted and flew straight towards me and over my car and landed right next to my passenger car window perched on a fence. it was beautiful! you could see everything how big his eye was, all his feathers, his talons, his beak. I have never in my life been so close to hawk before. and it just stayed their as I took a picture with my cell phone again had no camera I was not happy about that lol. Ive never seen this happen to me before. what does it mean? why? what are the odds of coming in such a close encounter with a hawk? I think if it was a trained hawk and I stood outside of my car, once he started to fly towards me it looked like if it would have landed right on my arm. so so beautiful and majestic. I have yet to see it this morning but as I started researching this I heard it call or cry out and I knew it was a hawk. I hope I can get some insight soon. this post was very informative and good to read thank you for sharing this 🙂 Please help me understand why this is happening and what should I do? Im very excited to have finally came so close to this beautiful animal that has made its appearance for me to see more. -Adrian

  126. There is a stunning grey hawk sitting right outside my window and has been for 20 minutes. Locking gazes is astounding. I just need to tune into his message.

    1. Earlier today, I saw several people with my maiden name pop up, MCCABE, on the internet, Facebook, articles. I have been gone all day and just got home to see
      2 hawks in my tree in the backyard???? I feel that I am getting a message, but wish I knew more???? Anyone can help?


    2. Well said…just how I felt when a hawk paid a visit to my balcony at 8am this morning. He looked right at me & was there long enough for me to take 4 pictures. I dont recall seeing a hawk this close before.

  127. My husband died unexpectantly of a heart attack in his sleep 3 weeks ago. This morning there was a dead hawk on my front steps. He did not appear to have injuries so not sure how he died. Trying really hard to figure out the meaning of this.

  128. An injured hawk came to my back yard a year ago. We called wildlife ranger. When ranger arrived, injured hawk was gone, (couldnt fly) 5 of searched in the rain.A few days later injured hawk came to our Front door. We put an open crate over him, fed & watered him. Several days later a ranger took him to a local place that would repair his broken wing & bring him back to area he was found. days later I checked on him & was told he didn’t make it. He was healthy, just a broken wing. I was extremely saddened. Two days ago a beautiful hawk landed in perfect view on our back pool screen top, stayed for awhile. Knew I was taking pics & admiring, finally flew. Also a (tiny) turtle came to my front door @new house, different story. I just feel these hawks have a significant meaning-to do w/ My grown daughter who has been struggling for over a year. Question! What am I not doing or understanding?!! I gave the first hawk up for better care 🙁

    1. Carrie,
      You did the right thing. I too had an injured hawk come to me for help. It had an injured wing. Wing injuries are extremely hard to fix. More than likely they will never be able to fly again. Hawks are flight. The hunt in flight. They soar high above us and must NE able to perch in the trees. A hawk who cannot fly looses its freedom and thus is no longer able to care for itself. When a rehaber takes care of a bird, they must decide whether or not they can continue to live a good life. Some birds may be able to stay in care and become education birds, but it is not the same life as being free to fly high. You made the right decision. The bird I found was also euthanized. Two days later her family came and circled the area where she had been and called. I knew her spirit was free to fly again. Sometimes, the best thing we can do as human is allow the beautiful spirit trapped inside a broken body to be free. I know volunteer at a raptor care facility. Thank you for caring about these wonderful birds.

  129. Hi everyone!
    I was on Assateague Island at the top of the lighthouse when two or three hawks flew out of the trees. I wasn’t too surprised at that but each of them got really close to the lighthouse. Does that mean anything? Then later I was on a boat ride and a hawk swooped down and flew with the boat for a couple feet. Does that mean anything? Thanks for any imput.

  130. i was driving and i believe it was hawks……the first one got inline with my car and was flying the same direction the 2 came from the right of me out of nowhere and did a complete turn,the 3rd one flew over my car going in the opposite direction ….not sure what any of this means

    1. Hello Jackie: Pay attention to the quotation box at the top of the page when you return to this sight. The message there will be specific to you. If it is still not clear then ask for clarification and click the random button above the quotation box. Another one of over 700 hundred random messages will help to clarify the situation. The number three is symbolic of help arriving in answer to your prayers.

  131. i work diligently on expanding my spiritually. About 15 or so years I realized that when I had difficult and challenging decisions to make I was making them using “my first mind” which I believe is the universe leading me on my path. I have found that to be absolutely true for me. After I have made my difficult decision,I always see a hawk and many time more than one. In my spirituality i believe that the hawk is an answer from my higher power.
    I have also shared the hawk stories with others that are overwhelmed and they too have found that the hawk is a spirit guide for them as well. We are currently on our third generation of hawk lovers. My friends 3 year granddaughter had heard us speaking of Hawks, and she began pointing out Hawks to us. She showed her grandma a hawk sitting on a tree at her daycare on the first day for her. Grandma was so relieved that she cried all the way home. Thank you for my wonderful. Hawks. Many times I will put out kinnic,if I am home and have access to it.

  132. So I saw a hawk just before my mom and I went to ride. my mom got bucked off but not hurt. when we returned home the hawk was flying around my house.. what was he telling me?

    1. Hello Wendy: Pay attention to the quotation box on this page. The message from Hawk will be specific for you.

  133. I had a dream where I found myself in the middle of a field of tall grass that was surrounded by trees. I was leaning against an unfamiliar truck and I felt I was dove hunting but there were no doves flying. I could feel the frustration of a slow hunt and sat down next to the truck and looked straight up. First, I saw one hawk circling, then 2 more, then 5 more and soon the sky was filled with soaring hawks. It was at this time, I heard something behind me, turned and noticed 3 people approaching me and the dream suddenly ended. They were hooded and I don’t remember noticing their faces.

    1. Hello Tom: I believe the message in this dream is that whatever it is you are searching for – you must look inside yourself to find it. To find it externally will only give you more of the same.

    2. Hello Tom the doves represent what your searching for spiritually and your frustration and in trusting in your own abilities that are limited. The three men represent the trinity and trusting in God and being led by his spirit. To provide your every need. When Peter was fishing on the boat and was frustrated that he had been there all night but still didn’t catch any fish then Jesus told them to cast there net in on the other side and when they did it was so many fish that they net began to break. What you are desperately needing are wanting can be easily found if you trust in God who has a greater purpose for your life.

  134. My dream: I was looking out at a city in the daytime and was admiring the beautiful sky and large skyscrapers way off in the distance. I decided to take a picture and spotted a hawk carrying a dog in the frame. I looked directly at this, not from the camera lense and began yelling. Suddenly the dog appeared on the ground and came towards me as I called for him. As I led him inside to safety I noticed his collar and in between looking for his name and talking with him a little boy appeared…I went from being able to hear his response in my mind to talking with the boy about what his name was…to suddenly reading what his name was on a piece of paper. I asked the boy to see where the Hawks claws had latched on to his back…and once again the dog appeared and was running up and down stairs from a home I had lived in years ago. Earlier last night I had been cleaning out my garage, had gone through paperwork from years ago when I had some legal issues…During which I lived in that same house. Seeing those papers reminded me of my previous failures and poor mental health. I’ve grown as a person since that time but am curious if there’s a connection. I have also become more active lately in supporting animal rescues. Thanks for your input.

    1. Hello Suz: This dream is significant in that the Hawk is letting you know that the message of the dream is important. Your personal mental health journey since you left the home in your past has been significant – however the dog in your dream is saying that you waver between being true to yourself in your decisions and simply doing what others ask of you in an effort to make friends or be liked by others. In other words Hawk is saying that you must put yourself first in order to gain the respect of your peers. There is no such thing as failure …. it’s simply a lesson learned and we move on.

  135. omg you are so right thank you thank you I’m trying to be happy I feel the kids won’t unless I am , I just want everything to be ok and everyone to be happy…

  136. I’m Chumash & Mescalero Apache Native American.I’ve had this connection with Red Tail Hawks. usually when I’m going through a trial in my life. On one occasion my husband & I got into an altercation due to his infidelity &while I was driving to my mother’s, I was driving past a cemetery & I was stopped in front of the cemetery due to a red light, a red tail hawk flew to center divider island big & beautiful. Starring @ me spread his wings which seemed to be a long time but was only a few minutes then flew off. I did not realize how big they really are, never seen one that close. I have moved since then, but see these red tail hawks often usually driving & another occasion when my nephew was killed flying along beside my car 😎 😛 😛 🙄

  137. Last summer, I noticed three very young hawks learning to hunt around where I work. I lived in an apartment less than two miles away, so I saw them often at home as well. This summer, I’ve noticed all three of them are still hunting here on property. One of them actually interacted with me at work- he led me to the woods on the edge of the property one night, where I got to see a mother doe and her two young babies.

    Recently I’ve also noticed another young hawk flying and living around my new home several miles away. He is beautiful. This afternoon, on my way to work, I caught sight of him flying over me less than 15 feet above my car. He flew toward me, and when he reached my car, he abruptly turned around and flew next to my car for a few moments before he ascended into the sky over the pasture.

    I’m fairly certain, much to my surprise, that he is my spirit animal. He’s been living in the woods surrounding my house for several months now, and I see him perched in trees in the front and back constantly. He seems very companionable, never flies away when I see him or call to him or approach him.

  138. I woke up this morning, went to the back door and saw something sitting, a few feet from me, on the rainbarrel. It was a hawk! I’ve never seen one up close before and knew it was a messenger from the spirit world. I came to the internet to research the meaning of the hawk and was happy to find this site, as well as a few others. To me the presence of the hawk is a reminder of my own ability to see clearly and sharply, often from a higher perspective. I knew I had this ability but recently had fallen into the habit of looking to others for wisdom. Hawk is reminding me of my own clear, sharp vision. Thank you, hawk! I will pay attention! ::

  139. Well I lost my husband young 5 yrs ago I’m 42 now with 3 kids by him, my sister keeps seeing him in a dream the last one he’s pointing to a hawk in a book the pages turn from a bear,to a dear and keep flipping back to the hawk..I have had a lot of trouble since he died ,with depression,and drugs,and guilt, because I kicked my husband out of.our home he died 2 months later it really has been horrible..I feel the hawk means something why is he pointing at it..Oh I don’t do drugs anymore,and my sister says he is happy and seems like he is very wise in dreams,which makes me happy..Just wondering what someone thinks this means..

    1. Hello Yvette: The symbology in this dream is very clear. Hawk is the messenger that is saying that you have to go inward (bear) in order to look at your emotions and thoughts. The deer is about going easy on your self. Letting go of guilt, self chastisement, and anger towards decisions you made in the past. They are history – and continuing that path will certainly not serve your higher purpose.

    2. Hello Silken Raven I’m so glad you replied.. I wonder why my sister has the dreams and not me, she feels my husband is a strong spirit watching over me and that he’s telling her that he is ..I dream of him often but I dream he is here still but in my dreams he is unsure of something that’s the only word I can think of he is in my dreams.Any thoughts on that?? Never at peace Yvette

    3. Hello Yvette: The dreams go to your sister because the volume of your self blame refuses to allow that kind of message to get through your psyche. The dreams that you do have of him are safe in allowing you to stay exactly where you are with your emotions. You have blocked those actual feelings so strongly out of your own fear of feeling them. Your signature says it all – “never at peace”. The reality is that you deserve peace and the only way that you can regain that state is by allowing yourself to feel emotions again. The burdens that you carry can be lifted by feeling your emotions. Stop punishing yourself.

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