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Dodo Bird

You may never learn the most valuable lessons in life if you keep fleeing from unpleasant situations.
-Dodo Bird

Meaning and Messages

In the first place, Dodo Bird symbolism teaches you to embrace change. In other words, like the Kiwi, it says that you must be willing to adapt to life’s ever-changing circumstances. In other words, Dodo Bird meaning insists that change is inevitable, and going with the flow is easier than fighting these upheavals. However, sighting this spirit animal might also be asking you to be careful of who you trust.

When the Dutch first reached the island of Mauritius in 1598, this bird had a thriving population. But in no time, their numbers dwindled until the creature went into extinction in 1681. Studies show that the Dutch sailors and settlers had a hand in decimating the birds’ population. In addition, the Dodo birds made it easy for humans to capture them, as they often toddled right into the arms of their hunters.

The spirit of this flightless bird tends to visit those who feel like they don’t fit in somewhere. If that describes you, the Dodo Bird meaning teaches that you should find where you truly belong. Also, like the Musk Ox, this spirit animal inspires you to be fearless and self-assured. Alternatively, Dodo Bird symbolism is a message for us all to protect the natural world. Simply put, the extinct Dodo Bird and Tasmanian Tiger is a reminder that we must take care of our planet and safeguard the life of all creatures.

Totem, Spirit Animal

Dodo Bird totem individuals have a connection to the earth element. They are peaceful, generous, diligent, nurturing, honest, and grounded. Moreover, these fellows are excellent listeners. In addition, they are quick to trust others. Those with this spirit animal love acquiring new knowledge and meeting new people. They may also be highly talented in the arts.

Folks born with the Dodo Bird totem aren’t afraid to take on challenges. Unlike the Cowbird, they will never run from their problems or responsibilities. These people are dynamic and lead extraordinary lives. Plus, they motivate all those who come in contact with them. On the downside, these folks are terrible at reading others.

Dream Interpretation

When you have a Dodo Bird dream, it is a message for you to be carefully observant of the people in your life. Someone around you may be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Additionally, encountering this extinct creature in your sleep urges you to break free from self-destructive habits. Finally, if you envision a lone Dodo Bird, it says that you must learn to think for yourself.

If this creature approaches you, it lets you know that something beautiful and magical will soon take place in your life. To dream of a flock of Dodo Birds asks you to be patient with others.

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