Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel Symbolism

Know that finding your passion will lead you towards your purpose.
-Cocker Spaniel

Although there are slight differences between the English and American Cocker Spaniel – both breeds are combined here. This will give you an overall  view of it’s Spiritual connections with humans as a totem, messenger or dream symbol.

If Cocker Spaniel has come across your path;

Cocker Spaniel could be reminding you that on occasion people respond to situations with a little bit of emotional immaturity. Recognizing these moments and patterns within ourselves are key to your own personal and spiritual growth. Take time for some introspection. Work through why you respond the way you do to certain situations. Look closely at childhood incidents that may have created this pattern that you keep repeating. Also take the time to digest the way you respond. Look for alternative ways that you can deal with it.

Alternatively this dog may be symbolizing the need for your inner child’s emotions to be allowed to express itself. If your feelings are hurt – then you must be open with yourself about your feelings. Trust what you are feeling and why you are feeling it. Give the inner child what it needs. Recognize that emotions are meant to be felt so that they can dissipate.

If Cocker Spaniel is your Animal Totem;

Most of you are charmingly disarming. You know how to use this cuteness to slide by. People with this totem are skilled at being delightfully playful, innocent. You are often childlike in your functioning. This is usually caused by an overindulgent possessive upbringing. Any one with this Spaniel as their personal totem will be faced with challenges in emotional growth, independence and introspection. However once you make it through these challenges you are indescribably passionate about your purpose and direction in life. You are joyous to be around and often draw people to you like a magnet. Your natural charm and leadership will take you to heights you have never dreamed of.

If Cocker Spaniel has come into your dreams;

To see a this Spaniel in your dreams could be symbolic of your inner child. Perhaps you have not allowed yourself enough playfulness in your life. Pay attention to what the dog is doing. You will find clues as to what your inner child is in need of with this type of dream. Loving and nurturing your emotions may be called for.

Alternatively the Spaniel could be symbolizing your alertness. The appearance of a spaniel may mean that you are looking for companionship. You are ready for a relationship.

Additional Associations for Cocker Spaniel:

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  • It wasn’t a dream, it was during meditation that I saw a cocker spaniel digging in the snow. I was wondering what it meant.

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