Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragon Symbolism
It's time to break free from the chain of guilt, regret, fear, and any other thing that is detrimental to improving the quality of your life."
-Bearded Dragon

Meaning and Messages

In general, Bearded Dragon symbolism represents change, rebirth, and renewal. In other words, an encounter with this spirit animal lets you know that you have the power to survive every life storm, triumph over any difficulty, and transform yourself. Alternatively, Bearded Dragon meaning could be asking you to stop beating yourself up over past mistakes.

When this reptile shows up in your life, it insists that you protect what is yours. But, like the Thorny Devil, sighting this land animal could also be urging you to grow a thick skin. Additionally, Bearded Dragon symbolism represents the need for you to be more gentle and down to earth.

While Bearded Dragons might seem like lazy lizards, it will interest you to know that they are energetic and can run pretty fast, especially when chasing down prey or when their life is in danger. Thus they teach you to move with speed when the situation demands it. This spirit animal also teaches you to pay better attention to the things happening around you.

Totem, Spirit Animal

Similar to the Hamster, people who have the Bearded Dragon totem lead solitary lives. Additionally, these individuals have a powerful connection to the sun. They are drawn to it and enjoy basking in its light. Therefore, meditating outdoors is very important to these fellows.

Folks with this spirit animal’s essence have an intensely curious mind and love to learn new things. As a result of this trait, they make excellent forensic accountants, gossip columnists, anthropologists and archaeologists, human resource managers, detectives, and reporters.

Furthermore, they are sturdy and can cope with life’s hardships. Thus you’ll always see them wearing a smile on good days and bad days. On the downside, Bearded Dragon totem people can be super-territorial.

Bearded Dragon Dream Interpretation

When you have a Bearded Dragon dream, it is an indication that you have foes all around you. In other words, many of the people in your circle do not have your best interest at heart. Alternatively, when this reptile appears in your sleep, it tells you to prepare for the changes about to occur in your life.

If you envision this lizard basking in the sun, then the Bearded Dragon meaning is a message that you should nurture your physical and mental health. And if you see the lizard running in the dream, it is a sign that now is the time for you to take action.

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