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Animals Stories

Animals have always been a huge part of my life. I have always felt that they were here to teach us about ourselves. They are entities with purpose and in a lot of cases creatures that are far more spiritual than we ourselves are as humans. The links found under this category are all true life experiences with animals as they have come into my life with lessons, humor and guidance.

A Dog Makes His Own Choice

A heart wrenching story in which a dog makes a surprising life choice for himself.

A Tale of Two Horses

This is a story about two racing quarter horses and the frustrating differences between them.

Daisy the Old English Sheep Dog

An Old English Sheepdog reaches the end of her tether.

Name That Horse

A little bit of exploration into some of the strange names we sometimes give our animals.

The Bear Necessities

A Mama bear and her cubs do a little bit of food scavenging.

The Brown Bear

A trip to one of the local springs brings on an encounter with one of it’s resident animals.

The Crows

A landlord declares war against a murder of crows and their morning songs.

The Reluctant Bull

A little bit of humor about an amorous and straying bull.

The Unhappy Racehorse

A sad story of companionship lost and the rebuilding of the life of an old campaigner.