African Civet

African Civet Symbolism
Create time in your busy schedule to appreciate the beauty of nature.
-African Civet

Meaning and Messages

In general, African Civet symbolism teaches you to use the night to your advantage. For example, perhaps you are always occupied in the daytime or can’t find a peaceful and quiet space in your home to work. If so, you could wake up for an hour or two at night to complete some of those tasks you couldn’t attend to during the day. Furthermore, African Civet meaning can represent the need for you to express yourself confidently. In other words, this spirit animal says that you must stop worrying about what people would think or say about you.

Just from the way a place smells, you can tell if this creature has been there or not. When you sight this spirit animal, the African Civet meaning could be a message for you to leave a mark on the world. If an African Civet appears in your thoughts or meditation, like the Bandicoot, it could also be a message for you to protect your space and energy. Alternatively, African Civet symbolism could signify “holding on to past mistakes.” Therefore, like the Barnacle, it says that you should forgive yourself and let go of all that guilt and shame you’ve been feeling.

The African Civet does not belong to the feline family. Instead, it is closely related to the Mongoose and Weasel. In the past, fragrance houses worldwide used the African Civet’s musk to make perfumes.

African Civet Totem, Spirit Animal

People who have this spirit animal prefer isolation. They don’t dislike people; they just enjoy their own company. If you desire to get the best out of them in the workplace, then allow them the privilege of working alone. Moreover, these folks are night owls. Those who have the African Civet totem are honest and straightforward. They speak their mind and will never sugar coat anything.

Individuals under the influence of this spirit animal are born risk-takers. They don’t scare easily and can take on any challenge. Also, these fellows love to live close to water. On the downside, people with the African Civet totem may lack patience.

Dream Interpretation

When you have an African Civet dream, it could signify that you have a calling to be a public speaker. It also asks you to be careful of the words you say to yourself and others. This animal has a penchant for sweet things. Thus when it comes to you in your sleep, it encourages you to do more of what makes you happy. Moreover, sighting this creature in your nighttime vision could signify your need for alone time.

If the animal is in the distance, the African Civet dream urges you to walk up to your love interest and tell them how you feel about them. A vision of this creature symbolizes that you should chase excellence in all you do.

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