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Believe in your freedom to make your own choices. You are never forced to do anything. The choice is always yours.

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If Horse has crossed your path;

Know that you have the power to change anything and everything you choose in your life. Understand that the wild freedom of the Horse can be harnessed and used for your own benefit and for those around you. This understanding comes only when man and beast enter a silent contract – acknowledging mutual respect and awareness of responsibility to each other.

Alternatively you are being asked to understand that true power is wisdom found in remembering your journey as a whole. Compassion, caring, teaching, loving, and sharing your gifts, talents and abilities are the gateways to power.

You are also reminded that all pathways have equal validity. Understanding this will give you insight into the power and the glory of a unified family and humanity. Understand that every human being must follow a pathway to empowerment before galloping upon the wings of destiny.

If Horse is your Animal Totem;

Horses are symbols of freedom. This totem brings new journeys. It will teach you to ride in new directions and discover your own freedom and power. Horse people are usually friendly and adventurous. If you have a Horse totem, you must ask yourself: “Am I feeling constricted? Do you need to move on or allow others to move on?” Horse will teach you how to ride into new directions to awaken and discover your own freedom and power.

If Horse has come to your Dreams;

Seeing yourself riding a one of these animals in your dreams may indicate you will see a project or event to successful conclusion. Falling off an equine in your dreams indicates you’re nervous about a project or event you have scheduled. Dreaming of a this animal with reins, pulling a wagon, tied with ropes, etc., indicates you are feeling restricted and desire more freedom in your life. A bucking bronc in your dreams indicates a need to break old habits.

Additional Associations of Horse…

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20 Responses to Horse

  • Over the last two years I have been working on spiritual development, recently I have started to communicate with my father who died ten years ago. Yesterday, when in the midst of a communication (I also had my grandfather and grandmother present, they both too have passed over), I asked for some form of “validation” from my father that this was not all my imagination “running away with me”. He said, clearly in my mind “look out for a white horse” and he showed me how it would appear, I was out walking; some 30 minutes later there it was. I felt as though I had been punched in the stomach. Since then I have not only felt the confirmation that the communication was real, but I was shown a white horse for additional spiritual reasons.

  • Hi
    I just came across your site to find answers to a strange dream I had. Firstly I have never looked into spirit animals, so this dream really came out of the blue. I dreamt I was randomly walking along and a huge BROWN horse came up to me (he was beautiful) and spoke to me saying he was my spirit animal. That was all that happened. Very short, but I woke up knowing this dream meant something. I don’t ever ever have dreams with meanings! I’m feeling kind of strange since waking up, like I’m meant to find the meaning of this dream. Sorry if I sound nuts!

    • Hi Emily :)
      It sounds like the meaning of your dream is exactly what was presented to you! The horse is (perhaps one of) your spirit animals!
      A spirit animal are kind of energetic and characteristic alikeness between you and that animal, which leads you to find your superpowers strengths and weakness to guide you towards more knowledge and understanding of yourself.
      I’ve been studying Shamanic dreaming and practicing spirituality for a long time and would love to tell you more about anything you’ve encountered since this dream ~ I ended up on this page intuitively and feel that maybe I was to find your message.

      PS you posted your comment at 11:11pm !
      You don’t sound nuts at all dear, it sounds like spirit is calling for your attention ~


  • ❓ I never have dreams with horses. But last night I did. More than one but one by one not all together. I was travelling down a road with my youngest in the van with me. A road I am not familair with. I do know we had visited friends and family and were leaving the property through this road. First we saw a huge dark dead creature laying across the road almost fully where not many could drive through. After we passed it then the horses started to gallop towards us on the same path passing by us one at a time maybe a few seconds or minutes after one another. At least 3 or 5 I had seen while driving down this road but the last one behaved differently. The last horse not only went towards us but did not want to pass us and wanted to stay with me and follow me and kept going at me as if throwing itself on me but not to hurt me at least I did not feel it was attacking me but I did find it very weird it would not leave me alone. Any thoughts? I have not thought of a horse as my totem however I have understood that they can be spirit guides OR we could have more than several totems during a season or spread apart through out our lives.

    Thank you for your comments. 😉

    • Wow powerful dream. Something ends and that creates the space for brand new energy to take us to our destination. Healing of some disease (dead animal) via visit to family, created abundance of brand new energy (Horses) to take place inside you. As a mother we all need that. New instinctual raw power, force of nature, miraculous cures, marital counselling and reconciliation, hopeful, energetic, loyal, friendly, powerful, spirit guide, or animal but one that requires taming, because wild horses when tamed become our best source of transportation, arrival at destination, helper in achievement of our goals. providing forward impulse and momentum. If you had any doubts about the path you are taking in life as in “will I have the necessary energy to follow through” horses are there to remind you, we will take you where you aim to go, fast and wholesome.

  • I have loved horses from when I was younger, But when I actually met a horse for the first time I was absolutely terrified of them. I loved riding them though but they made me so nervous.
    I have no idea what they mean for me but whenever I try connecting with my totem they always seem to pop up. I just don´t know how to decipher they´re presence in my life.
    Can anyone help?

    • It may mean that once you realize this horse is a message from Gaia to you and all those it is around. Medicine. The horse has a message of healing and to remind you often to read horse totem medicine. The message will guide you thru your mind if it is troubled and give you freedom from any issues in the future. Tonight my totem the moth let me know I will be reunited with my wife and to shift my energy from drama to what is closest to My heart. In fact the agreement I had with the moth was when instead of killing them I saved them. That moment is when I became aware of awareness. Everything is true for you in the medicine above. Start observing all animals and insects that you see and understand free healing.

  • My aunt has two horses name LadyBug and Belle, they are very protective over me. LadyBug and I are connected anytime I’m sad, lonely, or afraid she is there to show me that she cares no matter what or actions that happened to cause my pain or sadness.

  • 😉 I went walking last night at our local civic center on the water, with a friend. We were surprised that horses and trailers were all over the parking lot. I was playful and free til I got the call to go home and perform duties that sicken me, literally, emotionally and physically. I read today the totem for the horse, and It made me know that my HARD DECISION is the right one that will bring me to that freedom, from the bondage of this man, the drug I use, and the fear of being lazy and fat if I don’t do the drug. I can go get help with antidepressents and therapy and REALLY BE FREE. TO BE THE REAL ME.

  • I have had many dreams of horses but one stuck.with mE. I was on the side of a mountain looking down at a river where horses were drinking water. The water was not deep and they were in it I looked past everything else and saw there was nothing else only black space. I saw a wave coming towards the horse that came from no where. And I tried to run down the side of the cliff to scares the horse out of the water. My arms grew long and so did my legs my legs got so long I got farther from the horseS it was to late they had been washed away into nothing.

    • Emotional tides are drowning physical stamina vitality and healing potential of self. Reduce drama in life OR….Emotional waves are removing too much of a wild and carefree nature, engulfing raw energy. Emotional lethargy, drained by emotional excess could be a potential answer. Super human powers are making you miss your goals, try relaxation and emotionally nurturing heart based family connection in place of self willed wild raw super human strength alone to solve your situation. Go with the flow of emotional waves let go, powerless against forces of nature, especially universal source of love connection from the heart.

  • I have dreamt of a horse a few days back. Here´s the dream.

    The kingdom I lived in had an annual festival where horses and humans find their connected one. I was sad because last time it took me days after the festival to find my horse because she didnt live in the area I was. It was even worse as I watched others find their horse. As I wished to find my horse I felt a direction that I should go towards and deviated from the group I was in. When I found him, a large beautiful black with white mud-style coloring draft stallion, i just knew that we had a connection. The sad thing was is that he was from another kingdom that just started attacking us to steal our horses. The good thing though was that he wanted to be with me. When we were caught I got on him and we ran taking some of our friends as the enemy chased us.

    I have already found my spirit animals (wolf – main, eagle, crab, and phoenix – mythical) so I am wondering why I had the connection with the stallion in my dream. If anyone can help me understand, I will be very grateful.

    • Saw him again in my latest dream. I also remember pointing him out and saying “That is the horse from my dream” or something close to it in my dream. I also clearly saw him in his more black than white tovero coat.

  • Hi I was wondering about a dream I had and was wondering could this mean that the horse is my animal guide. My dream was I was running in the woods away from something chasing me. I fell & was hurt. Whatever was chasing me was evil & it was getting closer. Then I herd hoofbeats. A big black horse came up to me made a circle around me & then he layed down. I crawled on his back, grabbed his mane then he got up & took off running. Whatever was chasing me was still after me. Then we came in a clearing. I remember seeing the moon. I saw the horses breath & still herd his hoofs hitting the ground when I woke up from my dream. He saved me from whatever was in those woods. That’s why I believe the horse is my spirit guide. Any input would be great!
    Thank you,
    Brandy Roark

  • This isn’t particularly related to the horse, yet they tie in together and I am confused. I’ve recently been involved in an abusive relationship, so abusive I have to attend court for it in the very near future. I am extremely nervous to face my abuser.

    While being in this relationship, I kept seeing white horses (I live in the country) everytime I passed by a field. That gave me immense strength, to see a horse grazing and standing mightily.
    After having the courage to end the relationship, I kept seeing unicorns (not real, of course!) in my meditations and throughout my daily routine. (My family would be watching a movie about unicorns, I’d see a unicorn bracelet in a store, a little girl holding a stuffed unicorn.) Each time I saw this, I felt strength and comfort, I even went on to wear a unicorn necklace to calm me.

    Well, this morning I broke down out of anxiety and tried meditation, begging whoever was listening in the spiritual realm to have everything turn out alright. While I meditated, I saw the unicorn again, this time with wings like a Pegasus. It allowed me to climb on its back and we soared high in the skies, and now I feel relaxed, calm, and unafraid.

    What could this mean? I have seen real and mythical animals along this tough journey, and I’m grateful for their guidance, but I’m confused beyond belief. I didn’t know mythical animals could be a spirit animal.

    • So sorry to hear of the abuse you suffered. Absolutely any animal can be a spirit animal in the shamanic realm, which is also known as nonordinary reality. This includes creatures that are normal, mythological, or completely unknown. Hopefully the following won’t make you uncomfortable, because my intent is to help. Along with other associations, horse spirits are associated with sexuality and unicorns doubly so. Winged unicorn…wow. If your abuser was your lover, it may be that Spirit is trying to provide you with the same intensity you had in your relationship (not necessarily sexual) to hold you over until you can get this difficult time. Becoming a Pegasus may also mean that Spirit is trying to rescue you and take you to a place of safety. Hope this helps.

    • In no way am I an expert, but I and a lot of my friends have our own mythical spirit animal that we relate too. So yes it is possible. I have 3 non mythicals as well, but only the wolf is my main. Having all of the horse kinds be there for you means you probably do have a strong connection to them and they really wanted to help you and keep you strong through the tough times.

  • I have been trying to find my spirit animal for a while now, and I have gotten Owls Deer Bears Coyotes Wolves and a Whale! And this description of the Horse is alot like me! And sometimes I do have dreams about Horses. So hoe can I tell if it is my Spirit animal?

  • Hello, I had a dream about a herd of dark chestnut coloured horses running wild and free. I was watching this scene and as they ran closer and closer they just emanated freedom. they were so glossy and beautiful. I was not riding any of the horses, it was just a scene of horses running freely in the distance like a scene I was watching.

    Can you tell me what this dream meant or give me any insight into it?!

    • You are most likely feeling as if your stuck in the heard of life,and you want to break free of it. So your dream is telling you not to be afraid to take charge ,and dare to be different
      ,best regards,-Theequestriangal

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