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Choose your priorities and eliminate all distractions.

If Hawk has flown into your life;

Be aware that there is a message to be received and interpreted. Hawk holds the key to higher consciousness and trying to bring certain things into your circle of awareness. Know that enlightenment is imminent.

This bird of prey often represents the ability to see meaning in ordinary experiences if you choose to become more observant.

Many of the messages this bird brings you are about freeing yourself of thoughts and beliefs that are limiting your ability to soar above your life and gain a greater perspective. It is this ability to soar high above to catch a glimpse of the bigger picture that will allow you to survive and flourish.

If Hawk is your Animal Totem;

Optimism is one of your strongest virtues. You love to share your visions of a better and brighter future. you tend to always ahead of your time and it’s not easy seeing what other people are not ready to see.

Often it is difficult for you to share your insights with others because the other person does not necessarily want to hear it. Learning to give your messages subtly is a must because becoming forceful will cause retreat.

If Hawk comes to your Dreams;

To see a this bird of prey in your dream, denotes that suspicions are lurking around you and your activities. You need to proceed with caution. Alternatively, a hawk symbolizes insight. Consider the phrase “hawk’s eye” to mean that you need to keep a close watch on someone or some situation. The key is to sense the subtle meaning carried by the winds and spirit of change.

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94 Responses to Hawk

  • My mom just had a red tail fly into a window. Unfortunately the bird did not make it. We don’t know how the glass did not break the impact was so strong. I am concerned because we are putting the house on the market tomorrow. Is this a bad sign?

    Thank you.

    • When birds fly into a window they normally around sign of a passing of someone. They are a passing of something emotionally, mentally, or spiritual, by all accounts her selling her house is like a death, because she mostly like spend a great deal of time with the house.

  • Just about half an hour ago, I saw a coyote out in the field across the street. I haven’t seen one in over 6 months and was able to get a little video of her before she started heading back to the woods. I put the camera away and watched her some more and noticed her stop at the edge of the field. Just then a huge white bird, a White Hawk (my first time seeing one,) flew right above her head and landed on a tree across the way. Coyote stayed an extra 10 seconds or so to look at the hawk before returning to the woods. Sadly, I wasn’t fast enough to get a picture/video of the hawk but WOW. Any ideas what these two combined mean? Thanks!

  • I rarely remember my dreams. Last night I had a dream that a huge hawk flew into my arms trying to get away from another. It was as if it wanted me to take it into my arms and protect it from harm. Very bizarre. Looking for meaning.

    • I had a similar dream, in which i ended up protecting a hawk. At the time I was with a wise advisor of mine, and she told me that it might symbolize me protecting a vision or idea (the hawk) from danger. I saw a baby hawk so she suggested there was a budding idea I was protecting, but you did not mention yours being a young hawk. I hope this helps

  • A few days ago, close family from out of town came to visit, and we had a wonderful time. A day after they left, we found that a substantial amount of money was stolen. All evidence points to a significant other of one of the family members. I am 100% sure that it is this person, but everything is substantial. Even though family members are in shock, nothing has been resolved. Believe me, I am not one to accuse easily. Last night, I had the strangest dream. A hawk was in front of my view. At first it would swoop down to swallow small birds whole. Then, the prey was getting larger. It began attacking a fox. As it bothered me to watch this, even though I knew this was nature doing its thing, someone beside me who I can’t identify (they were more like a shadow), stopped me from intervening. When I looked closely, the fox became a regular sized, long furred dog who was frantically trying to get away. As I was held back by this person to let nature take its course, the hawk damaged the dog to where it was alive, but lying down fatally injured. I had broken away from this person to help the dog, but it was too late. It just stared at me. When I looked up, the hawk resumed swooping down on his prey, this time a baby fawn, who had no chance. Then, I woke up. This is the first time I ever dreamed of a hawk. Wow, as I re-read this, it’s starting to make sense as to who the dog and little fawn are, but is anyone out there that interprets well?

    • I feel like you have either hurt two beautiful people or watched the two while they were being hurt….maybe just verbally? The hawk needs you to pay closers attention. Just my thoughts

    • From reading about the recent incident in your family I interpret the dream as being a reflection of the situation described weighing heavily on your heart. The hawk represents awareness and enlightenment which is symbolic of your intuition and knowledge of who had taken the money and this truth represented by the hawk was attacking metaphorically those in your family who were reluctant or resistant of the truth and ultimately the hawk attacks the largest prey which represents the actual deceiver who committed the wrong doing. And this animal changed or shifted from one form to another as evil doers customarily do in an effort to manipulate or perspective and distance us from the truth so far that we may even protect the wrong doer out of pity. The compassionate component of the pure hearted wants to save even the wicked but the voice of righteousness which doesn’t have a face or a name like your shadow pulls us away so that evil wrongdoings can be reprimanded and dealt with according to the foolproof laws of nature as were set in motion since the beginning of time. Blessings.

  • Recently ive had dreams were hawks are continuously appearing, ive also seemed to be becoming attached to more indian artifacts . I feel like im discovering a past life or discovering my spirit animal first. Its strange. Yet i feel like when i get close im not close enough to see what i must. Is there any advice u can share with me?

  • i went to the woods today to meet some friends and when i met them i looked up through the trees and there were 3 beautiful hawks that were totally white underneath circling around me and i think that was just what i needed!

  • Those are all so awesome..Ive seen a hawk last year on a roadsign almost to my house. ..

  • In May of 2015 I was diagnosed with an extremely aggressive cancer. Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Without treatments I had only a matter of months to live. I immediately started very high chemotherapy treatments. It was horrible. At the end of August my partner and I became aware of a Red Tailed Hawk that would perch on our chimney and appeared unafraid. A few days later in early September and on a gut feeling I found her on an old dead tree across the road. I through some raw strips of steak from the previous nights dinner that I had saved for her. She immediately flew down and ate them. I came to understand through my research that she was a young Red Tailed Hawk that had been captured and trained for Falconry and therefor unafraid of humans. I also came to see that she was handicapped. She had no injuries but she had lost some very important flight feathers. Up until this day I have been feeding her when she comes to me though her visits have become increasingly less frequent. I named her Bella which means beautiful in 3 languages. Her genus is Buteo which sounds somewhat like beautiful. I thought it was a good fit. She disappears for periods of time, the longest being 3 weeks. I completed Chemotherapy in October and in November I was told that I am in complete remission and cancer free. I nurtured Bella all through this and I can’t help but believe that she did the same for me. She came to me when I needed her most and she helped to redirect my focus. She helped to give me strength and her well being was extremely important to me. Her feathers have grown back and she now flys freely and gracefully. She no longer needs me and is returning to the wild as she should. I am still healing but so thankful that I have survived this. I love springtime and it’s close at hand. Gardening, hiking, outdoor projects, kayaking ! I get to do all of those things !!!!! 😎
    Bella is flying freely now and so am I. She is my totem. I didn’t choose her. She chose me.

    • That is an amazing relationship established. Im a bit jelous :mrgreen: i to just finished 8 months of chemo and a hysterectomy.
      I have always had bird medicine around me. Through my chemotherapy my dog became grounding, healing, warm and a true comfort through winter months. Now spring is here, my cancer out of the way, im gardening, cooki thinking ahead. Today i was driving to work and out of the right side a bird flew into my truck. I couldnt stop. My windshild wipper caught a feather and it was a red tail hawk. I have only rescued birds or mercy killed those suffering. I had an experience years ago hitting a dove flying in front of my car. I divorced my husband soon after.

    • Mike this is really inspiring to hear of your heartfelt connection and gifted awareness of this blessed soul within the Hawk. Truely beautiful. Hawk started coming to me when i was on a journey south to a funeral of my dads best friend. Hawk was often sitting on dead trees or flying at significant points in when i was in conversation with my dad. Lately hawk has been coming again and i was pondering what the message of hawk is……life after death…. and recently i met a fellow after praying on the beach together acknowledging Creator and sending up a prayer the fella showed me that a hawk was in the clouds and the clouds certainly where making a hawk a very detailed one too. Very Beautiful. Now Hawk is telling me that their family are messengers from the spirit world from the ones that have passed on that our prayers are being heard and cared for.

    • My experience with a red tailed hawk whose name became “Chisum” was the genesis of “Chisum’s Song” My experience with Mr. Chisum has much in common with your own. If you have a moment please go to my website at cmentch.com and give a read to the lyric under the song tab for “Chisum’s Song: The Amber Cradle of Forever’s Day”.

    • Eat asparagus whenever you can. It was there for you. They always bring a message. Don’the know what it is, different for everyone I suppose.

  • My spirit was awakened this morning, Sat 2/20/16 around 5ish. The Lord was giving me instructions regarding the storm on which I am going through. I followed through with the immediate ones and WILL follow through with the rest as they come. Lord I thank you for all your trials, tribulations and blessings. I bedded myself again, to wake up around 11am feeling fabulous. I let out Precious, my cat to notice a multitude of large birds soaring on a cloudy day. It was awesome. Then I googled it and read the following.

  • I lived in the country. had a field out back. and a mt. behind that. a red tailed hawk live in a tree a little ways up the mt. she would come down around me and land. she had a baby and she watched the baby learn to fly, dive and twist around in the field. next year she had a nest amile from me. oneday I was in my house and I felt her outdoors. went out towards the field and talked to her, and she flew down to me and landed on a fench to my left. after that I would walk around and she would follow me. when my daughter came home that nite she said”mum there is a hawk flying back and forth in front of the window’s[they were big windows]. got to believe that she loved me. I sure enjoyed her.

  • High I am trying to find out if the hawk is my animal totem. I have been seeing hawks since the spring now one flew out the tree as I was walking my dogs and it really cault my eye. So I followed the hawk and it flew out in front of me again. So I followed the hawk to where it perched in the tree again. The hawk let me walk right under neath him while he was perched in the tree which was only 5′ from me and looked right in to my eyes. It just felt spceail and did not no if anybody could help me with its meaning. I see them a lot since I have been paying attention. Just yesterday my son told me a hawk flew out of a tree and tried to grab a bird in are front yard. If anybody could please help me with some insight it would be highly appreciated thank you.

    • I had an experience last March…my husband had died December 2014 and I was still going through trying times…one day in March I was having breathing episode while walking my dog (we h ave woods and open fields on our land) well a red shouldered hawk stArted screeching at me up in a tree. so I assumed I was too close to his nest…so I walked in a different direction. he followed us and perched in a nearby tree and screeched again. so now I am feeling a bit strange…We changed directions again and went into the woods, so he followed me again and perched on tree and screeched….so I stArted to go by our trailer and there are trees nearby and he flew right by me eye level looked me in the eye and perched on a tree…he stayed there until I went inside…I knew I would have visions of this hawk that night…and I woke up in the night and saw a vision first of my husband…then I saw the hawk flying high in the sky with other hawks…I still see the red shouldered hawk…and recently again he perched in the tree by me until I went inside my house…very amazing….

  • Everytime I come to visit my son I always have hawks follow me at least 4-5 at a time would fly over me

  • I’ve seen three hawks over the weekend and I wonder what it meant because my spirit animal is a wolf and my animal totem is an owl.

  • I have a pair of hawks that come back every spring to breed in my cottonwood tree. Last year the female and I came face to face when the juvenile came out of the nest. So awesome to see a hawk eye to eye. We were literally a foot apart. My back yard becomes their territory through the breeding and juvenile process. So awesome to hear their screeches first thing in the morning. Nothing more rewarding then to see these magnificent hawks on a daily basis. Sad to see them go when they migrate back to Argentina for the winter, then the red tails come back for the winter. Awesome. To witness such events of the nesting, breeding and the juveniles is such a rewarding experience. My true totem is a hawk, they came to me, and return every year.

  • I have to start with my mom passing unexpectedly almost a yr ago. But a weeks ago i went to the parking garage at work for a break. I was leaning on the edge looking out and out of nowhere a huge white hawk flew towards me. It was so close we made eye contact! Yesterday at a family gathering, my sister, aunt and step dad were helping my grandfather out of the car..i looked up and s huge hawk was flying towards us, and behind it were 4 white birds. No seagulls..these were little white birds. It was crazy and i dont know what to think.

  • I was asking for a sign driving in to work this morning. Not expecting it to be immediate, I was startled when a hawk flew out of nowhere and swooped in front of my car. This is in a city!! If that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is. Hawks are my absolute favorite!!

    • Hey man the same thing happened to me. I thought the hawk died but not really sure. Driving through boston and the thing just dove right in front of me, i had to swerve to avoid hitting it. Not sure what to think

  • last Sunday I was outside my house when I noticed something move out of the corner of my eye. I don’t even know how it got my attention but it did. It was a red tail hawk. It was hopping out from behind a bush that is up against the house next door. It stopped for a few seconds while looking at me then it took off flying toward the end of my house. I backed up to see it in the sky because I was close to the house. I never saw it above my house. I had found a tail feather about a year ago of the red tail hawk. I live in a city neighborhood with houses 150′ apart. I never could find where it went but know I saw it and it me.
    I had seen an eagle a couple weeks before flying over the house while being attacked by a large black bird. I live in Knoxville Tennessee and eagles are not very common in the skies above the city…..
    I definitely felt like the hawk was communicating with me but not sure how to read this…

  • as i read this… There is a hawk sitting on a rock on my property staring at me through my window for the last 20 minutes.
    Yesterday it tried to fly into my house when opening the door.


    • I wouldn’t be freaked out. Animals have been our messengers for eons!

    • This morning a Hawk greeted me from the top of a telephone pole as I drove into the mountains. This is not unusual where I live -but a little later on the road, one flew down directly in front of the car (I wasn’t going very fast) and flew along my right side for over 1/4 of a mile.

      Later on my hike, I first found one small and then a large Hawk tail-feather. This has never happened in all my walks. I am searching- I sense I a
      m being something that is out of my realm of experience. Hence I don’t know “the” question…..Each question presented thus far has not been the “root” answer. This I feel…..

  • Yesterday, I awoke to single hawk sitting in the very top of the tree outside my bedroom window. It was facing North East for the most part, calling for at least 4 hours. It took off in an Easterly direction and wasn’t seen again until this morning. Again on the same perch. The hawk didn’t stay as long this time. I live in the country and hawks are abundant here. However I find there may be a message I need to hear, as, even though I live in the country, I have never had hawks behave in such a manner. They will perch un the back woods away from the house or fly over, but never so close. Hawk is not my totem nor does he appear in my medicine wheel. Therefore I believe his message is one I must seek to hear.

  • Hi, The hawk is my power animal and I understand it’s symbolism. I see hawks almost every day and I worry about how badly hawks are harassed by ravens while hunting. Today, a kestrel fell to the ground on the edge of the property. It was holding a snake and the head of the snake was torn off. Both the hawk and snake were dead. The hawk had not been shot, and it did not seem likely that it was bitten by the snake, so maybe the ravens managed to dive-bomb it to the ground. Or else it was electrocuted by the transformer wires. One of it’s eyes was whitish. It was so beautiful and strong and brave. I was in awe of it. I sat with the dead hawk while a family of kestrels called to it from the nearby pine tree. I developed a nauseous feeling in my stomach that lasted the rest of the day. My stomach feels a bit better now but I am feeling a loss…. I blessed the hawk and sent it onward to the heavens. Any thoughts that you could share with me about the meaning of this event?

  • I’ve had a hawk following me around for the good part of 20 years it seems everywhere ive have went in my travels ive seen a hawk fowling me around is there any reason for this ?

  • In my dream I was younger, with my now deceased father who was younger in the dream as well. We saw the hawk circling above so I put my finger out for it to perch on. It flew down in slow motion and I watched it’s huge talon wrap gently but not completely around my small finger. It never closed it’s wings so I never felt the full weight of the bird. It leaned it’s beak down to meet my nose and gave me a message that filled me with light and hope and peace. I was full of wonder and now scramble to remember the message. All I have is the feeling it left me with.

  • It’s been a year or so since I’ve seen What I believe to be my spirit animal (Hawk) surrounding me. When I’m on the road or simply taking a walk even When I’m out I see a hawk almost everywhere I go. I’d say up to 70/80% of the time. I’m not distraught or annoyed by it but rather I feel comfort When I see one. Just last night I had a dream about one. At this time I was at home by myself (which i dont really like unless my dog is over visiting from my parents) while my bf was at his night shift job. I had somewhat of an eery and discomfort feeling I decided to just sleep it off and hopefully stay asleep until my bf got Home. I’m asleep and I have a dream of a hawk visiting me in my room. It lands on my arm and I hold out my arm so that it’ll fly away but When it did it would just come back and land on my arm again. I was a little scared of it but assured me I could trust It and that I wasn’t alone. I want to know if there is more to this dream or did I just have it because of the way I was feeling that night ..what do you guys think? :roll:

  • Uuuhhh guys my spirit animal is a cougar and my friends animal is a hawk we work really good together, but recently i have been having dreams about them working together and then out of nowere comes a huge lion, and he attacks us i see us suffer and then my dream ends im not sure if the dream means we are in danger or not but i need help to figure it out, thanks 😕

  • I would appreciate anyone’s input. I cannot remember for the most part, my entire dream, however, what seems to be standing out is that I am standing by a window and a hawk that is circling in the sky grabs my attention. As I began to look out of the window at the circling hawk, a large white bird with a splash of blue on it’s back flies inside of the window and lands right on the window ledge I’m leaning on and is staring at me. As I’m telling my mother, who is in the kitchen about the bird, she asks me if the bird flew in the house or close to the window. I then get her to come to the window and the bird is gone, but within that instant, it flies back into the house but on the inside window ledge. The splash of blue color on it’s back was strange but very beautiful to see on a pure white bird. My mother then instructs me to get it out because it means death but the bird looks at me as I tried to shoot it out the window and flies out on it’s own.
    Again, any input or opinions would greatly be appreciated. Thanx.

    • Not sure What that dream really means but now that I remember my dream I had about a hawk was also white but with some brown Kind of like an eagle but assured that the face, size, and beak was of a hawk . Now I wonder What the color means

  • I went to Sedona and stayed in angel valley with my girlfriend and 5 of our friends. it was our second day there and we were sitting in the center of a labyrinth, the sun was just starting to go down and we all noticed a black hawk like bird flying past us. As the bird flew by the tail started to grow longer and pointy, as if it were trailing behind, then it just disappeared! We all immediately turned to eachother in complete shock wondering if others had seen it, and all seven of us did. I know this sounds crazy, we all decided to be very selective with who we share this story, but I want to find someone who may have some idea as to what this was or means. Thank you,

  • Hi my name is Avery and I would be very grateful for some imput. Recently, a bird (I think it was a hawk) swooped low and landed on our roof. It sat there and then flew away. No one else in my family saw it but me. Does that mean I’m getting a message from the hawk? 😕

  • I have always had a connection with Hawks but this morning I walked outside and when I sneezed 12 to 15 Hawks and several massive Vultures scattered like pigeons. I was surrounded and all their energy was focused on me because I was close the possum they were eating. I could feel an intense power.

    • There were no hawks. They are not scavengers like vultures. Most likely, you saw only vultures… Maybe a couple crows too.

  • Recently my mother passed away and this was very suddenly and unexpected, she was only 53 years old. Well yesterday a Hawk was sitting in front of my kitchen window so I decided to look up the meaning of Hawks and now what this may mean for me and if it has something to do with my Mom. I now realize I have been seeing a Hawk all the time while driving somewhere… especially when I visit her grave. Never have I ever seen one though in my yard until yesterday. Just wondering your insight on this. ❓ ❓

  • Hi I’m Ken my wife is Emma we lost our son a year ago it was his birthday was February 16,he was going to be 39 years old,since he died we have been seeing and notesing hawks in our life,my wife and myself are Christians ,on February 15,2015 we went to the grave sight with boloons and we wrote on them little quotes,and we let them go,they flue off into the distance and I said to my wife and to of chucks close friends wouldn’t it be something if a hawk appeared and out of know where it appeared it was soaring right above it was close and it was beautiful and breath taking,it was spiritual and emotional it was with us for about 10 minutes and then flue off in the same direction as the balloons,all I can say is it was unbelievable!

  • i been seeing a hawk on the side of road for a few days now what does that mean my daughter passed away on these day thank you

  • I had a dream last night that a hawk was sitting in the curb downtown Houston ..as I walked by he screeched at me and then flew onto my back …he wanted a cigarette from my pack ..he took it and then flew back to the ground..he skipped off with it in his beak…It happens to be my birthday …and I quitt smoking 7 yrs ago on my birthday…when I was dreaming I dont think I thought it was my birthday…what does this mean 😆

  • My dad and I were walking from the beach when a hawk flew over us as we watched in aww. One minute later it came back, swooping down right over our heads and unleashed a pile of see weed from it’s grasp in front of us then took off. Of course I had to do research because I felt that it was significant but either way, it definitely was a great start to our day.

  • I had a dream where a giant hawk came and landed on a branch right next to me in the middle of another dream sequence. It had a black face, and then faded more into red-tailed hawk feathers. It had giant orange-red eyes and was communicating something telepathically to me. It was larger than a regular hawk, so I almost didn’t know what it was at first. Then this giant cloud of brown tipped doves came and chased it away. Any ideas what this could mean? :roll:

  • This morning I was at dentist office!! The whole time there was a beautiful HAWK on the telephone line looking at me and around for 45 mins right thru the dentist office window and when i came out… I took photos from my cell phone and that hawk was still there til I got into my car that was right above me!! Wish I could post photos on this site!!

  • This morning when I opened the blinds I saw a hawk perched on my fence. I went and woke up my wife and came back out and it was still sitting there. It then flew to other side of the yard and perched on that fence,. It then proceeded to perch itself on my son’s play set. A few moments later it flew right in front of our window perching itself on the frame of gazebo looking right at us less than 10 ft away. It eventually flew away but I am sure there was some kind of message for me but I don’t know how to interrupt it. Mind you this is a subdivision with over 300 homes so it is a rare sight to say the least. About a year ago when my brother and his wife were leaving to go back to MI (I’m in TN) a deer ran right behind their car, again really odd to see a deer running through a subdivision. Never saw one since. Any ideas what this all means?

    …today the last day of 2014, life goes on & on & on to a Happy New Year 2015. …Warriors know that the powers that guide men’s lives lead all living creatures to their deaths; the death of any given being has the capacity to be a gift for something or someone else… -JOURNEY TO IXTLAN-The Lessons of Don Juan-Carlos Castaneda-

  • When my beloved buddy and companion cat died (i had to put him down due to age related neurological disorders) I was both devastated and relieved. Several weeks later i had an extremely vivid dream (first one in months)where i was walking thru a mossy forest and I saw my cat sitting on a moss coverd rock. He purred LOUDLY and then transformed into a hawk and flew off. The dream ended there.

    Since then i have CONSTANTLY seen hawks (Coopers and red tailed) everywhere i go.

    I like to think that my little fur buddy transformed into a hawk spirit after his passing, and that everytime i see ahawk , its him looking out for me.



    • That was definitely a visit from your cat, connecting with you in the dream state. Your cat is watching over you and influences you with the spirit of Hawk. What an amazing gift, and a powerful friend in spirit you have, a majestic being.

  • I just had a dream that I almost died giving birth to my son but a hawk saved my life. He was helping me breathe. What in the world must that mean?? 😯

  • This morning at dawn I was driving just passed a farm field and crossroad when I watched a hawk swoop down and catch its prey then disappearing behind a soil mound. I wanted to know if there was anything significant when sp[otting a hunt in action from one of your totem animals. The Hawk is my Solar Totem and Owl my Shadow Totem. Any thoughts? Thanks :smile:

  • I see hawks all the time. Usually 5 or more a day.

  • My husband and children saw a sad sight regarding a hawk. It was carrying away a kitten (they could do nothing about it). He feels this might have some symbolism to it? Does anyone know what that might be?

  • I have no idea what this may mean but in the last year in a half I have seen a hawk land right by me 3 times. Ive seen them here and there not thinking anything of it. the first time I actually noticed it was almost two years ago I was stopping at a light and the hawk was already perched on the wire to the right of my car. I thought man I wish I had my camera that would have be a cool shot. the second time it happened was in august this year I went to drive under a light post and watched it land right on the light post I was driving under so I just stopped and we had eye contact. then it happened again yesterday. now this is the closest I have seen and had happen in just a few months apart. again I came to a stop sign and saw the hawk maybe 10 feet away. as I turned I slowed down to see him walking on the ground. as I was watching the hawk just lifted and flew straight towards me and over my car and landed right next to my passenger car window perched on a fence. it was beautiful! you could see everything how big his eye was, all his feathers, his talons, his beak. I have never in my life been so close to hawk before. and it just stayed their as I took a picture with my cell phone again had no camera I was not happy about that lol. Ive never seen this happen to me before. what does it mean? why? what are the odds of coming in such a close encounter with a hawk? I think if it was a trained hawk and I stood outside of my car, once he started to fly towards me it looked like if it would have landed right on my arm. so so beautiful and majestic. I have yet to see it this morning but as I started researching this I heard it call or cry out and I knew it was a hawk. I hope I can get some insight soon. this post was very informative and good to read thank you for sharing this :) Please help me understand why this is happening and what should I do? Im very excited to have finally came so close to this beautiful animal that has made its appearance for me to see more. -Adrian

  • There is a stunning grey hawk sitting right outside my window and has been for 20 minutes. Locking gazes is astounding. I just need to tune into his message.

    • Earlier today, I saw several people with my maiden name pop up, MCCABE, on the internet, Facebook, articles. I have been gone all day and just got home to see
      2 hawks in my tree in the backyard???? I feel that I am getting a message, but wish I knew more???? Anyone can help?


    • Well said…just how I felt when a hawk paid a visit to my balcony at 8am this morning. He looked right at me & was there long enough for me to take 4 pictures. I dont recall seeing a hawk this close before.

  • My husband died unexpectantly of a heart attack in his sleep 3 weeks ago. This morning there was a dead hawk on my front steps. He did not appear to have injuries so not sure how he died. Trying really hard to figure out the meaning of this.

  • An injured hawk came to my back yard a year ago. We called wildlife ranger. When ranger arrived, injured hawk was gone, (couldnt fly) 5 of searched in the rain.A few days later injured hawk came to our Front door. We put an open crate over him, fed & watered him. Several days later a ranger took him to a local place that would repair his broken wing & bring him back to area he was found. days later I checked on him & was told he didn’t make it. He was healthy, just a broken wing. I was extremely saddened. Two days ago a beautiful hawk landed in perfect view on our back pool screen top, stayed for awhile. Knew I was taking pics & admiring, finally flew. Also a (tiny) turtle came to my front door @new house, different story. I just feel these hawks have a significant meaning-to do w/ My grown daughter who has been struggling for over a year. Question! What am I not doing or understanding?!! I gave the first hawk up for better care :(

    • Carrie,
      You did the right thing. I too had an injured hawk come to me for help. It had an injured wing. Wing injuries are extremely hard to fix. More than likely they will never be able to fly again. Hawks are flight. The hunt in flight. They soar high above us and must NE able to perch in the trees. A hawk who cannot fly looses its freedom and thus is no longer able to care for itself. When a rehaber takes care of a bird, they must decide whether or not they can continue to live a good life. Some birds may be able to stay in care and become education birds, but it is not the same life as being free to fly high. You made the right decision. The bird I found was also euthanized. Two days later her family came and circled the area where she had been and called. I knew her spirit was free to fly again. Sometimes, the best thing we can do as human is allow the beautiful spirit trapped inside a broken body to be free. I know volunteer at a raptor care facility. Thank you for caring about these wonderful birds.

  • Hi everyone!
    I was on Assateague Island at the top of the lighthouse when two or three hawks flew out of the trees. I wasn’t too surprised at that but each of them got really close to the lighthouse. Does that mean anything? Then later I was on a boat ride and a hawk swooped down and flew with the boat for a couple feet. Does that mean anything? Thanks for any imput.

  • i was driving and i believe it was hawks……the first one got inline with my car and was flying the same direction the 2 came from the right of me out of nowhere and did a complete turn,the 3rd one flew over my car going in the opposite direction ….not sure what any of this means

    • this was all in about a ten mile raduis not all at once

      • Hello Jackie: Pay attention to the quotation box at the top of the page when you return to this sight. The message there will be specific to you. If it is still not clear then ask for clarification and click the random button above the quotation box. Another one of over 700 hundred random messages will help to clarify the situation. The number three is symbolic of help arriving in answer to your prayers.

  • i work diligently on expanding my spiritually. About 15 or so years I realized that when I had difficult and challenging decisions to make I was making them using “my first mind” which I believe is the universe leading me on my path. I have found that to be absolutely true for me. After I have made my difficult decision,I always see a hawk and many time more than one. In my spirituality i believe that the hawk is an answer from my higher power.
    I have also shared the hawk stories with others that are overwhelmed and they too have found that the hawk is a spirit guide for them as well. We are currently on our third generation of hawk lovers. My friends 3 year granddaughter had heard us speaking of Hawks, and she began pointing out Hawks to us. She showed her grandma a hawk sitting on a tree at her daycare on the first day for her. Grandma was so relieved that she cried all the way home. Thank you for my wonderful. Hawks. Many times I will put out kinnic,if I am home and have access to it.

  • So I saw a hawk just before my mom and I went to ride. my mom got bucked off but not hurt. when we returned home the hawk was flying around my house.. what was he telling me?

  • I had a dream where I found myself in the middle of a field of tall grass that was surrounded by trees. I was leaning against an unfamiliar truck and I felt I was dove hunting but there were no doves flying. I could feel the frustration of a slow hunt and sat down next to the truck and looked straight up. First, I saw one hawk circling, then 2 more, then 5 more and soon the sky was filled with soaring hawks. It was at this time, I heard something behind me, turned and noticed 3 people approaching me and the dream suddenly ended. They were hooded and I don’t remember noticing their faces.

    • Hello Tom: I believe the message in this dream is that whatever it is you are searching for – you must look inside yourself to find it. To find it externally will only give you more of the same.

  • My dream: I was looking out at a city in the daytime and was admiring the beautiful sky and large skyscrapers way off in the distance. I decided to take a picture and spotted a hawk carrying a dog in the frame. I looked directly at this, not from the camera lense and began yelling. Suddenly the dog appeared on the ground and came towards me as I called for him. As I led him inside to safety I noticed his collar and in between looking for his name and talking with him a little boy appeared…I went from being able to hear his response in my mind to talking with the boy about what his name was…to suddenly reading what his name was on a piece of paper. I asked the boy to see where the Hawks claws had latched on to his back…and once again the dog appeared and was running up and down stairs from a home I had lived in years ago. Earlier last night I had been cleaning out my garage, had gone through paperwork from years ago when I had some legal issues…During which I lived in that same house. Seeing those papers reminded me of my previous failures and poor mental health. I’ve grown as a person since that time but am curious if there’s a connection. I have also become more active lately in supporting animal rescues. Thanks for your input.

    • Hello Suz: This dream is significant in that the Hawk is letting you know that the message of the dream is important. Your personal mental health journey since you left the home in your past has been significant – however the dog in your dream is saying that you waver between being true to yourself in your decisions and simply doing what others ask of you in an effort to make friends or be liked by others. In other words Hawk is saying that you must put yourself first in order to gain the respect of your peers. There is no such thing as failure …. it’s simply a lesson learned and we move on.

  • omg you are so right thank you thank you I’m trying to be happy I feel the kids won’t unless I am , I just want everything to be ok and everyone to be happy…

  • I’m Chumash & Mescalero Apache Native American.I’ve had this connection with Red Tail Hawks. usually when I’m going through a trial in my life. On one occasion my husband & I got into an altercation due to his infidelity &while I was driving to my mother’s, I was driving past a cemetery & I was stopped in front of the cemetery due to a red light, a red tail hawk flew to center divider island big & beautiful. Starring @ me spread his wings which seemed to be a long time but was only a few minutes then flew off. I did not realize how big they really are, never seen one that close. I have moved since then, but see these red tail hawks often usually driving & another occasion when my nephew was killed flying along beside my car 😎 😛 😛 :roll:

  • Last summer, I noticed three very young hawks learning to hunt around where I work. I lived in an apartment less than two miles away, so I saw them often at home as well. This summer, I’ve noticed all three of them are still hunting here on property. One of them actually interacted with me at work- he led me to the woods on the edge of the property one night, where I got to see a mother doe and her two young babies.

    Recently I’ve also noticed another young hawk flying and living around my new home several miles away. He is beautiful. This afternoon, on my way to work, I caught sight of him flying over me less than 15 feet above my car. He flew toward me, and when he reached my car, he abruptly turned around and flew next to my car for a few moments before he ascended into the sky over the pasture.

    I’m fairly certain, much to my surprise, that he is my spirit animal. He’s been living in the woods surrounding my house for several months now, and I see him perched in trees in the front and back constantly. He seems very companionable, never flies away when I see him or call to him or approach him.

  • I woke up this morning, went to the back door and saw something sitting, a few feet from me, on the rainbarrel. It was a hawk! I’ve never seen one up close before and knew it was a messenger from the spirit world. I came to the internet to research the meaning of the hawk and was happy to find this site, as well as a few others. To me the presence of the hawk is a reminder of my own ability to see clearly and sharply, often from a higher perspective. I knew I had this ability but recently had fallen into the habit of looking to others for wisdom. Hawk is reminding me of my own clear, sharp vision. Thank you, hawk! I will pay attention! ::

  • Well I lost my husband young 5 yrs ago I’m 42 now with 3 kids by him, my sister keeps seeing him in a dream the last one he’s pointing to a hawk in a book the pages turn from a bear,to a dear and keep flipping back to the hawk..I have had a lot of trouble since he died ,with depression,and drugs,and guilt, because I kicked my husband out of.our home he died 2 months later it really has been horrible..I feel the hawk means something why is he pointing at it..Oh I don’t do drugs anymore,and my sister says he is happy and seems like he is very wise in dreams,which makes me happy..Just wondering what someone thinks this means..

    • Hello Yvette: The symbology in this dream is very clear. Hawk is the messenger that is saying that you have to go inward (bear) in order to look at your emotions and thoughts. The deer is about going easy on your self. Letting go of guilt, self chastisement, and anger towards decisions you made in the past. They are history – and continuing that path will certainly not serve your higher purpose.

      • Hello Silken Raven I’m so glad you replied.. I wonder why my sister has the dreams and not me, she feels my husband is a strong spirit watching over me and that he’s telling her that he is ..I dream of him often but I dream he is here still but in my dreams he is unsure of something that’s the only word I can think of he is in my dreams.Any thoughts on that?? Never at peace Yvette

        • Hello Yvette: The dreams go to your sister because the volume of your self blame refuses to allow that kind of message to get through your psyche. The dreams that you do have of him are safe in allowing you to stay exactly where you are with your emotions. You have blocked those actual feelings so strongly out of your own fear of feeling them. Your signature says it all – “never at peace”. The reality is that you deserve peace and the only way that you can regain that state is by allowing yourself to feel emotions again. The burdens that you carry can be lifted by feeling your emotions. Stop punishing yourself.

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