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Make your words count today. Be strong with your voice and effective with your words. In this way your conveyances will be far reaching and make a difference in the world.

When Giraffe stretches her neck and peeks into your life:

It is time to allow your foresight to lead the way. You know what you have been predicting all along – so take action and follow through. Your gut instincts and clairvoyance are telling you something. Listen to your heart.

When Giraffe is your Animal Totem:

When Giraffe walks through your dreams:You have the gift of higher perception and inner awareness. Your gentleness and gracefulness in action are always apparent to others. You have learned to make your words count and share your awareness of your surroundings with others. You often know the future, can sense what is going to happen and what lies over the horizon. You should never become complacent and lose sight of the future. Life will become increasingly difficult until you set your sights once more on the path ahead. You also have very strong ties to family and friends, especially parents and children.
To dream that you are riding a giraffe represents your desire to stand out in the crowd. You want attention, but aren’t getting it.To see a giraffe in your dream suggests that you need to consider the overall picture. Take a broader view on your life and where it is headed. The dream may also be a metaphor on how you are “sticking your neck out” for someone.

To dream that a giraffe is running implies that you are avoiding the truth. It can also suggests that you saw something that you shouldn’t have seen.

Additional Associations for Giraffe:

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21 Responses to Giraffe

  • Long story short
    In my dream, a Giraffe was being walkwalked my handlers, when it start to walk up to me and then puts it’s head to my chest as if listening to my heart. I begin to cry and hug it’s neck and head, while kissing it’s forhead.
    The handlers are trying to get the Giraffe back, but instead of going with the handlers it kneels down and puts it’s head in my hands. I collapsed and begin to kiss it’s snout.
    The handlers look mad and say “it’s giving in to you, it will never be the same”
    The Giraffe then gets up and walks off with the handlers.

    • Thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    • If this were my dream I would feel the strong message to appreciate the emotions and the desires of my heart. The giraffe in your dream seems to tell you to honor all of your visions through your heart. The handlers seem to represent an old paradigm of managing everything by thinking it through. Yet you collapse into the heartfelt connection with your gifts and experience everything that is yours to experience with great Love. How could we ever accept life without this unifying force that truly brings all of Life into the perspective of the whole being.

  • I had a dream that I was exploring a wooded area and came upon an overgrown habitat with beautiful architectural design. I was with my mother and there was a bridge that connected to a circular concrete wall. In the center a giraffe, larger than I have ever seen,was grazing. It stretched up to look at us. It extended it’s neck over the wall and nuzzled against my face then went back to grazing. I woke up and just felt so safe. Any thoughts? 👿 :sad: :sad:

  • I just wanted to say that the giraffe is a very magical and mystical creature. It’s beautiful patterns are unparalleled. It was my favorite animal as a child and honestly.. Hate to say it but I lost touch with it many years back and only recently-as in a week or so- have begun my reconnect. i have such a yearning right now t be surrounded by giraffe. I found myself think ‘I miss the giraffe’ and it’s suddenly appearing every where I go. Everything I look at.. I feel such a deep connection to this spirit that I am saddened that I had shied away from it for so long. I realized as a child this was so dominant in my life-my visions were way more precise and regular and even longer. I’m embarking on a spiritual journey right now that I have been told to handle gracefully.. This all before she waltzed back into my life. Call me crazy but my intuition is telling me that she is the answer. I worry about my personal grace and how I will handle the events so soon to come. Since reconnecting with her I have heard this constant hum in my right ear. It seems to get higher the more I deepen the reconnect and I know it is the right path. I’m not afraid of truth, however, I am afraid of my ability to communicate said truths. Perception is such a powerful thing. Ego needs be removed, let’s enjoy this beautiful creature for what it is. I’m glad to see all of you on here. Fellow giraffe kin. <3 I hope you all find what you are looking for and may you be aided well by our spirit the giraffe.

  • I had a dream in which i saw a large giraffe that was looking at me above the horizon. There was this poachers with arrows trying to chase it. I had a very long rope around the neck. I pulled her by the rope ad the rope went round half the community i was and i anchored the rope to a support. My son was helping me to hide the giraffe from the poachers. I later saw myself cutting small grasses to feed it. pls any interpretation to this?

  • I dreamed that there was a smaller giraffe in the room and a friend of mine told me to take note that the giraffe, when it walked in a circle looked like it had a snake head, When it would walk around in a circle as it made itself around, the neck of the giraffe appeared to look like a snake at the same time

  • Last night a giraffe came to me in my dream, she was following me about a foot behind me. I had to go to my workplace and couldn’t get in but once I did get in I made sure my giraffe was still with me. For most part I only saw her shadow but I felt her behind me. I felt slightly responsible for her, like i was taking carr of her. Making sure she didnt get left behind or stuck outside. And then my ggums(in my mouth) which I have been told could be anxiety. My teeth didn’t fall out and my giraffe was okay. The people in my work place looked at me crooked except the residents( I am a caregiver for elders)
    Can someone help me

  • i had a dream about a baby giraffe. The thing is in the dream I was human yet everyone was talking to me like this giraffe was my child and I gave birth to it but so body else was watching over it for me. It was laying on my bed and feeling a bit sick so it needed to be watched over. I looked at my boyfriend and smiled and said ” we can finally lay with our baby” I am not pregnant in real life nor do I have any children although 3 months ago I lost a baby at 14 weeks pregnant. Why a baby giraffe though? 😕

  • In this dream, there are at least three, but I felt there were more, giraffes to the left of the road I was driving on (northerly direction). It was night time with an orange sky, darkened because of no moon, but still aglow with the type of light that can color the sky leaving only silhouettes. The shadows of the giraffes moved slow and lumbering across my visual field off in the distance. As I approached the edge of the town where they were housed I wondered how they remained docile enough to stay there, after all they had greater mobility than humans… As I drove nearer to their compound, it seemed the giraffes were more alert. For some reason I decided to back away returning back down the road I had just driven. I then decided to return to the area of the giraffes. This time the giraffes were even more alert to my presence and in their shadowy way moved closer to the roadway. It was then I became aware of their full ability to walk wherever they wanted and that they were not confined to a ‘pen’ or zoo-like structure. The head of one approached my vehicle, bringing its face within arm’s distance, its long neck bending to get a closer view. I remember having no fear, but an expanding sense of wonderment, opening my heart to the possibilities of contact and allowing for whatever was to come.

    It was then I realized the fact these were not true giraffes, but the shadows of the real ones who were asleep somewhere else. These shadows moved throughout the neighborhood protecting those who may have the giraffe as a dream totem. The shadows were more powerful in appearance than the speckled bodied ones seen in the daylight. There was nothing to be distracted by just the full intention of their energy, a far-sightedenss, interest, and a sense of protection I have not felt in the human realm.

    I have known of my interest in giraffes, their beauty and grace. This is the first time they have appeared in my dreams. Thank you brother and sister giraffes.

  • I had a dream theater there were 3 giraffes in water and that I saw one walking in grass. I was not scared of them. Also. They looked very large. Like bigger than usual

  • I had this really intense dream/vision. I was going to a gathering and we were climbing stairs when we finally reached up stairs we had small conversation and then I felt a weird feeling so I stepped out on a balcony and I began to fly and under me was large area of holds with green muddy grass as I started to drop altitude my rightffoot felt for depth on the ground and in this round clear water not muddy at all there was a giraffe head big and so calm but old and I felt like everything paused we looked into each other soul and then I brought myself a lil higher to fully see the giraffe and I hard someone call my name so I turned around went back to the balcony and there was fear so I flew down the stairs and hid behind a large tv. I could hear them looking for me so I finally came out and flew over them out into the open and came back into my body. What does this dream mean?

  • I had a dream where I found a baby giraffe walking through town. I was able to get a leash on it and bring it to a vets office.

  • It was a very weird day under the last full moon. Truly, one of the strangest days I can recall in my life. The day kept doing 180’s so fast my head was spinning. I went home and pulled the covers over my head and closed my eyes. Lucid, immediately I saw a clear image of a giraffe happily licking my face. Its face was so close up that at first I thought it was a camel. But as it moved backwards, I saw its spots and neck. I’ve never paid attention to giraffes before. Also, I’ve been prompted to observe the constellation “Camelopardalis”, which represents a giraffe.

  • I had a dream that I saw some kind of experimental giraffe. It was like the body of a giraffe with the neck of another different giraffe sewn on, and it was very sick. As it stood up, I saw that there was thick smoke near the ceiling, and the giraffe was coughing and it couldn’t breathe. I remember being really worried about it. It suffered some kind of heart attack that made its chest twitch violently, but I kind of felt it too. It was really weird.

  • I was praying for someone who was sick and i saw an image of a Giraffe.
    That sight has never left me for almost a year now, until i decided to do
    a survey on Giraffe. That is how i got to know your site.
    please help me with its interpretation. thank you. CFI.

  • At Disney’s Animal Kingdom on springbreak a giraffe followed our tram all the way to the gate. The workers commented that it was very unusual. I did get some fantastic pictures of it. Earlier today I noticed a gift I had gotten from my Mother-in-law a few years ago. It is a pewter giraffe with a shell for a back. The following year she gave me a matching snail. She is the daughter of a healer, although she does not believe in this sort of thing. I have now put both figures on a shelf in my view. I feel like they are trying to tell me something, not sure what. Frogs have been on my mind too, and I was given a handmade santa frog ornament today that I will put next to the giraffe and snail :)

  • I had a dream that i got a pet giraffe and somehow i hurt it by putting metal on its foot and it almost cut off its foot. was weird as i love animals. would ever dream of hurting an animal please tell me what this dream means


    • Hi Julie: I believe your dream is about acceptance and your willingness to be yourself. Loving who your are can often be difficult under peer pressure. So often our friends have expectations of us and when we don’t live up to that the try to bend us back into the fold. Know that it is safe to be yourself and that it is up to your friends to keep up with your growth (or not).

  • I find this web very intresting thank u

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