Seagull Symbolism

You have the ability to soar above your problems and look at things from a different perspective. Choose an alternative.

If Seagull has flown across your path;

It’s time to take a different perspective on things. Take a moment and step back from everything that you are currently dealing with and look at it from a different angle. Your solution lies in changing your attitude towards the problem at hand. Soar above the drama and look through your own emotional boundaries so that you can find creative new ways to move forward. There is a clue in using the long hidden resources you already have.

Alternatively Seagull is reminding you that everything has a purpose and that there are currently many things in your life that need to be redefined and reassigned. Take a moment to sort through the clutter and let go of that which you can no longer use.

There is always opportunity in everything and it can be found in the most unlikely places. Things may seem a little barren and unproductive right now, however even the most unlikely places can bear an opportunity for your new resources. The point is to realize that you are in this place and time for a reason. Remain optimistic and know that this reason will be revealed. Trust your instincts and follow through.

If Seagull is your Animal Totem;

You know an opportunity when you see one and stick with it until it has been fulfilled. You also have a knack for turning the most unlikely things to your advantage. You are also very productive and creative in using limited resources to their full advantage. With Seagull as your totem, you love to congregate in large crowds and have no trouble defining your space in communal situations. You are fearless and will often look people in the eye and challenge them to find a better way to resolve issues. Your ingenuity is constantly apparent to others and you are always willing to challenge your own comfort zone. You have a healthy respect for others but they must earn your respect.

If Seagull has come into your Dreams;

Generally seeing a Seagull in your dreams means that you have earned the right to feel satisfied with yourself after the way you have handled a very difficult situation. Continue to stay “above things” so that you do not repeat the process.

Seeing a Seagull in your dreams can also indicate a desire to get away from your current challenges in your waking life. To see a soaring gull means that you are getting a clear perspective on things and have found alternative ways to resolve your current situation. Seeing dead seagulls in your dreams is an indication that you are feeling emotionally separated from you loved ones.

To see a Seagull carrying something symbolizes that you are wasting away your potential and unused skills. A hovering Seagull symbolizes your strengths. It is letting you know that you are able to cope with life’s changes with grace and understanding. Now is the time for emotional healing.


Additional Associations for Seagull: