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Time to let your true colors shine through! You've been blending in and camouflaging yourself a little bit too much. Go for it!

If Chameleon has crawled into your life:

A new awareness of your own psychic ability and intuition is being awakened within you. Take the time to allow yourself to explore these new abilities and learn how to use and trust them. Chameleon can also be bringing you news of changing environments. Alternatively Chameleon may be reminding you that the world and people around you will only perceive what you put out for others to see and believe. Take the time to analyse what you are projecting.

If Chameleon is your Spirit Animal Totem:

You are extremely adaptable to all situations and surroundings. You know when to strike when necessary and are a master in combining patience with intuition. You are also very sensitive to the energy of others and often can use this to your advantage in business. You know a good bluff when you see one. You also have a tendency to focus a little too much on the past or the future when you should be grounding yourself in the present.

If Chameleon has come into your Dreams:

To see a chameleon in your dream represents your ability to adapt to any situation. You are versatile and are well-rounded. Alternatively, you feel you are being overlooked.

Additional Associations for Chameleon:

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