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Aardvark Symbolism
The need to work hard doesn't end after you get to the top. You have to keep working to hold onto what you have achieved.

Aardvark Meaning and Messages

In this case, the Aardvark symbolism means that the way to free yourself from negative emotions is to explore them and not bury them. In other words, this spirit animal warns that denying, ignoring, or suppressing your feelings can be bad for your physical and mental health. Moreover, encountering this spirit animal tells you to stop wasting time on unprofitable projects.

The Aardvark is one of the few animals with the ability to endure the fiery bites of fire ants. And so it teaches you to withstand verbal attacks and criticisms. It also inspires you to be fearless and to persist through adversity. Alternatively, Aardvark meaning adds that you should be willing to take risks to get the things you desire.

Furthermore, like the Mole, when this spirit animal appears before you, it says that people and things can be deceiving. Therefore, the Aardvark symbolism insists that you must allow your intuition to guide you in all situations. This land animal also reminds you to trust yourself, live in the present, and stay connected to nature.

Aardvark Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Aardvark totem do not run away from challenges; they face them until they overcome them. They are seasoned survivors and can thrive in any situation. These folks don’t wait for handouts from anyone. From a young age, they learn to be independent, working hard to get the things they want. Like the Kiwi, they lead solitary lives.

Those with this spirit animal are highly ambitious and goal-driven. Once they set out to accomplish something, not even the oppositions they face can stop them. They are also born risk-takers. These fearless folks like to discover and venture into unfamiliar territories. Like the Honey Badger, people with the Aardvark totem choose a career for the money, power, or fame it can bring them.

These individuals are night owls. They feel energized and get more work done during nighttime. Moreover, they don’t do well in romantic relationships. On the downside, they can be very aggressive and materialistic.

Aardvark Dream Interpretation

When you have an Aardvark dream, it predicts that the troubles you are experiencing in the workplace will come to an end. Seeing this animal in your sleep could also mean that you are trying hard to make up for your past transgressions. Furthermore, if the Aardvark is digging in the vision, it says that you have many untapped potentials.

If you envision this animal eating termites or ants, it is a sign that you are close to accomplishing your goals. On the other hand, if you sight two Aardvarks in the dream, it says that you will fall in love with someone special. A dead Aardvark dream warns that the emotions you have been bottling up will soon explode. It could also be telling you to prepare for significant changes in your life.