You are reminded that there is beauty in all things. Take the time to look and really see what is before you.

Swan Meaning and Messages

In this case, Swan symbolism heralds the development of our intuitive abilities and altered states of awareness. In other words, this spirit animal insists that we learn new ways of thinking, breathing, and going with the flow of life. This symbolism means new spiritual growth is on our horizon.

Like the Giraffe, the Swan meaning also asks you to accept your ability to know what lies ahead. Therefore you should follow hunches and pay attention to your instincts. While doing this, you must also not forget to honor your feminine intuitive side.

Alternatively, Swan symbolism is reminding you of your inner grace and beauty. This poise is something that you must allow to shine forth for others to see.

Swan Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Swan totem can see into the future. Like the Snake and the Angelfish, they are good at accepting the healing and transformation that is so constant in their lives. Folks with this spirit animal totem tend to be utterly monogamous in their relationships. Thus they often find true love at a young age and will stick together through the years. They also know how to balance work, family, and play.

These people with this power animal recognize the value of personal solitude as a form of recharging their batteries. They are comfortable in crowds. However, they also know how to maintain their individuality in crowded situations.

Swan Dream Interpretation

Similar to the Peacock, when we see a white bird of this species in your dream, it symbolizes beauty, dignity, grace, purity, wealth, and prestige. It could also mean that something or someone that we may initially find to be unattractive can turn out to be very appealing. Thus it is essential not to take anything at face value right now.

When you have a black Swan dream, it signifies mystery and the unknown. In other words, it represents something alluring, yet believed to be forbidden.

To see this bird in your meditation could also mean that you must continue to act with grace through this challenging time. For the most part, you must believe that you will receive a spiritual reward for your perseverance.

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