Old English Sheepdog

Old English Sheepdog Symbolism

Let go of stress! Be aware that you are taking on other peoples stuff. Let it go.
-Old English Sheepdog

If Old English Sheepdog has come across your path;

You are reminded that you must take responsibility for what you see in your life right now. Attempting to shift the blame or point fingers is simply a way for you to procrastinate and stay where you are. As soon as you accept things for what they are and take a good look at how you got there you will be able to move forward and undo the beliefs and thought processes that created your present reality. Only you can make these changes and only you can start the process right now.

If Old English Sheepdog is your Animal Totem;

You approach life with a great deal of humor and have the ability to laugh at your own mistakes and the egotistic ways of humans. You have strong devoted family ties and are an exceptional parent – although you do occasionally have a tendency to overprotect your children. You know how to balance work, play and family and have an exuberant attitude toward life in general. A natural comedian you occasionally use this to hide your vulnerability.

If Old English Sheepdog has come into your dreams;

If the Old English Sheepdog has come to you in a dream it may signify that you are responding to a situation out of your sense of duty rather than setting a boundary and allowing others to make their own mistakes. If the dog is herding sheep it may signify that you must take a leadership role among your peers in order to get the best out of everyone. A sleeping dog may mean that you are sleeping on the job somewhat and are missing something important that you must do.

Additional Associations for Old English Sheepdog:


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