Grasshopper Symbolism

Great leaps forward can be made in an instant. Go!

If Grasshopper has sprung into your life;

You are being asked to take a leap of faith. Just go ahead and do it without knowing the outcome. Usually this is something that you have been avoided doing and is often linked to a large scale change in direction. This can be a change in relationship, career or a change in yourself. Know that you have the wisdom that you need to get past any obstacles in an efficient manner. For the most part all possible outcomes will be positive.

If Grasshopper is your Animal Totem;

You are an innovative forward thinker that rarely misses any opportunity to move forward. You are always successful in any venture that you undertake and know how to use your instincts to capture the exact moment that will give you the greatest benefit. You are benevolent and enjoy giving to others. You rarely stay in one place very long – always seeking out the best opportunities to move forward.

If Grasshopper has come into your Dreams;

Is an indication that you are having a bit of trouble committing yourself to a decision. You need to settle down to the task at hand. Alternatively the Grasshopper is a symbol of freedom, independence and enlightenment.

To see a Grasshopper moving away from you signifies that what you are hoping and dreaming of in your waking life is just out of reach. In order to get what you want out of life you must change something within yourself in order to fulfill your dreams completely.

Additional Associations for Grasshopper:


  • I am from india my name is priyam
    Can any1 explain me what are actual spritual meaning of grasshoppers because 5 months backs we did a big pooja at our home after that what i see is there are 5 grasshoppers moving all around in home 2 soonly flied away two died in home and one still sitting in our pooja room on photo of god rarely moves from that photo.
    Do really grasshoppers comes our home to give any message please please let me know if any1 knows better about them

  • There is a Grasshoper growing outside my room. I discovered her 4 weeks ago and the lil beaut is still here. I have watched her shed twice. Last night I returned home and as i’m walking into my room i see this gigantic long and curled moving creature underneath her favorite plant. She was shedding her skin and now has wings. So wonderful. I have been watching her grow from a lil bud to a full winged grasshoper. It is symbolic as I too am shedding my layers and spreading my wings across the horizon and expanding within.
    Thanks everyone ❤

      • We just learned my daughters father passed Wednesday. To was a very long heartbreaking day for her. By the time we made it home of course she was exhausted but wanted to shower and rest. As she begin to shower I heard her scream. She jumped out n said ma there’s a grasshopper in the shower. I said Ok what you want me to do. She said kill it. Now I know she’s frantic of anyt insect so I went could see a glimpse of him Ins her towel. Shook her towel to let him fall in the tub but after I open the curtains he’d disappeared. I’m thinking this definitely has to do with her fathers death telling he I have faith in her new journey to move forward without him in her life.

  • So I was sitting on my front porch listening to music on my husbands dewalt radio thing, that I plug my phone into. And I watched this rather large, chubby grasshopper crawl across my wheelchair ramp, which crosses the front of my porch, then crawl across my porch onto my radio lol. It then hopped onto the arm of my chair and crawled onto me. Now I read up on what it means for them to be a spirit totem animal. And that kind of fits the situation but what else could it mean? I’m open to all meanings really. I’m just really curious as it was a cool experience

  • I’m pretty upset right now 🙁 a couple nights ago during the full moon a grasshopper appeared just chilling out on my 18 foot high ceiling in my room. Last night they kept me company and I made sure to leave some good water out in my closer area as well as my altar (just in case they wanted to check it out lol) well today they weren’t looking so bright green so I moved the water to their next logical landing and went to bed. Well, today is my laundry day and as I was hurriedly tossing clothes onto the bed from my closet…I saw them in front of the doorway on my floor looking quite “comfortable” and not leaping when I tossed things right above them. I asked my fiance if he was dead and my fiance, sensitive fellow he is lol, slid my slipper at them and said, “Yep. Dead. They usually hop outta the way. Hence the name.”
    I had grown quite fond of them and saw them as a good omen of sorts and am feeling quite guilty since in all likelihood I accidentally crushed the poor creature in my haste to start my laundry.
    My question is this (I imagine some folks will snicker): What do I do with them now? Flushing or trashing them just doesn’t quite feel right…

    • Crickets make good eating. Put the grasshopper outside so the birds can have a happy meal. They will thank you ever so much.

    • From reading your post I can see we speak the same language. Therefore, you should know that which comes from the earth goes back to the earth. I would bury it. You can say a short incantation he you like. Just speak from your heart. End it with blessed be if you wish.

      I hope this gives you enlightenment.
      Blessed be sister

  • when around before 3 am in the morning a grasshopper sit on my left hand while i was placing my hand on head .I didnt noticed .then i feel a little pain and saw it,im sure it bited jump off to computer screne climbed up and left. i dont know is it because i did something wrong.coz i read a lot of swami vivekanandas book and some new ideas flashed in my mind and this all happened after that.plz plz plz reply

  • I had this dream last night and the one vivid point I remember was looking down and seeing thousands of green grasshoppers climbing up my body from the feet up–all of my legs were covered. I remember thinking ok, what does this mean…..I wasn’t scared but curious. Any ideas on what it might mean?

  • I recently did a DEEP hypno-meditation to put me in contact with my spirit guide. I spent an hour and 15 minutes in this deep state ( I have never been “in” that lo g before) ,but I remembered nothing after I came out of the session. I did , however, feel more at peace and focused and many of my aches and pains were gone. The next day I got into my car to go to work and this huge grasshopper was on my dash. He didn’t seem to be alarmed by me and ventured closer before crawling under the seat. On my way home from work that evening he jumped up onto my shoulder and inched up closer to my ear the whole ride home. I exited the car and casually walked into my back yard where i am building a “nurturing Zen space”. He sat there on my shoulder while I sat down on a patio chair for a few quiet moments before jumping off into my garden. It was a very powerful experience!!

  • Hi Guys,
    I’m freaking out badly, now. I had This 3 inch of this big green grasshopper in my room behind my fan. i was so shock because i hate bugs!. But how can it be there? Does it hiding there the whole night sleeping w me while i breathing an air from a fan?!!! How does it be n my room in 12 storey high floor!!!!
    BUT since i hate bugs. I just Sprayed it w insect killer. I’m not sure if its alive. I caught it in a container and a paper. I didn’t kill it but i let it go on 12 floor out the window. So what is that mean???? IT CAN’T BE GOOD LUCK OR ANYTHING. ITS WEIRD TO BE IN MY ROOM THAT HIGH STOREY FLOOR!!! and yes i’m in the middle of hard times doing my fashion project and I’m lost. reading all this about grasshopper. i don’t know if i should believe it.

    Please tell me as soon as possible.

    • Well…please do not spray a grasshopper with bug spray first…lol since you can’t take back the unnecessary slaying, be at peace with the fact you killed him. He has diligently fulfilled his earthly duty and brought you to a sense of awareness. Good luck with your journey and remember all the signs you receive Daily and allow your inner light to grow.

  • Hi
    I had a dream last night about 1 Grasshopper somehow stuck in my hair (head) and I was trying to remove it and throw it away, my parents and sisters also were telling me the point it stuck… what is its meaning?

  • This morning when I woke up and was about to drive to work a grasshopper was on my car’s bonnet. I would just like to know what that possibly means?

  • I had a dream last night about 2 Grasshoppers in my hair. 1 was small and brown the other one was beautiful big and different colors. I tried to remove them from my hair but couldn’t. What does this mean?

    • Hi Sheri
      Grasshoppers are a sign of freedom, independence or spiritual enlightenment, now having them stuck in your hair may sway it towards the latter meaning which is your possible inability to commit and or follow through with making decisions.
      Try and be more sure of your decisions and don’t second guess yourself as much . Trust what you decide things will be much easier.

  • I had this dream , a male grasshopper bit my finger and left a stings and it took my 1000 cash and..I tried hard to catch and find it…but I only found a female grasshopper… That dream is very weird

  • I first had a brown grashopper on the pourch for some days them i looked a day it was next to the door i losed the door l9oked again and it vanish in a sec, But some days after a green grasshopper started hanging out on the outside it was on my front door first l9oking in for days then it went on the side if the wall but sometimes it will dissapear like maybe go to eat are so . I donr know but it always return in the morning and stays the hole day untill night . Like after christmas it went wnd didnt come back so it left like for 3 days But today is New years and there is a green grasshopper outside again. What does this mean

  • I’ve had this grasshopper hanging out with me in my garage for 2 days now. I smoke out there and he just sits on a box about 4 ft from me just chillin. What does this mean?

    • He might enjoy a little plate of clean, potable water to drink, where her usually sits. Distilled water would be excellent.
      As you are sitting there with him. Go the mindset in which the two of your are having a conversation; ask him something.

  • A green grasshopper, flew on to my bed right next to me tonight. I picked it up and flung it in fear. I then got up and put on the lights and looked for it. I found it at the foot of the bed and it was MIISSING A LEG!!! At first I prayed that I didn’t dismember it, then I took it up and placed it in the kitchen. What does this visitation mean? How it even got in is a mystery as the only window is always closed! Anyone who can help me understand this occurrence, please enlighten me!

  • I have been having for the past 4 days, two grasshoppers in my bedroom. They are green and dont move much around, I have some plants in the room and water I drink, but I haven’t noticed them feeding themselves. So I was rising my vibration while laying in bed, and one of them just jumped on my pointing finger. I shaked it off, because I wasn’t looking what it was. And then I open my eyes and see the grasshopper. It is a frequency lover animal. And very open to higher vibes.

  • There was a green grasshopper by my back door by kitchen last night. I left a window open for him to get out but he was still there this morning. He had moved to the sliding glass door, so I opened it about 1 ft. He wouldn’t leave. I left it for like 5 hrs. Now he’s hanging out in the window just above my chair. I put lettuce and water up there for him. Its kinda warm out. Holy cow he just jumped across the room.. Whoa…cool…OMG…Love this bug. He skipped the food and water I put out. Will open back door back up….maybe he wants out the same way he came in…..LOL. When I saw him this morning I immediately looked up the significance of the grasshopper. Amazing….change…transition….he’s all about telling me I’m strong and to forge forward…which is interesting because I just let loose of a poor relationship I have been hanging on to for 2.5 years…way too life is changing. This is the biggest sign for me….I will not look back.. New journey’s ahead. No doubt at all.

  • Last night at a friend’s house this one grasshopper kept hopping on to me. When i woke up this morning (now inside) it somehow was still on me, just chillin on my neck. 😆

  • Hello

    I wake this morning and I have to drive my mom to work, and when I come back to my house, there is a grasshopper on my wall next beside
    key wall cabinet, I was shock of course, i though it was a spider at first, and the first instinct i do is to capture it and set it free outside on the garden, first i get a big jar to capture it, then i put on the grass, and then i took a picture,

    So the point is, if this is true that if i see a grasshopper in my house and out it outside again, that means that i let my luck outside?

  • Well…i do like gradshoppers as they are alike me – sit there into hours and dream..haha. okay a week or two ago one small grasshopper came sticking itself to the wall next to my door outside.

    Then now another big one came along to stick itself to my door and hours later I returned home to find it “locking” me out of the house as it used its big body to block the opening of the door lol.
    I had no choice but to shove it to the floor at my wall’s corner. The grasshopper had its eyes looking at me while i talked to it (asking it arent you going home coz now its past midnight!)

    An hour went by again its still there..i wish i could keep it as a pet but if its me as the grasshopper I doubt I would fancy losing freedom all that. Hence, i brought it some leaves..hopefully it will eat them to get some energies before leaping off! Its cute though coz it can actually turn its head to look at the leaves i pushed right to its front between the hands…ha….so adorable.

    • Okay well my boyfriend came home yesterday from work we was walking to our car there was a grass hopper in my seat so i just stoped. I said babe theres a grass hopper then it sodently jumped into the dash in just sat well he was driving it was on my side now it looking at him well he didnt kill it it got it out in put it on to the ground.. but doesnt this tell u god can move he has great gidenc for me n what im becoming…

  • Thank you for the information. When I was born the hospital had grasshoppers in the halls. I have had them always around me. I think they are my totem. I have had more than 30 jobs in my life. 4 at a time sometimes. I get bored and need a change. I edited a book, wrote for a news paper, worked with the Cpt golf tournaments, trained law enforcement personal and did numerous charity events. Your site has helped me take another leap. Thanks again!

  • Hello!

    Today I took the ‘leap’ and moved into my fiancées house. We marry in a couple months. It’s been a hard transition because I’ve always been very independent and have never relied on another person to take care of me (I moved out of home when I was 17, I’m now 32). I’m also in the middle of a career change. I quit my job last week and was encouraged by my fiancé to find a career that makes Me truly happy. The choice to quit without having something else lined up was also a very very huge move for me. He supports whatever I want to do. Today while moving I came across a very large grasshopper in one of my boxes. I rarely see them in Arizona and only moved a couple miles away from my old house. Surely this signifies something! 🙂

    • I was born in Phoenix, Az. The halls in the hospital was covered with Grasshoppers. A good sign for you.
      Good luck with your new job.

  • Hello please give me your input! I went to my brother Will old place where he had an unfortunate death we attempted to cleanse it from the outside. I woke up from a nightmare about him and a grass hopper trying to get it. It was hitting g the window and door. Soon after I believe it was not alone. It is 3am and happening now. I’m not sure how to respond. Ant suggestions!?

  • Hi, today will be day to that i see a grey grasshopper in my living room not even with me close it doesn’t fly away. What would be the meaning of it ??

    Kind regards

  • I was walking out the front door yesterday evening when I was surprised to see a green grasshopper at the door step…it managed to leap into the house but I used a baby gate to trap it and push it outside…I didn’t want my 7 month old kitten to play with it, kill it and eat it…it took me 10 minutes to dispose of that grasshopper…it kept getting away from me as I used the front door mat to push it away from the front door…I wish I had know the significance of a green grasshopper…I would not have tried so hard to dispose of it. ..reading about the significance of a green grasshopper and is presence in my life right now makes sense given that I have been having thoughts of change, of moving forward with some plans for a better job…. hopefully I didn’t dispose of that luck as well…sorry little grasshopper for disposing of you when all you were trying to do is probably show me a flicker of hope

  • So last weekend I was walking back to my condo, and I spotted a rabbit hopping along side next to me.
    Then I got to my front door and there was grasshopper sitting on my screen door. During this week I got some extremely good luck, good things happened for me all week.

    Today the grasshopper followed me inside my home. he’s now sitting on my window inside my condo. I’ve yet to put him outside, cause I don’t know if they bite or not.

  • I came across your site trying to find answers. I found a dead brown grasshopper in my wallet. It was the weirdest thing. I don’t even know how it could’ve wedged itself in there or even when. I opened my wallet (bi-fold) and there it was! It wasn’t there yesterday. I’ve gathered meanings on live grasshoppers, and also dreaming of dead grasshopper…but nothing yet about my situation.. Any thoughts? 😀

  • I love your website and use it a lot – thank you.
    About a grasshopper – last year i had one come into my room an wouldnt leave my befside…
    this past week I have seen two grasshoppers with one limb missing (the longest that helps them leap) , the first one was in the lobby of my building and I this it was a male. I took him home but after a while he disappeared ( I guess he jumps well even with the one leg)
    The other was at my moms house (bathroom) and was definitely a female very fat , I was told she is just before laying a big load of eggs).
    I think both grasshoppers were missing the left leg. Thinking what does this mean? Came into mind that maybe it is a message that even with one leg we can succeed an manage our lives. A left leg being a symbolism for a male . Being devorced – that can be a message that I can do well alone, and not to feel I am missing something or of need if a man in my life.. Another idea was that there is a need to balance male and female energies within …
    Any further ideas come to mind?

    • Oh, my gosh. I was just watering the plants and trees outside and a grasshopper dropped out of a tree right near my feet. I thought they just hung out in plants. I looked at him up close and saw that he was missing his left leg (like the previous poster) and he is now climbing the railing to go up to the second level of our building. I cannot fail to see this as fortuitous 🙂 I am widowed and (like the man/left leg association reveals), I am standing on my right leg by myself just fine these days 🙂 😛

  • I’m watching “God is Dead” because I’ve been questioning my own faith 😥 ..and a grasshopper just landed on my chest and leaped onto a book of bible stories I have on my night stand (i had just read to my son). I’m indoors with everything closed and locked up for the night. It made me tear up because I felt in my heart it was a sign from God encouraging me to go with my gut. God is define not dead , he’s alive inside my heart and that little grasshopper was the sign I needed at this moment!

    • That is amazing Nick!! I’ve walked into my healing room this morning,and there is a large grasshopper sitting on my screen entrance door, I’ve been talking to him, told him to stay as long as he likes……i appreciate him being there, I totally understand why!! Feeling content 🙂

  • It’s also ironic how I’m going through a lot of anxiety these days and today I prayed to God and Jesus that I wish for everything to be okay and I don’t need to worry anymore….at the same time I also resently got the part in this dance show and I made up my own choreography and I need to finish it, I also have a ballroom competition this weekend, and big dreams….then again, a grasshopper shows up on my window, and that’s never happened…does this mean something? Anybody have an opinion??

    • It was a reminder for you to take the leap of faith. To find the strength within yourself to accomplish your dream. Sometimes we doubt our capabilities and these little messages help us ground ourselves and refocus. Hope it all worked out well for you.

  • 🙂 I came into my room and the first thing saw was a big grasshopper on my window!!!! I was thinking “hey I’m going through a lot of anxiety and doubting lately, maybe this means something,” I also believe a lot in God and faith so I wanted to know what this might mean. I think it means I don’t need to worry about things and that I just need to do what I need to do and what I want to do. And when I do, everything will turn out alright

  • A large grasshopper was on my car front window this morning when I got in the car to go to work; it stayed on the windshield all the way to my destination about 20 miles away, on the freeway! Maybe it was going to the same area and just hitched a ride. 🙂 What do you think?

  • I was sitting on my couch watching T.V. and I felt something on my leg.
    I looked down and saw a grasshopper on my thigh.
    I freaked out and hit it off.

    It got It’s bearings and hopped out the front door.
    I’m going through some financial changes which are supposed to be great.
    I also am a big believer in God and faith.

    Can anyone shed some light on this subject?

  • I am looking for a detailed meaning of a katydid. This cool lil guy flew right into my home and landed on a chair. My husband brought the chair outside and tried to coax it off the chair. It then flew onto his pants and started crawling up him. Lol. He then stuck his body up to the sliding glass door and it crawled onto it and just hung out for a while.

    I know this has some kind of meaning but can’t find much on it. I know I have prayed and asked for guidance about a certain situation in my life regarding moving far away to be with my cousin and her family and get out of an abusive relationship. After praying I seen that little guy soon after.

    Anyone know what it means?

    • Hello Micky: The Katydid is also known as a “Prophet” and has the ability to foresee what is coming. They are a trend spotter as well as an event predictor. They can anticipate everything from weather to deaths. In their shadow form those with this totem tend to get into relationships in which there is constant quarreling going on with their partners. It’s as if they don’t feel safe or sane unless they are inanely arguing. Generally this is the result of coming up in a similar dysfunctional family.
      Alternatively the Katydid can be letting you know that you have to analyze your belief systems. Are you too rigid in your beliefs and refusing to budge on them?. Is you mind made up to the point where you refuse to be confused with actual facts? This type of thinking is usually the product of an authoritarian household.
      A Katydid appearing can mean that a situation of calamitous misfortune can force you to be dependent on others. It’s not an unfamiliar scenario for you, as it happens over and over in your life.
      Katydid is letting you know that it is time to analyze repetitive patterns in your life and take the time to heal them. Finding new ways to respond to these moments or better yet – to stop re creating them will take inner strength, knowledge and resolve.

    • Follow the grasshopper, be brave and just jump up and pack up and move far away , be happier seeing family and leave the abusive relationship behind you ! Believe that you will be ok!

  • Hello.
    I’ve been searching for grasshoppers meanings as one turned up at me, tonight in my room, at a particular moment, in a specific life changing situation. Although I can relate to pretty much everything I’ve read about it, I’m still quite confused about the message since I’m beholding two different situations which can turn to unknown paths each- all it takes is one decision and I don’t know which one actually might be meaning the change, the movement or the real echo of my instincts – it’s is really tricky itself by trying to figure out the relation to the grasshoppers meanings.
    If you know anyone who can willingly help me out to clarify it by reading the story I am to tell, I appreciate your contact and good spirit.
    Wish all the best leaps.

    • The point of the grasshopper is to leap with faith – always forward, never backward. So essentially, you can take either path and it will be a big change (as you’ve said), but you need to commit to it, have courage to throw yourself into it completely, and don’t question your decision after you’ve made it. You can do it!

  • My name is also Laura and a grasshopper came into my house and has followed me as I cleaned tonite. I looked up the symbolism and came across this post. I know for me there are no coincidences in life. Everything has rhyme and meaning. I look towards God for inspiration and direction. I ALWAYS rely on my intuition or gut. It never steers me wrong. I will follow it as i deal with the situations I am pondering in my head now. Thank you.

  • Hey everyone, I got for walks along the rice creek area in my state. There are a ton of tall weeds along side of the path. Yesterday, the whole line of grasshoppers kept leaping in uniform fashion as all lined up in a long row jumping at the same time and many flying as I passed like saying to me, ” Hey-you! look at me! this happened on my way there and on my way back. Usually, some just jump or hop around across my path but not this many and not in this manner. We need to really pay attention the the details in our lives. We are missing the tiniest things if we are not aware. I find my personal issues right now to be about intuition, balance, having a good attitude and focusing on being true to myself and my God. That day I was upset and feeling resentful. These little grasshoppers reminded me to look within and also take a leap of faith to be flexible and willing to get out and make peace.

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