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You were born in Love. Fear is simply something that you have learned.
-Quarter Horse

We have refined the Horse into various Horse Breeds and will be adding new Horse Breeds from time to time so check back frequently. Also since Horses come in many colors I have added a little bit of significance to the different variances of their coat colors. Scroll down to the bottom for the Horse Breeds.

The Colors of Horse

White Horse:

The White Horse is the teacher of spiritual progress. It represents an avatar or master of knowledge and faith. They are adept in the fields of intellectualism and reason. They have command of their emotions, manifest unblemished justness. They signify the coming of spiritual lesson or teacher into your life.

Palomino (Golden) Horse:

They signify the coming of a spiritual manifestation. They are symbolic of the rising sun and are Masters of action. It’s a new day and there is lots to do. Trust your own inner wealth of knowledge to reach your goals. Know in your heart that all things are possible and that all will now be available to you.

Gray Horse:

Always bet on the Gray Horse on a rainy day. Even when things are difficult there is always a silver lining in there somewhere. Know that whatever you are undergoing will soon be resolved. Alternatively the Gray Horse can represent shady dealings and undertakings. Are you being honest with yourself?

Black Horse:

The Black Horse is both death defying and Death seeking. In other words it is symbolic of death and rebirth. It signifies the closing of one door and the opening of a new door. It can also signify the need for you to take a leap of faith and trust what you are being guided to do even if you can’t see the reason or the result. Go blindly forth and believe.

Roan Horse (Dark with White Hairs Interspersed):

The Roan horse signifies that you are caught in traditional concepts that are blocking your spiritual progress. Perhaps you are being a little self-satisfied and over complacent. This Horse if giving you the distinct message that you need to root out your emotional and spiritual blockages in order to move forward.

Bay Horse (Medium Brown with Black Mane and Tail):

The Bay Horse is a symbol of steady progress toward your goals. Know that you are safely on your path and nurturing all the right elements for yourself to grow. This color Horse is definitely telling you to keep up the good work!

Brown Horse:

The Brown Horse is a reminder to not get caught up in the worship of materialistic goods. Know that the Universe will always provide everything that you will need in the moment and that not all things are necessities. Once you release your attachment to your materialism you make room for the abundance.

Red Horse:

The Red Horse is symbolic of hidden anger, vengefulness and combativeness. He is clearly letting you know that perhaps your current actions fall into these categories. Alternatively someone close to you is harboring ill will and jealousy.

Black and White Horse:

The Black and White Horse is representative of balance. It can also be symbolic of indecisiveness and divided loyalties. Dig within to regain your balance and be true to yourself. Only you have the ability to change yourself.

Arabian Horse

Arabian Horse

If Arabian Horse has cantered across your path; You are being reminded that who you are today is the combination of all your past experiences, as well the experiences of your ancestors. Your cultural heritage is what shapes the way you think and respond to the environment around you today. […]

Quarter Horse

Quarter Horse

If the Quarter Horse has cantered across your path The Quarter Horse is reminding you that change is good for you. Only through constant re-evaluation of where you are in life can we continue to grow spiritually. It is not about getting there – but simply about the journey itself. […]