Cassowary Symbolism

Practice is the only way to gain your confidence. Take a deep breath and just keep trying - you will get there!

If Cassowary has strut across your path;

You are being asked to be more open minded and tolerant of those around you. Not everyone will always have the same view point as you do. Listen carefully because you may not like what they say – however there is most likely a gem or two that you can integrate into your own philosophy. We are all individuals and as individuals we must all find our own truth. To do this we go from lesson to lesson and peer to peer. From each of these we integrate tidbits of knowledge into our being. Although others may reach for the same morsels – they will all process and integrate them differently.

If Cassowary is your Animal Totem;

You can be very territorial and stubborn – however you recognize this part of yourself and manage it with diplomacy and aplomb. You have a powerful connection with the Rain Forest and take keen interest in the stewardship of these shrinking tracts of land. You are always conscious of your environment – physical, emotional and spiritual and make sure that you keep them in balance. Generally you tend to gravitate toward people who respect your boundaries and are generally at peace with themselves. You are a great teachers – however the teach by allowing your pupil to discover the knowledge they seek by themselves. You merely hint at the knowledge and allow the rest to come to them in self discovery.

If Cassowary has come into your Dream;

To dream of a Cassowary attacking signifies that you know there is a confrontation coming in your waking life and that you have been avoiding it. You know that you have to deal with this problem and have simply been putting off thereby giving your opponent or problem more power over yourself.

Alternatively to dream of a Cassowary in the Rain Forest signifies that something in your environment – physical, mental, emotional or spiritual is out of balance. You need to look closely at what is setting things out of kilter and rectify the situation.

Additional Associations for Cassowary:


  • Although I use your wonderful website for when an animal comes in to my path, how do I know what my personal animal totem is? Where do I find this information?
    Thank you for your help in advance!

    • You are already finding it! Your curiosity is making you aware. Trust that your guides will reveal themselves to you and that you will know. They’re with you and loving you so much. 🙂


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