Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier Symbolism

Time to laugh at yourself and all the silly affectations and seriousness you have adopted of late. Let Go and laugh! There is nothing funnier than the human ego!
-Yorkshire Terrier

If Yorkshire Terrier has come across your path;

You are being asked to move forward confidently into new territory. Know that you have the tools and the knowledge to follow through on your next goal and to allow yourself the time and energy to get there. Be eager to explore the new horizons on offer and open to new adventures. Be true to yourself and your own dreams but be loyal to those around you and work together toward your common goals. Acknowledge that your own goals are allowed to be independent of those around you and that nurturing your own goals will strengthen your relationships.

If Yorkshire Terrier is your Animal Totem;

Absolutely no task is to big or too difficult for you. You know that you can accomplish anything you choose in life and have the ability to do it without hesitation or second thoughts. Once you have decided on your own direction and path you simply get the job done. You are highly energetic, love to plan elaborate pranks on those around you and revel in laughter and joy. Your pranks are never meant to be mean and are generally focused on creating moral dilemmas that need to be solved with humor. You love children, are a natural leader, and know the power of your own bark and bite. You also have the capability to crawl out of the most sticky of situations.

If Yorkshire Terrier has come into your dreams;

If the Yorkshire Terrier is playing he is letting you know that you need to take time out of your busy schedule to enjoy some down time. Find joy in what makes you laugh out loud. If the Yorky is playing with children you are being reminded that nurturing family connections and emotional health as very important for you right now. If the Terrier is hunting vermin the dream signify’s that there is something that you are not seeing that needs attending too. There is something not quite right with your plans or the direction in which you are moving at the present.

Additional Associations for Yorkshire Terrier:


  • In your article, you stated that if the Yorkshire Terrier is playing he is letting you know that you need to take time out of your busy schedule to enjoy some down time. My kids have been wanting a new puppy all summer and someone suggested that we get a Yorkie puppy. I wonder what type of training a Yorkie puppy would need to have.

  • 😆
    I just did the generator and it says my spirit animal is Yorks hire Terrier. I find that amazing! I am a cat person. My fave animals are cats. Dogs are cool but I have always had a cat since I was little girl. However, I have always wanted a Yorkie. I tell my friends all the time if I ever get a dog it will be a Yorkie. When they ask why I just say idk. I just like them. So to find that my spirit animal is a Yorkie is very interesting.

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