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West Highland White Terrier

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Be comfortable with yourself and who you are. Let your light shine!
-West Highland White Terrier

If West Highland White Terrier has come across your path;

He is reminding you that in order for you to grow and move forward you must re evaluate yourself and your own self esteem. Make sure that you find yourself loving, compassionate and whole before taking the next step. You have to be able to believe in yourself in order to succeed. Know who you are and build on yourself always.

Alternatively the Westie may be signalling that you need to move forward boldly toward your goals. Know that you will recognize the right path and decisions in order to get to where you want to go with your life. There is no room for hesitation because opportunities may be lost.

If West Highland White Terrier is your Animal Totem;

You are often highly active and well grounded. You enjoy physical activities that require a lot of energy however do not necessarily need them. You enjoy being assertive with your ideas in group situations and prefer working with the opposite sex on projects. You have a tendency to distrust those of your own sex. You enjoy doing things impulsively and will often be off on a mad adventure before you have completely thought it through. This can sometimes get you into trouble and you may find yourself in need of help from your peers. You look at life as one long continuous comedic experience and rarely allow yourself the room for remorse when things go wrong. You also love to travel.

If West Highland White Terrier has come into your dreams;

To see a West Highland White Terrier in your dreams symbolizes a spiritual adventure you are about to embark on. Perhaps you will be travelling to a spiritual place, or make a new spiritual discovery within yourself.

Alternatively if the terrier is ill or muddy colored in your dream it may signify that your self esteem is low at the moment and that you need to re-evaluate yourself and find ways to lift yourself up.

If the Westy is digging wholes or burrowing underground then it may symbolize your need to get grounded in the situation you currently find yourself in. By grounding yourself you will be able to see what you need to do next.

Additional Associations of West Highland White Terrier;

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