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If Turkey has come across your path;

It is usually a good omen indicating that great gifts are imminently forth coming. Know that Turkey is always a symbol of sacrifice for renewal and that generosity will open the doors to growth and rebirth. Turkey also reminds you that nothing is an endless resource if it is not honored and nurtured. Be sure that you cultivate and care for those renewable resources that benefit your life. Regardless of your circumstances it is time to listen to your higher vision to achieve your goals, whether they are spiritual, physical, mental or emotional.

If Turkey is your Animal Totem;

You have a tendency to be the “abundance generator” for your friends, family and community. You have a gift for attracting all the bounty of the universe available to you and you are willing to share. You will often meet the needs of others in a give away self sacrifice form simply because all life is sacred to you. You easily translate your life experience into growth and understanding. You recognize that what you do for others you also do for yourself

If Turkey has come into your Dream;

Seeing turkeys in a dream may signify an abundant gain in business, and favorable crops to the farmer. It could also mean that you are being foolish and not thinking clearly. To see them dressed for the market, denotes improvement in your financial affairs.

Alternatively to dream that you eat turkey, foretells some joyful occasion approaching and may represent a holiday feast. To see them flying, denotes a rapid transit from obscurity to prominence.

To dream that you are hunting or shooting a ticket, means that you are acquiring your riches through dishonest means.

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One Response to Turkey

  • I live in urban Overland Park Kansas, and walked out to find a Turkey on the front walkway of my suburban apartment. I never have been aware of a turkey around. We do have wildlife as a golf course is across the way.

    My family is very spiritual in our Native American Heritage and my spirit animal is Hawk.

    Any thoughts…

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