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Stop beating yourself up! We all make mistakes and errors in judgement. Embrace your dark side and forgive yourself.

If Shark has come swimming by you today;

Shark is reminding you that opportunities in life are abundant – however you must move forward in order to create the opportunity. By exploring the world around you and the emotions within yourself you will be shown new ways and be presented with abundant opportunities. The universe can be so much larger for you if you simply stop waiting. Do something – anything to stir up the energy and create motion with in yourself.

If Shark is your Animal Totem;

It is very likely you are extremely driven and perpetually moving forward. You meet life full-on and prefer to experience everything with undeniable exuberance. You are usually in a constant state of renewal and often find a career that is fast moving, includes lots of travel and is highly predatory. You love challenges and actively seek them out. You have a unique vision of the world and virtually no concept of death. You are fearless in your choices and are often remorseless in the pursuit of your goals.

If Shark has come to you in your Dreams;

Dreaming about a Shark can be a symbolic of your feelings of anger, hostility and ferocity. You are undergoing a long and difficult emotional period and may an emotional threat to yourself and others. Most likely you are struggling with your individuality and independence, especially with regards to your relationships. Alternatively this fish can represent someone in your life who is greedy and unscrupulous. It indicates that there is someone in your life who goes after whatever he or she wants without regard for the well being and sensitivity to others. This person could also be you.

If this fish is circling something over and over it indicates that you have an opportunity before you that you need to take advantage of. To see many sharks circling represents the fact that you are feeling overwhelmed by your emotions and that you need to allow yourself to feel them before they explode irrationally and instinctively.

Additional Associations with Shark;

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3 Responses to Shark

  • I first saw a great white while meditating when I was 11. I kept seeing them as I got older. They weren’t always great whites, but rarely were they hammerhead or blacktips. When I was 17 stress finally actually caught up to me and my life seemed to halt, I even stopped meditating. I went back to it to try and refresh myself and I saw the shark again. This time it bit me and I immediately opened my eyes. I didn’t feel scared, hurt, or anything like that but I felt disappointed with myself.

  • I’ve had recurring dreams about alligators and sharks for just about as long as I can remember. I always wondered what these dreams meant.

  • I have a very intuitive 3 year old nephew name Rune who had nightmares about alligators for a while we went to the store together and he picked out a toy one i bought it for him and he slept with it and the nightmares went away but just recently he started up with sharks instead. Reading this makes a lot of sense espeicaly since he is going through some emotional struggles missing his dad who happends to be very selfish.

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