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Listen Carefully - your inner voice has been trying to tell you something. Trust it!

If Seal has come swimming into your life;

Seal is letting you know that it’s time to pay close attention to your imagination and insight both in the waking state as well as in your dream time. A lot of what you imagine generally has a strong basis in reality, no matter how far-off it may seem. This water creature is bringing you the clear and distinct message that it is time for you to allow your creativity and your imagination to soar and to follow through on your dreams.

If Seal is your Animal Totem;

You are highly imaginative and very creative. You need activities that channel and direct your imagination and creativity. Hearing and balance is also very important for a Seal totem. Learn to listen to your inner self and balance your life to it. Your dreams are very significant and vivid and constantly feed your creative imagination. It is important for you to stay in touch with your body’s natural rhythms – if you are hungry, eat; if you are tired, rest.

If Seal has visited you in your Dreams;

To see this animal in your dream refers to your playfulness and jovial disposition. You have the ability to adapt to various emotional situations. Alternatively, the dream symbol may also be a pun and indicate you need to put closure on some situation as in “sealing the deal”. This sea creature in your dream is can also be a sign of a trust, a security or promise. It is also a symbol of integrity, which we can abuse or use as a power. It depicts the emergence into your conscious life of your deepest instincts and life energies. As the seal can emerge from the water entirely and live on land, this mammal is sometimes used to represent the emergence from the womb and the pleasures or difficulties of life as a ‘land animal’ physically independent of our mother. This is especially so if it is a very young one.

Additional Associations with Seal…

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13 Responses to Seal

  • Just looking for some help making sense of this dream I had last night. What I remember about it was that I drove to work and parked my car across the road in this field. As I was leaving I couldn’t find my keys to my tool box so I just left my tool belt around myself threw my coat on and started walking to my car. As I started walking I heard someone say watch out for the bulls that got loose running in the field I parked in. The weeds seem to have grown in the short time I was at work because now I could barely see over them. Looking for my car one of the bulls charged at me and I stood my ground. I thought to myself as it lowers it’s horns I’ll jump on it and let it lift me so I can see where my car is. So it gets close enough to me I set myself to jump but relive it’s no longer a bull it’s a bear and as I turn to run it bites my fingers. I’m like oh crap! But 2 seals come from no where and bite the bear in its hind legs and try to pull it away from me I find a big truck that I climb on top of looking down and the bear is on top of the seal just mauling it. Feeling bad that the seal helped me I pull out a chisel from my work belt and jump on the bear staving it several times killing it. I climb back on the truck and see a bigger bear charging from the fence on the other side of the field he stands on to legs and roars swinging it giant claws at me cutting open my arm. I yelled back at the bear pulled out a large pair of sissors aimed and threw them hitting the bear right between the eyes killing it. I woke up just as the bear fell to the ground. Any help with this dream would be appreciated I’ve never dreamt of any of these animals and it just felt so real my arm even hurt when I woke up where the bear cut it in my dream

  • I had a wild dream, I actually had several animals appear in my dream, first I seen a hummingbird with a mid long beak and all of a sudden a chicken hawk comes swoops down and grabs it but it was odd because I could see this whole thing in my dream and while the chicken hawk was flying it suddenly drops the bird or me into its big next with three babies trying to get at the bird, the bird ( I seen the bird struggling to get away but I don’t know if it did because I all of a sudden go to another sceen) I am walking what it appears to be is deep woods and its starting to get dark and all of a sudden I look over to my left and it looks like a frozen Blue Lake, and as I am walking along the bank I see a whole and I look into it and another nest but this time its empty, so I am looking around and then I see a cave like opening as I am looking around in side of it, I see what it appears to be a black bird with white eyes and I turn around and look around I see the Frozen Blue Lake still and then I look back and when I took a deeper look the Black Bird some how transformed into a Dark Gray looking seal which had White Solid Eyes no pupils and it came a little closer and let me pet it, then I walked away and as I am walking along this frozen blue lake, its all around me and all of a sudden this object slithers towards me and I look closer and its a black snake with a Pattern on it, I couldn’t make out the pattern and quickly was looking around to see where I could go, no where and then I just woke up!

    It was a weird dream for sure, and not sure what any of it means!

    • your dreams are one in the same. the hummingbird was captured so were you. in your dream just as you were in life taken off guard by a predator and brought into its nest. i feel as if you have moved into a relationship from another relationship in which is not right for you. the second part is the frozen lake which is the time of the season in which the symbol of the season in which you will find a place in your life that you feel trapped or stuck in and no where to go. the bird might be frightened of the snake but this is the symbol of someones spirit who is watching you closely to ensure nothing happens to you. but what you should do is figure out who the snake is because he is the one that will never let you fall. no matter how far you are from this person they will always be there.
      take my advice and run back to this person you are have this deep bond with. trust me you are running from your happiness.

  • 😯 I had a dream of a seal human hybrid it scary me so bad I woke up immediately each time I saw it once it was walking next its face came out of the water

  • I went down to the marina today and a seal and I stared at each other for a good 15-20 minutes. she would go underwater and then a minute later she would come back up to stare some more :

  • I had a dream where I went through this nice back yard and they had a big swimming pool and this seal was swimming in it and seemed happy. It also was outside t he water waddling in the big back yard….

    • Hi I had a dream similar I was watering plants in a big back yard and then found a stone pool where 2 seals were playing and enjoyed me watering there heads ….what symbolism did you take from this dream?

  • I keep having recurring dreams of being at my deceased grandmother’s house. I have never seen her in any of my dreams; but my last dream there were 2 seals in the house. They were playful and tame and were not making any effort to excape. I was not afraid of them, rather i was patting they. A friend said it means my grandmother has been reborn and is now an infant child. I don’t understand why i would have such a dream or why her rebirth would have anything to do with me.

  • Really interesting; but I want to ask something: I had for many nights a dream, in which I met many animals. Since this is a seal-related page, I’ll ask only about the seal dreams: in it, I’m having sexual intercourse with the animal and I slowly start to gain some of its bodily traits (mustache/feelers, skull shape, fur…).
    What can all of this mean?
    Thanks in advance!

  • I dreamt I was a seal last week. I was playfully swimming through layers of water. If A seal could smile, then I was smiling. Thank you for sharing your dream.

  • Very helpful thank you. I was dreaming of seals swimming up to me and resting their head on my shoulder. I could see the ice they had come from but there was blood stained snow and I could see where seals had been slaughtered. I didn’t want to swim to that area. A large white baby seal swam to me and rested with his head on my shoulder and I felt so blessed. I also dreamt a lot of people where gathered in a camping ground. Really unusual but beautiful light was reflecting through the trees at dusk and everyone gathered around a large fire as night came. I came along and started to float and fly above and around the fire, letting the thermal energy lift me. Everyone was watching and I felt quite relaxed and powerful. I will ponder these dreams today

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