Scarab Beetle

Scarab Beetle Symbolism

(Dung Beetle is included in this species)

Stay centered and in your own strength and power today. No need to buy into other peoples dramas.
-Scarab Beetle

If Scarab Beetle has crawled into your life;

Scarab Beetle is asking you to make changes in your life that do not necessarily comply with you being true to yourself. You must evaluate the situation in its entirety and find a way to compromise so that you can maintain your own personal integrity and beliefs. The influences that surround you right now is probably an ongoing unresolved family situation that requires your participation even though you are simply part of the peripheral circumstance. Find a way to remove yourself from the drama and be a harbor of sanity in the midst of the insanity.

Alternatively the this Beetle is giving you notice of positive outcomes to the current difficulties you are now facing. Know that things are rolling to a close and that by maintaining your integrity it will soon be resolved.

If Scarab Beetle is your Animal Totem;

You are a highly sensitive and sentient person with the gifts of clairvoyance and clairsentience. Both of these gifts work unobtrusive with in your instincts. You are always in the right place at the right time and know exactly how to get there. You never give up on a project and always find a way to see things to a full resolution or completion. You waste nothing, recycle obsessively, are frugal to a fault almost and have a very deep understanding of mother earth and her needs. Your life seems to be one of constant change however you always maintain your own sense of integrity throughout all of this. You have the ability to turn all things negative into a positive. You lean towards the sciences of botany, biology and anthropology as career choices.

If Scarab Beetle has come into your Dreams;

To see a Scarab Beetle in your dream symbolizes your ability to survive, adapt, and change. Know that you are on the right path. It can also be symbolic of your anxieties about death and aging. Alternatively, the Scarab Beetle represents the sun, resurrection, and immortality.

To see a Dung Beetle ( A matter of perception because a Dung Beetle is a Scarab Beetle) in your dream is an indication that you must look for all of the possible positive outcomes in your current situation rather than focusing on the negative. What is happening in your life is about new possibilities.

Additional Associations for Scarab Beetle:


  • My mom had a beautiful carnelian stone that has etching on it. I have discovered it’s a scarab! Reading the information on the scarab being a totem animal – well – that’s me to a T. 💖 I have always loved it and think I will have it set into a ring. Thank you for the great information!

  • A green one landed on my back and crawled up into my hair this evening, but im scared to death of them so one can imagine how that went javascript:grin(‘:cry:’)
    it got mad at me and chased me for grabbing it screaming and throwing it on the ground though x’DD

  • Had a dream about beetles everywhere last night. Wasn’t sure since I’d never had this dream before. Whenever one was gone another two or three popped up. They were neverending literally and figuratively. Anyway, the interpretation held a lot of meaning for me. Thx so much for posting!!

    • I had exactly the same dream 2 nights ago!!! what is the meaning? black Beatles poping up inside a cavern and I was there like an expectator in a corner

  • I green Scarab landed on my wrist on Saturday then on Monday another one. on my shoulder then on Tuesday it fllew so close I had it in my hand then i t flew away. A second time it came back around 15 minutes later….WOWOWO

  • :mrgreen: Soooooooooo, I had commented on the fly page about my scarab dream, and bam, this whole page about change, and being strong, and having the ability to turn negativity into positive is absolutely right about me, I am a powerful leader when it comes to controlling the energy around me, and yesterday was my affirmation. I managed to maintain peace after my 17 year old neighbor wrecked his brothers car into 12 cars, ending with my truck. I was able to make everyone maintain tolerance and love and respect when there were at least 5 people who wanted to cause violence and hatred. There was hundreds of people out, and any other day, I would have watched there be riots out side my home. but yesterday I put an end to the negativity on my block. I will continue to drive the negativeness away, and protect my family and neighbors. NAMASTE I pray for the boys forgiveness from everyone involved, hes a good kid, who had a bad idea.

  • I had a beetle land on my left shoulder twice in one night. The next afternoon another landed on my left shoulder. Yesterday one landed on my back and tonight i found one crawling up the back of my shirt laying in bed… What the heck…

  • So I got a story from today. While meditating under a tree after 1 min a metallic green beetle came flying to just below my feet. I opened my eyes and thought wow he is really trying to tell me something. So I continue on listening to other sounds along with my breathing and after about 8 minutes I hear a buzz and feel something land on my hear. I’m like dang someone is really trying to tell me something. I wait a few moments and gently remove a small creature from my ear. Meanwhile I finish my meditation, eat and get in the truck to run errands. After I parked and started walking I started putting my hair in a bun. Don’tcha know there was the green beetle hanging out in my hair for like an HOUR!!! So cool! When I receive this sort of animal guidance, I do my best to tune in and listen to what an animal is saying before I go online and research the meaning. I find it more challenging but rewarding and valuable in a sense that I build trust my intuition! So, first I tuned in to my encounter with this green beetle, I felt very protected and supported by this beetle. And That it is my guide right now for what I’m going through. Then 2ND, I came to this site. Wow I’m blown away by the alignment of my life and the medicine of the beetle shared above. It’s almost to true to be true. This spirit animal helped me so much today! Here is the deal, in my meditation I heard you and your boyfriend need a break because his family stress is too much for you right now. So after meditation and the nettle crawling out of my hair I call him and tell him about my idea of a break. He supported me knowing I will feel better having my own space for a little bit. THANK YOU BEETLE SPIRIT! You assisted me so much today in guiding me to change and to remove myself from drama. Love this site! Lots of love ❤️ <3

  • On 7-12-2016
    As I was leaving for work, I found a large black beetle at my door (inside the house), never had one b4. Oh I killed it, freaked me out. Not a bug lover. I think I thought it was a cockroach at first. when I cleaned it up, thick black shell, then I realized it was a beetle. Went on to work spent 9 hours gone. Came home cleaned up, talking on the phone I hear a sound and find a green grasshopper jumping at my door (inside the house). Two insects, in the same day in the same location. Hmmm what is that about??? I did let this guy out to live another day. Any comments would be welcomed ( no you bug killer comments please ?)…

  • 😛

    i just shock surprise when “mushi king” scarab beetle in flying in front me in our staircase last july 10, 2016 @ 10:00 pm.. as of now he / she is my pet .. they think i’m crazy.. but i don’t mind them..

  • What does it mean to have a dream about a golden scarab? I had a dream a really small one about the size of an ant attached itself to my finger and I was about crazy. But when I woke and looked it up I found a letter about a lady who had a dream of one too. Talk about weird.

  • A scarab beetle keeps following me..for a while last year, twice this year. Maybe they’re diff beetles of same species…but I’m sure it is the same one. What’s gg on?

  • I just came home from my gf’s place, and there was, what looked like, a dung beetle on the kitchen door right in front of me. I stood still for a few seconds and took some time before I got the courage walk right passed it.

    The wierd part is, although having never seen one in real life before, I always answered the childhood question of ‘what animal would you like to be?’, with: a Dung Beetle.. Because I always believed that a dung beetle is the epitome of being able to make something out of nothing. I believe I was blessed with this ability. Not necessarily in the physical sense only, but in a way through thought and execution. It’s a little complex to explain.

    Secondly, here in Durban, South Africa, I have never, in 28 years, ever heard of anyone seeing one of these beetles. Feel the chills. And the explanation on this site about the ‘unresolved family situation’, is spot on! Gives me a bit of a chill to see how well the explanation relates to me directly.

    Anyway, I’m not sure if I’m just grasping at straws or this relation is not just coincidental. After all, there are some things in life that are just too beautiful to be simply passed on as a mere coincidence.

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